John Foxx with Harold Budd / Limited edition 3LP box set with signed print

Rare opportunity to get a signed John Foxx box set

A triple vinyl box set featuring a trio of collaborations between former Ultravox frontman John Foxx and ambient/avant garde music composer Harold Budd, will be issued in September.

This new set brings together 2003’s Translucence and Drift Music and puts them alongside 2011’s Nighthawks, which was recorded with Budd and minimalist composer Ruben Garcia. This is the first time these have appeared on vinyl.

All three albums are presented in a rigid outer slipcase designed by none other than Jonathan Barnbrook (celebrated for his work with Bowie, and in particular Blackstar). This is a strictly limited run of 500 sets with the John Foxx signed print (exclusive to Amazon UK) and appears to be quite well-priced for what you get (with VAT deducted, it’s only $51 for US fans!)

This Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks limited package with signed print will be released on 1 September 2017

John Foxx And Harold Budd :Translucence

  • A1. Subtext [5:59]
  • A2. Spoken Roses [6:21]
  • A3. Momentary Architecture [1:40]
  • A4. Adult [3:04]
  • A5. Long Light [3:54]
  • A6. A Change In The Weather [2:42]
  • B1. Here And Now [3:59]
  • B2. Almost Overlooked [2:31]
  • B3. Implicit [5:26]
  • B4. Raindust [7:08]
  • B5. Missing Person [1:36]
  • B6. You Again [3:25]

John Foxx And Harold Budd : Drift Music

  • A1. Sunlit Silhouette [3:15]
  • A2. The Other Room [1:57]
  • A3. Some Way Through All The Cities [4:18]
  • A4. Stepping Sideways [3:45]
  • A5. A Delicate Romance [7:15]
  • A6. Linger [1:59]
  • A7. Curtains Blowing [3:07]
  • B1. Weather Patterns [1:50]
  • B2. Coming Into Focus [5:02]
  • B3. After All This Time [6:56]
  • B4. Someone Almost There [1:34]
  • B5. Resonant Frequency [2:45]
  • B6. Avenue Of Trees [1:16]
  • B7. Underwater Flowers [6:05]
  • B8. Arriving [1:25]

John Foxx And Harold Budd (Featuring Ruben Garcia): Nighthawks

  • A1. Down A Windy Street [5:26]
  • A2. Now That I’ve Forgotten You [3:21]
  • A3. The Invisible Man [5:27]
  • A4. Fugitive Desire [2:43]
  • A5. From Then To Now [4:23]
  • B1. When The City Stops For Snow [5:13]
  • B2. The Shadow Of Her Former Self [4:13]
  • B3. Music For Swimmers [5:49]
  • B4. Lovedust [2:21]
  • B5. Nighthawks [2:55]

24 responses to John Foxx with Harold Budd / Limited edition 3LP box set with signed print

  1. Mark says:

    Glad I cancelled. Seems very odd.

  2. Andy says:

    Metamatic have today confirmed it’s now limited to only 450 copies due to an issue at the press plant, even more reason to purchase

    • Chris Squires says:

      Does that mean only 450 copies will ever be made or only 450 copies will have the signed print but there will be 1000s of the actual box set?

      Pressing plant issues would only affect the record production and not the signed print…

      Amazon have had this up for a while now still advertised as having the signed print, as does the John Foxx website…

      As Mark says above, confuddled.

      So is it a) Only 450 being made, all with the signed print
      or b) 450 out of 1,000s will have the signed print but 1000s will be made

  3. Rudi says:

    I wonder if the box also contain a download code?

  4. steve gilmour says:

    I’m con fused paul – it doesnt say on Amazon who the signature is from,,,are we sure its John Foxx

  5. Ralph says:

    Being a fan of John’s Music since I heard Underpass back in 1980 for the first time I must confess that These three (just like Cathedral Ocean and London Overgrown) Albums are boring. Period. I know it’s the “other side” of his Music but every track sounds the same to me. Happily giving this a pass.

  6. Mr. No says:

    Nobody who buys this – or bought the CO box – on vinyl is listing “music” at the top of their main concerns. And if they are, they’re deluding themselves.

  7. Michael G says:

    Worth it just for the signature!
    Ordered once again many thanks.

  8. Derek Langsford says:

    The 3-CD set came out in 2011 if anyone is wondering. It’s out of print and fetching prices upwards of £80 by Amazon UK Marketplace sellers. The albums on 2 CDs can be obtained separately for a much more reasonable cost. A Marketplace seller is asking £295 for the CD/DVD set of Cathedral Oceans released in 2010. Yowzah!

  9. Dean says:

    £50 a great price? Wow. This music, in my humble opinion, is made for digital – it needs perfect, pristine, reproduction, and needs to run to long lengths – you put it on and dream…..

    Still, each to their own. If record companies can rehash titles and flog them at £50 I guess this phase will be never-ending.

    • Straker says:

      Quite agree. Putting any of Foxx’s ambient work onto vinyl is just ridiculous. Even with the CDs sometimes you can barely tell if there’s music playing as the volume is so low. Struggling to hear that through ANY pops. clicks or surface noise would instantly ruin it.

      Edsel’s decision to re-release Cathedral Oceans on vinyl only was purely a way to get the Foxx hardcore to splash out £100 on something they already owned on CD and that’d cost them less than £15 originally. Frankly, I’m surprised John agreed to it, if indeed he did.

    • Tom of FIN says:

      Exactly, vinyl version only for completists and because these albums was digital in the first place.

      The most convenient and reasonable way of listening to ambient genre works in post analogue era is Tidal streaming service. Only CD-quality signal sound offering company. Spotify has lesser quality audio, butambient library might still be larger.

      And unfortunately, like Foxx’s almost 3 hour opus (!), having this same album threefold and same instrumental tens of times is just boring. Budd forcened Foxx is certainly a bit less yawning than Cathedral Oceans. Add only keyboards.

  10. If this is up to the quality of the Cathedral Oceans box set of last year this will be a beautiful item indeed!

    • James says:

      Thanks for that encouraging comment Barrie can you share your thoughts on the mastering and SQ of the LPs ? And thanks again to you Paul For the heads up

  11. Bridge says:

    Thanks Paul. Immediately ordered!

  12. Peter says:

    It’s a great price and it’s ordered .thanks paul

  13. David says:

    I do not believ ethe signed print is Amazon exclusive ?
    Available from at least this other site as well

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Fair enough. I was under the impression it was exclusive to Amazon. I’d guess shipping is more competitive, regardless.

    • Mark says:

      I’m a little confused. Seems to have been on that site since April. Mentions “this release comes with a limited signed print”. Then underneath mentions “this set comes signed by John Foxx”.

      Is what Amazon are selling different?

      Confuddled :-)

  14. Chris Squires says:

    Paul, any idea if the box set as a whole is specifically limited (1,000, 2,000, 5,000 for example)? Or is it just the signed print version that is limited (500)?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      At the moment they’re only doing 500 with the print. That’s not to say a version without the print may not appear at some point, but that might depend on demand…

  15. Jay Senese says:

    Thanks from California!

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