Keith Richards / Talk Is Cheap 30th anniversary super deluxe edition

Remastered • Unreleased tracks • 30th anniversary • Various formats

BMG will reissue Keith Richards‘ 1988 solo album Talk Is Cheap as a six-disc super 30th anniversary super deluxe edition in March.

The audio has been remastered by original producer Steve Jordan and this set comes with six unreleased bonus tracks featuring Mick Taylor, Bootsy Collins, & Johnnie Johnson. The super deluxe is a big box that comes wrapped in “Fender replica guitar case material” and the six discs in the box are as follows:

  • Remastered Talk Is Cheap on vinyl
  • Unreleased bonus tracks on vinyl
  • Remastered Talk Is Cheap on CD
  • Unreleased bonus tracks on CD
  • Seven-inch single of ‘Take It So Hard’ b/w ‘I Could Have Stood You Up’
  • Seven-inch single of ‘No Mistake’ / ‘It Means A Lot’

Talk Is Cheap super deluxe (click image to enlarge)

In addition to that audio, this box delivers an 80-page hardcover book with an Anthony DeCurtis essay featuring a new Keith interview, as well as the usual ‘rare and unseen’ photos from personal archives. This set also throws in ‘stuff’ like tour laminates, lyric sheets, reproduction Talk Is Cheap playback invite, guitar pick and two posters.

A two-CD deluxe is also available with album and bonus tracks, and a standard remastered vinyl edition is also available. An ‘indies-only’ RED VINYL exclusive edition is also being marketed.

Talk Is Cheap is reissued on 29 March 2019

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Keith Richards

talk is cheap - super deluxe edition


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Keith Richards

talk is cheap - limited red vinyl LP


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Keith Richards

talk is cheap - 2CD deluxe


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Keith Richards

talk is cheap - remastered black vinyl


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Keith Richards

talk is cheap - remastered CD


CD 1 / Vinyl 1 – Remastered Talk Is Cheap album

  1. Big EnoughTake It So Hard
  2. Struggle
  3. I Could Have Stood You Up
  4. Make No Mistake
  5. You Don’t Move Me
  6. How I Wish
  7. Rockawhile
  8. Whip It Up
  9. Locked Away
  10. It Means a Lot

CD 2 / Vinyl 2 – Unreleased bonus tracks

  1. Blues Jam
  2. My Babe
  3. Slim
  4. Big Town Playboy
  5. Mark On Me
  6. Brute Force

Seven inch single 1

  • ‘Take It So Hard’ b/w ‘I Could Have Stood You Up’

Seven-inch single 2

  • ‘No Mistake’ / ‘It Means A Lot’

105 responses to Keith Richards / Talk Is Cheap 30th anniversary super deluxe edition

  1. Johnny Appleseed says:

    OK record, certainly better than any Micks solo stuff which really isn’t saying much. Probably would buy it if it was cheaper they remixed it. Never let the drummer produce the record. Drums sound really processed twice as loud than on any Stones record.

  2. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Message from Amazon today. New release date……..

    Estimated arrival date: October 23 2019 – October 24 2019

  3. John says:

    For the “Super Fan” only Keith’s own website had a very limited 250 copies version of the Super Deluxe Box Set plus Keith’s signature on an exclusive art print 12″ x 12″. Not for everyone but they have long sold out so eBay and such will be the place methinks to hopefully score one….this is the ultimate version it seems.

  4. Todd says:

    I am surprised to see the “Big Enough” remix that was created as a white label promo by Virgin for clubs is not here. Would have loved to see that finally on CD.

  5. Larry Davis says:

    I’ll be fine with just the 2CD version…not missing any additional songs if you don’t get the big box, no DVD exclusive either, and you don’t have to buy vinyl to get the 6 tracks either… I’m ok if I don’t get the big book or memorabilia… Easiest choice ever…I never had the original Virgin album in 1988 but I did dig ‘Take It So Hard’ and Keith is my fave Stone so I would gladly buy the 2CD in March…

  6. Kauwgompie says:

    To each their own but for me “value” is a lot of extra music that isn’t on the original album. So for ppl like me, this box costs me $150 for only 6 bonus tracks. It’s a total let down. Why no demo’s, live material, rough mixes, alternative mixes, a BluRay with 5.1 surround, a dvd w a concert, etc? There is plenty to choose from. This is in line with the other, mostly disappointing, boxes that the Stones put out. So I guess I’ll buy the 2cd as the box is one giant missed opportunity for me.

    • Gisabun says:

      @Kauwgompie: Yup. I really couldn’t care less about the book. Lack of demos, live tracks, concert video, etc.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Hey Kauw

      I know what you mean. I know some people get their arse in their hands when Vinyl and Digital are mixed, it doesn’t bother me) but this attempt to replicate the digital and vinyl content in the same box is utterly pointless. It’s probably because 6 tracks does not make an SDE. It’s nothing more than a single CD expanded edition with 6 bonus tracks at £9.99 and somehow they want £140 for it. Yes the 2CD is a good alternative (at under 80 minutes) but even I as a vinyl junkie can’t see the need for total repetition in a single box. I like how Marillion have done things. One big CD set and one big Vinyl set and I bought both. I can’t imagine how annoyed people would be if that had morphed into one big mixed box. I don’t mind the Fleetwood Mac way of doing it either. 4CDs 1 DVD and 1LP kind of thing. But you need the material to back it up and this box just does not have it. The signed wooden thing at €650 must be some kind of record (intended) for maximum revenue from minimum material.

  7. Hans says:

    You guys think the signed edition is a good investment?

  8. Sean O'Brien says:

    One of my favorite albums of the time. Plays like the spiritual successor to the Stones late 70’s early 80’s output and holds up well. Although not strong of voice, Keith’s nuanced phrasing lend well to the spirit and tone of the record, especially on the quieter tracks. Had the opportunity to see the X-Pensive Winos in LA at the time. Wish the box included live audio and video of the show as it was on of the most memorable club shows I’ve seen.

  9. John says:

    Tastey album and it is noce to see a range of options right up to the signed, super deluxe box set for those who are inclined. Looks pretty well like something for everyone. Good news and so it is a happy day! Thanks Paul.

  10. bruce kelso says:

    why no video ? there is alot of it that was shown on tv and the boston and la. shows were pro shots. no need for the vinyl . ill pass

  11. Andreas Wiethoff says:

    Now available as “Super Deluxe Box Set” in a real-wood case for a lot of money on the official Keith Richards store: The real-wood case is hand-built and aged by Fender at their Custom Shop, using the same materials as Keith’s iconic vintage Telecaster, Micawber. Also included is a steel guitar pick, exclusive to this box. 250 pcs are available signed by Keith…

  12. Klaus says:

    Regarding value for money:

    You can currently order the “This Was”-box by Jethro Tull via for EUR 26 (GBP 23).

    …and Ian Anderson can’t sing, too. ,-))

  13. Ledzep says:

    It ´s called ‘ de luxe’ . You Know what it means ? It’s more expensive because it’s a luxury product and when you see the box, the book and so on you can undertsand the price (it’s a collector product).
    And if you only need extra tracks you can buy the less expansive 2cd…
    Thanks Paul for giving us The chance to have such products….

  14. Daryl says:

    Unbelievable how many people are finding stuff to complain about!
    This is actually one of the better-value sets to come out in a long time when taking into consideration the fact that you can get all the audio in the big box on two discs for under a tenner!! And lets be honest – the books in these sets get looked at once, then placed back in the box FOREVER anyway.
    Basically, if you are lucky enough to have more money than sense, get the big box. If not, pay £9.99 for the 2-disc and get all the audio that way! Bingo :)

  15. Mark Vincent says:

    Fabulous to see so many posts and so much interest in KR! Buy what you like,Buy what you can afford!
    We are in a very good place ( as collectors of box sets) to have so many quality offerings at our call!
    If they dry up, Then What?

  16. noyoucmon says:

    I’m relieved to learn that the super deluxe is actually a two-disc affair, duplicated across formats, plus a couple of singles. When I read a headline on Twitter about a six-disc box for this album I thought the notion was insane.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It is six discs, but as you say has repeated content. We can critique the value of what’s on individual discs, but two discs with the same content don’t magically become one disc just because they share the same audio.

      • Andrea says:

        yes, but still one could argue that in order to have the box&book&memorabilia, vinyl buyers have to buy a second digital copy (which will be of little use to most of them) and CD buyers have to buy a second vinyl copy (which will be of NO use to most of them).

        As it happens quite often, unfortunately.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’m not saying its perfect, but I’m saying I can understand the reasons behind it. Also, let’s be honest if you are paying £140 for a box which contains reproduction playback invites, posters, guitar picks, books, etc. who cares if there’s some vinyl you’ll never use. You’ll never “use” the tour laminate, either!! You can at least frame the vinyl sleeve and make some use out of it.

          • Andrea says:

            yes I understand the reason behind it as well: greed.
            That “vinyl you’ll never use” is the excuse for making you pay £140 for a set which could easily, considering the printing cost of book & pictures, be sold for half that price.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            We’ve had this conversation many times before on SDE. Paul Smith will charge you £95 for a shirt, which costs no more than a £30 shirt from Marks and Spencer to produce. Is that ‘greed’ too? What has what it costs to produce something got to do with the retail price?

  17. stevieb says:

    They could have pleased everyone by including an extra disc featuring Keith’s musicianship and lyrics with the Clangers on vocals..

  18. Gerard F says:

    All these superdeluxe editions are way too expansieve and available at bargain prices after a year or so. Stones are in a “Gimme all your money ” the last ten years

  19. Frank Otero says:

    I think they could have added the videos, including the Saturday Night Live performance. This would make it complete and more attractive as a super deluxe edition. My two cents.

  20. Jake says:

    Was never really a fan of Keith or the Stones beyond a handful of songs, but there is a charm about this album and Keith’s style. I just heard a soundbyte on iTunes of the bonus track My Babe and I loved its old-time feel.

    I think I’m in for the 2-CD version.

    • AndyB says:

      Is My Babe the old Little Walter/Willie Dixon tune?

      • Jim Vandegrift says:

        That was my 1st thought. Blue and Lonesome had a bunch of Little Walter tuned in it

        • AndyB says:

          I’ll answer my own question: yes! And the tiny bit I have heard sounds GREAT! I’m in for the 2 disc set.

          • Jarmo Keranen says:

            My friend have a amateur blues orchestra and they do much better version of My Babe than Keith. They do lot of Little Walter tunes and every version sounds greater than Stones on Blue And Lonesome!

  21. Jim Vandegrift says:

    Very excited. Was looking for a Japanese copy last week online. 2 CD edition priced very reasonable. Keith isn’t god but he is close enough.

  22. AndyB says:

    Do shut up, Portia.

  23. Peter says:

    Excellent album. Never thought this would get the super deluxe treatment. For the time being I’ll get the 2CD and the red vinyl. Hope the SDE price will drop considerably.
    Main Offender next please, Keith!

  24. John H says:

    If ever an album didn’t deserve a big box set (basically as I’d thought it had all been but forgotten by now)….having said that, I absolutely love this album, one of the most entertaining from the Stones camp from the 80s onward. Thanks for the tip Paul, I still have the original vinyl so I’ll pick up the 2 disc version, ‘Blues Jam’ and all…

  25. Gary says:

    I’m glad talk is cheap ‘cos this ain’t! I’m sorry but I can’t help but compare this package to the Nazareth Loud N Proud release. That may be seen as an unfair comparison and Ok, this is Keef and all that, but even at its optimum price the Nazareth set wasn’t much more than this yet the volume of material far outstrips what’s on offer here. I guess Stones related stuff will always sell at a premium and this set will surely drop in price but a £140 speculative starting price??? Seriously?

  26. Patrick H says:

    Everyone seems to agree: it is way too expensive. And, as previously stated by others, why not a Box Set with both CDs and the book?!
    I will be waiting to see what treatment is given to Main Offender.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      So they don’t make you buy the big box to get the exclusive bonus tracks, you aren’t ‘forced’ to buy the vinyl with the CDs, but now it’s ‘why do I have to buy the box to get the book’. I think I’m a relatively patient man, but someone direct me to the nearest wall, so I can bang my head against it. GOOD STUFF is the carrot to fork up for the expensive box. If they gave you the GOOD STUFF with the £9.99 2CD set, then no one would buy the box. You don’t need a degree in marketing to work it out. I think I’ll stop publishing questions that people CLEARLY KNOW THE ANSWER TO ALREADY.

      • Dave says:

        But why should you be forced to buy the same music on both vinyl and cd at the same time? Why not a “good stuff” cd box and a good stuff vinyl box? You didn’t have to buy the vinyl as well as the “good stuff” for the White Album, Red Rose Speedway etc etc.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Because that’s not economically or logistically practical from a label/manufacturing/marketing point of view.

          • Keith Richards says:

            Not everybody knows that Paul.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I understand, but there’s plenty of criticism of labels on this forum (often justified) but a little more of putting yourself in their position wouldn’t go amiss too. If you produce TWO reasonably pricey box sets, one for CD and one for VINYL is stands to reason you are increasing manufacturing costs, design costs etc. If you want a book with CDs it has to be large format and ends up costing 40 or £50 and people complain ‘why am I paying x extra for a book?’ It doesn’t sell and the label have lost money, and cancel future projects for fear of the same issue. The Alphaville set with the vinyl is a decent compromise it allows the record label to have one relatively simple ‘deluxe’ product that they can make a profit on and isn’t so expensive that you begrudge paying for it if you don’t play vinyl.

      • paul wren says:

        Great post, Paul – I couldn’t agree with you more.

  27. Matt S says:

    Didn’t realize Amazon was an “Indie”.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Very pithy. I only found out it was on other Amazons later. Red vinyl is likely to be saved for UK indies. Outside the UK it seems to be a free for all, although JPC is still an ‘indie’ too.

      • Matt S says:

        Not a dig on you Paul – more a dig on anything being labeled Indie Exclusive anymore.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No worries, I understand. As a rule of thumb the word ‘exclusive’ normally only goes as far as country borders. So Noble and Barnes in the USA will quite often go on about an ‘exclusive’ coloured vinyl, which might also be available in HMV in the UK. Despite there being a ‘global economy’ they hardly ever qualify these claims!

  28. wardo says:

    Gee, I wonder if there will be a 35th anniversary “She’s The Boss”…

    As for this, I’ve still got my original 1988 US vinyl. I’ll likely spring the 16 bucks American for the 2CD, play the bonus disc once and file it.

  29. Stephen Gilmour says:


  30. Mark and Michelle Petz says:

    Great album finally getting it’s star treatment. Looks like a beautiful deluxe set. But $175 U.S.?!?! Somebody in accounting fell out of a coconut tree.

  31. Dave says:

    Another SDE where you have to buy the vinyl to get the book. I’ve got no interest in any of the vinyl but I would like the book, posters etc etc. I’m sure that equally there are vinyl buffs who don’t need the CDs. Why can’t there be a CD only and vinyl only version of the SDE?
    Oh yes, revenue… Well, they’ve missed out on a potential £50 from me.

  32. Gisabun says:

    Aside from other stuff, surely there was some live stuff [audio or video] that could of been included. A bit pricey [and thin] for a “6” disc box set.

  33. Jack Kelleher says:

    The red vinyl edition is also avail in the USA from Amazon.

  34. Tony says:

    I remember seeing a London show when this was released, Marquee maybe, Mick turned up, and lots of calls to Mick to go and give Keith a hand (he didn’t), it was a great night.
    Thanks to this site I’ll wait and see how low it goes, red vinyl for me otherwise.

  35. Jack Kelleher says:

    Ordered the big box, from, $134 shipped to the USA

  36. Ken Evans says:

    Keef sings really great. This album is easily better than the dayglo Stones one from 86. Equal to Steel Wheels. The live version is great too but it got remastered a few years ago so I’m ok it’s not in here. The 2 cd version should be just fine, this is way overdue for a sonic upgrade. I think Main Offender got a nice sonic upgrade a few years ago same time as the live one.

    Keef sings at least as good as Tom Waits and Dylan. They’re all great singers, and Mick and any conventionally great singer (Freddie, Plant, Janis, Grace, Joni, John, Paul, George, Bowie) – they’re all great singers but cats like Keef and Tom and Bob are equally great singers just from a different angle. If you’ve lived the blues it connects as a sturdy lived-in voice that tells it like it is, it’s like Billie compared to Ella – both equally great singers just from different emotional sides of life.

    • Michael says:

      Ken, I can appreciate the gravelly (time has taken its toll) tone to Keith’s singing, but for me, his lead vocals on “Talk is Cheap” feel hesitant and don’t really drive these great songs in an emotional way. Yes, there are many famous recording artists like Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, who don’t have polished, albeit classically trained voices, but they sing with confidence, attitude and heart, making the songs they do feel anchored and believable.

  37. Dave says:

    I thought Keith recorded an early version Of Almost Hear You Sigh during the sessions? Shame it is not included.

  38. AndyB says:

    31st anniversary, really. Love this album. And, to all the people who criticize Keith’s voice, I think he sings his ass off on it!

    • Tom from FIN says:

      Yup, definitely worthy for a reissue. The last proper album “Rolling Stones” LOL made in 30 years, excluding the excellent Steel Wheels; BTW also the round years anniversary going on.

  39. Mr. Ska '57 says:

    No syringe in the box/

  40. Michael says:

    Marvelous SDE packaging and design. But I must agree a bit with TheProgster’s post, that although Keith Richards is very talented as a composer and musician, he’s better off leaving the vocals to Mick Jagger or somebody else.

    My burning question is why didn’t they offer such a luxurious super-duper box set of the Rolling Stone’s magnificent “Beggars Banquet?”

  41. adam shaw says:

    Great album and due for an upgrade , I’ve still got my 3 x 3” cds in a black skull tin version.

  42. Andrew says:

    Talk Is Cheap is easily the best Stones solo album and better than any Stones album since Tattoo You. But the price tag on that box set is steeeep. I suspect it will drop considerably between now and the release date.

  43. MüllerMüller says:

    Hmmmm…….. without the extended version of „Make no mistake“ >> this is a mistake!!
    And some promo mixes……?!?

  44. Oscar Cosulich says:

    Come on boys, don’t be unfair! The 2Cd edition is pretty economic

  45. Gordon says:

    A 6 disc £140 boxed set magiced out of a single album. Keef’s people are obviously taking lessons from his lead singer in how to get maximum return for minimum effort. They really do have those Stones collectors by the short and curlies. It is a great album though.

  46. Thilo says:

    If it’s cheaper than 10€ I will buy it.

  47. Peter says:

    The quality level of the regular album is quite low.
    Then the ‘bonus’ disc starts off with a song called Blues Jam… just the title makes me wonder how bad it can be.
    A 6-disc dedicated to an album like that? Really? Are they kidding?

  48. Colin Harper says:

    One has to be wary of bonus tracks entitled ‘Blues Jam’…

  49. Gary C says:

    Good enough as a 2CD for, but you’d have thought a live concert would have been part of the box set too, or at least a few tracks from a concert. Wasn’t there a video of a concert at some point?
    He only did a short tour of the USA so a DVD would have been a nice bonus for the big box.

  50. Meadowmeal says:

    I find it absolutely praiseworthy that all music is also on the very affordable 2CD. The price difference with the super deluxe is quite ridiculous.

  51. El Nino says:

    Good UK price on the two CD – I don’t have this album so I’m in.

  52. John Orr says:

    I like Keef, but no way this deserves a super deluxe treatment at this crazy price. There are many other albums that ‘deserve’ this type of scrutiny and analysis.

  53. Kevin Galliford says:

    I’m waiting for a “From the vault” issue of the “Bridges to Babylon” tour. That’s where I want to spend my money.

  54. Renato says:

    Well, six disc, all that money for…. six unreleased tracks!?
    Not for me.

  55. Michel Kempes says:

    A nice red one Will do…. Ordered

  56. Daryl says:

    Well, this looks interesting! The ‘six-disc’ box set price is eye-watering, but the two-disc version will do me nicely!

  57. SeanL says:

    The music ain’t cheap that’s for sure !!!!

  58. pinkfloyd says:

    a 6 disc SDE of keith album but none for the Stones?! w t…

  59. It’s a good album, probably his best solo effort but I don’t need the CDvwith only 6 extra tracks. Sorry Keef!

  60. Dubsideofthemoon says:

    Super deluxe edition !
    Is this album so great to deserve such a treatment ?

    • TheProgster says:

      Correct it’s NOT worthy of a super deluxe treatment he’s overrated and above all he CAN’T sing….last time this was released it ended up in the bargain bin where it actually belongs sorry but it’s true.

      • Daryl says:

        *in your opinion.

      • AndyB says:

        Wow, Progster, didn’t realize that your opinion is the only valid one. What other albums that I love are actually crap? I need to get rid of them immediately!

        • Tim-Meh says:

          I let him/her have anything by the Ting Tings.

        • TheProgster says:

          Well it does helps to have a valid opinion and when it comes to vocals if they can’t sing and some do sing lazely it’s definitely not worth buying or even keeping and infecting the rest of ones music library..Singers must have to properly express the way they empathize each word and decent vocal phrasing or warrant repeated listens because to be honest it’s not worth having the songs in ones collection…A bad vocalist lets the side down and the rest of his or hers band mates.
          Instrumentalists like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield etc have no worries because their music has strong enough melodies not to need any vocals.

      • Tom Kristensen says:

        I hear you!

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