Kate Bush / New Publicity Photo

Okay, a new photo of a musician or rock/pop artist is not normally an event, but since it’s Kate Bush we thought we’d share this one with you. The first publicity photo to immerge since 2005.

It is of course to promote her forthcoming album Director’s Cut, due to be released in May.  We first told you about this here. Click on the image to view a larger version.

One response to Kate Bush / New Publicity Photo

  1. Quante says:

    I have this lithograph framed and it looks fab. It is still available at the Kate Bush store for £50. Half the prints in the range are very good, like this photo. The other half are creative works which don’t do anything for me. Waking up in the summer with the sunlight shining on the Aerial album cover print is one of life’s pleasures.

    I still need to get the 50 Words For Snow calligraphy print, and the signed Soundwaves print framed and hung, to complete the Kate Bush is very much liked in this house look.

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