Johnny Hates Jazz / Turn Back The Clock / 3CD and 2LP vinyl reissue

Late ’80s British pop group Johnny Hates Jazz are reissuing a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of their debut Turn Back The Clock.

The album was the only one to feature all three original members – Clark Datchler, Mike Nocito and Calvin Hayes – and delivered four top 20 UK singles, including Shattered Dreams, I Don’t Want To Be A Hero and Heart of Gold.

For this reissue, the album has been remastered and a 3CD digi-pak deluxe set offers a CD of new acoustic recordings of the entire album and a third disc the gathers up extended remixes, B-sides and some unreleased demos.

A 2LP deluxe version includes the acoustic versions, but omits the remixes and demos.

These 30th anniversary editions of Turn Back The Clock will be released on 30th September 2018. Read this 2013 SDE interview with Clark and Mike from the band

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Johnny Hates Jazz

Turn Back The Clock - 3CD deluxe edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Johnny Hates Jazz

Turn Back The Clock - 2LP vinyl edition



Turn Back The Clock 3CD edition

CD 1
1. Shattered Dreams
2. Heart of Gold
3. Turn Back the Clock
4. Don’t Say It’s Love
5. What Other Reason
6. I Don’t Want to Be a Hero
7. Listen
8. Different Seasons
9. Don’t Let It End This Way
10. Me and My Foolish Heart

CD 2
1. Shattered Dreams (acoustic)
2. Heart of Gold (acoustic)
3. Turn Back the Clock (acoustic)
4. Don’t Say It’s Love (acoustic)
5. What Other Reason (acoustic)
6. I Don’t Want to Be a Hero (acoustic)
7. Listen (acoustic)
8. Different Seasons (acoustic)
9. Don’t Let It End This Way (acoustic)
10. Me and My Foolish Heart (acoustic)

CD 3
1. Shattered Dreams (12″ Extended Mix)
2. I Don’t Want to Be a Hero (12″ Extended Mix)
3. Turn Back the Clock (12″ Extended Mix)
4. Heart of Gold (12″ Extended Mix)
5. Don’t Say It’s Love (12″ Extended Mix)
6. Me and My Foolish Heart (12″ Extended Mix)
7. Secret Garden
8. The Cage
9. Cracking Up
10. Living in the Past
11. Leave It Up To Me
12. Shattered Dreams (original demo)
13. Turn Back the Clock (original demo)
14. Different Season (original demo)
15. I Don’t Want to Be a Hero (original demo)

Turn Back The Clock 2LP vinyl edition

LP 1
1. Shattered Dreams (acoustic)
2. Heart of Gold
3. Turn Back the Clock
4. Don’t Say It’s Love
5. What Other Reason
6. I Don’t Want to Be a Hero
7. Listen
8. Different Seasons
9. Don’t Let It End This Way
10. Me and My Foolish Heart

LP 2
1. Shattered Dreams (acoustic)
2. Heart of Gold (acoustic)
3. Turn Back the Clock (acoustic)
4. Don’t Say It’s Love (acoustic)
5. What Other Reason (acoustic)
6. I Don’t Want to Be a Hero (acoustic)
7. Listen (acoustic)
8. Different Seasons (acoustic)
9. Don’t Let It End This Way (acoustic)
10. Me and My Foolish Heart (acoustic)

42 responses to Johnny Hates Jazz / Turn Back The Clock / 3CD and 2LP vinyl reissue

  1. Bengt says:

    Got my signed CD (3 disc) and LP today and they had crammed it into a cardboard package designed for a single LP… the bulging package smashed the CD (cardboard) package and dented the LP cover in the corner pretty badly.

    Meanwhile the outer cardboard shippingis plastered with “Fragile” printed in red letters as if that would invoke a more gentle handling during transport (UK to Sweden).

    What a waste …

    Yes, I have complained to Pledgemusic… maybe should be named “Fledgemusic” …

  2. Hub Hamers says:

    Well guys, it seems JHJ has listened, they added the song ‘Leave It Up To Me’! It’s track 11 on CD3 which has now 15 tracks instead of the mentioned 14 above.

    I’m now listening to the acoustic versions, I like them!

  3. ian says:

    one of the best 80,s albums in my opinion………… when will someone reissue the ” let loose” back catalogue with all the added extras.?? more brilliant songs waiting to be heard again.

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  5. Got the 2008 reissue which sounds fine to me. I might get this one if they changed the tracklist to include EVERY B-side, 7″ and 12″ mixes. If this is it, then I’ll pass.

  6. Disney Mike says:

    Just ordered a copy from PledgeMusic. They were smart to include a CD of new acoustic versions of the songs, since I wouldn’t have bought this otherwise. It’s a bit too much like the 20th anniversary version that came out a decade ago without those new recordings. While they could have done a better, more complete job of it, I like the way they’ve put this together — especially at £15.

    • Neil says:

      I ordered from PledgeMusic as well and i just noticed it’s only £12.99 on HMV. I suppose i am getting a signed version at the end of the day but the postage costs with PledgeMusic are an utter joke.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I’m sure it will go down on Amazon as well, so at this stage I wouldn’t let price be the defining factor…

  7. Neil says:

    I do remember way back then when it was embarrassing to admit you liked Johnny Hates Jazz, Breathe or Curiosity Killed The Cat as this was classed as teenybopper music. It wasn’t until years later that i got into the albums by those bands and i say bands because they wrote their own songs and played instruments compared to the utter dross we get nowadays.

  8. Markus says:

    I just saw that they sell signed CDs at

    Cost 15 pounds plus shipping.

  9. Seikotsi says:

    I always get confused when I don’t want to be a hero starts because I think it’s Shalamar’s I can make you feel good.

  10. Lee says:

    Missing some essential mixes/7″ versions for me to want to purchase. Kind of lazy not to include them on CD 1 (remember the Bros ‘Push’ fiasco after they left off single mixes etc) and with enough complaints, they got added! Same should happen here.

    Would have preferred the Vinyl edition to replicate the Eighth Wonder “fearless’ recent re-issue release ie original album and with a 2nd disc of 12” mixes. The acoustic versions aren’t doing it for me.

  11. OMAR says:

    What kind of a digipak is this gonna be in. The thick one with actual cd trays or the thin cardboard one? does anyone know?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If they’ve describe it properly, it will have plastic trays, but you can’t always rely on press releases to be accurate with this kind of info.

      • SimonP says:

        A card sleeve isn’t a Digipak…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I know. This is described as a “deluxe digipack”. Not sure what your point was, but as I said… if they’ve described it properly it will have the plastic trays to put the CDs in.

  12. Hub Hamers says:

    I have ordered it on Pledgemusic as well. Loved the album in the 80’s and still love it today. I’m curious about the acoustic versions, can’t wait till the end of september…

    And I’m wondering what, if they would have asked you Paul with this project, you would have done differently?

  13. Mark says:

    Disappointing that the great b-side strumental Leave It Up To Me isn’t included. Listening to it now sounds rather retro and nostalgic.

  14. Griffin says:

    I like them (JHJ). The tracks (12” mixes) I wanted, were on the previous expanded edition. I’m not interested in the NEW acoustic versions. But I would like to have a listen (1 or 2 times). If they have included the instrumental version of the singles & the album tracks I would have considered (so many beautiful songs, the instrumentals would be great as well). I know none were released. But perhaps still in the vault (like S/A/W & PWL did with the reissues/itunes single releases with many album/single instrumentals/backing tracks). So I won’t be buying this (unless a great deal comes along major discount of cheap used copy).

    And I also don’t like how they (record labels/reissue companies) treated us. 1 CD with a few bonus tracks. Then 2 CD expanded. Then 3 discs. Then 4 discs. Then 5 discs. Every time they leave things out for the NEXT time. Adding a few more mixes, dubs, instrumentals, demo’s, live, dvd, blu ray, book, 5.1, vinyl, etc. Make a definitive edition with everything we need (in 1/2/3 cd with or without vinyl/dvd/blu ray variations so we can choose for ourselves). Done. So we can move on to next artist or album. Not to have to buy them over and over again. We don’t have the time (we’re getting older every day) and the money.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      When I interviewed Johnny Hates Jazz back in 2013 I said to Clark and Mike, “if you ever think about doing an expanded reissue of Turn Back The Clock do get in touch with me because I love the album and I think I could help you put together a great reissue.” Unfortunately, they never did. Don’t blame them, but it would have been a fun project to have worked on.

    • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

      hey griffin i think the same way like you. i was so happy that SAW started the i-tunes catalogue with instrumentals, unreleased alternative mixes and backing tracks and i thought they will release in the following years more artists. but it wasn’t. i like all that stuff of kylie minogue, but i wish it would be the same with other SAW artists / SAW produced artists of that time like rick astley, dead or alive and especially donna summer.

  15. Phil Fogel says:

    I loved this album had it on vinyl back in the day. I bought the 16 track remaster put out a few years ago which has some of the 12 mixes, if I didn’t have it I would probably get this.

  16. Stephen D C says:

    One of the few albums where you can say ‘there isn’t a bad track on it’.

    Not interested in the acoustic tracks though.

    Need an updated copy though so…..

    And if you only listen to one JHJ song it has to be the 12” J Mendohlson Mix. In the hot weather it is perfect.

  17. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    this is one of only few albums i really loved from a-z.
    but this 3 CD edition should be included ALL 7” versions / 7” remixes / b-sides.
    there is enough space for all. and enough for all demo versions – not only 4.
    i hate this 1 cd then 2cd then 3cd re-release. it needs 20 years to get the complete
    audio material from one album.
    p.s. i have my own version of “i don’t want to be a hero” since 2o years. and on this kim wilde
    sings all the choruses alone.
    paul if you will be in berlin next time… remember me if you are interested.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Love Berlin and can’t wait to go back. Will certainly let you know when I’m next in town :)

  18. negative1 says:

    this would have been a good purchase.

    however, the unnecessary addition of the acoustic versions on disc 2,
    make the whole thing questionable.

    will wait for a cheaper, or used copy someday.


    • BillyD says:

      Who ever thought acoustic versions would be a great thing to have? It all seems guitar around the campfire to me…

  19. Larry Davis says:

    Interesting reissue…when the album was new, they were kind of a guilty pleasure because i did not want to like em at all…kind of wimpy, catered to adult contemporary radio, not cool/hipster, not the type of group you want to tell people you like, and ‘Shattered Dreams’ got killed on US radio, so I got sick of that song…but I ended up having the album on tape in the end cuz I sorta liked the title track, in spite of myself… The ideal definition of guilty pleasure really…in the end, I will not buy this reissue…it did not leave me with fond memories or anything, just a blah better left behind band like that of UK band Breathe…great package for fans tho.

  20. CJ says:

    One of the absolute best pop albums of the 80s, and so under-rated in the US. I wore out my cassette of this just in time to upgrade to the CD. Love Clark’s voice and the arrangements. Can’t wait to hear the new versions.

  21. Avner says:

    I bought the SIGNED triple CD from PledgeMusic. The signed double vinyl is also available there. Both are being sold at prices comparable to Amazon (at time of writing). Very excited for this re-release of an 80’s pop gem!

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks for the tip, I have ordered the signed version from Pledge Music, cheaper than Amazon too!

  22. Kiki says:

    It also misses :
    – 7″ version of “Heart of gold” (a remix)
    – the first single version of “Me & My foolish heart” (owned by RAK, and re-recorded for Virgin, Very similarly).
    – “Don’t Say It’s Love” exists as 2 forms : The original LP version and the Remix, later included on CDs editions : There will be only one of them…

    Those 3 should have been included here … This edition is worth only for the 3 unreleased demos (I assume that the Original Demo of “Turn Back The Clock” is the same as the “Unreleased Version” that surfaced on the 2008 remaster of that same album…

  23. Kauwgompie says:

    Love this album, it was one of the first CD’s I bought in the 80’s together with ABC’s Alphabet Street (which badly needs a reissue as well by the way). When CD’s still cost a small fortune in the Netherlands. Looks like a great reissue. Will get this for sure.

  24. Jon J says:

    Funnily enough I saw there was a Pledge campaign for this reissue earlier today. Even though I’ve got the original CD and the reissue of a few years ago, I’ll probably end up getting this, as it’s a cracking album. Here’s hoping the acoustic versions match the standard of the acoustic ‘Shattered Dreams’ that was on Clark’s ‘Crown of Thorns’ solo single, as that was great.

  25. Paul says:

    A timely 30th anniversary re-issue and shows how it can be done properly rounding everything up (granted, the B-side to Heart Of Gold is missing). Had the original album on vinyl along with the period 12 inches, so hearing these re-mastered on CD will be good. The acoustic interpretations are for me also very welcome for new interest. Ticks all the boxes, and as others have mentioned their comeback album from a few years ago was exceptional in comparison to other 80s bands making new music around that time.

  26. xymox970 says:

    Their comeback album Magnetized is certainly considered one of the best of all the 80s bands.
    Certainly outdid my favorites OMD & Blancmange as well…..

  27. GL says:

    Will probably pick this up. Any news on a new album from them, Paul? Really liked ‘Magnetized’ and still play it. They’re capable of more than just re-releasing and playing the debut album. The ‘Magnetized’ single had a decent amount of airplay on Radio 2.

  28. MusicFan says:

    Wow, this is great news!!

    This is such a great pop album, I love it so much.

    The band mentioned this ages ago so I’m please this has finally been announced.

    Hopefully the previously cancelled shows will be rescheduled into a 30th Anniversary tour!

    Naturally this compilation includes a lot of tracks already available on CD as they were part of the CD single era but this compilation is exceptional and I really can’t wait to hear this.

    Amazing! Yazoo…. take note!!!


  29. D.C. says:

    Noteworthy that the B-side to Heart Of Gold “Leave It Up To Me” is not included on Disc 3. Otherwise a great anniversary package.

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