Jethro Tull / Songs From The Wood / 40th anniversary deluxe edition

Jethro Tull‘s excellent deluxe reissues continue with a 40th anniversary five-disc edition of 1977’s Songs From The Wood due to be released next month.

This celebration of Jethro Tull’s tenth album follows a similar pattern to previous reissues, with the first disc containing a Steven Wilson remix followed by some ‘associated recordings’ including the previously unreleased Old Aces Die Hard and Working John, Working Joe.

CDs two and three offer 22 track live tracks, recorded on the Songs From The Wood Tour across two American dates, (Boston on 6 December 1977  and Maryland on 21 November 1977). These unheard tracks have been remixed to stereo by Jakko Jakszyk and are completely unheard.

There are two DVDs in this set. The first contains a 5.1 surround sound mix (DTS and Dolby 5.1) and 96/24 LPCM stereo versions of the both the original and Steven Wilson remixed version of Songs From The Wood. This DVD also features selected associated tracks, as well as various quad mixes and flat transfers.

The other DVD contains video footage from that Maryland gig of 21 November 1977. These visuals apparently come directly from the film that was played on the big screens in the venue and has never been seen since! The audio has been mixed to stereo and 5.1.

As before this is presented as a ‘bookset’ and has 96-pages of writing on the album including  a track-by-track annotation of the album and associated recordings by Ian Anderson.

This five-disc deluxe edition of Songs From The Wood will be released on 19 May 2017 with vinyl and standalone CD versions to follow in July. Great value as usual –  as well as the links below it’s available from Burning Shed for less than £20.

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Jethro Tull

songs from the wood 3CD+DVD


CD 1: Stereo Steven Wilson Mixes:

1. Songs From The Wood
2. Jack-In-The-Green
3. Cup Of Wonder
4. Hunting Girl
5. Ring Out, Solstice Bells
6. Velvet Green
7. The Whistler
8. Pibroch (Cap In Hand)
9. Fire At Midnight

Associated Recordings:

10. Old Aces Die Hard [previously unreleased]
11. Working John, Working Joe [previously unreleased]
12. Magic Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)
13. Songs From The Wood (Unedited Master)
14. Fire At Midnight (Unedited Master) [previously unreleased]
15. One Brown Mouse (Early Version)
16. Strip Cartoon
17. The Whistler (US Stereo Single Mix)

CD 2 : Live in Concert 1977

1. Wond’ring Aloud
2. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
3. Jack-In-The-Green
4. Thick As A Brick
5. Songs From The Wood
6. Instrumental
7. Drum Solo Improvisation
8. To Cry You A Song
9. A New Day Yesterday
10. Flute Solo Improvisation interpolating – God Rest Ye Gentlemen/Bourée
11. Living In The Past/ A New Day Yesterday (reprise)

CD 3 : Live in Concert 1977

1. Velvet Green
2. Hunting Girl
3. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die
4. Minstrel In The Gallery
5. Cross-Eyed Mary
6. Aqualung
7. Instrumental Improvisation
8. Wind-Up
9. Back Door Angels / Guitar Improvisation /Wind Up (reprise)
10. Locomotive Breath
11. Land Of Hope And Glory / Improvisation / Back Door Angels (reprise)


96/24 PCM Stereo (Steven Wilson Remix):

1. Songs From The Wood
2. Jack-In-The-Green
3. Cup Of Wonder
4. Hunting Girl
5. Ring Out, Solstice Bells
6. Velvet Green
7. The Whistler
8. Pibroch (Cap In Hand)
9. Fire At Midnight
10. Old Aces Die Hard
11. Working John, Working Joe
12. Magic Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)
13. Songs From The Wood (Unedited Master)
14. Fire At Midnight (Unedited Master)
15. One Brown Mouse (Early Version)
16. Strip Cartoon

DD/DTS 5.1 Surround (Steven Wilson Remix):

1. Songs From The Wood
2. Jack-In-The-Green
3. Cup Of Wonder
4. Hunting Girl
5. Ring Out, Solstice Bells
6. Velvet Green
7. The Whistler
8. Pibroch (Cap In Hand)
9. Fire At Midnight
10. Old Aces Die Hard
11. Working John, Working Joe
12. Magic Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)
13. One Brown Mouse (Early Version)
14. Strip Cartoon

96/24 PCM Flat Transfer – Original Stereo Master:

  1. Songs From The Wood
  2. Jack-In-The-Green
  3. Cup Of Wonder
  4. Hunting Girl
  5. Ring Out, Solstice Bells
  6. Velvet Green
  7. The Whistler
  8. Pibroch (Cap In Hand)
  9. Fire At Midnight

Flat Transfer of Original Quad Master-DTS/DD 4.0 Surround

1. Songs From The Wood
2. Jack-In-The-Green
3. Velvet Green
4. The Whistler


Live at The Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland, 21st November 1977:

1. Wond’ring Aloud
2. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
3. Jack-In-The-Green
4. Thick As A Brick
5. Songs From The Wood
6. Instrumental/ Drum Solo Improvisation
7. To Cry You A Song
8. A New Day Yesterday
9. Flute Solo Improvisation interpolating – God Rest Ye Gentlemen/Bouree/A New Day Yesterday
10. Living In The Past /A New Day Yesterday (reprise)
11. Second half of concert – Introduction
12. Velvet Green
13. Hunting Girl
14. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die
15.Minstrel In The Gallery
16. Cross-Eyed Mary
17. Aqualung
18. Instrumental Improvisation
19. Wind-Up
20. Back Door Angels / Guitar Improvisation /Wind Up (reprise)
21. Locomotive Breath
22. Land Of Hope And Glory/ Improvisation / Back Door Angels (reprise)

Beethoven’s Ninth (with original audio)
The Whistler (promo footage)(mono)

112 responses to Jethro Tull / Songs From The Wood / 40th anniversary deluxe edition

  1. James says:

    Someone tell me, why?, Why is it so expensive?. There has to be a reason or a 2nd pressing forthcoming?

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  3. Joe says:

    Anyone hit an issue with DVD 1 LPCM Stereo audio track not playing? The player itself acts like it is playing but there is no volume to it. Tried 2 different players so far.

  4. Brian Burroughs says:

    get a load of this: I ordered this from amazon in May of this year (2018), it was offered at normal price, so I bought it at normal price; I don’t remember exactly, but it was around $40-$50; I was supposed to get it some time in May, then it was delayed, they said it would be in June, then they asked if I would still want it, because it was delayed again until July, of course, being a Tull fan for 30 years, I said that would be OK; then July came and they said it would be in August; THEN in early September, they told me that I would have to be returned my money, because they couldn’t sell it anymore; when I bought it, four months earlier, there was absolutely NO indication that there would be a problem, the page with it on said nothing about quantities being low, just a normal page with a product; so I ordered it, went successfully, NO PROB.; NOW, I see it is four to five hundred dollars? what the f? did they see that the price was skyrocketing and just couldn’t let one go for normal price? even though I had ALREADY PURCHASED IT; it’s just such B.S.

    • Matty Burckley says:

      That’s exactly what happened to me. My Aunt had ordered it for a birthday present from Amazon and she kept getting the same notices and then when they refunded her money the price jumped up to $300 some dollars.

  5. Mike says:

    I was on the fence about this one and now… Impossible to find unless I want to shell out $200-$500 USD. Anyone “in the know” as far as a re-pressing goes? I know they’ve released more of the TOTRR and War Child sets…

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  7. Michael says:

    Tiny critique here. I wish the cameras would have focused/stayed a bit more on the band. Cam keeps following Anderson, while in the back there is some wonderful drum and guitar work going on. Also, a shame that the powerful instrumental intro in “Minstrel” was simply cut out. I assume, due to time restrictions, or another mad idea by Mr. Ian Dictator Perfectionist Anderson.

  8. Nick says:

    And, I just got mine after almost a month’s worth of visits to the record stores here. Don’t know what the problem was but they all reported not being able to get them from their supplier. That resolved, I have to say this is so worth the wait. Brought it in the car today for a first listen and it did not disappoint. What an amazing series so far. Looking very forward to HH!

  9. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Received mine today…work of art i must say…..Long Live SDE/Paul S/Jethro Tull

  10. Michael says:

    I went through this set twice now. Like all the other Tull reissues, just fabulous! From Passion Play to Woods, I got them all. Hats off to the quality and care that has been put into these reissues. The price is just phenomenal. Now that’s respect towards the fans!

  11. Kevin Langin says:

    I just received my copy from Burning Shed and found that Parlophone had affixed the “contains 3 CDs, 2 DVDs, etc” sticker directly to the cover of the box set, instead of to the cellophane. Removing it would ruin the cover. I inquired with BS and a rep there said all of the copies they received have the sticker affixed to the cover. Why would you ruin an expensive, limited-run box set with a sticker? Hopefully, other shipments haven’t suffered the same fate.

    • The Black Dagger says:

      Hi, Kevin. The sticker, luckily, removes without problem. It’s better if you try to remove it as soon as possible before it decolores the cover, though.

  12. Evripidis says:

    My sister went to saturn in Germany to buy the box set for me and the salesman warned her that there is a batch of box sets with wrong discs! There is no disc 3 only 2 disc 2! Is it true? Can anyone have a say about this? Thanks!

  13. Richard Starkey says:

    Good Call, thanks! I just did the same. Saved 4 dollars and I should get it three weeks sooner.

  14. Richard Starkey says:

    Just got this e-mail tonight:

    “Hello from We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on May 15, 2017. We’ve listed the item(s) listed below with the expected delivery date(s):
    Jethro Tull “Songs From The Wood – 40th Anniversary Edition (3CD & 2DVD)”
    Estimated arrival date: June 20, 2017 – July 14, 2017..”

    What’s wrong with this picture? Why a delay of 4 + weeks?? What’s the problem with Has this thing been released or not? Is anyone else getting huge delays in getting their copy? Thanks

  15. The Black Dagger says:

    Great stuff, this is the best one so far!

  16. Philip says:

    It’s here and seriously good. I used to us Seven by Magenta to demonstrate 5.1 sound, but this has replaced it. Fair brought a tear to the eye at times, it’sl ike listening to the album for the first time.

  17. Mic Smith says:

    Burning Shed have confirmed despatch. Can’t wait to get through this one. Probably the most anticipated SDE for 2017 release.

  18. peter wolf says:

    Fanatical fantastic fabulous full on, i hope i haven’t mentioned too many F’s once again an excellent box set for Tull fans ,i have almost lost count, for memory this is number 7? and what a great price too from Amazon UK 15.99 pounds and the week after Sgt Peppers box set, i must admit a number or quite a few of these box sets do vary a lot in prices, i guess the more popular an album is the higher the cost? and don’t forget too The Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary although i have the 20th BS edition no that’s not the bs you are thinking? Just around the corner
    too is the Marillion Misplaced Childhood 5disc set, and looking forward to Bad Company’s continued reissues Run With The Pack & Burnin’ Sky

  19. Phil Davies says:

    The amazing price of this set should make P.McCartney hang his head in shame.

  20. Reed Stevens says:

    Amazing… fantastic… and once again, a reissue/extra material bonus includes…frickin’ “Strip Cartoon” Can’t wait to hear that one again.

    • The Black Dagger says:

      The set contains a 9 minute unreleased track, two other songs in previously unreleased versions (ok, one of these was briefly released in a RSD vinyl day single but never appeared in digital), a full video of a concert whose existence wasn’t even known by the hardcore fans and collectors and a 96 page booklet, all for a very reasonable price until it goes out of print.

      But yes, better ignore all that and complain that a 3 minute track that was on the previous boxset appears here as well.

      You can’t please everybody, I guess.

  21. Huib Beulen says:

    Why is that this is possible, while for the Beatles – Sgt. Pepper, a ridiculous price is asked for only four discs and a blue ray and dvd, you only need one of these. There’s more sets for nice prices of material recorded years and years ago, which have sold enough then and over the years.
    Even a lavish Deep Purple set of new material is quite “cheap”, makes me angry knowing there are those wolves out there wanting just all of my money. We should boycot these high prices!

  22. tom M hans says:

    Quick question, almost unrelated – is EMI still replacing faulty Thick As A Brick dvds from the 40th anniversary set? I just bought one on ebay with the picture of the actual disc blurry so you could not see anything about the duration – thought I’d take a gamble for $35.00. Amy comments are appreciated. Thank you!

  23. JF says:

    Update, Amazon is now £21.99, including postage.

  24. JF says:

    This is where it starts for Tull, IMO, and up to “Under Wraps”, anyways here is the best deal I have seen…

  25. Tino Stabile says:

    Hi Paul
    It is ordered. These reissues remain the best of all reissue campaigns from any record company and artist out there. A lot for the money. Thank you Mr. Anderson and everyone at Chrysalis Records.
    Thank you Paul.

  26. Pete F. says:

    Pre-ordered from Amazon Canada. Couldn’t resist CDN$30 and free shipping!

    I’ll add my voice for another Thick As A Brick set please.

  27. Greg says:

    Does anyone know if this will be available on Apple iTunes?

  28. Mark Bumgardner says:

    Ordered from Amazon U.K. As usual, it came to about half what is charging. Thanks for the notification, Paul.

  29. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Ordered from Amazon UK….got it below 20 GBP including shipping (VAT not applicable in certain countries including mine) Happy I am :)

  30. Mathew Lauren says:

    Keep ’em coming in glorious, SW-remixed 5.1, Ian.

    …and as mentioned above, please authorize another 5.1 “THICK AS A BRICK” book-set.

  31. Paul Kent says:

    It’s also on Pledge Music, if that’s your thing – £17.60 + £5 p&p = £22.60. Not much between PM and BS, then.

  32. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Do burning shed charge for pre order cancellation? Does anyone know the procedure? Thanks

  33. Manu Cann says:

    From the description on this page it looks like the Mch mixes are at best Core DTS, which is not lossless! This is a BIG shame, but maybe cheaper than using DTS-HDMA? Please, us fans will pay the little extra per release to get Lossless.

    • Julian H says:

      I think this has been discussed a couple of times before…

    • Dean says:

      Honestly, this isn’t a big deal, imo. It has been discussed before, and whether people would be willing to pay more for lossless or not is besides the point. They’re not willing to go to the extra manufacturing cost. Personally I’m not worried about this small “downgrade”, especially given the price – which is very little all things considered. Let’s hear it first before deciding what improvement lossless would bring.

    • Larry Geller says:

      They are all DTS 96/24, not just core, and sound just fine.

  34. Dan T. says:

    Anyone know why this was pulled from Amazon USA?

  35. madmickeyt says:

    Certainly seems a lot of bang for our buck with this release. Personally i dont need the book or the audio dvd, and if there was a version on sale without those, that would be what I would go for. I would also have liked a complete show on cd not a mixture of the 2.

    I think the price reflects this, along with the fact that we will keep previous/original versions (on CD and LP) that we have already purchased.

    • Dean says:

      They always follow these with single disc releases in jewelcases. So if you wait you can get the barebones much cheaper.

  36. Jeff says:

    Looking forward to this one. I do wish they would re-release “Thick As A Brick” special edition. I missed that one!

  37. Isaías says:

    Please, can someone answer the question below?
    Finally Songs From The Wood in super deluxe edition release ! That’s great !! I can’t hardly wait for Heavy Horses, Stormwatch, A, Broadsword and The Beast, Under Wraps. I really wish it have the same treatment since I looked for some information about it and not a word was found. Can anyone take my doubt off ?? !!
    Since Stand Up was reissued as “bookset” format I wonder if “This Was” and “Benefit” will be re-release in the same format also. Someone can help me, please ??

    Thank you very much !!

    • Steven says:

      I’m pretty confident Benefit at the very least will get the bookset treatment – though Iguess it depends ultimately on whether they are willing to put the effort into the essay/book (the stereo remix and 5.1 are already done).

      This Was? Fingers crossed – although a 5.1 mix might be tricky given that it was recorded to, I believe, 4-track (but then so was Sgt Pepper….).

    • Dean says:

      At the moment there is no news on This Was and Benefit as far as a book format is concerned. But sadly Steve Wilson has said that this series will end with Stormwatch – so no Under Wraps and Broadsword. Next up with undoubtedly be Heavy Horses, perhaps with Bursting Out as an extra. I’d love This Was and benefit to get the treatment, but I’d really like Living in the Past too – it’s about time someone treated that right.

  38. Jake says:

    This is all WRONG!! How could they have screwed this release up?!?! Didn’t Ian Anderson talk to Paul McCartney’s team… fans don’t want any more than 4 discs in a set!! If you want to give people more, it must be as downloads!! And for the love of Pete, where’s the effort to drive the hardcore fans to streaming with this release??? Fans have no clue what they want, so artists are obligated to guide them an tell them what they want. Clearly Anderson is just being difficult.

    How anyone could put in more than 4 discs, and then forget all the bits of loose paper and download material that fans are begging for in deluxe editions boggles the mind!!


    (Already pre-ordered. I’d easily nominate these JT re-issues as the best re-issues that have ever been done in terms of a series of releases by an artists. And, I too, would re-buy Benefit and This Was if they were repackaged into the book format.)

  39. Dave says:

    Nice one this ! Looking forward. Just a note Mr Anderson was to be seen on the wright stuff . on channel 5 on Friday . still available on catch up !

  40. JuzzyB says:

    Definitely in for this one! Does anyone know if ‘This Was’ is in line for a deluxe book set with 5.1? I know it’s a somewhat different musical proposal, and that there has already been a 2CD version.

  41. StevieB says:

    Good interview with Ian last Friday on Radcliffe/Maconie Show, BBC 6Music, here’s the programme link, interview starts around 1:36m 40s:

  42. Jim says:

    Not a Tull fan at all but these sets all look great and make me envy those of you are fans.

    • Chris Squires says:

      I’m with you Jim, I have never heard a Jethro Tull album and the sum of my knowledge is little clips I might have seen on things like “The Old Grey Whistle Test” “Sounds of the 70s” or “Rock Goes to college” type thing on BBC4.

      This is seriously tempting as the reviews are so overwhelmingly positive, but the line has to be drawn somewhere I guess. So envious of people who love a bit of the Tull.

  43. MiG says:

    Yet another happy bunny here. This is how to do it with style and substance and something approaching love. Can’t wait for “Heavy Horses” which, I’m embarrassed to say, is where I get off. Going out with a bang though, it’s a masterpiece. I just hope Ian does some more of his hilarious narration on the video. Can I have a whole DVD just of Ian talking over silent footage please?

    I’m not so bothered about shelling out yet again for “This Was” and “Benefit”. But I certainly would be tempted by an upgraded TAAB set, with an extra CD of something/anything.

    What these sets lack, of course, is the original mix. So they’re not replacements, they’re augmentations, just like the KC and Yes sets. But hands down the best reissue campaign I can think of. Think what Pink Floyd could have been and weep.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      The original stereo mix is always included on the DVD (as a flat transfer) for Tull and Crimson re-issues. I think Steve Wilson tries to insist on this when agreeing to the remix job.

      The difference in re-issue policy seems to be that Tull put out the Wilson remix on vinyl (usually a month or two after the box set issue), but Crimson put out the original mix on vinyl to complement the new mix on CD. Seperate vinyl is probably one of the reasons that costs are kept low and the sets are so popular.

  44. peter wolf says:

    Paul thanks for the great news any ideas on the release @ Amazon UK?

  45. LedMan says:

    Preordered from BS

  46. Rik K says:

    Add me to the legions who are over-the-moon about getting this set. However, every release just increases my frustration with *other* artists who won’t follow Ian’s example in how to do a deluxe edition exactly right! The Tull ones have been around long enough that other artists and companies must surely have seen one by now. On a shelf near my Tull sets are my Yes ‘definitive’ blu-rays; I love their audio content but their packaging and printed extras are such crap.

    And don’t even get me started about the ridiculous prices of last month’s Pink Floyd sets, and the waiting I’m forced to endure for said prices to come down. Given how much more volume the Floyd sets will do compared to Tull, they could easily bring their prices down and still make a tidy profit. Grrrr!!!

    • peter wolf says:

      Rik in regards to Yes’s packaging of their “definitive” recent editions and i am pleased to say i have all of them but the inner sleeves are quite ordinary in comparison to the J.T.’s box sets in which they give you a huge history and superlative reading material and Ian’s usual funny hilarious moments, but i guess with Yes you get 7-8 versions of the one album, and the biggest surprise when i bought their Tales box set having played it a couple of times the extras add up to 12 and a half hours on one bluray disc! Although it’s perhaps not a fave among Jethro Tull fans would like to see The Broadsword & The Beast and their heavy metal comeback on a similar path Crest Of A Knave

  47. Mick says:

    IMHO Tull’s golden era ended when Hammond left the band, and anything beyond Minstrel ITG is coasting downhill. That said (and I may be well be in the minority with this opinion) rather than forge forward in the catalogue, I’d far prefer to see them do book sets of This Was, Benefit, and a redux of the botched Thick As A Brick set.

    Either way – these sets rival the Yes BluRay DE’s in sound, content, value, & packaging. Someone above asked how these Tull DE’s could possibly be improved. I’m hard pressed to suggest anything other than possibly using BluRay’s for the Hi-res & video. Otherwise – exemplary!

  48. Adam says:

    These Jethro Tull reissues are exemplary in terms of content and value. If only other bands were as passionate about their back catalogue.

  49. Simon says:

    Working John Working Joe is a track from A . Ian must have parked it for an album several years later. I’m seeing him next week in Auckland and Wellington. Must remember to ask him about that one…..

    Must put all my comments in one email next time!

  50. Simon says:

    Strip Cartoon is a Too Old To Rock n Roll recording. I wonder if that is a mistake and we will get Beltane after all.

    • Dave Thornhill says:

      Supposedly ‘Strip Cartoon’ appears here in stereo and 5.1 remix because they only located the multitrack after they had completed the ‘Too Old…’ reissue. which, if you think about it, is pretty awesome from the point of view of giving the fans everything they possibly can with these sets.

      ‘Beltane’, although on the previous ‘Songs..’ remaster now seems to be considered a ‘Heavy Horses’-era track and should appear on that set in the future

      • Wayne Klein says:

        It was also the b-side of one of the singles for this album as well so it makes sense.

        I love it so far going through the set gradually.

  51. Simon says:

    Is this film of the concert or is it pre shot video playing on the screen through the concert?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m reading it as the former.

      • Mic Smith says:

        It’s the live feed to the above stage video screens. Other than Zeppelin (from 1975 onwards) I didn’t know other bands did this back then.

        This is one SDE I have been waiting for. It’s a shame the BBC Sight and Sound film isn’t included but this new footage should be even better given the length of set. Be good if the BBC film appears on its own in an officially sanctioned edition.

    • Alan Blevin says:

      I am sure it is the latter.A post on Steve Hoffman quoting the producer seemed to say this.Much like the 76 show on the Jethro Tull Around The World DVD set.
      As everyone says fantastic set and great value.

  52. Not Available says:

    I was just thinking this morning how these expanded reissues are really exemplary in both content and price. Its really nice to see that somebody CAN do this right, and make it worthwhile particularly for the long-time fans. Well done all around!

  53. PChang says:

    Will the DVDs be playable in North America ?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Yes, the DVD’s are U.S.A.-compatable, as they have been with all Jethro Tull CD/DVD boxed sets.

  54. Jeff D says:

    Price with shipping to the US with Burning Shed is $30….compared to almost $50 without shipping on Amazon…..a no brainer for me!!!!

  55. Avitom. says:

    Well done, content and price. A lesson to all other artist and their half hatred so called “deluxe” editions which always miss something and charging more than double price. I hope that no one will buy this McCartney “download In The Dirt” fiasco.
    Got this great Tull item yesterday from Burning Shade.

  56. Shaun says:

    This is how reissues should be done. Status Quo/Universal take note!

    • Julian H says:

      I honestly don’t understand this comment.

      Quo surely aren’t a band that’s been crying out for 5.1 remixes (even if some of their albums post 1977 certainly have enough layers to justify surround mixes). Additionally, remixes may be impossible for some albums if the multitracks are gone (the Rockin’ All Over the World multis were recently discovered and not in a particularly good shape).

      They have not recorded a lot of outtakes or tracks that didn’t make the albums. (If they have, they sure have hidden them away from the public for over ten years!)

      They were notorious about not recording their own concerts – others routinely recorded lots of shows from the desk, Quo do the same these days, but not back then.

      There is almost no good video material from the 70s.

      You can’t make up a reissue if the material simply isn’t there…

  57. oneworld says:

    Another superb set, and that price is amazing.
    The only thing that I don’t see listed is the track “Beltane”
    which was on the 2003 Remaster. Maybe the reason is Disc 1 is at full capacity , but then I thought they might have put it on DVD 1 if there was not enough room on the CD. Or maybe Ian has had a rethink and it could be from Heavy Horses period rather than Songs From The Wood period. Still a superb boxset.

    • KevinK says:

      Beltane was first released on the 20 Years set in around 1988. The booklet said it was recorded in 1977 and was “an unreleased track that did not make it to the Heavy Horses album”.

  58. Alan Blevin says:

    Burning Shed won’t play Amazon games with the price either.Be interesting to see what Amazon UK do with pricing as the Burning Shed link is prominent on the Tull web page.

  59. Isaías says:

    Ups, I forgot something !
    Since Stand Up was reissued as “bookset” format I wonder if “This Was” and “Benefit” will be re-release in the same format also. Someone can help me, please ??
    Thank you !!

  60. Isaías says:

    Finally Songs From The Wood in super deluxe edition release ! That’s great !! I can’t hardly wait for Heavy Horses, Stormwatch, A, Broadsword and The Beast, Under Wraps. I really wish it have the same treatment since I looked for some information about it and not a word was found. Can anyone take my doubt off ?? !!
    Thank you very much.

    • gershbec says:

      I’ve been told that Steve Wilson is only going as far as Stormwatch, which is a shame since Broadsword is one of my favorites.

  61. J says:

    Just another fantastic value from Ian & the boys. All other artists should learn from this series. Cannot wait for the next one. At least one band really cares about the fans.

  62. Mic Smith says:

    What’s the postage on Burning Shed work out for UK? I would prefer to get from them rather than Amazon.

  63. Daran says:

    The price of this set makes you realise the margins on Sgt Pepper must be huge…..

  64. Dean says:

    Been waiting for this, a major release. Have my money!

    • Kevin from Scotland says:

      Surely the best re-releases fans have ever had. I have them all thus far, and I’m at a loss to think of how they could be improved. New stereo mixes, the original mixes, bonus tracks, live concert recordings, video, surround-sound mixes, and – possibly best of all – the books. As others have mentioned, they are also the best value on the market. They started to creep up to £25 or more in the last couple of years, but now they’ve dropped back to around the £20 mark. Exceptional on every front. Ordered, and hoping they carry on to Broadsword at least. Oh, and can we have Benefit re-issued in book format please? I have the last iteration, but would happily buy it again if only to get the accompanying book.

      • CJ Feeney says:

        This book format seems to be popular. I have the Fotheringay and Beatles 1+ sets lined up nicely with the Tull issues on my shelves. If the Beatles could do something similar with the rest of the catalogue I’m sure there would be a lot of happy fans out there.

        • JohnnyJohn says:

          This book format has advantages compare to big box edition (Pink Floyd, The Who Quadro, Generation, Tommy and many others):

          – Cost less with about the same information quantity : bigger boxset consume more paper and then you pay for.
          – Are not cumbersome in your music place, take less space and are more ‘shelveable’
          – Deliver the same music quality on DVD (24/96)
          – Does not replicate the dvd content on bluray, so paying twice for the same content
          – It is a good example for music Industry to follow. Other examples to follow : all the Yes releases, and King crimson releases (2 discs cd/dvd).
          – Overall, the customer get respect

          As today, with Tull reissues you have a lot for your money. Interesting to see that the format of the first Tull boxset (Aqualung, including bluray and LP) was not replicated..and on its release was reasonnably priced for its content (CD, DVD,LP, Bluray, Book) compared to McCartney big $$ boxset with few contents (RAM boxset exception)..

  65. JasonC says:

    I wish I liked Jethro Tull because that’s a load of great content at a great price!

  66. Philip says:

    Looks a cracking. set. Burning Shed have got my money, now begins the wait for delivery and then Heavy Horses…….

  67. richie says:

    Ian Anderson should be very proud to have his 60`s/70`s legacy hugely enhanced by this series of re-issues. Every single release has been brilliantly remixed/remastered by that genius of our times Steven Wilson.

    Not only have they been packed with extra tracks/live material, Ian has ensured that Quality has also been at the forefront.

    Yes, I`ve ordered from Burning Shed, where the artist band get a higher % of royalties.

  68. Chris Squires says:

    How the hell can you put all of that together, pay people, pay taxes and make a profit for £20?
    £3.33 of that is VAT!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Does seem like incredible value…

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I am surprised at the price. given that Stand Up was £30 for a three disc set. There is less in the way of associated recording here, but the video must have required some work to be made ready for DVD.

      Isn’t “Magic Bells” previously unreleased apart from the Black Friday “taster” single they put out last December?

      • The Black Dagger says:

        One of the unreleased tracks is said to be 8/9 minutes long, so it must be something. “Magic Bells” will be the same as on that single but, since it has already been released on at least one format, it can’t be billed as “previously unreleased”.

    • DJ Berexa says:

      I cannot wait for “Songs From The Wood”. This sounds fantastic ! Between this and the Super Deluxe SGT. Pepper I have got to get some rear Surround Sound speakers !

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