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Four vinyl box sets • Two CD box sets •  Remasters • Four discs of rarities

Kate Bush will release remastered versions of all her studio albums, along with selected rarities, on CD and vinyl, in a series of box sets next month.

In total there will be four vinyl box sets and two CD boxes. Initially, two vinyl boxes and the first of the two CD boxeswill be released on 16 November. These cover the albums The Kick Inside (1978), Lionheart (1978), Never For Ever (1980), The Dreaming (1982), Hounds of Love (1985), The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993).

Then, on 30 November, two further vinyl boxes and the second of the two CD boxes will be released. These complete the studio albums – Aerial (2005), Director’s Cut (2011), 50 Words For Snow (2011) – and bring together rarities including 12-inch mixes, B-sides and covers. In total, there are 18 vinyl records across the four vinyl box sets and 18 CDs across the two CD boxes

The first of two CD boxes contain Kate’s remastered catalogue

The only difference I can make out in the content is that the CD box sets contains the Before The Dawn live album, while that album is not included in any of the vinyl box sets. All the audio has been remastered by Kate and James Guthrie except for Before The Dawn which is the original mastering.

There are four discs of rarities (full track listing below): 12″ mixes, two discs of B-sides and covers. This does not look complete by any means, since there are extended mixes from The Red Shoes era missing, B-sides like ‘Not This Time’ and ‘Dreamtime’ are AWOL, there’s no instrumental of ‘Running Up That Hill’, no ‘video mix’ of ‘Cloudbusting’ and various other omissions. Full analysis will follow.

As stated above, the first two vinyl box sets and the first CD box are released on 16 November, with the remainder following on 30 November. The albums are also being released separately, but not the four rarities discs in the boxes (what did you expect?). If you are in the UK then HMV have some box sets listed with some bundle discounts.

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Kate Bush

CD box # 1 - 7CD The Kick Inside to The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

CD box # 2 - 11CD Aerial to Before The Dawn + rarities discs


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 1 - a kick inside, never for ever, lionheart, The dreaming


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 2 - Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 3 - Aerial, 50 Words For Snow, Director's Cut


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 4 - 12 inch mixes, The Other Side 1, The Other Side 2, In Others Words


Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 2

Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 3

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 4

12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

Kate Bush Remastered CD box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)
Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered: CD box 2

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)
Before The Dawn (2016)
12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

What’s in the rarities discs:


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)
  3. Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix)
  4. Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)
  5. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)


  1. Walk Straight Down The Middle
  2. You Want Alchemy
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes
  4. Lyra
  5. Under The Ivy
  6. Experiment IV
  7. Ne T’Enfuis Pas
  8. Un Baiser D’Enfant
  9. Burning Bridge
  10. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix


  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’)


  1. Rocket Man
  2. Sexual Healing
  3. Mná na hÉireann
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream)
  7. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  8. Lord Of The Reedy River
  9. Candle In The Wind

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  2. Jussi Pukkila says:

    More sonic issues reported at Discogs, quoting user ilkoreano:

    “Just noticed something odd, in the remastered version of “Never For Ever”. From minute 2:20 of “Violin”, up to all “The Infant Kiss”, the left channel undergoes significant drops in volume. I have listened to both CD and vinyl, and I heard this issue on both. Here is a list of the moments when the problem is most highlighted:

    Violin -> 2:20 – 2:28 – 2:38 – 2:52
    The Infant Kiss -> 1:18 – 2:33

    The same thing happen on “Kite” from “The Kick Inside”, at minute 1:10, and God knows where else. That’s absolutely unacceptable, for the price.”

    I’ve just compared the “Never For Ever” 2018 CD, the 2018 LP and the 80’s CD. Both 2018 releases definitely have the dropouts, the 80s CD doesn’t.
    “Violin”: clear dropouts (or shifts in balance) @ 2:20, 2:28, 2:37, 2:41, 2:44, 2:52.
    Listen to the chorus starting @ 2:18: “Get that bow going, let it scream# to me. Violin*, violin, violin.” The dropout (or balance shift) is at * (2:22), it’s quite clear. At the next chorus, starting @ 2:35, another clear dropout can be heard at # (2:37).
    “The Infant Kiss”: quite a clear dropout @ 1:16 (and more from that onwards).

    “Kite” dropout is not as clear but it’s definitely there (compared 2018 CD, the 2018 LP and the 80’s CD).

  3. Jussi Pukkila says:

    Does anyone have CD Box I with a glossy box and glossy sleeves with a correct sleeve for “The Dreaming”, ie. the sleeve front that has the artist’s name in visible letters?

    I’m wondering if the variants available are:
    Glossy box, glossy sleeves, misprinted “The Dreaming”
    Matte box, matte sleeves, corrected “The Dreaming”
    – or are there others?

  4. Jussi Pukkila says:

    Re Paul: “Has anyone noticed that there is a drop out in sound on running up that hill on hounds of love cd at 3:22. The sound decreases in volume where infact it should increase.”

    I don’t think there should be an increase there, but there is definitely a clear drop and it does sound like an error. It is apparently on all formats. I have checked vinyl, CD and hi-res download.

  5. Pete Johnstone says:

    Only bought CD box 1. It sounds amazing, so much better than the originals.
    As for box 2, not arsed. Too dear, and pointless.
    Box 1 is where it’s at.
    Happy, happy, joy, joy :-)

  6. Lewis-John Abbott says:


    From what I can work out after checking the Discogs Website and various CD’s I have.

    The Mix of “Eat The Music” used on the 2018 “The Red Shoes” Re-Mastered Album is the U.S Single Mix which also appeared on the European and Australian CD Singles.

    All which is different is the fade intro part before the Band starts is edited and that’s it.

    The Mix of “Eat The Music” used on the 2011 “The Red Shoes” Re-Mastered Album is the Standard Album Mix.

    • Pat says:

      The mix of eat the music on TRD 2011 from DC is an alternate version. It has added backing vocals over chorus. (yeah… yeah, listen from 1:40.) On the new remaster there is an edited version of it.

      • Lewis-John Abbott says:

        Thanks Pat, now i’m totally confused haha, I need to pay more attention to this song, how many mixes are there?! I gonna gather up my CD singles and the other copies of the Album and play each version to see what i’m missing.

  7. Martin says:

    Haven’t heard The Dreaming yet so I don’t know if the song sounds different but in the booklet of the remastered version Rolf Harris is no longer listed as playing ‘digeridu’.

    • Chris Squires says:

      He’s still there, just earning himself a demerit on the credits as his name has been removed.

      It’s still a difficult thing to get to grips with as the two key “celebrities” to be done in the UK were so ubiquitous in UK life for decades.

      Yesterday, I was watching the episode of “The Good Life” that was shot in front of The Queen and even in the pre-amble to the recording starting, when the actors were being introduced to the studio audience it was a joke in passing that the cast had written to Jim’ll fix it and their wish of a Royal audience had been granted.

      If one can’t bear to hear their names there is an awful lot of UK life for two or three decades that needs to be redacted. If that is the way one wishes to go……..

  8. Jussi Pukkila says:

    The 2018 remaster sets are titled a bit confusingly. Obviously “Remastered Part II” is not the same “Remastered In Vinyl II”. That the albums are split in 2 CD boxes but for vinyl the same tracks are in 4 boxes is still quite easy to grasp. IMO since “Vinyl” is mentioned in the vinyl box titles, why isn’t “CD” mentioned in the CD boxes? It’s like CD is some kind of ‘default’ format. Inconsistent and unpretty.

    It gets confusing with the hi-res sets. They are titled “Remastered Pt. I” (I to IV). So there we have “Remastered Pt. II” – but it’s not the same as “Remastered Part II” on CD. Why not name these “Remastered in Hi-Res I” (I to IV)?

  9. Tom M Hans says:

    Help, please. I got both CD boxes his week and need to know if my 3 disc version of Director”s Cut has now been rendered obsolete?
    Are the 2011 Remasters/Remixed used for Red Shoes and Sensual World in the 1st Box?
    Thank you.

    • Pat says:

      The 2018 remasters are different than the versions on Directors Cut.

      The Red Shoes 2018 is the analog mastering from DC but sounds quieter and less muffled. Eat the Music is the alternate version but edited to 4:53.

      The Sensual World 2018 is a new mastering. (The DC Version is the old mastering from 1989, not remastered.) I don’t hear a big difference to the 1989 version.

      Directors Cut 2018 sounds very similar to the 2011 Version.

  10. Larry Davis says:

    Yesterday I bought the Part 2 box at Newbury Comics… Wanted to see what they charged and I’m happy I did that as it was the cheapest I saw… $79.99US…a few thoughts…it’s ironically smaller than Part 1 even with more discs…I guess cuz Part 2 has multidisc packages (Before the Dawn + The Other Sides) while Part 1 was all separate digipacks….all discs were not scratched, and being The Other Sides is a CD book with not tight pockets, the discs are protected but the thing is cheap, just held in place with 1 or 2 center staples…happy with Aerial, more sturdy than the original Columbia/Sony US 2CD set…interesting that 50 Words For Snow is in an identical CD book…as for Directors Cut, I too remember there being a taller multidisc book package and this was the single disc… Am I missing anything essential from the Deluxe??…happy Before The Dawn 3CD is included because i never had a copy and happy the discs were protected with those unique holders…as for the 4CD The Other Sides, I am really disappointed that each disc is only just over a half hour long each, with so much open space KB coulda filled up with in-demand tracks, it’s not like the set was lacking in space!! But I have an idea, we can gather the missing tracks together and back em up as CDR compilations and throw em in the box ourselves…no need to tell anyone…shhhhhh…or perhaps KB will be releasing future rarities collections?? Overall, as maddening as some of the choices were, the pro’s weigh over the con’s because, ya know what, KB is an eccentric unique artist, and people like her have their own kind of logic or thought processes and some of them don’t make much sense to the rest of us, but you just have to accept and go with the flow…just happy these sets exist… At all!!

  11. Filippo Rostoni says:

    Erik, I got the Remastered box part 2 and all 4 cds are present in the “Other Sides” digipack and NOT scratched at all like another customer mentioned (in his copy). BUT unfortunately my copy of that digipack is very poorly produced and only 1 of 2 clippings attaching the cd holder to the main digipack cover were originally present (evident manufacturing defect) hence the cd holder came badly detached and partly damaged on sides too. unacceptable. I will immediately send it back to Amazon free of charge as defective copy for a new copy (already shipped by them).

    Looks like this set is quite doomed, ain’t it Paul ??

    • LJA says:

      It’s sad that we are having issues with Part 2 of the box set, My 4 CD Set scratched, others missing discs and another has the packaging detached.

      Even though my discs are scratched it is only 1 scratch across each of the discs in the same pattern actually, not deep and they play perfect no issues whatsoever.

      I won’t return it I bought it in store at HMV as I could end up with a worse copy.

      I will probably buy an extra set at some point.

  12. Lewis-John Abbott says:


    When it comes to Box Sets there will always be Tracks missing for various reasons, It can be anything from the Master being in bad shape and doesn’t transfer well or simply the Artist thinks the Track doesn’t fit within the selected Tracks or just a simple thing like the Artist does not like the Track and wanted to exclude it.

    But yes people will always complain about something, Yes I personally would have like to see: The Empty Bullring, Not This Time, Ken and the Extended Mixes from The Red Shoes era included especially as there is plenty of space for all to be included, So I really do think that there are reasons why they weren’t included.

    But I am enjoying it for what it is and I am especially enjoying the In Others Words Disc some I have not heard before.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  13. Woodsey Niles says:

    Just received Volume 2 box and have a question that may already been answered. I was assuming this set would have the deluxe 3 CD version of “Director’s Cut” but it is the single cd version. Regarding the revised, remixed, remastered (or whatever they did) versions of the complete “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes” CDs in the deluxe Director’s Cut, which versions are in the Volume 1 box, and if different, why wasn’t the 3 CD version of “Director’s Cut” included in Volume 2? In any event, I will be replacing “Director’s Cut” in the Volume 2 box with my 3 CD version for the sake of completion. Thank you for any info.

  14. David A says:

    ok so she did actually change the voice for Architect’s Dream, and the whole track for Painter’s Link, is that it?

    • Lewis-John Abbott says:

      The version of “The Painter’s Link” with Bertie’s voice is directly from the “Before The Dawn” CD and mixed into the studio version of the following track, It says in the Aerial Booklet.

      Also Bertie’s voice narrates the dialogue for Architect’s Dream then it gets mixed in with the studio version.

      It sounds superb, I really love Albert’s voice, it fits perfectly!

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      A right dog’s dinner as far as presentation across the two cd boxes go. Uniform presentation in box 1 not carried across to box 2. Why not? There’s not even consistency within box 2, with Aerial being similar to the packaging used for the albums in box 1, but the others being held in hardback books. Of course, this has zero effect on the sound quality, or the music itself, but given the wait of decades for this reissue campaign, is this the best that people could come up with? Really poor show.

      And while I’m here, the remixed/new vocal version of Wuthering Heights still sounds as though it was recorded in a large, empty, bathroom. An exercise in pointlessness, that one…

    • Michael Colford says:

      plus the extra 34 tracks that are not listed on the cds of both boxsets. Keep those cds on play to hear demos of entire hounds of love, never for ever and a future yet to be announced production.

  15. David A says:

    I was wrong, they didn’t use the BtD version for Architect’s Dream, but I’m pretty sure something is different… am I wrong?

  16. David A says:

    very happy about the original packagings being preserved in the 2nd cd boxset – why of why didn’t they make digibooks in the first one, like the nice one they did for 4-cd one with all the non-album tracks. Now it seems that there’s no real continuity between the two boxsets, it’s a bit weird

    very happy about Humming, and about just learning now that the version used for Experiment IV is new on cd (thank you James Pigg for pointing that out!) and about all the b-sides/rarities in general

    pretty bummed that she used the whole before the dawn version for painter’s link on aerial (surely she still has the masters and could have replaced just the voice), I find it weird that they used the cover image three times in total for the last 4-cd, and that the boxet has the same picture on both sides – at least the first one, even if we don’t like the ‘fish people’ visuals much, had 4 different pictures. BTW the visuals on the first boxset do make sense, a guy with a fish head, and one with a bird head on the second boxset, mirroring the two Before the Dawn parts

    Mostly I’m so bummed, even if I knew it, that they had so much space left (even on vinyls) and still left out the very important tracks Empty Bullring, Not This Time and Ken, and The Confrontation too (more minor, but it can’t be seen as more minor than One Last Look…), and that they didn’t add at least some Red Shoes era mixes, like the extended mixes of Rubberband Girl, Eat the Music and ‘ShoeDance’
    Of course in an ideal world I would have also loved the various instrumentals (Sensual World, Dreamtime, Running Up That Hill, Candle in the Wind, Moments of Pleasure), single or us mixes (This Woman’s Work, Love and Anger, Eat the Music, Rubberband Girl). I also think that there’s an extended mix of Hounds of Love that’s different from the famous alternative mix that is in the boxset. And as someone said, it would have been a great opportunity to finally release The Magician of Lublin, it’s an official studio track and it could have fitted on the covers cd (while I understand that she’s still reluctant about all the piano demos, or may want to use them later)

    But regardless, I’m still very happy about the boxsets

  17. Erik says:

    Received my “Remastered Part II” CD box set this morning, but the 10th CD (“The Other Side 2” is missing from it. I contacted my Norwegian seller regarding a replacement but was just notified that several others have since reported the same problem and that they are now awaiting instructions from their dealer. Apparently there might be a production error. Has anyone else had a problem with a missing CD from the second box set?

    • LJA says:

      No my set has the “The Other Side 2”, but I must say that all 4 of the CD’s in “The Other Sides” set are Scratched. Disappointing, it’s the way the CD’s housed within the wallets.

  18. James Pigg says:

    For anyone who is interested the version of Experiment IV on the second box is the “video mix” which is previously unreleased on CD/vinyl and runs to 4:46. There’s an extra section with a violin solo just after the line “But their dream is your enemy. It’s never been officially released as an audio track just as a part of the video.

  19. KevinS says:

    Remastered In Vinyl 4 arrived today, one day early!

    On the plus side – excellent sounding heavy vinyl. Humming.

    On the negative side – really basic packaging. No sleeve notes or booklet, not even a digital download card :( Humming to high heaven.

    Whilst the audio is terrific, it would have been really nice to have made a little effort in the presentation of a vinyl set.

  20. Ant says:

    Not sure why people are complaining about the cost ? The 2 cd box sets in Australia will be $325 AUD but we where lucky with the “this womans work” box set to have 3 addition CDs instead of this woman’s work cd 1 and cd2

    I’m still getting these two though now the Amazon US block has been lifted to Australian customers.

  21. Philip says:

    Finally weakened and bought these. Kept trying to convince myself that I needed them and it worked!!!

  22. peter thomas says:

    i personally find the original ‘Aeriel’ to be unlistenable due to the presence of the convicted paedophile Rolf Harris. i would have liked a remixed version with his voice replaced or edited out (as i have done on a cdr).

  23. Calico Moonchild says:

    I am mildly excited by the prospect of “Humming” being included in the second box set (surely the same version she brought into that old radio show interview, decades ago).

    As it is merely one of the tracks from the old “Cathy’s Home Demos” fan bootleg collection that used to be in circulation, I am quietly hoping she (eventually) sees fit to release digitally remastered first generation masters of them all (“Atlantis” has always been a personal favourite of mine).

    I once heard years ago that 12” Versions were created (but ultimately not formatted) for “The Dreaming” Singles. It would have been a nice touch (if they do exist), if they one day see the light of day!

    Likewise, all that wasted space on the 5 track remix disc is frustrating, as I feel it should really have “Rubberband Girl (Extended)”, “Shoedance (The Red Shoes Dance Mix”), “Eat The Music (U.S. 12” Mix)”, & “Rubberband Girl (U.S. Mix)”, tacked on as well.

    I find it most odd that she (rightly) views many of the “Hounds Of Love” era mixes (plus “Experiment IV”) as being important but (wrongly) views “The Red Shoes” Era Remixes, of no significance whatsoever!

  24. Julian says:

    Some parts of the Kick Inside sound really ropey. I suspect this basically means we are back to the true quality of the equipment that originally recorded it. There’s plenty of tape hiss etc…

    Listened to first 5 now, and I can’t see a huge difference. Bass is a bit more extended (Breathing, for example), and a little bit clearer on t’s and s’s, but it’s not hugely different.

    Would have been a more compelling set with plenty of mixes, and extras – as many have commented.

    • Julian says:

      To contradict my last message, just doing some comparative listens to the old CD copy of Sat in your Lap and There Goes a Tenner – actually, it’s more noticeable that I give my first listening ears credit for. Darn it.

      Perhaps I’m just getting old, or perhaps I didn’t think I’d been listening to poor copies for all these years. In my head, they were perfect.

      It has to be said, Never For Ever is purely delicious after all these years. One thing reissues do is make you sit down and properly re-listen from scratch.

  25. Kevin says:

    Oh, right. It is the 16th. (Long week…)

  26. Kevin says:

    The first sets are already available in store here (Seattle). Both the first vinyl and CD boxes in the series.

  27. Kevin says:

    Somebody in one of the editing groups I follow posted a photo with a typo on the spine of The Kick Inside: “THE KICK INSDE”…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yep, mine is the same. But I’m flattered that SDE gets a mention ;)

      • Arvind Mohindra says:

        Paul is there any talk of replacement sleeve with correct spellings or we end up with a sleeve dedicated to SDE :-)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No talk of any replacements. No ‘talk’ at all, in fact. Kate has definitely done NO interviews, and I don’t think James Guthrie did either. I asked about both (naturally).

  28. Kittens69 says:

    So HOL duly purchased. Packaging all good (not mad keen on the Fish People graphics – looks more than a bit naff). Have played it on my mid-level set-up and honestly not that impressed – maybe the spoken vocals in ‘The Ninth Wave’ a tad clearer and higher in the mix. Don’t expect a huge difference between your 85 vinyl and this heavyweight. Have more that a few 180s and in most cases the sound is crisper, there’s added depth and bass, but HOL is subtle to the point of little difference. Quite possibly I need a new hi-fi to truly appreciate the nuances, but for us with a casual set-up I’d advise caution. Just a little bit blah. Saying that, if you don’t own it or have worn out your original then all good; obviously a truly great album.

  29. Paul says:

    Has anyone noticed that there is a drop out in sound on running up that hill on hounds of love cd at 3:22. The sound decreases in volume where infact it should increase.

  30. colinthebruce says:

    So my Box Set 1 arrived today. very nice and its great they kept the original gatefold sleeves. Only slight grump is my Kick Inside cover is very, very dark. If I could take a snap of my original and this to show, the contrast is stark! (or should that be dark!)

  31. Salamander says:

    24bit/44.1 kHz Versions of the remasters have started to appear on HD Tracks!

  32. Kevin Mcnamara says:

    Do we know if the vinyl comes with a download code??

  33. Michael says:

    The Kate Bush Remastered box sets are a real unexpected surprise! I’m certain that James Guthrie and Rhino Records will not disappoint KB fans seeking improved sound quality.

    When I listened to my first Kate Bush record back in the early 80’s, my initial impression was, “Is this what it would sound like if Mary Poppins sipped magic mushroom tea”? I was fascinated then, and still fascinated today at Kate Bush’s unique talent of stirring spooky moods into sweetness, and deep abstraction into simplicity; her constructs for making songs that sound like a soundtrack for a discomforting dream. Never boring, Kate Bush’s music is a potent potion that seems to reveal something new each time you listen. I’m adding these box sets to my ever growing Christmas list :-)

  34. Sami says:

    Hey Paul and everyone else here.
    I’ve been thinking of what to do, been listening to my lp and cd-editions in the last few days and now I have reached the decision to order both formats.
    These will be fine releases and with Kate accepting this release-campaign and also James Guthrie on board (his Pink Floyd remasters were great and my go-to versions actually on both cd and vinyl), so this is one project Im really looking forward now.
    Just put the both vinyl-boxsets and cd-boxset on order and I will order the last ones closer to the release-date.
    Im really hopeful that the outcome will be great so this will be one fine remaster-campaign.

    • Sami says:

      And of course I forgot to mention, that I asked your opinion on this remastering somewhere here earlier.
      Thanks for the reply and comments you gave me. And Im pretty confident that we can both enjoy these new releases. I can’t even wait to hear the first few albums, oh that will be nice.
      Thanks for the wonderful page and I’ve been reading/following this for many years.
      Anyways, take care Paul and have nice day there!

      • Sami says:

        My boxsets have now been dispatched and I will be receiving them tomorrow. Definitely waiting and looking forward and isn’t it just a great way to start the weekend? Enjoying some great remasters and other new releases..
        Paul, which album shall I play first? Im also not sure whether I should listen to vinyl or cd editions..I guess I go with vinyl first.

  35. John Whelan says:

    Hi Paul will the 12” mixes rarities and b-sides be available as individual albums or are they box set only

  36. Mikael S. says:

    So, which format shall it be then? Will the cd really sound that good compared to what we already got available? But seriously, I think it might be new immaculate vinyl-editions that interests me more. Or should I get both? Tempting..
    What would you recommend me to do here?

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      Price is likely to be a consideration, amongst other factors. I wanted to vinyl albums, originally, but have decided to go with the first cd box (which I snagged for £43 delivered, from Amazon Italy, using their €10 off code last week) rather than pay around three to four times that price for the records. Of course, I may come to regret that….

      • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

        I let myself down, as I knew I would. Bought the first three from Fopp on the way home tonight. 10% off, so £54 for the three. More than I’m paying for the cd box contains 7 albums…..still, they sound great, and the records appear to be perfectly pressed, and the covers are nicely reproduced.

        Paul, will Kate be making an appearance tomorrow on SDE Saturday?
        (Not in person, obviously….)

  37. Gavin Jackson says:

    Will these be made available digitally on Friday? There’s nothing on Apple Music yet…..

  38. JPH says:

    Do we know anything about U.S. release dates for the individual titles? Earlier titles show on Amazon US, but later ones do not yet….

  39. Sami says:

    Paul, do you have insight or anything on how the Kate Bush remasters sound?
    I have all the albums on cd and vinyl (but not anything after Hounds Of Love unfornately).
    Would it be overkill to get both formats or would it be better to wait and see the initial reviews and comments. Kate released some of the albums (The Sensual World and The Red Shoes) already earlier in 2011, when she released Director’s Cut-album. Having heard DC only from cd, I think it had somewhat bassy sound. At that time in 2011, I bought her rest cd:s (plus The Whole Story) what were then sold as new cd on the stores but I also bought the This Woman’s Work cd-boxset from ebay. I still haven’t even tried and tested if I hear anything out of ordinary or better sonics by these two editions on cd that I have.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      With James Guthrie onboard, I doubt there will be any problems. I’m not going to make a judgement from listening to a stream…

  40. Gareth Pugh says:

    Just had a shipment e-mail from HMV that vinyl box 1 (of the 4) has shipped. They mail 2nd class in the UK usually so it’ll likely be arriving on-around Friday’s release date I would guess.

  41. Saar Freedman says:

    I wonder why no- one Bemoaned the non- inclusion of the demo for “why Should I love You” that Paul did a bit on a while back …
    I liked that one. should be added to the list somewhere between the Dreamtime instrumental (sad, missed opportunity) and the Frutopia bits ( Fat Chance of this ever being released officially)

  42. Jon says:

    Is Amazon UK still price-matching HMV? I put all six boxes into a basket on Sunday morning in the USA, and didn’t get the lower price? Or is there a trick this colonial doesn’t know? Thanks.

    • Mike Melody says:

      No the promotion has ended and I found out the hard way. Cancelled my standard order to re-order as I since got a free trial for prime. Isn’t it ironic?
      Oh well, might hold out to see if there’s black friday deal.

  43. Kevin Henry says:

    I wonder which version of December Will Be Magic Again is included? I don’t know which version I prefer

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m sure it will be the standard version, which is a shame, since I prefer the melody and vocal of the so-called ‘bongo mix’

  44. KevinK says:

    Amazon UK are now “price-matching” the HMV bundle discounts (i.e. all four vinyl boxes for £324.99, both CD boxes for £139.99). If you’ve already pre-ordered items it’s worth checking if the discount is applied (for example, mine wasn’t as I had the two CD sets in separate pre-orders).

  45. Richard Cosgrove says:

    There seems to be a big disparity between the prices of the two boxes. Those extra tracks must be something else :-)

    • KevinK says:

      As Paul has explained somewhere below, the first CD set has 7 discs and the second set has 11 which sort of justifies the price difference.
      The second set still seems overpriced though (in the UK at least – price differences seem to vary a lot between countries) since most buyers will presumably already have the 3-disc Before The Dawn. Without this, an 8 disc set could presumably have been priced closed to the first set.

  46. Hans lindskog says:

    Hello, regarding purchasing of the cd sets from Amazon Canada , what Will the vat and eventuellt other tax cost? Best regards Hans

  47. Wes Headley says:

    Paul, do you have any idea who pressed these remasters? Hoping it was not GZ Media or some other shoddy operation. Hoping they were pressed at Pallas or Optimal, who sit on the other side of the quality spectrum from GZ. If you could find out that would be great. I would also like to recommend that you provide the presser information if you can get it on future SDE’s. This usually makes a huge difference to the final quality of the product.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t know about Kate Bush… will try to find out. This info is normally very hard to get hold of, which is why it’s not mentioned very often.

  48. Jon says:

    Anyone know where the sets are manufactured? In other words, will I get exactly the same physical items no matter which Amazon I order from? Or will ordering thru Amazon USA get me USA-made discs and boxes? (Meh.) Would ordering from Canada bring the same Euro-made (better quality) sets as ordering from Amazon UK? Thanks.

  49. Andrea says:

    You can’t touch the music…
    …but the artwork is appalling!

    • Tason says:

      How is it appalling?

      • Chris Squires says:

        For me, the Vinyl is fine, they have gone with a main cover for the slip case and the album covers seem to adhere to the originals, we shall see.
        The CD discs (as has been covered below) all seem to have a generic Fish People logo on and if you notice, the Vinyl discs have all been arranged so that you cannot see the labels, my guess is that they will all be similar generic Fish People logos. I think the labels are dull and boring, Kate is seemingly going for a branding exercise and doesn’t see fit to use any artwork that was current to the time of release. This is a shame, there must be a lot of unused artwork and images that could have adorned the CD / vinyl / box real estate. The fish headed people sitting on chairs means nothing to me. It also means nothing to the music, I know Kate doesn’t want to appear on stuff any more now but there is old material available for the older stuff and artwork available right up to 50 words that does feature her lovely face. So it could have been handled differently. The Fish People branding does nothing for this collection at all. Thank goodness the music speaks for itself.

        I just don’t get the whole “Fish People” thing I really don’t. It doesn’t even chime with ANY piece of music Kate has ever made. If it had been Lion People, Dog People or Kite People then yes. I guess at a stretch it has something to do with the Ninth Wave and the Sea… but it doesn’t register on any emotional level with me and I’ve been immersed in her world since the 1970s.

        So “Appalling” is an opinion, but maybe too strong. I would go for “Inappropriate”, it’s not “Random” in the sense that we know Kate has been pushing the Fish People thing for 7 years now but it is a missed opportunity, IMHO.

  50. Fredster says:

    So that’s why Analog Spark didn’t release the Red Shoes LP…
    I’ll buy the vinyl box sets, but I can’t imagine how they could top the Hounds of Love and The Sensual World reissues by Audio Fidelity (sadly defunct).

  51. Dave says:

    Kate ! Thank you kindly .

  52. Phil B says:

    Thank you all for the interesting discussions and none the less Paul for your comments and meticulous research (as ever!)
    Been searching for years after TMWTCIHE in 7″ form.
    After all the self recorded worn out cassette versions of ‘He’s here’ finally a reference to a digital format.
    Thank you!
    Still gives me goose bumps when the song starts like that ;-)

  53. Kevin Davies says:

    So are there any difference between the individual vinyl releases and the box set other than the box?

    And does anyone know if they will be analogue from original tapes?


  54. Scott says:

    These box sets are a must for me on vinyl, but as I’m a poor man financially right now what’s my best options?
    If I hold out until after release dates, am I running the risk of missing out on them? How limited, if at all are these?
    Thanks in advance

  55. James Pigg says:

    Personally, I would never complain or moan about any decision Kate makes. If this is how she wants her work presented and with these track listings she has every right as the artist. Everything left off is pretty much available in other formats if the completist in you just has to have it (guilty as charged – just ordered that Greatest Love II CD to get the single mix of The Man With The Child In His Eyes).
    I remember a few years ago an article in the tabloids urging her to airbrush Rolf Harris from Aerial and The Dreaming. The reaction to that article from fans was interesting and she clearly decided not to tinker with these tracks.
    You can’t please all the people all the time. Just pleased we are getting something and as she wants it presented!

    • Andy Haines says:

      As you may have read elsewhere on SDE, Rolf Harris has been removed from Aerial and replaced by her son Bertie. I’m not sure how much tinkering has been done to the rest of the catalogue, but I’m going to wait until the reviews are in before I make any decisions!

  56. Wayne says:

    I find the separation of these albums into 4 different box sets confusing and unnecessary, for me personally one large box would have been better and would no doubt be cheaper to buy. I have most of the early albums on vinyl anyways but would buy the set if combined as a whole, and it would save the unnecessary three extra slip cases. The price variation on this is amazing £57 in Canada and £89 in the U.K. if it wasn’t for import charges I’d take the risk in biking for Canada but it works out very similar with these costs added.

    • Tony O says:

      Wayne – I think that the Aerial/50 WFS and DC vinyls are out of most peoples budgets as originals and would expect this box set to outsell all the others because of those titles. This is my only explanation for the vinyl separations.

    • Graham says:

      If the boxes had been complete (and there’s enough spare room on the cds), then I would have ordered this but I’m not overly fussed about the remastering and there’s not enough extra tracks to justify paying £140 when I already have the albums on cd. Will wait and hope the prices come down.

    • poptones says:

      4 box sets makes perfect sense. It’s much easier to sell 4 box sets priced £89 than ONE priced £360! Or even £300.

      That’s why they packaged the CDs in 2 boxes and the vinyls in 4. They didn’t want the price to exceed £99.

      That said, if they wanted to cash in, they could have added a limited edition box set (limited to 5000) with all the albums on vinyl but it would have been pricey for the fans.

      • Steven Roberts says:

        “IF they wanted to cash in”?

        I don’t think the record company is being entirely innocent in that regard…for example, your interest may lie purely in Kate’s early work (ie the contents of the first CD box)….but if you want the b-sides/remixes relating to that period, you also have to buy the *second* box. (or go without – the choice is yours).

        Same idea with the rarities vinyl box.

        And by not including everything at this time – there are numerous remixes and other tracks missing – that leaves the door open for further archive exploitation in the future.

        Which I wouldn’t personally be against, if it meant we got 5.1 blu-rays of the original albums at the same time…

        But I ain’t holding my breath!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Apart from the rarities (and I know that is a big ‘apart’) they are making everything available separately. They could have gone the Bowie route and done boxes first and made people wait six months for individual albums, so I think a bit of credit is due for that. I don’t agree with the ‘cash in’ label. It’s just marketing. Product A is more desirable than Product B so what can we do to increase the desirability of Product B? Add the rarities to it. That’s a bit of a no-brainer if you’re job is to market and sell the box sets. The exercise has to be profitable, and for once no one can claim ‘they’ve done it so many times before’, because as we know most of Kate’s output has never been remastered/reissued/repackaged etc.

  57. Robert says:

    I did not expect that Kate Bush would revisiting her back catalogue and reissuing it. I am interested in both CD boxsets. But I’ll wait a little bit before I am going to buy these boxsets, because I hope that there will be deluxe versions of her albums, demos, 12-Inches and unused tracks and a 5.1 mix.

    And I hope that Kate Bush will release “Before The Dawn” on DVD / Blu-Ray.

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      Just done the maths and have cancelled my orders for the four vinyl sets with Amazon UK (worth £360) as it’s much cheaper to buy first 10 albums individually plus the final 4 as a set from What Records (total £273: 6 x £15 plus 4 x £23 plus £75 plus postage). The saving was just too much for the 3 – admittedly attractive – slipcases.

      What’s everyone on here doing? Box sets or going the cheaper route and buying individual titles (where relevant)?

      • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

        Having notified them of the fact that the box sets were cheaper elsewhere, I had hoped that Amazon would lower the price of the vinyl box sets. Rather, they’ve increased the price of the individual lps!

  58. ian says:

    should anyone be interested, last night I spoke to a very good friend of mine who works in hmv. I told her that ordering on hmv website gave you both cd box sets cheaper than buying them instore, today she has told me that hmv instore have received an e mail to confirm that anyone purchasing both cd box sets instore WILL receive the same discount BUT ONLY BY COLLECTING BOTH BOX SETS TOGETHER ON NOV 30TH.

  59. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    talking about all the 12” mixes: hall & oates re-released this weekend a collection of original 12” mixes / 12” dub mixes for download ( also FLAC i think ). i found them even now on: as far as iknow the first time the 12” dub mix of “method of…” and the 12” instrumental version of “some things are better…” are released in digital format.
    have a nice 12” weekend!

    • Larry Davis says:

      I would download the Hall & Oates 2 new digital-only collections and 3 EPs, but I am afraid that Real Gone will put them out on CD and vinyl in the future and then I’d be buying them twice…if ONLY when you buy them digitally, you get a certificate you can redeem for a free CD copy or vinyl copy of each to be mailed to you…kinda like getting free digital copies/codes when you buy a CD or vinyl release…why not in reverse?? I DO want these but I am afraid…they did this with the 3-part Cheap Trick “Epic Archive” series, Eddie Money “Complete Hit Singles & More”, Dan Fogelberg 2CD collection and Survivor and Evelyn Champagne King…the tendency for Real Gone to release CD versions of Sony Legacy digital-only titles…

  60. Tracey Spivey says:

    The prices for these box sets on amazon’s Canadian site are certainly attractive. When I placed my order there this morning (and cancelled my orders on the US and UK sites), I received a courtesy discount (for some unknown reason) that offset the shipping cost.

  61. Geert De Wilde says:

    Those Fish People graphics really don’t suit the earlier albums for me. I’m sure many will disagree with me, but I find them ugly, excessively paintshopped and garish in their colours … I find it a pity to see her older, infinitely more superior, albums rolled into that same blanket …

    • Chris Squires says:

      Couldn’t agree more, the disc labels are consistent with each other, which I guess is the point but I would have preferred a nice Kite or Eyeball or even TKI US album cover as a label and an alternative Lion shot for LH. The Irish single sleeve of Swallow, would have made a great label for the Dreaming.

    • Francesco says:

      I couldn’t agree more (see my comment below).

  62. Stephen says:

    Would it help if we petitioned Kate to hold the release and add the missing songs?

  63. Frank of America says:

    No hi-res, no 5.1 – pass.

    Having said that James Guthrie is no slouch behind a mastering rig so the CDs might be turn out A+.

  64. Jon says:

    For those bemoaning the absence of the Castaway version of Be Kind, it’s on the 2-OST CD Mona Lisa/Castaway disc, Quartet Records SCE068, 2013. Back cover sez it’s a limited edition of 1,000.

  65. Dr Jon Bundy says:

    Kate is Kate.
    The love for her Before The Dawn shows which I was luck enough to see shows she can do no wrong.
    You have to love her. She will have carefully considered what she wanted on these sets and I applaud her for the remaster and the sets.
    Great to have more Kate and introduce her to the younger generations as I assume these will be on streaming.
    I will be keeping all mine mint and downloading as I am getting old and my ears are not young enough to appreciate the CD or vinyl.
    I celebrate what is coming out as a remaster and hope she finds some new followers.
    Hope there is some new stuff.
    I think the people that appreciate Ariel and 50 Words are spot on…she has progressed and still does enhance.
    God Bless Kate.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      People in the UK seem to think that Kate Bush can do no wrong and she has maintaned an audience despite the long disappearances, and her obliviousness to that audience, but in the U.S.A., she’s a one hit wonder, remembered, if at all, for “Running Up That Hill”

      • Steve says:

        LOL and yet you took the time to leave that little negative nugget on this board … at first I thought your name said “Phil Collins”, and I was like … whoa! But, no, alas, you’re just some guy. But thanks for coming out!

        • H. Horror says:

          I don’t think any remarks about Kate should be taken too personally, it’s simple fact that she’s well known and loved in the UK, whereas not as much in the US. Ya know, like Slade!

      • Neil says:

        Indeed this obsession with somebody who has only released two albums in the last 25 years is a bit odd.

        • Ben Williams says:

          Beatles haven’t had an album since 1970 but we’re still obsessed with them so how is that odd? People can like what they like, regardless of how many albums they have out!

        • Larry Davis says:

          Oh yeah?? What about Sade?? Since 1992’s “Love Deluxe”, she/they(??) only released 2 studio albums (2000’s “Lover’s Rock” & 2010’s “Soldier Of Love”), a live album “Lover’s Live”, 5 songs on a 2CD anthology in 2015 and 2 single tracks on soundtracks, one on 2017’s “A Wrinkle In Time” and an upcoming flick…Sade can go 10 years without releasing anything (and have) and with a new release, sells by the bucketload…but artists like Kate and Sade are not too common…not many can get away with it without people forgetting about them or falling out of favour due to changing trends…

      • Chris2 says:

        And yet, her best selling Album in the US is The Sensual World and her highest charting The Red Shoes.

      • Larry Davis says:

        Here in the US, yes, Kate only had 1 Top 40 hit in “Running Up That Hill”, but other songs are just as known, if the charts don’t necessarily show it…”Wuthering Heights” only hit #108US but is known because of Pat Benatar’s cover of it in 1979…and her duets with Peter Gabriel on “Don’t Give Up” and “Games Without Frontiers” got VERY popular over the years, her Prince collab on “The Red Shoes” (a #28 US album) and single “Rubberband Girl” (only #88US) is more popular than the charts show…”King Of The Mountain” got a LOT of attention when “Aerial” was first released…but most famously, everyone knows “This Woman’s Work” off “The Sensual World”, whether by Kate or the popular cover by alt-soul megastar Maxwell…it’s constantly performed on all the reality competition shows like The Voice…kinda like how “Mad World” by Tears For Fears is referred to as the Gary Jules song (mistakenly)…but no, Kate has a serious cult following in the US…

  66. dazzler says:

    Are we talking about the original mixes of the albums? Or do we get the 1986 7″ mix of The Big Sky instead of the album version? I will never understand why artists or record companies alter the original tracklists of classic albums.

  67. Mitchell says:

    Does anyone know if the version of Aerial included in the CD box is the one with the second disc broken into separate tracks, or the “An Endless Sky of Honey” version?

    • CJ Feeney says:

      The listing on Amazon UK has sperate tracks rather than one long track for disc 2. Not that we can rely on pre-release listings too much.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I imagine it will be the one long track, since that seems to be how Kate prefers it to be presented.

  68. Steven says:

    How disappointing. Just think how good this could have been if done in the gold standard style of the XTC/Yes/Tull reissue style, which truly celebrates each album, taking us on an exciting journey from release to release over time. Her work deserves caring, first-class treatment. Too much feels missing, 5.1 most glaringly so. I’ve been a Bush fan from the very beginning and this feels half-baked.

  69. Griffin says:

    Yeah, like most others saying: I won’t be buying this neither. They should have re-issue This Woman’s Work (Anthology 1978-1990) remastered & perhaps with a additional CD This Woman’s Work Volume 3 with all the missing gems like all people are saying like Running Up That Hill Instrumental for example and all remastered from the vault.

  70. Just noticed that the new CD of The Sensual World omits the original bonus track ‘Walk Straight Down the Middle’ (which is now on the bonus discs) – I must say I think the album works better ending with ‘This Woman’s Work’. It’s such a monumental song – how the hell do you follow it? Thing is, I can see why some will be upset by the omission, as for decades and for many people, ‘Walk Straight…’ IS the final song. It’s like when the The The albums were reissued on CD and Soul Mining had ‘Perfect’ (which was on the old CD) removed, which annoyed some, although it was only ever on the US version of the LP.

  71. Tom M says:

    Wow! Major misprice on the CD Set 2? $10 less but it’s really 11 CD’s and not 6 as Amazon has listed. Bargain. Also nice price on the Vinyl Set 2 at Amazon US. It’s actually 4 LP’s not 3 as listed (The Red Shoes is 2 LP’s). On the other hand Vinyl Set 3 (6 LP’s) is very expensive in the states.

    • Mark says:

      CD box #1 is a steal from Amazon France.

      • Larry Davis says:

        Just pre-ordered my copy of Box #1 from Amazon Italy, with VAT removed and shipping to the US, came to $62US, best price I’ve seen…and yeah, $89.98 for Box #2 from Amazon US, which I have Prime for free 2-day shipping, came to $91 and change, average 8 bucks and change a disc…just curious which will arrive first or both on November 30th?? I’m keeping a lookout for price drops on Box #2 between now and the 28th…have a feeling there might be…happy I am getting both boxes before the holidays, thought I would have to wait…

  72. johnny says:

    CD box # 2 is $90 at amazon US…Good deal for US buyers…

  73. James says:

    Now, if everything’s available on vinyl already and then a box set comes out that isn’t ‘perfect’ I can get the moans and groans, however as nowt is available on vinyl I’m more than happy just to have the albums (I will buy them in box set form) . Here’s hoping they really do sound great and I personally would like high res versions (50 words for snow high res is pretty wonderful)

  74. Holger Hühne says:

    I‘m on the fense. I’ll wait till we get more information on sound quality and what Source was used for the vinyl. I also think the Lp sets are rather expensive. 100€ for a mere three LPs is considerably overpriced.

  75. Bruce Levenstein says:

    The Fruitopia advert music is missing. This is a disgrace.

    Here’s what’s missing:
    Fruitopia “Fighting Fruit”
    Fruitopia “What If”
    Fruitopia “Person”

    These could have easily been included on a 3″CD.

    • CAB says:

      It’s more serious than you suggest. After some research I’ve found the following missing rare mixes.

      Fighting Fruit (30 seconds) – Fruit Integration flavour
      Nice (30 seconds) – Pink Lemonade Euphoria flavour
      Passion (30 seconds) – Strawberry Passion Awareness flavour
      Raspberry (30 seconds) – Raspberry Psychic Lemonade flavour
      Message of Love (30 seconds) – Lemonade Love and Hope flavour
      Soul (30 seconds) – Citrus Consciousness flavour
      Where Were You? (30 seconds) – Cranberry Lemonade Vision flavour
      Teaser (30 seconds) – general ad
      Summer Solstice (30 seconds) – general ad
      Some People (30 seconds) – Iced Tea/Inner Light
      What If? (60 seconds) – general ad

      • Alan says:

        Some of us were quite uncomfortable with the idea of Kate helping to advertise a drink produced by the Coca-Cola company so not too fussed at those being left out.

        If we’re going to be pedantic, there are several short pieces from The Comic Strip’s GLC film that have never been released. The title music “GLC” and a short vocal piece from near the end where she sings “this was meant to be, this is in history” or something like that. Ken, The Confrontation and One Last Look Around The House… were released but the other bits have been forgotten about.

  76. cecil meulenberg says:

    What is there to add?
    I hope these remasters are true audiophile releases…. That would basically my only reason to collect these …. With individual releases announced, it makes it worth to wait for the verdicts on these new sonic remastering…

  77. Chris Squires says:

    oh, I forgot. It’ll be interesting to see how Lionheart varies from what I think is one of the best sonic upgrades I own. The ATR Mastercuts vinyl version of LH is just jaw-droppingly fabulous.
    I can’t wait to stack them up next to each other and see which one is better……

  78. Jon says:

    Was there a need for quick cash at the Bush household? Bertie’s college tuition due, perhaps? Seriously, these sets are too pricy for the merely curious, but offer nothing to tempt the real fan, except for the pretty slipcases. Much as I value Ms. Bush’s music, it’s been many years since I would automatically buy anything with her name on it. And will these remasters turn out to be revelatory, or brickwalled? Were the LPs cut from tape or digital files? No heavy vinyl/half-speed mastering? No books with essays and new photos? No video, no 5.1, and all the musical omissions? Pass, at least for the time being.

    • Justin Continent says:

      I see your point although I will be buying. I would have liked a book along with the CDs too, but don’t forget her book “How to be Invisible” is also coming out in December.

      From Amazon: Selected and arranged by the author, with an expansive introduction by the novelist David Mitchell, How To Be Invisible presents the lyrics of Kate Bush for the first time in a beautiful cloth-bound Faber edition.

  79. Justin Continent says:

    I’ve been a great fan of Kate ever since I loved the “The Kick Inside” and all my friends hated it. I already own the British and Japanese versions of “This Woman’s Work” and I have already rushed to order the 2 new CD boxes. I usually don’t buy multiple versions of the same material but with Kate Bush all bets are off. These are exactly the boxes that her fans have been begging for for decades. Now so many are nitpicking as if she should do exactly what they say she should do. Silly. I couldn’t be more pleased with what she is offering this time around. Kate has given us a lifetime of superb and profound work – and is giving it yet again in a wonderfully organized fashion – CD and LP box sets as well as individual remixed versions of her greatest……but why no 8 Track versions?????!!!!

  80. Norn Cutson says:

    GORGEOUS design!!!!

    • Francesco says:

      Besides all the missing previously released or unreleased music, I don’t get the artwork of the boxes.
      Particularly the first one as all this fish imagery pertains maybe to Kate’s latest projects but has got nothing to do with the period that the first set covers. I am looking forward to the remastering though!

      • James says:

        The design, photography and artwork for these sets suggest they were originally going to be released a few years ago, when the first rumours of the remastering surfaced, at the same time as the live shows.

        It’s all very 2014.

  81. MARK LEVY says:

    Part 1 wins hands down. Part 2 is just going too far.

  82. Sinitta Rocks says:

    what? no cassette formats? Bananarama are issuing some awesome coloured vinyl with cassettes…..she should have followed them!

  83. andrew R says:

    Is it my imagination or for once are the CD boxsets
    cosiderably better and better value than all the vinyl clutter of
    the four vinyl box releases? Can someone explain what you are getting for all
    the extra money with the vinyl?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Vinyl records and not CDs, is the simple answer.Vinyl is more expensive to produce.

      • poptones says:

        True. You probably know more than us in that area since you participated in the production of several box sets (Paul Young, Curiosity Killed The Cat, etc.) but I think there are probably additional costs when it comes to back catalogue reissues. You probably have to take into account remastering, new mixes, researching old tapes, 12″, 7″, live shows, etc.
        When it comes to the pricing structure, they probably include those costs in both CD and vinyl. And since cd sales are dropping and vinyl sales are going up every year, they probably charge more for vinyl because there’s a collectors “premium” for box sets because they know some will buy them hoping to sell them at a higher price in a few months/years. Take Bowie’s first box set (five years on vinyl) for example, the price is going wild on discogs. In july, someone sold a mint box for £577 !

        I read in the Toronto Star paper, a few months ago, that in Canada, back catalogue reissues represented 60% of vinyl sales in Canada in 2017 and those reissues tend to cost more than new album releases.

  84. Tony O says:

    how there can be so many negative comments i will never know, this is an incredible set of releases especially when it comes to Kate Bush albums, surely we have to rejoice in the fact that to own a vinyl copy of Aerial now means that you will not have to pay £300 but £25, not to mention red shoes, 50 words and directors.
    This lot will take price of place on my shelves and I will have a back up set…just because.

    • Yani P says:

      Spot on Tony – really don’t get the huge negativity. I get that people want rare stuff but it’s all down to the artist in question. If KB decides that she doesn’t want some of the art that she created distributed for whatever reason is 100% her call. I am certain these sets and individual items will sell by the boat load.

      I have all the originals in mint condition but that won’t stop me buying all 4 boxsets of vinyl.

  85. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Sorry, didn’t look the images above with enough care. They are digipacks alright.

  86. Craig Hedges says:

    We know Kate values her privacy and wants to remain hidden from public view but she must realise the value of promotion. While we are very happy to see the albums remastered and reissued, Kate hasn’t got profile she had 20-25 years ago, a lot has changed in the music industry, most people aged under 25 have probably never heard most her music which is a shame.
    Why didn’t someone suggest a new compilation earlier in the year to spark some interest in general music fans, with perhaps a dvd of her videos? This would have put her back in the public consciousness so when they announced the boxes there would more general music buyers who might take the plunge.
    Is there a publicity campaign planned or are these just going to sneak out quietly like Kate popping up to the greengroucers to buy some jersey mids and a pound of carrots?

    • Paul says:

      I love Kate Bush, I have all her albums, CDs, singles, the original box set etc, multiple times and will likely buy some if not all of these due to completism OCD. Hopefully the mastering improves the sound somehow or it’s all a bit of a waste of money. I think the reality is though that Kate has little/no interest in putting herself “out there” with new material, and is simply exploiting her existing catalogue to make some coin with minimal effort. I doubt there’ll be much more publicity than a possible phone interview with Q in between her daily activities, that mustn’t overrun. Nothing wrong with that but I do believe she’s been so removed from her fans and the business for such a long time she hasn’t any grasp of, or doesn’t care enough about, what her fans would really like to see, and for what price. Kate is in the enviable position of being able to do very little but get paid quite a lot for it, and I expect she sees no reason to change. She’s had a very comfortable life off what amounts to a few years work and occasional splurge of activity since. We should all be so lucky. The reaction to BTD has created the potential illusion that people will unquestioningly fling loads of dosh at her for a product that by todays standards doesn’t quite match up to the pricing. And let the torpedoing commence….

      • EW99 says:

        I think my view on this boils down to “Kate Bush isn’t your bitch”

        • Craig Hedges says:

          I probably didn’t explain myself very well (story of my life) I know there isn’t a chance of Kate doing any actual promotion herself but this seems like such a wasted opportunity. I think Warners/Rhino/her own record label could have built up some momentum to this release, They would’ve known that her existing fans would be buying this, but what about younger music fans.
          My 22 year old nephew is into music but when I told him about Kate Bush his obvious reaction was ‘Who?’ That’s why I thought a new TV advertised compilation in advance would have been a good way to introduce Kate to a new generation. Plus being selfish I want a DVD of her videos!
          These boxes will be released and whilst her fans will know about them it’s not going to enhance her legacy or bring her to a new audience which is down right criminal.
          Not sure what EW99 was reading into my comments???

          • EW99 says:

            Sorry Craig, I was replying to Paul. Should have made that clear.

          • Chris Squires says:

            The way I read it Craig was that EW wasn’t referencing your post, but the post of “Paul” below yours.

            I agree with EW. It does seem that there is a sense of creeping entitlement. “She must do this, she must do that. If she wants my money then it must be exactly this….”

            One of the many things I love about Kate is that genuinely doesn’t worry about what other people think. You can call it “She doesn’t care about her fans” if you want.. I prefer to look at it the way that Neil Gaiman does…. Kate goes away, keeps quiet, then something appears and you can buy it or not and then Kate goes back to having a normal life.

            The fact that she doesn’t worry about what we think is very much to her credit. As with everything on this site…none of us are forced to spend a single penny on anything. If Kate is comfortable it’s because she bloody well earned it. Yes she has a god given talent but she has worked damned hard with it, particularly in her teens, 20s and 30s. And then decided to be the best Mum she could, rather than renting nannies to do the hard work and pretending to work to avoid the hard stuff. The decisions she has taken are pretty good ones, even if it means we don’t get as much as we would want. Kate owes me / us nothing.

            Some posts reek of entitlement, bitterness and plain jealousy. Don’t buy it / buy it if you want, Kate’ll be just fine with either. If she was just after the cash-grab / money thing she could have done a lot less, a long time ago and made more. Making more money seems to be the last thing she worries about.

      • Reza says:

        It wasn’t just “a few years work”. She worked more or less continuously on her music from the age of 13 (when she wrote “The Man With the Child in His Eyes”) to the age of 35 (when she released The Red Shoes) — a period of 22 years. When she was a teenager she would write songs and play the piano for 8 hours per day, and in the 1980s and early 1990s she would spend 14 hours per day in the studio. Literally thousands of hours of work have gone into each of her albums.

  87. Rob Kirby says:

    Great to have these re-mastered at last, but yes, a shame about the squeezing of extras to match the vinyl running times. I shall certainly be indulging in them, as there are a few tracks on here from other stray releases that I don’t have, and conversely some of the ones I do have (such as the Golden Compass soundtrack( which I shall probably now sell off).

    Incidentally, the 2012 remix of Running up that Hill did appear on CD – the Olympics closing ceremony CD.

    I had no idea there was a 7″ mix od The Man with the Child in his eyes that someone mentioned here – is that the same as the video version?

    I keep reading that Sat in her lap is a different mix on 7″ – is that true?


    • Mark says:

      Kate Bush stated in one interview that the single version was remixed slightly for inclusion on The Dreaming. The vocals were raised higher and the backing track altered to fit in better with the overall feel of the album. TMWTCIHE 7″ mix/video mix does include the ‘he’s here’ bit.

      But two gorgeous bsides are missing. The Empty Bullring and Not This Time. The Red Shoes 12″ mix can be missed for obvious reasons. And of course Ken and The Confrontation. Missed opportunities sadly.

      • Nigel D Day says:

        I’m still sad that The Empty Bullring has been forgotten :(.

        Maybe they haven’t got the original tapes ?

        I’m going to wait to hear what people say about the mastering. I thought Aerial and Snow were ok but Directors Cut And The Live Alum were a bit poor.

        And I’m still in two minds about whether to buy the Bowie box as well !!!

        All these choices

    • Alan says:

      Rob, the single version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes is indeed the video version. The only difference from the album version is all the “He’s here” vocals at the beginning.

      Sat In Your Lap 7” mix is exclusive to the original single. Even “The Single File” 7” box set from 1984 contained the album mix. It appears this is the only 7” mix not issued on compilation CDs anywhere (Breathing has, and I only learnt from here yesterday that even Man With The Child single mix was issued on “The Greatest Love II” compilation CD in 1989. Thanks to whoever on here pointed that out!)

      • Saar Freedman says:

        Alan, what Compilation cd has the single version of “breathing”? is that an edited version? or a different mix

  88. Shane says:

    Well i find the fact that the bonus material is only in the second cd box quite a marketing ploy that does equal ripping off. Not every fan is rich and is quite content with the original albums of Aerial onwards so forcing people to buy those again is nasty. How bad a job can you have done on an album you took ages to produce and release in 2005?? No. Its nasty any way you want to swing it and making it separate only as a vinyl version does not count. And if that wasnt nasty enough, 80£ for four 12″ discs? Nu huh girl

    • Chris Squires says:


      It does seem a trend (for excitable types) here on SDE that unless every artist offers 37 separate bundles that gives every single person every single thing they want then the toys get thrown out of the pram.

      Then of course you get the ones who moan that they have what they want and the other 36 bundles are just a cash-in or rip-off.
      Nasty? Don’t be so utterly ridiculous.

  89. Memoryboy says:

    My panties got a little wet when I saw this. I am soooo excited! Her albums have needed the expanded and remastered treatment for a long time.

    • Eamonn says:

      Eww…reminds me of the story about how all the Beatlesmania gigs in the 60’s were filled with the smell of ammonia from all the, er, overly-excited female teenagers

  90. Mike says:

    I pre-ordered both boxes, but I’m going to cancel my order as swapping in single mixes for album versions is a total deal breaker for me. Maybe next time.

    • Simon Long says:

      How do you know that is happening? I can’t see it mentioned anywhere above. I seem to recall that on some of the Fish People re-releases of the original albums there were single mixes used instead of album mixes, but these are remasters, not the same discs as were in the Fish People re-releases.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I close look at the CD design of Hounds Of Love in the box set picture shows that The Big Sky is listed as the “7” mix”. As far as I’m aware, this was the only change to all the albums when she put them out again on Fish People. Not surprised she has maintained this. I wouldn’t be against some other changes. Army Dreamers fading out a few seconds before the ‘hard’ end on the album has always seemed a bit silly, for example. However, I’m not expecting any other changes. If she *has* decided on a few tweaks, it’s highly unlikely she’d bother to announce it as part of the marketing.

        • Simon Long says:

          Ah, ok. Although now I listen to the two versions back to back, there’s really not a huge difference between the “special single” version and the album version – they’re an identical length, and the differences are small changes to the arrangement. If I was played one at random, I really don’t think I could tell which one it was – not like when All About Eve mistakenly included the single mix of Every Angel on the deluxe version of their debut album, which was completely different from the album cut!

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I’m pretty sure the bass is entirely new for the single mix. Youth’s original removed and replaced. I vaguely recall speculation at the time about whether this was related to some falling out with him…

        • Alan says:

          Paul, there were a couple of differences on The Red Shoes remaster in 2011. Eat The Music is different, there definitely are some additional “eat” “yeah” and “mmm” vocals (not newly recorded but added originals). Also Big Stripey Lie fades out, it didn’t do on the original. I’m guessing the version in this box is a remaster of the 2011 version?

          • Rich Hanson says:

            Just to address the All About Eve comment – I recent bought the All About Eve deluxe and the Every Angel mistake has been rectified on the pressing I have.

        • dazzler says:

          Big Sky appears to feature in it’s 7″ remix. A very good remix. But also a very good reason for me not to buy these boxes. It was already the main reason why I didn’t buy the Fish People release. I’ll stick with the 1997 expanded edition of Hounds Of Love. Never change the original tracklist and add different versions as bonus tracks to the CD they belong to.

  91. Shawn C. says:

    Ordered! Very excited about this – especially the opportunity to get Aerial and 50 Words For Snow on vinyl. I love them both and I have not been able to find either at less than an astronomical price. To get them reasonably priced AND remastered is just great. Sad to see all the whining and complaining about this news- I think it’s fabulous.

  92. Franck says:

    Out of the Rarities boxset;

    You Want Alchemy
    Home for Christmas
    Shoe a Little Devotion
    Sexual Healing
    Candle in the Wind

    … are the only ones not released on any of her album variations, soundtracks, various artists compilations, correct?

  93. yuyikurt says:

    I’d like Japan release these 2x CD boxset as minilp format.

  94. Renato says:

    So disappointing… I’ll sick to my Japanese copy of This Woman’s Work and the original CD versions of her later albums. If one day she decides to release all B-sides, remixes, alternative versions and especially a DVD with her videos, maybe I’ll think about buying her albums again.

  95. Isaías says:



    NO and MISSING are the right words for this boxes. I’ve been waiting for years and it couldn’t be worse.


  96. Phil Cohen says:

    I’ve already got the EMI 8-CD set “This Woman’s Work”(which includes two discs of rarities, “This Woman’s Work 1” & “This Woman’s Work 2”), plus her subsequent albums and an unofficial sequel rarities CD (“This Woman’s Work 3”) which I obtained at a London record fair in the early 1990’s. I’ve got all of this music already.
    The decision to omit (from the new sets) certain songs from “This Woman’s Work 1” & “This Woman’s work 2” appears to be a cold, calculated business move, to ensure that used record shops won’t be flooded with copies of the “This Woman’s Work” 8-CD box. And Ms. Bush still won’t permit any of her video programs to appear on DVD. Her loyalty to her fans is highly questionable. If certain audio & video materials were considered (by Ms.Bush) good enough to offer back in the 1980’s or 1990’s, what makes them not good enough to offer now?

    • Doug says:

      She has the right to change her mind about the quality of some past releases and probably thinks those that really wanted them would have bought them at the time. I can live with that.

  97. J. Kane says:

    Paul many thanks for the heads up – both CD box sets pre ordered. However, I’m going to have to remortgage the house what with Kate’s two box sets and the Beatles, Lennon, Bowie and Dylan ones. Will never forget Kate on TOTP doing Wuthering Heights it was just awesome. With all this great music now I know what I’ll be doing during the long cold lonely winter.

  98. Matt Ganoe says:

    It’s nice to see some of those one-off tracks like “Lyra”, “Mná na hÉireann”, “Brazil” and “The Man I Love” getting properly collected onto an official Kate release. Collecting all of those separately has been a pill. Also nice for the 2012 version of “Running Up That Hill” to finally appear on CD. And I’m over the moon excited about “Humming”!!!

    I’m still totally baffled about “Walk Straight Down The Middle” being treated as a b-side. It’s an album track here in the U.S. It had this distinction in the “This Woman’s Work” box set back in 1990, and here we are again with it being hauled over onto a b-side collection. Truly weird.

    • Alan says:

      Matt, it’s because it wasn’t on the vinyl version of The Sensual World. It was an extra track on CD and cassette. On the CD versions of this and the 1990 box, it makes no sense whatsoever to include it twice, but it is.

    • Michael says:

      Its always been a b-side. It was only added on to The Sensual World for the CD release. When it first came on vinyl, the album ended with This Woman’s Work.

  99. Quante says:

    Kate Bush is a legend, our legend. Kate is utterly unique, in every sense. I was so lucky to be eleven when Wuthering Heights burst forth and was hooked from day one. A young person latches on to melody, but her image was also amazing. Wow was unbelievable – arms waving around. The albums were brilliant – Never For Ever was the first time a female solo album had debuted at number one. Sat In Your Lap filled the gap before The Dreaming, and what a shift that album was from the previous three. It was the equivalent of Abba turning into Pink Floyd – Animals era. ‘Play It Loud’ is said on the record, and after so listening on a cheap Walkman each night, it’s the album I grew to love.

    Then came the first large gap before Hounds of Love. I hadn’t taken my ‘O’ Levels when The Dreaming came out, and yet I’d finished my ‘A’ Levels when Hounds of Love appeared in the summer of 1985. For a school boy, that gap was a life time, and yet, the wait was rewarded when the utterly amazing Running Up That Hill (Deal with God) came out. Under The Ivy on The Tube was sensational and only the B Side to the single. 12” singles were all the rage in the mid 80’s and Kate Bush excelled with the four singles from The Hounds of Love, including a complete re-write for the song Hounds of Love. The Ninth Wave concept album really did turn Kate in to Pink Floyd, even lifting the helicopter sample from The Wall.

    As a student in Newcastle I had access to lots of artists posters sold in the student union, including the giant Running up That Hill poster that still has the blu tack marks from being on the wall. My Ninth Wave poster I got from a record shop was ruined in a flood – the landlord gave me £2 – I was gutted about the poster.

    And then I got a degree, job and bought a flat before The Sensual World came out. The single Sensual World was superb, but the album didn’t engage as much – for me it was the cross over from LP to CD in my house and Kate was on an LP that just didn’t get played so often. The Red Shoes was enjoyed but not loved, but CD singles meant extra Kate music, and it was a thrill to hear her being interviewed in the radio by Simon Mayo. Then life took over before anything else was heard of Kate for twelve long years, but that’s okay as I was busy living a brilliant life. Aerial came out of nowhere and I sat with my headphones and portable Digital Radio as Mark Radcliffe got the first play of King of the Mountain. It was brilliant and Mr Radcliffe must have been rewarded for his ‘Where’s Kate’ feature which ran for a few years on his night time radio show. Aerial was like The Dreaming – it took me ages to get into it, but one summer holiday I played album 2 A Sky Full Of Honey, on the now obligatory ipod and bose docking station, every night for a week and I loved it. A Sky Full Of Honey is up there with her best ever albums. The Directors Cut came out of nowhere – it’s really good in places, and I’m always grateful that Kate bothers to work and release her music. 50 Words For Snow followed in the same year and it’s another brilliant album. Steve Gadd drumming, Kate singing about snow, jazz, with utterly cool music.

    Kate then topped it all off by announcing the live shows. The announcement on radio 2 news by Moira Stuart that Kate Bush was to play live was a moment I’ll never forget. I turned to a Korean who was travelling with me and said that this was the greatest news I’d ever heard (outside of our children being born of course). He’d never heard of Kate and must have thought I was an idiot. My lovely wife rang – ‘Have you heard the news….’ I got to three shows and queued up for the last night – one more fix. I didn’t get in, but had a brilliant day and night with Kate fans. The live album is great, but the emotion of being at those shows tops any live performance I’ve seen. Kate Bush was masterful, incredible and those who were there will have many more adjectives to describe the whole spectacle.

    So thank you Kate for everything – the music is legendary and as creative as any artist.

    I’ve the albums, singles, posters, lithographs, magazines, piano music books, box set (vinyl, cd, cassette), re-issues, Japanese stuff – an amazing collection, and yet the only signed Kate item I have is the Soundwaves print. I don’t need the new reissues, but I’m so glad they are coming out, and they’ll be bought. New people will be reminded of Kate Bush’s music and have the chance to get Aerial on vinyl – brilliant. The vinyl isn’t being sold with the CD’s, which is non-vinyl users biggest issue. You can buy individual albums rather than the box sets. Even the box sets are split, so you don’t have to buy all of them.

    Kate Bush deserves to get some applause for this release – she’s never taken the mickey out of her fans. She goes away to live a normal life when she isn’t working – what a role model in todays technology driven, mass exposure life style of so called celebrities. It may not have everything you want, but Kate writes the best music you could ever wish to hear and she owes me nothing. Thanks Kate xxxx.

    • Neil says:

      Great piece of writing. Virtually exactly the same life trajectory as me- certainly the same age. I only got to see one BTD show but we were fifth row centre and it blew our minds. With KT and Guthrie at the helm for this project we are surely in safe hands. I await views from those who have heard the new remasters pre- release in due course….

    • Noel says:

      Brilliantly put!
      Totally on the mark regarding Kate NOT ripping her fans off. You buy what you want. Just the fact that Kate has ‘looked back’ is enough for me. Yes, there ARE tracks missing that I would LOVE to have in remastered form – particularly the single mix of “The Man With The Child In His Eyes” – but I, Like many of us had sort of become resigned to the fact that this would never happen – it has: O.M.F.G. I’m also in the camp where I believe the music is Kate’s to do as she wishes. I’m just ecstatic to hear her music, I don’t believe that even though I’ve bought most of her stuff multiple times on mutiple formats, that’s it’s my God-given right to declare she owes me. Yes, she makes money from me – I get so much in return. She owes us nothing. as you said Quante:
      “Kate Bush deserves to get some applause for this release – she’s never taken the mickey out of her fans. She goes away to live a normal life when she isn’t working – what a role model in todays technology driven, mass exposure life style of so called celebrities. It may not have everything you want, but Kate writes the best music you could ever wish to hear and she owes me nothing. Thanks Kate xxxx.”
      THANK YOU KATE xxx

  100. Dogfacedboy says:

    So a perfectionist artist who carefully guards her work against dilution or exploitation releases all her albums remastered.

    And people are somehow surprised that it doesn’t include demos, half ideas, songs she did for a laugh, songs she now thinks are shit and every mix. Its the artists God given right to do with their work as they darn well please. Kate has more control over her catalogue than most and now it appears after donkeys years of asking she has done what she rarely does which is look backwards and remastered her catalogue

    I agree that there a few strange ommissions from teh B sides collection but theose of you who already have everything – you are not the target market. Cos you already have all this stuff. Not remastered but with the right typography or sleeve configorations like when you bought the album in Woolies with your pocket money.

    Yet for most people this is a chance to own whichever bits they chose from one of the great srtists of our time. You can have it in chunks of the bits you like on vinyl, or individually. Comparing it to a long deleted box set – it means nothing.

    Every time there was a new Kate release during the time that SDE has been about, without fail, someone has posted “When are we going to get the albums remastered?”. Well, look, now you have. Still not happy cos not everyhing is included? She is the artist, you are the consumer, she outranks you. No wonder she hides away behind gates with guard towers if this is her devoted fanbase

    I am lucky enough to have most of this on vinyl already (more than 1 variation in some cases) so I’ll probably just spring for the double Red Shoes vinyl – yes, not crammed like the original and perhaps the rarities set but I feel excited for anyone coming to thsi stuff fresh and can grab it all at once or pick their way through to see what the fuss is all about

    • Mark says:

      Perfectly valid reaction by people who have long anticipated, hoped for and dreamed of SDEs of Kates albums for a very long time ….we have had time to see what countless other classic albums, many from Kates contemporaries, have issued forth from back in the day and have had a lot of time to imagine and hope for similar from these beloved albums.

      I am pleased with the expanded packaging (and wow those album box sets look a treat!) the inclusion of some extra tracks into an official Kate compilation like Lyra and Rocket Man among others (although I have official copies of all of them already)
      I am pleased with no extras being tacked onto the end of the original album like the one off Hounds Of Love special edition expanded CD (but Walk Straight Down The Middle will be missed on TSW)

      Expanded editions of each album would have been a dream and yet I am unsurprised that Kate wishes to have these all out at once and not in a staggered release over time.

      I am disappointed about the lack of an accompanying photo booklet like that which accompanied This Womans Work box and concerned about what the remasters might sound like considering Kates penchant for rather quiet low volume sounding albums.

      Perhaps a new singles compilation and DVD of music videos will follow? (please!!!) in this new One Last Look Around Before We Go phase before moving onto new material!

  101. Graham says:

    Just had this email from Amazon about CD Box 1

    Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

    Kate Bush “Remastered Part I”
    Estimated arrival date: November 16 2018

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Except it hasn’t really changed because it was announced at the 16th…

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Paul. Well done for publishing this lot. I may appear slightly dumb but does the first CD box contain the rarities? Andrew

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No rarities in the first CD box, they are all in the second. So if you want the 12-inch mixes from Hounds of Love, remastered, you need to buy the second box, even though Hounds of Love is in the first box…

          • -SG- says:

            The Cd boxes seem more like an afterthought, with the track timings for everything being focused on vinyl length. Like the recent Depeche Mode boxes, this looks nice and a bit half hearted, leaving out stuff already released. A wasted opportunity. Most Bush fans are of a certain age, and likely have most of this. Most remasters are awful, so I can’t say this looks too exciting right now. At this stage something more definitive should have been made, including all b-side and alternates/single versions and the limited remixes ever made. Yes, she is the artist, but these things sell to those that buy. Until I hear these are dramatic sonic revelations I cant say I am too excited.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            At least we are getting CD versions…

  102. Vandal76 says:

    Awesome news!
    Pre-ordered 7 albums as I have all the rest, including the Audio Fidelity reissues from a couple of years ago.

    Also, What Records are listing the box sets at £74.99 each, and the separate 2 vinyl albums at £22.99, so I suspect the Amazon price will drop soon.

  103. Kevin Galliford says:

    So much great stuff coming out before Christmas but I can’t afford it all let alone the time to listen to it all so I’m gonna put my money into the Bowie boxset, Glastonbury concert & probably the “White” album reissue. Hopefully these Kate Bush ones will be reissued on CD individually one day as a 5.1 HOL would be essential listening.

  104. FROM MARS says:

    Finally. Bless You Kate Bush !

    4 x Vinyl Box. Ordered.

  105. Darren says:

    Please also release on high-definition 24-bit WAV download!!!!!!

  106. Wayne Olsen says:

    Kate, oh Kate! None of my friends are getting Christmas from me because of you and the Fabs and the Thin White Duke. I’ll have no friends but I’ll have lots of music.

  107. Alan says:

    Looking at the photos again, The Kick Inside vinyl appears to have the original artwork but the CD has the amended version.

    Meanwhile, all the albums appear to be on Fish People, suggesting she’s acquired the rights to the first three albums. Either that or they’ve agreed to that in return for an exclusive licence on all albums back to them.

  108. Alan says:

    I notice that “The Kick Inside” has had its artwork modified. “KATE BUSH” is on one line, not stacked.

    Not sure how this is all possible… I assumed with ownership of the albums being split between Parlophone/Warner Music (first three albums) and her own companies (everything else) that this would never happen. Either she’s acquired the rights to the first three, or she’s working with Warners (though I suppose they still distribute and manufacture all of her albums anyway).

    • KevinK says:

      What you can see in the photo is the CD booklet, not the actual digipak cover. These booklets aren’t square, so some cropping and/or “re-framing”has been applied. Whether the same applies to the actual digipak covers remains to be seen.
      The four rarities CDs in box 2 appear to have just basic card sleeves rather than matching digipaks.

  109. Alan says:

    The “Other Side” discs are disappointing in that so much is missing, while tracks on it (Experiment IV, Wuthering Heights new vocal, Walk Straight Down The Middle) are widely available on CD.

    What is interesting is one previously unreleased track, “Humming” which has only previously been available as a poor quality bootleg.

    The CD albums are just the album tracklistings then, no bonus tracks?

  110. Steve F says:

    Amazing news initially! I prepared to bankrupt myself to purchase the CD Box Sets… and then I looked at the tracklistings… and realised what was missing. And SO. MUCH. IS. MISSING. I’m going to have to think very hard as to whether I buy the two CD Box Sets or not.

  111. BRENEZ Alain says:

    I managed to find a near mint copy of the ‘This Woman’s Work’ vinyl box set recently.
    Therefore all these box sets are not very attractive to me. Also it seems like most of the bonus tracks are already on the This Woman’s Wiork box set. So I just might buy the LP’s that I only have on CD.

  112. Nigel M says:

    Any news on 24 bit download version?

  113. Tom of FIN says:

    Rarities CDs/LPs interesting sort of expanded bonuses, but I had preferred Before the Dawn video release as an extra to the bundles/boxes.

    She had the those camera stands there in concerts! Yes, I know, they have stated that concert video has been scrapped, but without explanation. Did they have it for their own use?

  114. Marios says:

    Paul, will the individual releases be on jewel case or digisleeve? Please let me know

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They all look like six-panel digi-packs – in other words they have that see-through plastic tray in the middle with the cover on the opposite side and the two panels to the left and right. The double CDs will be configured differently, of course.

      • Marios says:

        Paul, i have all her discography from the first pressings on cd to the 2011 remasters. What shall i do. Do i need to buy them individually or buy the two cd boxset? If i buy them seperately will be the same as included one the 2 boxset? i.e all the all look like 6 panel ones will be the same as the invidual ones? sorry i am confused mate. Please advise

  115. Beamish13 says:

    What is the hold-up with The Line, the Cross, and the Curve finally appearing on DVD/Blu?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The hold up probably due to the fact that Kate thinks it’s “a load of bollocks”

      • Chris Squires says:

        And as in most things…. Kate would be right. I have watched it about a dozen times in my life and watched it through only a fortnight ago on my Laserdisc copy. It isn’t her finest hour. Worth at least one watch if you are a fan but there is SO much else that should be ahead of it on the “to do” list.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        Kate Bush has NEVER permitted any of her video programs to be released on DVD. She seems to be determined to bury parts of her musical legacy. Kinda like a female equivalent of Dave Clark.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          You make it sound like she’s got something against DVD. She ‘permitted’ them to be on VHS…the reason they are not on DVD is simply because she’s probably never been bothered to sort it out, rather than some “never-release-these-on-DVD” internal Bush-memo!

  116. Kauwgompie says:

    Very dubious that they would release one CD called 12″ Mixes with only 5 mixes on it while there are many more available. I have the 100 year EMI version of Hounds Of Love with the 6 bonus tracks. 2 of which are 12″ mixes that are also on the new 12″ Mixes CD. So I would only get 3 never-before on-CD mixes. That is not enough incentive for me to buy this. It’s inexplicable to me.

  117. Ian Ryder says:

    I might have to unsubscribe to SDE. It’s making me mentally ill. This is like drug addiction, cos I’m gonna have to start robbing friends and family in order to satiate my needs.

    • Mick says:

      Concur. Already robbed everyone I know.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Collectors, whether they collect comic books, antiques, baseball cards…or recorded music, are typically obsessive. The name for this condition is “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”(OCD). I’ve been collecting recorded music since the summer of 1966, but I’m starting to question this hobby, particularly, the part of the hobby where I can obtain unlimited amounts of free music on the internet. My mother has questioned whether I can (with a declining attention span) listen to my backlog of yet-to-be-played CD-R’s(thousamds of them, and enough files to “Burn” 500 to 1000 more) in all the remaining years of my life.
      This upcoming autumn shopping season will see an unprecidented outpouring of archival music from labels both big and small, but after that I’m undecided whether I’m going to continue to purchase (or obtain) more. It makes me miserable when I buy expensive boxed sets and they arrive with factory damage caused by poorly designed packaging. and when there are mastering or manufacturing issues affecting most copies of a disc, and I wait to see if my boxed set will be affected , and whether the record company will attempt to put things right for consumers, so that neither I (or the dealer) wil have to simply “Eat” the faulty product, and accept a monetary loss. An example is the recent John Lennon CD/Blu-ray box, in which some consumers encountered discs which skipped, or simply could not even begin play. This is the antithesis of the fun that I used to experience when there were local record stores, where I could hang out, chat with other collectors, and if there was faulty product, it could be easily returned. I didn’t have to send the faulty product halfway ’round the world.
      In the 1990’s, the Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals) said “You Can Have It All !”, but, more recently (in 2016), I saw a quote (on an internet forum) from an American comedian, which said “You Can’t Have Everything. Where Would You Put It?”
      That too, is one of the consequences of obsessive collecting.

  118. Kenneth Tilley says:

    i love Kate but my brain is not working, what’s the difference between these boxes and the this woman’s work box, which i already have ? thx

    • CJ says:

      Includes the albums that were issued since the This Woman’s Work box came out (everything from The Red Shoes on), some different rarities/b-sides, and everything is re-mastered (which was not the case for This Woman’s Work).

      There are, however, some rare tracks that were included in This Woman’s Work that aren’t on here.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Also, there were quite a few issues with the This Woman’s Work set on vinyl.
        A) some of the albums, particularly Never For Ever and Hounds of Love are very prone to brown spotting on the inside of the gatefold and the white bits.
        B) the albums were NOT pressed specially for the set, EMI used album stock that they had laying around. Some copies even had TKI and a Lionheart included as the “fame” budget imprint.
        The kind of things that you would rightfully be slaughtered for on this website. But to whom would you have complained back in the day?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          That’s why I never bought This Woman’s Work at the time, I remember seeing the standard crappy CDs THAT I ALREADY OWNED, with the same mish-mash of artwork, and it just seemed so lazy. The Singles Box 7″ set was also really shoddy, with awful artwork replication, thin paper sleeves etc. As you say, what *they* used to get away with was incredible.

  119. JuzzyB says:

    I think it’s clear that Kate doesn’t want us to have her dirty Demos. I hold out as much hope for those as I do for The Complete Laughing Stock Sessions by Talk Talk :)

  120. CJ says:

    I’m confused. Almost from the first time I ever found this site, it’s seemed that Kate Buck re-masters were one of the #1 wish list items that people brought up over and over again. Now they are here, and people are complaining that hey want something other than remasters?

    There literally is no pleasing people.

    I must be unconsciously psychic, because I just began searching out some of the stray tracks that I did not yet have in my collection (US Mixes of Rubberband Girl and Eat the Music, Running Up That Hill live with Dave Gilmour, the 2012 re-recording of Running Up That Hill) last week. Granted, out of that list, only one of the tracks that I have just bought on CD is going to be duplicated by this set, so no waste of time. I’m just ecstatic for re-mastered discs of some of the very best albums ever made. And basically coming all at once! I have This Woman’s Work, but there was no remastering there–in fact I remember some of the sealed the sealed CDs still having the “Value Price” sticker on them inside the box when I bought it, so they literally were just overstock that had been stuffed into the box along with the two rarities disc.

    The only major disappointment I have is the lack of remixes–there’s plenty of room on that disc to fit more (at least in the CD collection). But I’m not going to quibble. I’m just going to spend my money.

  121. fersfo says:

    Hi Paul-
    Thank you so much for all you do for the music community- I always look forward to your emails. Like most long-term fans here, I’m very mixed about these sets, but I may end up getting the vinyl sets. Any idea if these will be released in Japan? That would definitely make them more enticing to me.

  122. Karsten says:

    Kate Bush Remastered: CD box 2:
    Aerial (2005)
    Director’s Cut (2011)
    50 Words For Snow (2011)
    Before The Dawn (2016)
    12″ Mixes
    The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
    The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
    In Others’ Words (covers)

    How is that 11 discs? What am I missing here, Paul? I still only count 8.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Two CDs for Aerial, Three for Before The Dawn, and six for the others. That adds up to 11, doesn’t it?

      • Steve Benson says:

        Looking at the individual CD prices (on HMV and Amazon) it looks like Red Shoes, Director’s Cut and 50 Words for Snow are 2 CD sets. Is this an error or are there bonus track discs with those ones?

  123. Paul Nolan says:

    Paul Will the individual Albums be released at the same time

  124. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    Am I wrong in saying that the majority of all the rarities have been released on CD before on various CD singles and This Womans Work box set with the exception of Humming.

    There’s just so much missing that it does not really warrant buying CD box 2 – there’s at least eight tracks that I can think of that are not here -so disappointing.

    Mind you – the HMV bundles are very enticing.

  125. Pingback:Kate Bush remasters for those who don’t want the box sets & wish to pick ‘n’ mix | superdeluxeedition

  126. Garax says:

    It’s just the stuff I had, less a few tracks – so what’s the point. Does that mean Kate’s handed in her homework for the next few years – I’d rather something new. Or something very old – such as demos – properly released. There is quality control and then there is just being increasingly tedious with your almighty talent.

  127. Trevor Smith says:

    What label is issuing these please Paul? Is it Fish People?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Technically, yes, but there are ties to EMI and therefore Warners with some of these albums

      • poptones says:

        On HMV’s shop, when you look at product détails section, the label is Rhino for all these Kate Bush remastered LPs and box sets.

      • Alan says:

        Not sure though, Paul. Fish People has so far only used on the albums she owns through her Noble & Brite company (The Dreaming onwards). I’ll be fascinated to learn if she really has acquired the first three albums or whether her Fish People imprint is just being used to unite them all for these sets. Warners did have to offload some artists due to competition laws after they acquired EMI Records Ltd, didn’t they?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Warners are definitely involved… what shenanigans have happened behind the scenes we can only speculate. The label may have offered some ‘incentive’ to encourage her to revisit her back catalogue, but who knows?

          • Alan says:

            Yeah, you’re likely to be right, Paul. Looking at the photos again, it looks like there might be a Parlophone logo at the bottom of the CD labels for The Kick Inside and Lionheart, which I can’t see on the albums that are hers. No change in copyright then, but it’s good she’s working with them.

            Those Fish People labels are terrible though. They really don’t suit most of the albums that were never released originally on that label. Obviously she can’t use the big EMI labels from the first two albums, but from Never For Ever onwards, the labels were adaptions of the album artwork (and lovingly used for those nice Japanese CD mini-album replicas). If Fish People had to be on it, a small logo would have sufficed. This surely means the original versions of the vinyls from Aerial and before will still be more sought-after.

  128. Paul says:

    What with The Beatles White Album releases and John Lennon’s Imagine releases this is going to be an expensive month!

  129. TRACY says:

    I love Kate Bush and already have all the albums but I would have really liked to see Deluxe versions of each album in book packaging like Marillion are doing. Also of course we still want the Super Deluxe Blu-Ray of Before The Dawn. I have to see that again.

  130. Karsten says:

    Smart move putting the rarities discs in box No. 2, as I normally never would have gotten the second box. Just more interested in the albums in box No. 1. So well played, Ms. Bush.

    But £59.99 for 7 disc box No. 1 and £99.99 for 8 disc (if I counted correctly – Amazon say 5) box No. 2? A £40.00 difference for 1 more disc? Seriously, that price needs to go down.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The second box has 11 CDs by my count, so more than 50% extra content for exactly 50% extra in price.

  131. Jason Schafer says:

    This is incredible and insane at the same time! How much stuff does she think the fans can purchase all at once? While I agree each album deserves it’s own box set treatment, naysayers should unburden themselves of negativity and be happy that we are getting as much here as we are, especially in A Kate-approved remastered format (And yes, I would have loved a new album too…it’s been a while…but maybe this will clear the slate a bit).

    She has a lot of box set competition in November from the Beatles in particular, so I’m not sure it was the best idea to put ALL of this out all at once. Maybe she should have saved the contents of CD box 2/LP boxes 3-4 for next November? Just a thought. I hate to say DON’T release it because I’m a fan and I can understand the great demand for these (even if it means my copies of Aerial and Red Shoes drop in value). It’s just a hell of a lot to deal with at one shot.

    Still excited, however…

  132. Rob says:

    Gonna reserve judgement until I see more details. I don’t have the first 4 on CD so am definitely tempted though.

  133. Jon says:

    15 years ago, this would have been exciting news. Now, especially given all the musical omissions, I’ll wait to hear opinions as to the quality of the remastering – revelation or brickwalled? And what about heavy vinyl, new booklets and art, video content and 5.1? All apparently AWOL. These do look like lovely objects to own, but how much stuff do I want to own just for the sake of ownership?

  134. poptones says:

    Just received a mail from HMV about these pre-orders. Price is steep if you want to buy all 4 boxes on vinyl (even at HMV discount price). £324 for 13 albums ! Box sets are £89 each for the vinyl version. The first box contains 4 albums but the other boxes only contain 3 albums so it’s almost £30 each.

    I already have all Kate’s albums on vinyl and the box set This Woman’s Work: Anthology 1978–1990 on CD so I’ll probably pass (maybe I’ll buy the 4th box set with mixes and rarities). If the price was right (under £250), I would probably have bought all 4 boxes.

  135. Mark Levy says:

    I’d be very tempted to buy the first boxed set on CD. I think she lost her way after Red Shoes.

    • poptones says:

      I disagree. Aerial is a truly wonderful album. If I was asked to rank Kate’s albums, I would definitely put Aerial in the top 3. I listen to that album very often.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      When a performer goes on a lengthy hiatus, whether it’s Kate Bush’s 12 year hiatus, Peter Gabriel’s 10 year hiatus or the late Laura Nyro’s 5 year hiatus, when they return, their most creative, inspired days are inevitably behind them.
      Kate Bush made some excellent records (her first 7), but I can’t help but think about what could have been, if she hadn’t been so reclusive, so restrictive and unprolific with releasing music, if it hadn’t been for that 12 year hiatus (which seemed to drain the energy from her music). I say this seriously: I’ve never been able to get all the way through “Aerial” without falling asleep. She once had a dazzling talent that encompassed singing, songwriting, piano playing, record producing, video directing, dance, mime and theatrics. It was a waste to not fully use those talents. It’s her life to live as she wishes, and if staying at home watching the telly (as the late Syd Barrett did in his later years) is what turns her on, then that’s the way it’s going to be.
      I recall reading on an internet forum, people speaking about their experiences meeting famous musicians, and one person said (of Ms.Bush) that she was “Reasonably friendly, but paranoid…housebound”

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Totally disagree… what was so amazing about Kate’s return was that she delivered an album that was better than the previous two (Sensual World, The Red Shoes) and wasn’t far behind her two masterpieces (The Dreaming and Hounds of Love). Side two of Aerial in particular is up there for me with any of the great conceptual pieces of rock music (Dark Side of the Moon, Kate’s own The Ninth Wave).

  136. Gorecki says:

    How coincidental – I was only thinking last night, what with everybody and their dog celebrating somewhat trivial anniversaries of 15, 5, 3 years, why had nothing been done to mark Kate’s 40 years…. and here it is! Hoorah!

    I’m sure there’ll be the usual ‘I don’t know what the point of remastering is’ comments, however I have always found the sound on the CD versions of the first couple of albums (Kick and Lionheart) to be very thin and shallow (particularly lacking at the bottom end) as if the CD masters had been taken from a heavily-played vinyl. If I could hear the full instrumental pallette on these recordings I would be rather happy. Kate started releasing music only a few years after I was born: I came to her music around the Hounds/Whole Story era (I forget which) and I just don’t have that ‘there at the start’ roseate view of the early days that enourages me to yearn for the sound I perceive to remember from my first listenings in 78 – or, more importantly, the feelings I recall those experiences evoking.

    By the way, I’m assuming this means the tapes for The Sensual World album have been rediscovered having been reported lost during the press for the (atrocious) Director’s Cut album.

    (By the way, isn’t it curious that we refer to Kate by her first name but David Gilmour or Thom Yorke [etc.] as Gilmour or Yorke?)

    • David Bouch says:

      The 2010 Steve Hoffmann mastered version on Audio Fidelity sounds brilliant and is AFAIK cut from the master.
      Don’t see how a new mastering could top it TBH.

  137. Chris Squires says:

    Paul? Other than the price of the box set coming down before launch can you think of a reason why the 4 individual albums for box I are £18 each so a total of £72 vs. the box set at £90.

    Box II is even worse… the three individual albums comes in at £63 vs. £90
    Box III is £81 individually…. so to buy the three vinyl boxes you are spending £54 more over buying the albums individually.

    Am I missing something…a book for instance in each pack? An average of £18 per set for the slip case.

    The price on amazon must just be a holding price and really should be down around £65 to £70 instead of £90 surely?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Dunno, but tooling and manufacturing of boxes does cost money. I actually think the prices may come down.

  138. tonissive says:

    Next all the Bee Gees Discography on viny box-Sets, please!!!

    • granata says:

      Yes, yes, yes! The 1967-68 Studio Albums boxed set (LPs of 1st, Horizontal and Idea, plus a rare & unreleased bonus tracks LP for each album) is still the standard by which vinyl box sets are measured in this house. The Odessa set was almost as good, double LP in velvet box – but the rare tracks were only on CD.

  139. Andrea says:

    I was so excited when I read the news, I had been dreaming about a complete boxset from Kate…but then unfortunately I discovered the disappointing track listing! Why leaving so many tracks out that were already widely available on cd? I guess I can stop dreaming about an official complete boxset. I just have to continue listening to my homemade one! What a wasted opportunity Miss Bush!

  140. Leemer says:

    Wow! Wow! WOW! That is certainly one way to maximize the amount of money you can extract from people! It works out to be about the same price that the George Harrison box cost initially (about $475), then that was available for less than $250. If you’ve got four separate boxes, it makes it easier to rationalize that you’re not putting out.

    It’s nice the vinyl LP’s will be available individually. But the outer boxes would be nice too. I do not own Ariel on vinyl, so that would be the one I really want to get.

  141. Edu says:

    Humming is not a demo or a re-recorded song?

  142. Roger says:

    A huge missed opportunity here.This music is worthy of better.It should have been done like the Led Zeppelin super deluxe reissues.Each album given a box in its own right with a book, vinyl and cds including a bonus disc of demos and B sides plus hi-res downloads and a limited edition individually numbered insert.

    • Joshua W says:

      First, Let me say that Kate Bush really is my favorite musical artist. I have listened to her brilliant music so much it probably has warped the chromosomes of my DNA. I am going to stay out of the battle over whether these releases are worth it or not. I hope those who buy them and are new to her music discover the wonderful imaginary world she created. I truly will always thank her for that and deeply appreciate it. She worked very hard for a lot of years on her artistic work. Having said this…I don’t feel disloyal saying that I still hope for Super Deluxe Editions of each album in the style of the Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe’s. I agree with Roger that that would be most excellent. I do not feel guilty as a fan saying that I hope for demos, outakes, alternate versions, etc. I would be in heaven with such a release of The Kick Inside or Hounds of Love in such a format. Also a three dvd set of her vintage tv appearances would be spectacular. Many many fans would obviously eat that up. Lastly, she does have the right and freedom not to do that. Her music speaks for itself.

  143. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    for me the greatest miss is “running up that hill” instrumental version. the best KB song ever.
    so i will wait and surely they will release in a year or two 2CD Deluxe Editions.
    it seems like other artists did that before. 1.step: new remastered versions on CD and vinyl
    2.step: an expensive box set and finally as step 3: a 2 or 3 CD “Deluxe Edition” of each album. for me it is an obvious way of selling the same basic content over and over again.
    and from step 1 to 3: with more mixes, versions, demos and unreleased tracks.

  144. Adriano says:

    I think nobody expected Kate to open the vaults but to hear the word DEFINITIVE from her and see that important tracks like EMPTY BULLRING and NOT THIS TIME and RED SHOES extended versions and ON STAGE EP is missing is such a missed opportunity indeed! Why adding DOWN THE MIDDLE when already on the cd version then??? Pity really since this is the definitive version….

  145. Steve says:

    I can’t imagine spending that amount of money for no new material. I don’t care how much better the remaster sounds. Now if it included 5.1 on blu-ray and all the omitted “rarities” (and maybe some actual rarities, like demos or unreleased tracks) then I would definitely buy it. Otherwise, this seems rather pointless.

    • Doug says:

      You don’t care how much better the remaster sounds? Surely that’s the whole point of reissuing albums? (otherwise we’d all stick with the original releases.)

  146. Will_2 says:

    This thread just shows how difficult it is to please everyone…

    Personally, I’d like 24 bit flat remastered versions of the original albums. A bluray would be good but a download via qobuz etc would suffice.

  147. Rob Deighton says:

    Lovely cover, very similar to the Pure McCartney artwork

  148. Mr Smith says:

    Amazing, you all whine and moan about having no remasters or boxsets and then when one comes along all you can do is slate it and what it doesn’t have! In the words of Alan Partridge, “… you people!”

  149. Michael says:

    Can see them listed individually now on HMV. Seems to be £29.99 for a double (Aerial) and £20.99 for single LP

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There are all £17.99 for single vinyl on amazon

      • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

        The prices of the boxes – literally that, just the boxes – seems a bit steep.

        Each of the first three vinyl boxes is currently £89.99 (call it £90) on Amazon, but buying the lps individually brings the price of the boxes contents to £72, £63 and £81 respectively. That means that the corresponding boxes cost £18, £27 and £9. As nice as they look, that seems odd (if for no other reason than the boxes are priced differently, the box for Set 2 costing three times as much as that for Set 3.

        Anyway, that’s enough of the maths lesson for today.

  150. Stephen K says:

    If you aren’t willing to do a comprehensive mop-up of b-sides, remixes, and single versions, then the first CD box set is just fine. Remastered albums, all from the same remastering sessions, all in one place, presented with the same running order as upon each album’s original release. And also an easy way for someone to get all of this material on vinyl at a non-collector’s price (although I personally would never pay what people charge these days for new vinyl).

    But I’m definitely still waiting for (and much more interested in) a singles collection CD, specifically one that includes all of those “still unreleased on CD” single versions.

    And I stand by my general critique of rarities of “If you can’t do a comprehensive effort, don’t bother with a half-hearted piecemeal effort destined to become obsolete the moment a new deluxe edition comes about (which admittedly could take another 20 years to happen).

  151. Sean says:

    It’s bugged me for years that one (or 2) songs on the Kick Inside seem so much quieter than the rest – I hope this will ‘fix’ that…

  152. Marc says:

    I was quite excited when I read the news, but not so much anymore after I’ve seen the tracklist. The best period is the one covered in the box set ‘This woman’s work’. And since not all those tracks are present in the new box sets, I ‘ll just stick with the one I have.
    They should simply have made 2-cd sets of the albums: cd 1 with the original album and cd 2 with b-sides, remixes, etc.

  153. Mic Smith says:

    Good to see her main catalogue getting the remastered treatment but would appreciate an explanation from KB as to why only about half of her rarities are included. I compiled my own 5 disc set using whatever sources I could find about 6 years ago. I was hoping that would become redundant.

  154. Keith Fletcher says:

    Way down on my list no 5.1 mixes with everythi g else comming at the moment this is a pass and see

  155. Chris Squires says:

    As Simon says below, I have 7 copies of Aerial left and 8 sealed copies of 50 Words for Snow. Stupid I know but when you are passing somewhere that has something you love for £19.99 and no one else seemed to want it back in 2005 / 2006 and 2011 / 2012. Either way…. second hand value down the toilet.

    It’s interesting to note that Kate has confidence that these will sell. There is no need for a special autographed edition. A limited numbered box of coloured vinyl. A special super duper version with 6 more tracks or any of the other bits and bobs that most artists have to tag on and get complained about regularly here. This is it, this is my music… buy it or don’t. I love that about her.

  156. Ken says:

    I kind of remember Kate did the closing credit song for the movie Golden Compass.This song,it seems never gets released on any formats and never seems available for fans who want any Kate stuff NOT on her LP’s.

  157. Simon Evans says:

    Well that knocks 95% off the value of my vinyl copy of Aerial! Bummer.

  158. Jefferson says:

    Finally. Ariel runs $250-$350 on eBay.

  159. Jan says:

    No hi-res = no money from me.

    • SimonP says:

      It do make me larf when people say that. A dog probably couldn’t hear a difference between a CD and a 24 bit “high resolution” file, but then they also have the advantage of being immune to gullibility. HD works for video, but not for audio and music fans pay good money for this marketing scam without any proven benefits. Anyone, especially anyone over 25, who claims they can hear a difference is fooling only themselves. All my opinion, obviously…

  160. Dylan says:

    I have This Woman’s Work box set and all that followed, so not much point buying this. Can’t believe she has left out Ken and The Empty Bullring! Also I was quite disappointed with some of the remasters on Director’s Cut, and preferred some of the old versions so not sure if her remasters are for me… Would have preferred a bluray of one of her concerts.

  161. Dean says:

    How difficult would it have been to make the B-sides and singles stuff chronological – and to then split them across boxes? At least that would make some sense, rather than this poor solution………

  162. James says:

    I was also hoping ’50 Words for Snow’ would include the original duets recorded with Scott Walker and Tom Baker, rather than Elton and Fry, that I originally heard in a dream back in 2015. It finally made the album a masterwork.

  163. Paul Kent says:

    No “Do Bears Sha-la-la-la In The Woods?” duet with Rowan Atkinson? I’ll pass, then…

    …nah, not really. “Fire up the Christmas list, Mrs. Kent!!!”

  164. James says:

    It’ll be just like Kate to have re-recorded ‘Humming’ completely from scratch, leaving the original demo to the boots, possibly as a teaser for something ‘new’.

    It’s alot of boxset for one needed track…

  165. Steve W says:

    These look like very nice sets, it’s a bit odd that there are some obvious omisions from the rarities / covers.

    I *think* I have pretty much everything of hers in one form or another so for me it’s a question of whether I want to listen to the remastering or not. Haven’t quite decided to bite the bullet yet.

  166. colinthebruce says:

    “Another Day”, the sublime duet with Peter Gabriel from her TV special is my addition to sad omissions. I have a not bad version of that on a TV special CD but the sound is still not as good as it should be.

    • Phil Morris says:

      There’s an excellent “semi-official” (i.e. it’s openly available from Amazon) CD available which I got for a very good price. The show was re-broadcast on BBC4 a few years back so perfect video copies are equally readily available.

  167. David Carrick says:

    Any news on the lyric book ? Seems to have all gone quiet??

  168. Glenn Roger says:

    I am very excited about the Kate Bush remastered vinyl & CD boxes coming! I finally will be able to get everything and remastered completely. I am completely puzzled at the lack of 12” mixes that were left out of the wonderful cd box. I absolutely loved the remixes from The Red Shoes album. I was holding my breathe hoping for a remastered version of Shoedance which was what I thought her best remix ever. It’s as if Kate just didn’t care for them too much. Plus it seems that there would be room on that specific disc to put more remixes. Either way, it’s Kate so I’m down with whatever we get!

  169. Chris Squires says:

    Hopefully this will start a pattern.

    For a long time completist fan it is a tad….. I can’t think of a word, it’s not “disappointing” as I glad they are doing something, but vanilla re-issues are not what I personally would want. I have a couple of copies of This Woman’s Work box on Vinyl so I was hoping for something more along the lines of what McCartney did with his archives, a 3, 4 or 5 CD + DVD release with book, notes etc on each album and a 4 / 5LP variant of each, particularly the first 5 albums. Maybe that will come after this and a new album in 2019. By then it would be *only* 8 years since 50 words….

  170. Toutabus says:

    Why some rarities in “This Woman’s Work: Anthology 1978–1990” are missing?
    I also expected a studio version of Another Day with Peter Gabriel.

  171. Stuart says:

    At 8am today, no one had any idea that this would be announced

    At 12pm today folk are moaning about what isn’t included, when only 4 hours earlier no one had any idea that some of the most eagerly awaited catalogue box sets were coming.

    Why not celebrate what we are getting, when this time yesterday this was still very much a wish list item and even then, it was well down the ‘likely to happen’ list

  172. Steve Painter says:

    Nothing to see hear…keep walking. Any Kate Bush fan will have all this already as I do. The omissions are just a joke. Surely, some outtakes or demos or something; anything would have helped. No Instrumental Moments of Pleasure? Rubberband Girl extended mix? Huge opportunity missed.

  173. Bart says:

    That’s what i was waiting for. Rarities discs looks nice. Shame that Bowies boxes doesnt look like this.

  174. Gareth Pugh says:

    Dilemmas, dilemmas. Having got This Woman’s Work box and having recently invested in a nice proper turntable-and-amp set up from which I’m genuinely getting masses of enjoyment out of rediscovering stuff on vinyl on – and owning all her albums on CD but only one on vinyl – am erring towards getting the Vinyl boxes this time (where with Bowie I’ve gone for CD sets). Then again, I’d like to get the one or two tracks I don’t have digitally onto my iPhone/Apple Music library for out-and-about listening too. If there were a download code included with the vinyl that’d clinch it over the CD sets for sure…

  175. Dave Corsie says:

    The glaring omission for me is the complete lack of any 5.1 surround mixes.
    We all know Kate’s material would be fantastic in 5.1, and with high resolution audio, the detail to come out would really do her songs justice.
    As it is, this is just rehashed material, nothing new that can’t be found before, just repackaged.
    Any why only in sets?
    I’d love a vinyl copy of Aerial, but not remotely interested in Directors Cut or 50 Words For Snow, so why am I forced to buy them if I want Aerial?
    If there are any future releases in 5.1, it would be very cruel to her fans to expect them to buy these discs, then pay out again in the future for same material in surround sound.
    Come on Kate, 5.1 would really do your songs justice, and wouldn’t take too much time, especially as Steven Wilson has already said he would love to be involved in doing it.
    Please make it happen.

    • Leif says:

      It’s very sad indeed that Steven Wilson isn’t involved in this, that would make a big difference in my opinion. And I know he love to do it too.

  176. Geert De Wilde says:

    This Woman’s Work box set all over again? Same joy and same gripes … This one is remastered, yes. But a new release *only* on the strength of remastered sound and nothing else is something that would have made us happy in the late 1990s. Superdeluxe means something else these days …

  177. Philippe says:

    The most disappointed man in the world is Steven Wilson. He’s definitely not involved in these reissues. ;-)
    A must buy for me.

  178. Stevie B says:


  179. Dubsideofthemoon says:

    To all the persons complaining :
    Do you know an artist or a band with at least 10 released albums offering a box set with NOTHING MISSING ?
    Do you know, Paul ?

  180. Michael says:

    Hi Paul – thanks for this great news. You have said that these albums will also be released separately but I can see no news of this (yet) on Kate’s site or Amazon etc. I know it’s early days but do you have any information on when separate issues are planned? I would love to buy some of these individually as I don’t need/want to replace any originals that I have. I am particularly excited about Aerial on vinyl!

  181. Dean says:

    Sorry, very underwhelmed. The only good thing I can see is they put all the good studio albums in one box. The poor stuff, studio wise, is in the second box – I’d never want to buy that again.

    So just buy the first box, right? Well hold on, all the singles and B Sides are in that second box! So no, you cannot have the good albums, plus the rarer material, without forking out for rubbish.

    But it doesn’t stop there. The real killer material are the demos. There are several CD’s worth – with one full CD just from the Kick Inside era. Where is that? I have all the singles already. Plus – is she still messing with tracks? I know a track or two on The Hounds of Love were replaced with later versions – what was used here?

    I know Kate is a darling to many – but honestly this isn’t what it could have been by a long chalk. The original CD’s sound great as it is.

    An easy pass for me.

  182. Mikko Suhonen says:

    I’m glad that Kate Bush has decided to remaster her albums but at the same time I’m puzzled to find myself quite indifferent. Maybe I’m more into deluxe-editions album per album (to choose the albums I can afford and need to upgrade) with well compiled booklets and maybe a dvd/blu-ray with visuals to go with them. A box with just albums gathered together seems not to eager to buy it (there is no book included is there?). And, to be frank, I’m quite pleased with the original cd releases (which I bought twice thanks to the This womans work -box which I bought to get the essential b-sides).

    So hurrah for Kate and for those who want to upgrade their collections or have for some reason not bought her albums yet. I’m so far happy with the original cd releases.

  183. Carsten Schaefer says:

    This looks like a real treat for afficionados – of whom I’m only half. I love the early stuff, so the first CD box set is for me – and it’s the cheapest. So…I’m a happy man. Thanks for the heads-up, Paul. I particularly love the fact that you always give us track listings. They are absolutely essential. Thanks for that.

  184. Rob C says:

    It’s interesting to see how revered Kate’s back catalogue is. As a casual fan I know I would much prefer a comprehensive singles collection and a remaster of The Whole Story but I expect The Whole Story will never be remastered (similar to other classic compilations like The Cure’ s Standing On The Beach & New Order Substance)

    I hope one day to get that Singles Comp though. Thanks Paul for continusly sharing these updates!

  185. Gary says:

    Exciting. But where is the instrumentals of Moments of pleasure, Dreamtime,Running up That Hill, b side Not this Time, video mix of Cloudbusting?

    Essential purchase of course though!

    And what is the track “Humming” have I missed something?!!!!

  186. Bill says:

    No Ken. :(

  187. Kevin says:

    Glad to hear they’re doing the individual albums too – I’d like a copy of Aerial on vinyl but have been put off by the prices (which will presumably now collapse). Not sure I’ll bother with the others beyond the rarities box.

  188. John Barleycorn says:

    Oh god, here we go again with the daily tedious bleats about what’s missing rather than what is included eg. “some obscure Croatian 7” mix is missing, really not happy” etc.
    To paraphrase McCartney when someone said it would have made the White Album a single LP: “it’s great, it sold, its bloody Kate Bush, shut up”.

    • Michael says:

      “Not This Time” really is a brilliant track. It should have been included it is not just another remix.

  189. Andrew B says:

    Single versions are missing (notably Sat in your Lap single + Man With The Child Single), the other version of ‘Ne T’Enfuis Pas’ is missing, some b sides are missing, some 12″ mixes are missing. Apart from that awesome….

  190. tippy says:

    The rarities discs are such a missed opportunity.
    By my reckoning the following are missing:

    The Man With The Child In His Eyes (Single Version)
    The Empty Bullring
    Ne T’Enfuis Pas (Remix)
    December Will Be Magic Again (Remix)
    Running Up That Hill (Instrumental)
    Cloudbusting (Video Mix)
    The Big Sky (Special Single Mix)
    Not This Time
    Breathing (Live – Comic Relief)
    Running Up That Hill (Live – Secret Policeman’s Ball)
    The Sensual World (Instrumental)
    This Woman’s Work (She’s Having A Baby OST version)
    This Woman’s Work (Single Version)
    Be Kind To My Mistakes (Promo Mix / Castaway Version)
    The Confrontation
    Candle In The Wind (Instrumental)
    Moments Of Pleasure (Instrumental)
    Shoedance (The Red Shoes Remix)
    Eat The Music (Extended)
    Rubberband Girl (US Mix)
    Rubberband Girl (Extended)
    Wild Man (Remastered Shimmer)

    • Dannyhero says:

      Awesome list tippy. Didn’t realise Sat In Your Lap single is different from album

      • Gorecki says:

        It is quite a striking list of omissions – and there’s the On Stage Ep, and Live At Hammersmith releases missing as well. Odd.

      • Andrew b in the place to b says:

        Yes. Sat in your Lap was released ong before the LP came out. It’s only subtly different to the LP version. The vocals are quieter and the percussion is slightly more promient. I think it was re-recorded as the vocals are slightly lost. Shame it’s not on the set. I’ll stick to my own fan made sets for the all her albums.

      • Andrew b says:

        Yes. The single mix was released long before the album. The mix is very slightly different in the vocal and percussion. I think it was re-recorded as the vocal was slightly lost in the mix and the drumming too heavy in the mix. Shame it’s missed off along with Man With The Child single mix. I’ll stick with my own home made deluxe editions.

    • Nigel D Day says:

      Has the single version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes ever been released on CD ???

    • love?anger! says:

      And the list continue: ‘Army Dreamers’ single mix, ‘Delius’ standalone mix (‘Army Dreamers’ b-side), ‘Sat In Your Lap’ single mix, ‘The Dreaming’ single edit, ‘Eat The Music’ radio edit, ‘Wild Man’ radio edit…

    • Alan says:

      Tippy, by December Will Be Magic Again (Remix), do you mean the 1993 remix? There’s the 1979 bongo version, the 1980 single version and the 1993 (slight) remix of the 1980 version.

      Ne T’Enfuis Pas in this set will almost certainly be the remix. The 1982 mix was only used on b-sides. The remix was in the 1990 box set.

      There’s also the single mix of Breathing, which again only appeared on the original single itself. All later releases were the album mix (plus one compilation CD somewhere).

      The mix of Eat The Music on The Red Shoes 2011 remaster is slightly different to the 1993 original.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        The ‘bongo mix’ of December Will Be Magic again has never even officially released by Kate at all, has it? Just turned up by accident on a few Christmas compilations. I find it the much superior ‘mix’ (the vocal is completely different) but feel sure we’ll just get the bog standard version on the rarities disc.

      • Alan says:

        Oh, and there’s an alternate mix of Brazil knocking around on some compilation somewhere. I think it’s a completely different recording, vocals are a different take, more orchestration, but not that dissimilar to the main soundtrack one which is likely to be the version included in these sets.

  191. lee says:

    I’m hoping that eventually these will be available individually like the Bowie box sets because I already have pretty decent vinyl copies of everything except The Red Shoes. Ordered the fourth box though as it’s ncie to have these rarities together on vinyl even if there are a few obvious omissions (aren’t here always?). Of course, she could have thrown in a brand new or unreleased track especially for the final set but, hey, just happy she’s FINALLY looked at the back catalogue!

    • Stan Butler says:

      Amazon are listing the studio albums separately.

      • Michael Sloanes says:

        For anyone not bothered about having the vinyl box Amazon UK currently have the first 4 vinyl listed separately at £17.99 each which works out cheaper than the vinyl box 1 + Hounds Of Love for a further £17.99
        So you can get the first 5 studio Albums separately for the price of Vinyl box 1 which only has the first 4 Albums

  192. Dan says:


  193. Manuel says:

    Disappointed it’s not complete :(

    • Michael says:

      Have to agree. The first of the 2 CD boxsets is a must have (her glory years all remastered with spiffy gatefold packaging) but the second box? The rarities discs are just too incomplete for me. None of the extended mixes from The Red Shoes and plenty of b-sides are missing. Its curious 2 of the discs are only 10 tracks each leaving, obviously, room for much more. I’ll have to pass on that one. This was a perfect opportunity to bring it all up to date. I could never say Shame On You Kate as some here have (love her too much for that) but it is disappointing. Especially since she proved with the This Woman’s Work boxset just how aware she was of her catalogue, and of course how much her fanatical fans love Everything she does.

  194. andrew B says:

    Fucking A, thats all I wanna say

  195. Nick Love says:

    Great news, although for financial reasons I kind of wish they had the CD boxes divided up differently. Not really interested in remasters of 21st century releases, but definitely want those rarities, while, on the other hand, her first three albums could definitely benefit from a sonic upgrade. Paul, do you know if there’s any chance they will break this down like Pink Floyd’s The Early Years box so I can pick and choose like I did on that one?

    • James says:

      This is the quote from Kate’s website –

      “This is the first (and definitive) programme of remastering and includes the release of many rarities and cover versions on vinyl and CD for the first time.”

      The ‘first programme’ – one can only presume these remasters will be released individually at some point. But the so-called rarities set will only be available with the box.

      The only rarity is ‘Humming’ – if only she would open the vault doors wide open.

      But I agree – the second CD box is almost redundant as the recent work doesn’t need any remastering at all.

  196. adam shaw says:

    Paul , all your dreams come true in one hit !
    Great news for all that have been waiting, but no live Hammersmith tracks !
    I heard the cd boxes are going to be about £99 each ?
    Is this correct?

  197. Steve says:

    A complete singles greatest hits on all formats would’ve sufficed.

  198. CJL says:

    OMG! Essential purchases! What fantastic news.

  199. Leonardo says:

    Superb! But I think they are missing some rarities, such as live tracks from On Stage EP, among others (Ken, Not This Time, The Empty Bullring). Apparently the This Woman’s Work box released in 1990 was more complete. But even so, this release is welcome.

  200. Ian Harris says:

    Initially excited and then rather disappointed – at least by the selection of bonus tracks and rarities. Especially the stingy 12″ mixes disc!

    Whilst I wouldn’t expect outtakes from the perfectionist Kate Bush, either do this comprehensively (i.e. a complete works) and include everything that has been previously released or don’t bother. Leaving out various b-sides and mixes is just infuriating.

  201. James says:

    Amazing to finally see it and it looks all very beautiful.

    But sadly, I have all of this already, plus all the stuff left off, collected over the past 40 years.

    Unless the mastering is out-of-this-world, I’ll have to pass.

  202. Kevin says:

    This is more like it, Kate Bush, lovely!

  203. Steven Roberts says:

    Welcome news, obviously – but somewhat bemused by the numerous omissions reagarding b-sides and remixes.

    You would have hoped given the significant expense (especially on vinyl!) that an effort would have been made to include EVERYTHING……

    Records companies – they always get something wrong, don’t they!

  204. Keri Preston says:

    I was never a fan myself but I’m pleased that her back catalogue is finally being reissued.
    I wonder what took her so long.
    It does seem odd that the vinyl is split into four sets though.

    • KevinK says:

      There was probably scope for a fifth vinyl set covering the live stuff … On Stage EP + Live At Hammersmith performances, Before The Dawn and mopping up the odd other live tracks that have surfaced.

      • Nigel D Day says:

        Even a separate 12” of On Stage would have been good. Like that French and German 12” of Heroes that came in that screwed up Bowie box last year.

        However, in spite of the omissions it is nice that these are all coming out. I’m going to hang fire for now to see what people say about the mastering before forking out for Box 1

  205. Trash says:

    Judging from the number of Kate fans on here this news is going to be well received!!

    Already ordered boxes 1 and 2 vinyl (would love to get the whole lot but there is way too much stuff coming out for my wallet to bear).

    No doubt I will succumb eventually (sigh)

  206. Jason says:

    Good news obviously, but perhaps we can still hope for some HD audio formats to follow?

  207. Bostonnn says:

    One constant over the years reading SDE has been posts calling for something like this from Kate Bush. I am thrilled. This is her vision for remastered albums and extra tracks. Thanks Kate and to Paul for this information.

  208. Stan Butler says:

    At last!

  209. Caroline says:

    Whilst I’m sure much will be said by completists, the fact is that CD Box 1 should be on the National Curriculum.

  210. TopCat says:

    Wow at last! I am in… for an expensive November!

  211. Ben Williams says:

    This is the holy grail of reissues isn’t it? The one we have all been waiting for. Fabulous.

  212. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Christmas and all my Birtdays combined. Bloody Marvellous news…

  213. CHRIS1977 says:

    This isn’t a joke, right? if it’s a joke, it’s not funny, Paul.

  214. Johnny L says:

    So disappointing. This is for the Kate Bush fan who doesn’t own… anything.
    28 years ago (!) I wasn’t happy that the only way to get all the b-sides on CD was by purchasing the This Woman’s Work box set. This is more of the same. Plus, frustratingly, one, maybe two, random unreleased tracks, and incomplete b sides and remixes.
    I’m sure they will be beautifully produced items, it just seems to lack allure to the fans.

  215. Matthew Jessee says:

    Very excited about this news! Too bad about the tracks left out. Would’ve loved to see more unreleased tracks, but Humming will be great to have. Also wish the single version of Sat In Your Lap would get a release, but this will probably never happen. Will definitely buy all of these!

  216. Foxee says:


    First and foremost – hooray to Kate for listening and remastering her catalogue AND reissuing with a wealth of remixes and rarities – especially on vinyl (her preferred format).

    One hopes there will be a DVD/ Blu-ray collection to accompany these releases to finally collate all the video work….

    First impression of these reeleases is that the track listings and number of tracks for the remixes and rarities set is based on the amount of space on vinyl rather than CD, which therefore accounts for the omission of some tracks, as you have mentioned (‘Ken’ is a big omission) in favour of others. However there could have simply been extra discs included so that everything was captured, but this was probably felt to be too costly to produce and purchase…. But then again a limited super deluxe for the die-hards could have gotten around that issue……

    The choice of packaging albums together separately from their associated remixes and outtakes will probably annoy some, while others will enjoy the chance of purchasing just the rarities stuff without having to repurchase the albums…..

    I’m just glad Kate has begun the process of revisiting her back catalogue and reissuing it. I only hope this has not taken up all her time for three years and that these are ‘instead of’ any new material……

    What’s slightly disappointing is the complete lack of any demos or unused tracks – there are 100s in existence.

  217. D.C. says:

    Missing songs and content are The Empty Room (B-side to Breathing), Not This Time (B-side to The Big Sky), Ken, and The Confrontation (B-sides to Love And Anger) and the On Stage EP.

    • Duncan Day says:

      You mean the Empty Bullring ? I was disappoined they had omitted that one. And the 7” version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes. I don’t think that has ever been released on CD

  218. Pim says:

    While this looks awesome, it’s still a shame some officially released stuff is being left off. Especially when there’s a CD with just 5 12″ mixes included…. And those prices, my god. 520 pounds for not a single second of new music.

    But I’ll buy it anyway :D

  219. Noel Leahy says:

    Literally JUSt e-mailed you about this LOL
    Cannot feckin’ wait!!!

  220. Daryl says:

    Oooooh – this looks good! I’m sure a lot of people will be upset about the omissions you mentioned, but for me (someone who has delved, but never fully immersed myself in Kate), the CD boxes would be perfect!
    Price permitting of course…

  221. Chris Squires says:

    Nooooooooooooo, what date is it?
    I am in heaven.

  222. Yani P says:

    Pricey but then who cares :)

    WOW !

  223. Tim-Meh says:

    …and the internet explodes!

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