Jimmy Somerville / Dance & Desire – Rarities & Videos: track listing

EDSG8044with sticker

Edsel’s delayed Jimmy Somerville compilation, Dance & Desire • Rarities & Videos will now be released in November, it has been confirmed.

As well as a first look at the cover art (above) we are pleased to publish the full official track listing which brings together music and videos from across Somerville’s career beginning with Bronski Beat, moving through the Communards and then Jimmy’s solo career. The story turns full circle with the inclusion of Smalltown Boy (Reprise 2014) a new version of the classic track with an accompanying promo film.

Dance & Desire • Rarities & Videos includes rare remixes (and videos) not compiled on the previous deluxe reissues, most notably the original twelve-inch versions of 1984 hits Smalltown Boy and the full  ‘Son Of Gotham City’ mix of Don’t Leave Me This Way.

Dance & Desire • Rarities & Videos will be released on 17 November 2014

EDSG8044with sticker

Track listing

CD 1


  • 1. Smalltown Boy [12″ version]
  • 2. Why [12″ version]
  • 3. I Feel Love [Cake Mix]
  • 4. Infatuation / Memories
  • 5. It Ain’t Necessarily So [single edit]


  • 6. Never Can Say Goodbye [US 7” version]
  • 7. You Are My World´87
  • 8. Don´t Leave Me This Way [Son Of Gotham City Full Mix]
  • 9. Disenchanted [12″ version]
  • 10. I Do It All For You

CD 2


  • 1. So Cold The Night [12″ version]
  • 2. ’77 The Great Escape
  • 3. There’s More To Love [12″ version]
  • 4. Never Can Say Goodbye [Classical Mix]
  • 5. Communards Megamix


  • 6. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) [Gary Langan Remix]
  • 7. Safe [DJ Tonka mix]
  • 8. Hurts So Good [Beatmasters’ Radio Edit]
  • 9. Comment Te Dire Adieu [Commercial Mix]
  • 10. By Your Side [acoustic version]
  • 11. Heartbeat II Mix
  • 12. Smalltown Boy [Reprise 2014]

DVD – Promo Videos


  • 1. Smalltown Boy
  • 2. Why?
  • 3. It Ain’t Necessarily So
  • 4. I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me


  • 5. Don’t Leave Me This Way [maxi version]
  • 6. You Are My World [version 1, 1985]
  • 7. Disenchanted
  • 8. So Cold The Night
  • 9. Tomorrow
  • 10. Never Can Say Goodbye
  • 11. For A Friend
  • 12. There’s More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl
  • 13. You Are My World [version 2, 1985]
  • 14. You Are My World [1987 version]


  • 15. Safe
  • 16. Comment Te Dire Adieu
  • 17. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
  • 18. Read My Lips
  • 19. To Love Somebody
  • 20. Run From Love
  • 21. Heartbeat
  • 22. Hurts So Good [US version]
  • 23. Hurts So Good [UK version]
  • 24. Smalltown Boy [Reprise 2014]

45 responses to Jimmy Somerville / Dance & Desire – Rarities & Videos: track listing

  1. Malc says:

    Well my copy finally arrived and I’m quite happy with the content and the packaging is that nice hardback book style that Edsel used for the Everything But The Girl Reissues.

    But I do have a question for you guys:

    No longer owning the vinyl versions, I can’t confirm, but suspect, that CD1 track 7: ‘You Are My World´87’ is in fact ‘You Are My World (New York 87 Remix)’ (it has the steel drum accompaniment) can anyone confirm this?

  2. NeilKelly says:

    Should’ve mentioned got mine on Monday 17th!

  3. Colin says:

    Supplier has messaged me to say this release expected delivery date is now between Dec 1 and Dec 3. Hopefully we will get it in time for Christmas ……. 2015 !!

  4. This is a great tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  5. Jon says:

    Agree with you on I Believe in Love – I always thought that would have been released as a single by Arthur Baker with some 12″ mixes. I see that it was released digitally a few years ago but was hoping for an original production 12″ mix… Oh well.

    This set looks good. I bought all the edsel bronski/ communards / js reissues and I will buy this too. It’s enough to warrant a purchase.

    It’s missing a lot, true, but my only real complaint is the megamix. I don’t really care about a megamix. The best remix, William orbit’s mix of mighty real should have been included on something. Yes it was available on the best of but I think it deserves to be on here.

    Ironically, the Gary Langan mix of Mighty Real was issued on the William Orbit remix compilation cd compiled by Karl Bartos by mistake. Even more reason to include the Orbit mix here!

  6. Charlie says:

    I was actually hoping to tie up loose ends like “Star” and “The Last Infanta” “Coming” (remixes), “I Believe in Love” (you’ve gotta think Arthur Baker did a 12″ of that…)

  7. NeilKelly says:

    True, Carsten. Your argument is backed up by the fact that i quite like the artwork! Incidentally i managed to pick up perfect copies of Never can say goodbye and There’s more to love… CD singles yesterday at a car boot sale for around 10p each! Card sleeves inside plastic CD envelopes they look like new!

  8. Carsten Klein says:

    It’s probably impossible to please each and very one with regards to the track listing, considering the long and varied career span of Jimmy Somerville, stretching three decades and three musical formations. But the real downfall for me personally is the sleeve “art”, which could hardly look any cheaper?!

    • Malc says:

      Yes, the lurid glossy pink is a bit passé – but the main sleeve art logo (js) is taken from recent releases by Jimmy which, I suppose, means that there is at least a small (hopefully more) level of artist input into this release especially as the release includes 2014’s Smalltown Boy (reprise). Personally, I rather like the three smaller ‘logos’ used to classify the collection.

  9. Malc says:

    It would have been nice to have included the extended CD album versions (not the same as 12″) of Don’t Leave Me This Way, Disenchanted, You Are My World, So Cold The Night as they were swapped out for the vinyl edits on the recent reissues. Also, You Are My World New York Remix is missing? And is the megamix the same as the multimix included in the recent reissues?
    On the plus side, nice to have all the videos on DVD at last and let’s not forget the mopping up of missing b-sides as well as Don´t Leave Me This Way [Son Of Gotham City Full Mix]. Finally, the Smalltown Boy (Reprise 2014) is a nice touch.

  10. neill2407 says:

    Quite a few omissions including the definitive remixes of why and 12′ version of never can say goodbye among others. There are only 10 tracks on CD1 so its not like they didn’t have space to add more mixes.

  11. Metal Mickey says:

    At the risk of keeping Francis’ argument going, I do have a Terry Hall compilation (“Through The Years”) that includes the Hall-less “Free Nelson Mandela” :-)

  12. Philippe says:

    Why (Remix) 5’10 can be found on “the age of consent deluxe”

  13. Gerry says:

    Crap music all round.

  14. Francis says:

    Whether Jimmy Somverville had nothing to do with all Bronski Beat material is still not a collection to get that excited about. Boring 7″ mixes and loads of videos.

  15. Francis says:

    The band Bronski Beat still come under his name even if Jimmy Somerville left.

  16. Francis says:

    For those saying, what has some of the Bronski Beat tracks I have said are missing from this collection have to do with Jimmy Somerville, nowhere does it state on the collection Jimmy Somervilles’ Bronski Beat but just Bronski Beat.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There is a MASSIVE ‘JS’ on the cover, which to me is fairly clear that these ‘rarities and videos’ will all be to do with Jimmy Somerville. Why would he want a song that he had nothing to do with and isn’t singing on, on his album!!? You are entitled to your opinion about how good this set is, but to continue to argue that Hit That Perfect Beat should be on here is a bit silly.

  17. Brian says:

    I’ve been waiting for years for the extended version of Why. Now it shows up twice at the same time. On the 12″/80s series and here. Just like buses eh?

    • Francis says:

      Yes, but which version of “Why” is it? The brilliant Extended Mix 7.44 or the not as good Remix 5.13?

    • Francis says:

      “Why” is not on any of the 12″/80s series, including the 2 new releases. The only track that has ever appeared on this series is “Smalltown Boy” and even that was not the 12inch version but the album version (luckily the 12inch version has been included on this ‘Dance and Desire’ collection).

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        The original 12″ was of course on the original Age of Consent CD, and I think it was also on that limited edition 2CD Jimmy Somerville ‘best of’ from a while back. I think that was the reasoning for not including on the deluxe Age of Consent. There was some logic to the decision, but for historical / nostalgic reasons it should have been there.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      And this set has been delayed… more ‘bus’ similarity :)

      • Dominic says:

        I bought (and recently sold) the 2CD version you mentioned, the presentation of the 12″ of smalltown boy was horrendous, with the sound quality & volume dipping then rising, sounded like a damaged master was used; hopefully it’s a new remaster for this.

  18. Malcolm says:

    Not sure what I was expecting….probably a lot more than we have here. I need to check what were included in the recently remastered 2xcd releases.

  19. Cyrille says:

    In a previous post commenting the news of this release ( I suggested my dream tracklisting which included a more comprehensive video selection.

    To be fair, I’m really glad they put various versions of videos (some of them I didn’t even know existed). But I’m still sad they didn’t put the other promo videos because there might never be another chance to release a collection of Jimmy’s videos on a physical format.

    There’s only 6 major videos missing but they are so good it’s a crime not to find a way to release them on this collection :
    – “The Last Infanta” with UNO released by Barclay (now owned by UMG)
    – “From This Moment On” on the “Red, Hot & Blue” Compilation released by Chrysalis (now owned by WMG)
    – “Dark Sky” from the album “Manage the Damage” released by GUT Records
    – “Something to Live for” from the album “Manage the Damage” released by GUT Records
    – “Lay Down” from the album “Manage the Damage” released by GUT Records
    – “Here I Am” from the album “Manage the Damage” released by GUT Records

    If someone from Edsel is reading this, is there anyway to do something about it?

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to owning this set. First day buy for me.

  20. Kiki says:

    well , that’s gonna complete the previous edsel reissue, but for the major missing pieces, I noticed that the william orbit’s version of “Mighty real” is still missing… as for “cadillac car” extended and the first CD version of “So cold the night” clocking at 6.48 …

  21. VALGAPA says:

    Edsel really know what you are editing ?, no quirks, missing all the important topics such as You Are My World ’87 Mix the NY Mix, Hit That Perfect Beat Instant Mix, Tomorrow 10 “Remix, I would reconsider before editing and include these three themes.

  22. Robert M says:

    Where is the longer version on Cadillac Car which originally appeared on Hundreds & Thousands CD? Is the You Are My World ’87 mix the NY mix?

    • Pete says:

      I suspect that You are my world ’87 is the full length version off the CD single, running just under 8 minutes – it didn’t have any other mix-name at the time, so it would fit. If it is the even more desirable New York mix, I look forward to being wrong.

  23. gary c says:

    I think this is about Jimmy Somerville, so it wouldn’t include anything from Bronski Beat after he left, Francis

  24. Francis says:

    I would have preferred all the missing 12inch versions to have been included instead of promo videos that I will hardly watch.

  25. Francis says:

    Edsel have really flopped with this release!!! So many excellent 12inch extended versions missing from it!

  26. Francis says:

    Oh Dear, where are the four UK 12inch versions of “Hit That Perfect Beat” (Extended 6.25, Instant Mix 8.31, Instant Dub 7.13 and the Metropolitan Version 6.47)??? Also, where oh where are the two UK 12inch versions of “C,mon, C’mon” (Extended 6.16 and Tropical Mix 10.35)??? So much for this collection being full of rarities, when there are some actually not included!!!! I was hoping to update the old vinyl, so thank goodness I did not get rid of them. Missing these off is a total disaster and very disappointing!

  27. Matthias says:

    Any idea if there’ll be 5.1?

  28. Francis says:

    Which 12inch version of “Why” is on this set as there were two released in the UK (Extended Mix 7.44 and Remix 5.13)?

  29. John says:

    and Here I Am and Lay Down. There was also a video for By Your Side.

  30. John says:

    Weird they left off the videos for From This Moment On, Dark Sky and Something to Live For.

  31. Davis says:

    The video is comprehensive, exciting and has nearly everything I could want. They got it right. In contrast to the audio, which is boring and predictable. It’s almost like two different people were in charge of assembling this project and one of them didn’t seem to care.

  32. Pete says:

    I was very excited about this, but I am so disappointed not to see the 10″ remix of Tomorrow or the New York remix of You are my world. Really, is there any appetite for the Communards mega mix?

    Maybe this isn’t an issue of not enough space or poor research, perhaps the master tapes are gone. But at any rate, I can’t help feeling a bit deflated. Such high hopes, crushed again…

    • Ally says:

      I believe the 10″ version of Tomorrow is the same as the 7″ remix edit. It is too bad this isn’t being included (yet).

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