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Somehow managed to miss this last week, but thanks to a few SDE readers for pointing out that Karl Bartos (of Kraftwerk fame, of course) has just reissued his 2003 album Communication.

At the time of the release of his debut solo album, Karl made the point that “Communication is about the way images determine our view of the world and how electronic media is going to change the content of our society” and 13 years later this new reissue comes complete with a pristine re-mastering and a bonus track Camera Obscura. The (excellent) lead single when released was Life, which you can hear below.

The vinyl version of this new reissue also includes a ‘free’ CD of the album, which is a step up from a free download. Obviously you can just buy the standalone CD, if you have no need for vinyl. This, apparently, is the first time the album has been available digitally, too.

Communication is out now.



Vinyl + CD edition

CD only


1 The Camera
2 I’m the Message
3 15 Minutes of Fame
4 Reality
5 Electronic Apeman
6 Life
7 Cyberspace
8 Interview
9 Ultraviolet
10 Camera Obscura (Bonus Track)
11 Another Reality

14 responses to Karl Bartos / Communication reissue

  1. Sytze says:

    The original 2003 vinyl edition was a set of two 45rpm records and omitted two tracks that were on the cd version (‘Interview’ and ‘Ultraviolet’). The new vinyl edition does include these tracks.

  2. negative1 says:

    always liked his work.
    too bad this wasn’t an expanded version.

  3. Luke says:

    Even the shipping to Canada is astronomical. It’s free within the US where I have a mate they can ship to. #Win.

  4. Rob Wilcock says:

    Camera Obscura was not previously unincluded (tha’s what say) on the original CD

  5. Adam says:

    The bonus track “Camera Obscura” is not previously unreleased. There was a CD single of it in 2005, two years after Communication originally came out.

  6. Rob Wilcock says:

    Yes, the CD version is a digipack with plastic tray. If you buy from HMV it’s £9.99.

  7. Ralph says:

    The lead single for this Album was “15 minutes …”. The Album itself is getting on my nerves – I like Vocoder effects in measures, but here Karl only uses Vocoder voices, which is simply too much.

  8. Rob Wilcock says:

    The originsl Japanese CD had remixes of I’m The Message by Orbital and Felix The Housecat.

    Nice to see this get a mention.

  9. Adam shaw says:

    Not his best Imo and really this was his third solo effort which came after Electric music and Esperanto although they didn’t come out under his own name .
    The original came in a pull apart cardboard cd case , wonder if this has the same design ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If anyone has bought the vinyl, I’d also be interested to know how the ‘free’ CD is packaged…

    • Ralph says:

      The pull-apart cover turned out to be a tear-apart cover – i tried very hard not to damage the damn Thing but suddenly I had a “multi-part” cover i my Hands

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