John Williams / Star Wars limited edition double vinyl picture disc


If you’ve just invested in the double gold Star Wars vinyl packages, be prepared to be miffed (or delighted!) by this new stunning-looking double vinyl picture disc of John Williams‘ famous soundtrack…

These are perhaps destined to be hung on the wall, rather than played, because the visuals, particularly the Death Star and Darth Vader sides, look fabulous.


Admittedly, your Star Wars vinyl budget may have been stretched to breaking point in the last year, what with the numerous The Force Awakens-related releases – and not forgetting the box sets issued at the beginning of this year – but at least this isn’t too overpriced, at less than £20. You may need to conjure up all the powers of ‘The Force’ to resist.

This limited edition double vinyl picture disc is released on 23 September 2016.

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Williams, John




Disc: 1
1. Episode IV – Main Title
2. Episode IV – Imperial Attack
3. Episode IV – Princess Leia’s Theme
4. Episode IV – The Desert and the Robot Auction

Disc: 2
1. Episode IV – Ben’s Death and TIE Fighter Attack
2. Episode IV – The Little People Work
3. Episode IV – Rescue of the Princess
4. Episode IV – Inner City
5. Episode IV – Cantina Band

Disc: 3
1. Episode IV – The Land of the Sandpeople
2. Episode IV – Mouse Robot and Blasting Off
3. Episode IV – The Return Home
4. Episode IV – The Walls Converge
5. Episode IV – The Princess Appears

Disc: 4
1. Episode IV – The Last Battle
2. Episode IV – The Throne Room and End Title

38 responses to John Williams / Star Wars limited edition double vinyl picture disc

  1. Peter Yarrow says:

    Can you also arrange for a repressing of Raise The Pressure by Electronic ;-)

  2. Cris says:

    Paul just one more compliment also from me.
    Your site is splendid, your work admirable.
    Thanks to you I am always update with all these special releases/reissues, whatever the genre or personal tastes or the rip-off spirit of record companies, and I believe that’ s the whole point for the music (or any other passion) lover and collector: to read and know about what is going on, even if you do not agree to or like all of it. (But this concept is so evident that there should be no need even to discuss it…)
    This PicDisc edition is really beautiful.

    I perfectly agree with Chris Squires comment though: a vinyl of LOTR is absolutely missing. Can the production company or somebody else in connection be urged somehow?

  3. Jim says:

    These look great, particularly the side based on the back cover of the LP and the poster. And the Death Star one. I would t be buying it though, I got the gold LPs and the hologram Force Awakens earlier this year. That’s enough Star Wars.

    For now, anyway…

  4. Richard Cosgrove says:

    For the record, (a) this release is awesome and I need one, and (b) the site is equally awesome, Paul, keep up the good work!

  5. tyrone says:

    I’m glad I held off from the gold edition. These look very nice indeed – I wont be playing them.

  6. Chris Squires says:

    What I can’t understand is how Howard Shore is completely missing a trick. I much prefer the Lord of the Rings soundtrack to Star Wars, even though I have spent quite a bit of money on Star Wars this year already, I would spend much more on Howard’s masterpiece. When you see re-issue after re-issue of the obvious stuff it makes my mind curdle that an even more obvious issue of a 9 – 12 LP set would be ignored or not thought of. It would be a real money spinner. It wouldn’t even be a re-issue as it has never been on Vinyl before. Come on New Line, pull your finger out.

    Also, Paul have you any news on the Amazon listing under Mike Oldfield for “Collaborations” due for release this November 18th? Is it the 4th disc from Boxed getting a going over?

  7. Jakob says:

    Had they done a Deathstar picture disc before? I haven’t seen one, but I’m also baffled at how such an obvious concept couldn’t have been done before. Perfect for a picture disc. The other three sides… meh to facepalm. But that first side is sweet.

  8. Tony Sandell says:

    Personally I love this site even though you have cost me a lot of money since I found it!!
    One day I hope you will post that the Elton John back catalogue is going to get the coloured vinyl treatment much like the Queen box set, that would be the best news ever.

  9. Steve Bliss says:

    I don’t need this, shouldn’t want it, yet I’m guessing I’ll buy it. Double LP picture disc! Yes!

  10. Rough cut says:

    The new remasters of the Star Wars soundtracks (done for the Ultimate Soundtrack Collection) were actually done primarily for vinyl. Those remasters were then released digitally as well, and not the other way around.

    • vinyllistener says:

      i wish record companies would state the provenance of their wares…
      so this is an analogue remaster ?
      by who ?
      and on what label is this ?

  11. Peter Yarrow says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing Paul, I love it!!!

  12. Jay Kranz says:

    wow they are really pushing the soundtracks for all they are worth. just got the gold ones so probably will pass on this unless I get a nice deal alert email from this wonderful site. but why aren’t cassette releases covered on super deluxe editon?!! I had to find out about the star wars force awakens cassette release exclusive to urban outfitters(yes this is real) from another source!

    • Dave says:

      Jay – Good point. I’ve reached pathologically dangerous levels of ennui around Star Wars… It’s a shame too because as a child I adored it. Now I can’t stand it. Gotta love John Williams though – such talent! Thanks for the post, Paul. I think my son will enjoy these even if I don’t. :-)

  13. Adam shaw says:

    I’m not interested in buying this for myself but I know someone who is . So thanks to this post I told them about it and they have order it .
    Keep rocking Paul .

  14. elliott buckingham says:

    looks great but would imagine it sounds awful on the quieter pieces of music

    • colin says:

      Picture Discs will never have the sound quality of a standard black vinyl and never have had. Earlier picture discs stated on them that the sound quality will not be as good as a standard release. The purchase of a picture disc has surely always been about the look of it not the sound!

      • vinyllistener says:

        no one really buys these for sound quality.
        in fact if you want the best sounding star wars music you will need to find the two rca classic film scores lps/cds by charles gerhardt that had excerpts from star wars and the empire strikes back.
        no star wars music recordings have ever surpassed them for sonic goodness.

  15. EW99 says:

    I agree. And while you’re at it why not create another sister site to bang on about CD box sets? No-one’s interested in legacy formats like that either. Or DVDs. Keep this one for hi res audio blu rays only.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Surely you’re joking (“bang on about CD box sets”?)… but if not, why not let me decide what goes on SDE editorially. If the visitors drop (they’ve been growing constantly since 2011) then I will know I have got it wrong.

    • Matthew McKinnon says:

      I’m really interested in CDs. ‘Legacy format’ [!] they may be, but they’re still a brilliant way of getting hold of good quality audio, and having a hard copy that’ll still be there when the hard drive inevitably dies.

  16. MiG says:

    Do you have to drill your own holes?

    • FM says:

      I think for this mock up they avoided to put the holes right on Vader’s “nose” and specially one hole where the silly exhaust vent is. ;)

  17. Billy says:

    You should maybe consider starting a sister site dealing exclusively with vinyl.

    I’m personally sick of hearing about it. It’s just endless reissues of digital music on the vinyl format or hastily concocted special editions such as this hoping to ensnare gullible fools who are easily led.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This site deals with physical music reissues. Vinyl is part of that, so not going to stop posting about vinyl, I’m afraid. You clearly aren’t interested, but no need to be so dismissive of others who are.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Also, you don’t have to read about it if you don’t want to. That’s why on the home page, only the first paragraph of each post is shown. For those that are interested, you click and read more, for those that aren’t you simply scroll down. Really don’t see the problem.

      • Jon Barlow says:

        No problem here with this site, I love reading about all the re-issues and for me provides an invaluable insight as to whether or not to part with my money. Not to mention all the great reads that aren’t purchase related….keep up the great work Paul

        • Paul Sinclair says:


          • CJ Feeney says:

            I agree with Jon. I appreciate good vinyl packages, though I’m reluctant to buy more due to storage issues.

            I’m not going to buy this, but it looks stunning. I have friends that are likely to want it though.

            However I do just enjoy reading about music releases like this. I’m the type of guy that used to hang around in record stores “just looking” I don’t have the opportunity to do that so much now that I’m a grown up with a full time job, so this site fulfils a need!

      • Simon Thornhill says:

        mmmmmm I don’t know some folks just like being grumpy I guess.

        My general rule in life…..If I don’t want it, I don’t buy it! If I don’t like it…..I don’t read it……..etc etc. It’s hardly complicated……..It’s not like were trying to figure out how to destroy the Death Star or something!

        Oh hold on that was really straight forward too!

        Keep up the excellent work on the site. Even as a grumpy miserable Goth, I enjoy reading about all kinds of re issues, not just the ones, I want to get. ;-)

        hey now hey now now sing this corrosion to me…….

        • Carlton says:

          I have no interest in buying vinyl, but I actually like reading about the new releases, and as several people have pointed out, since this is Paul’s site, it’s his prerogative to post what he sees fit to post. Navigating away from articles you don’t want to read is easy enough and takes a fraction of a second, so I don’t understand the people who keep complaining that the site (which they don’t write for, edit, run, or put any of their own time into the actual mechanics of) is tailored to their exact desires.

  18. John Hirst says:

    It is a bit naughty coming so soon after the Gold vinyls, but it looks like a beautiful set and will look good on the wall – as I have four album cover frames I can put the Force Awakens double pic disc in the other two.

  19. Simon Thornhill says:


    I just had to pre order this beauty

    Yeah Yeah Yeah I know I know yet another reissue la de dah! But this one does look awesome!

    Could never resist that Vader!

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