Joan As Police Woman / Cover Two

Brooklyn’s Joan As Police Woman follows up her 2009 covers album (called simply, Cover) with Cover Two, another ten-track diversion into the interpretation of other artists’ work.

The original release was somewhat limited – it was only available via JAPW’s store – and remains unavailable on vinyl. This time around, Cover Two is easier to get hold of and fans can choose from CD or red vinyl.

Songs include her version of Prince‘s ‘Kiss’ (a live favourite and already available on the last year’s JOANTHOLOGY collection; Michael McDonald’s classic ‘I Keep Forgettin’ (from 1982’s If That’s What I Takes) ; the title track from Neil Young‘s once elusive On The Beach (originally issued in 1974), and Blur‘s ‘Out Of Time’ (from 2003’s Think Tank).

The LP is pressed on red vinyl (limited to 2,000 units worldwide) and the CD comes in a gatefold card wallet. Pre-order options are below, but you can also order this from Reveal Records’ store where the first 250 orders of vinyl or CD come with a signed print. The CD+LP+signed print bundle even includes an ‘instant grat’ download of an exclusive cover of Michael Jackson‘s ‘Billie Jean’.

Cover Two is released on 1 May 2020.

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Joan As Police Woman

Cover Two - Limited Red Vinyl


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Joan As Police Woman

Cover Two - CD edition


1. Kiss (Prince)
2. Spread (Outkast)
3. Under Control (The Strokes)
4. Not The Way (Cass McCombs)
5. I Keep Forgettin’ (Michael Macdonald)
6. Life’s What You Make It (Talk Talk)
7. Out of Time (Blur)
8. On The Beach (Neil Young)
9. There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs)
10. Running (Gil Scott-Heron)

18 responses to Joan As Police Woman / Cover Two

  1. Paul Taylor says:

    I didn’t hear the first album but am a bit wary of these covers albums. I was very underwhelmed by Weezer’s ‘Teal’ album – practically straight copies of the originals without any effort to put their own stamp on them. Lasted about 30 minutes. Competent but boring.
    California Son, on the other hand……

    • SimonP says:

      The other side of that coin is when all the covers are slow, moody versions of the original tracks that just make you feel depressed at what an unoriginal idea that is.

  2. -SG- says:

    A cheeky Loverboy tribute. A vast improvement if you ask me.

  3. Geoffrey Kavanagh says:

    Hmmmm… surprising that she should copy (almost exactly) the cover of the Canadian band Loverboy’s album “Get Lucky” and not include any of their songs.

  4. Mic Smith says:

    Ordered both Cover and Cover 2 from Reveal Records.

  5. Willy says:

    Wow… fab cover and… ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ …Rizzo’s song from Grease!

  6. Stuart says:

    I ordered from Reveal Records and the download of ‘Billie Jean’ is only a 192 kbps MP3. It is a pretty interesting reinterpretation though.

  7. Spiral Scar says:

    I guess the cover is the Loverboy cover…

  8. Shane says:

    Wow stunning cover (lol) i might get it just for that, also its a red vinyl. Any chance you know what the label design will be?

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