Johnny Marr / Call The Comet

Exclusive coloured vinyl with SIGNED print available

Johnny Marr will release a new album, Call The Comet, in June.

The album is the musician’s third and was recorded at his own Crazy Face studios in Manchester. Marr describes the record as “my own magic realism,” adding “It’s set in the not-too-distant future and is mostly concerned with the idea of an alternative society. The characters in the songs are searching for a new idealism, although there are some personal songs in there too. It’s something that people like me can relate to.”

The trailer above is set to The Tracers, which gives you an idea of the sound.

Call The Comet is a 12-track album available on CD and black vinyl although fans will be interested in an silver deluxe vinyl pressing which comes with a SIGNED print which is exclusive to the guitarist’s own store (where other bundles and signed items are available).

Call The Comet will be released on 15 June 2018.

Pick of the Johnny Marr store exclusives:

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Johnny Marr

Call The Comet - black vinyl LP


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Johnny Marr

Call The Comet - CD edition


1. Rise
2. The Tracers
3. Hey Angel
4. Hi Hello
5. New Dominions
6. Day In Day Out
7. Walk Into The Sea
8. Bug
9. Actor Attractor
10. Spiral Cities
11. My Eternal
12. A Different Gun

17 responses to Johnny Marr / Call The Comet

  1. kook says:

    Quite looking forward to this after being pleasantly surprised by his solo work so far.
    (Am I alone in thinking that cover design is bloody awful though?)

  2. steve edwards says:

    Shocking I know and a spanner in the works of the discussion…but the music on the last album was bl##dy good.
    Every confidence this one will be at least as good.
    Oh, and its signed.
    Which is a nice touch.

  3. John Lloyd says:

    Tiny tweak needed – the “all the music” bundle is £60. To add the T-shirt makes it £70, unlike the links in the article.

  4. smorrissey says:

    What about a signed cd? I would have bought that.

  5. Tryone says:

    As an amateur guitar player – the signature is more than welcome. Johnny Marr!
    Like Paul, I too have a few signed prints.
    Last year Joe Elliott was good enough to reply to my email and after a few exchanges sent me a fully signed Def Leppard print.
    Fair enough the print is not above my fireplace – but it makes for a great addition to non SDE LP’s.

  6. Paul Wren says:

    It’s incredible that Amazon ca can offer the black vinyl at half the price of the UK version.

  7. Rob Deighton says:

    It’s worth noting that HMV are doing a purple pressing of the album for £20 too Not signed but hey it’s purple!

    Nice that you get the complimentary downloads as well…. i wish more artists however did what the Manics just did and include an ACTUAL CD of the songs rather than lossy downloads. Surely to produce mass produce a CD will cost the same these days as getting the card printed, coded up for the website etc.

    • Alan B says:

      It’s an Indie release so available everywhere except Amazon and Sainsburys.

      The signed 7 inch single sold out last week. Managed to bag one thankfully.

  8. Bassel says:

    They should have offered the signed print with the CD as well and not only as a huge bundle…

  9. jonathan says:

    Am I the only one that really doesn’t like a signed print?

    If you’re going to sign something, sign the sleeve. Not a print that has no relevance to the record.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’ve got quite a nice little collection of signed prints on my wall (Jean Michel Jarre, Beach Boys, etc.) so I quite like the print thing. Gives you something ‘extra’, whereas a record is just a record, signed or not.

    • Urs says:

      What I really don’t like are prints that don’t fit into the sleeve (signed or not). If you don’t hang them on the wall, where do you store them?

      (I had this problem now with the Suede 25th anniversary CD set which came with a print that’s bigger than the sleeve.)

      • Robert says:

        Same problem. I just tucked it away in the “Dog Man Star” box set since that set oversized.
        The most troublesome are the sets from Third Man Records that are not housed in a box. I have numerous envelopes of prints, postcards, trinkets, and so on that I can’t find a proper place for. When the day comes to match up all these different things to the actually vinyl box it’ll be a pain.

    • Tim-meh says:

      I’m with you. I bought the signed 7” instead.

  10. colin says:

    Thanks SDE – Ordered. I notice signed copies of his autobiography are available for £75. Glad I got mine from Amazon on pre-order for £20 now!

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