King Crimson / Heaven & Earth box

24-disc box set featuring CDs, blu-ray and DVD-As • Combo CD+DVD-A sets of two studio albums also available

King Crimson will release another one of their mega box sets in May. Heaven & Earth is the seventh in their ongoing series and focuses on the period from December 1997 to August 2008.

This box set features 18 CDs, 3 x blu-ray audio, one blu-ray video and two DVD-Audio discs. The first three CDs are devoted to enhanced version of the studio albums The ConstruKction Of Light (2000) and The Power to Believe (2003). The former has been remixed (by Don Gunn) and features all new drums by Pat Mastelotto and has a new moniker The ReconstruKction Of Light. The Power to Believe is featured as an extended/enhanced stereo mix and includes the studio version of Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With and Level 5.

The next four CDs feature the instrumental/improvised ProjeKcts, er, projects, described as “research and development” by Robert Fripp. These are all new to CD and each ‘ProjeKct’ each CD features a different line-up.

A further 11 CDs feature live recordings (several new to CD, with some material previously unreleased) from the 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2008 tours.

Of the three blu-ray audios:

  • Disc One contains the complete recordings of ProjeKcts 1, 3, 4 & 6 – every single concert plus additional material the ProjeKcts released, it features the complete albums: ProjeKct 1- Space Groove, The ProjeKcts – 4CD box, ProjeKct 1 – Jazz Café Suite, ProjeKct X – Heaven & Earth, BPM&M – ExtraKcts & ArtifaKcts and Rieflin/Fripp/Gunn – Repercussions of Angelic Behaviour
  • Disc Two contains the complete recordings of ProjeKct 2 (every single concert). More than 30 shows plus an album’s worth of rehearsals.
  • Disc Three contains The ReconstruKction Of Light – the album in stereo and 5.1 mixes with the drums completely re-recorded by Pat Mastelotto – stereo mixes by Don Gunn, 5.1 mixes by David Singleton and the original album in hi-res stereo, The Power to Believe – expanded/enhanced 2019 master (2 tracks with additional elements plus 3 extra tracks assembled/mixed by David Singleton) and 5.1 surround mixes by David Singleton – all mixes executive produced by Robert Fripp – plus the Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With and Level 5 mini-albums, the 2000 show from London, the EleKtriK live album from 2003 and a video of a tour of the KC studio/live equipment setup from 2002.

There is also blu-Ray video disc of Europe 2000 – The Bootleg TV tour, which features around 10 hours of audio/video mostly never seen/heard since the concerts with versions of selected songs and improvs (usually two per night of each) from almost every show. Includes footage and music from 20 performances.

Finally, two DVD-As (compatible with all dvd players) feature The ReconstruKction of Light (new stereo/5.1/original stereo mixes plus ProjeKct X – Heaven & Earth) and The Power to Believe (2019 stereo/5.1/original master mixes plus Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With mini-album).

A detailed track listing will be available soon, but you get the general idea! As with the previous sets this box comes presented in a 12-inch box with booklet, memorabilia and new sleeve-notes by Sid Smith and David Singleton.

Heaven & Earth will be released on 31 May 2019 via Panegyric Recordings. If the big box is just too much you can opt for CD+DVD-A combos of The ReconstruKction Of Light and The Power to Believe. All three products can be ordered from the SDE shop (worldwide shipping) using this link or the buttons below (scroll down for price comparison widgets).

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77 responses to King Crimson / Heaven & Earth box

  1. Gerônimo Carneiro de Mendonça Araujo says:

    Does anyone know if in the bluray disc 1 the projects have surround 5.1 mix or Just stereo mixes ?

  2. Tom says:

    I just received this treasure in the mail. I haven’t digested the whole thing, but I can say that the ReconstruKCtion of Light is more powerful with the newly recorded drum track. Pat’s fills seem to explode from the speakers. It’s a marked improvement over the original, which was an awesome disc of begin with.

  3. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    Amazon UK also informed me about the delay several days ago.

  4. Boaz says:

    Burning shed has informed that the box set will be delayed to 7 June, since the American release has also been delayed and they want to have the release simultaneous. Does this also apply here?

  5. Gslley says:

    I’m just now reading this post. I wasn’t aware there were going to be CD/DVD-A sets, to complete the 40th Anniversary Series.

  6. Jon says:

    Hi Paul – any idea how much shipping from the SDE shoppe to the USA will cost? Or do I not really want to know?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not cheap I’m afraid, although you can potentially minimise it by buying a few more bits. We have been known to thrown in a free T-shirts, too :)

    • Brian Newby says:

      Wanting to order this Behemoth of a box…..How do you get a discount code….or a free (2XL) shirt… Afraid its only going to the UK but it is God’s country

  7. JJDelmas says:

    This is the sound of one of the most inventive acts ever in the whole history of music trying desperately to find yet another new identity, and ultimately (IMHO) failing to do so; but leaving behind in the process many fascinating experiments. It is quite ironic how the way to the future (now the present) of King Crimson arrived quite unexpectedly through the Scarcity Of Miracles project, tagged as yet another Projeckt as an afterthought to legitimise the genealogy of the Crimson dinasty. Perhaps after the realisation that a Belew fronted band would, at best, be too derivative of the 1980’s band for Fripp tastes…
    Certainly not the place to introduce yourself to the Crimson saga, unless you have a very adventurous pair of ears.
    Me? Having all the previous boxes, I think I have to complete the series!

  8. stephen gilmour says:

    I’ve been following this site since day 1 and appreciate everything that Paul does – even if it has cost me tens of thousands over the many years. Paul, if ever you’re in Perth Australia mate come and stay and you can enjoy some home cooked bush tucker on me :)

  9. Mattgb says:

    Is there a list somewhere of the box sets in the series?

      • Raymondo says:

        First you had the ITCOTCK box set.
        Then, in no particular order, Complete Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, The Road To Red, Starless, THRAK, On (And Off) The Road and finally Heaven And Earth.
        If those are too much, they broke them down to cd/dvd sets with primarily the important items, i.e. the original albums with new and original mixes and some additional bonus tracks and some videos to accompany them. If you go to the Discogs website, they have pretty good info on each release.

  10. Jose says:

    Did Steven Wilson pass on these 5.1 mixes?

  11. XAVIER says:

    Sorry but the prize of AMAZON is not correct: EUR 173,85 (…)

  12. Hillel abramov says:

    Hi Paul, I was going to order this great new box but the dropdown menu doesn’t include Israel were I reside, help!

  13. Isaías says:

    To Stuart Ansell and Willy: I just said what I think about the box and where my love for King Crimson ends. If both of you like it it’s not of my business. My intention was to express myself only and NOT tease anyone here. If you both felt offended by me I’m really sorry and it’s a needless reaction. It was just my words, my idea about this release.

    By the way Paul does a great job here, I love SDE since I found it some years ago and I check it everyday since then.

    Keep the job Paul.
    WE LOVE IT !!!!

  14. El friki cubiche rey del patio de maria says:

    Best band on the face of the earth.. Michael Giles is my favorite drummer (along with Billy Cobham from Mahavishnu Orchestra) ,wish he’d at least do a couple of shows with KC again.

  15. David McIntyre says:

    There is Super deluxe and there is King Crimson. Every box just ups the ante

  16. Ian Whiteford says:

    Just ordered from you Paul. Very much looking forward to it and completes my KC box collection.

  17. Dan T. says:

    Another tremendous set. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Paul.

    For those unclear on the meaning of “DVD-A.” At the risk of oversimplification to the point of error, the discs usually have both lossless and lossy layers on them, the latter playable in just about any commercial DVD player. The former requires a DVD-A player proper, or a compatible optical drive with software on a PC that can find the layer and play it for you. (Though, most people’s equipment require DAC oversampling to get the lossless stuff to work, so your mileage on the lossless layers may vary…).

  18. Colin Harper says:

    Imagine all the fun we’d have with disc errors if Fripp entrusted Edsel with putting these enormo-boxes together… :-D

  19. Zongadude says:

    Glad to read all the positive comments. :)
    This box is going to be the most incredible of the series in terms of content, way more than the previous ones which were already astonishing !

    The one thing left to do is a similar boxset for the first album (there was a 4-disc box already – but it was before this series and was not really up to par content-wise), and the almost complete History of KC’s studio and live albums will have been covered by Mega box sets rich in content !

    If you buy all these, and suscribe to the 1000CLUB on the official website, ($100 a year during which you can download the equivalent of $500 in Flac files), for something like three years, you may very well get close to owning ALL the live recordings that exists for this band! (From the recordings that have survived, of course). We’re talking about hundreds of shows from a 50 year career !

    Not many bands offers this opportunity to their fans.
    KC are the champions.

    • David Bourgoin says:

      They are reissuing the first album in a boxset later this year with a lot more discs than the 40th anniversary box had. Details on the DGM website are:

      In The Court of the Crimson King Companion & Boxed Set

      Oct: Released to coincide and celebrate the original release date of King Crimson’s debut album on 12th October 1969:

      Limited edition expanded boxed set of “In The Court of the King Crimson” including all the live recordings, the expanded multitrack 1969 recording sessions, as well as a new 5.1 remix of the album.DGM Companion Vol 1, edited by Robert Fripp & David Singleton – Vinyl sized coffee table book covering the history of “In The Court of Crimson King”, with complete timeline, extensive photos, recollections and essays.

    • The Golden Age Of Forever Brexit says:

      The 40th Anniversary Box Set of ‘In The Court Of Crimson King’ contains 5CDs and a DVD. My copy is going on Fleabay and Discogs over the weekend, the 50th Anniversary Enormo Box is for me. And whoever else wants it!

  20. andrew R says:

    As a truly frustrated Zeppelin fan you have to admire what Fripp has done
    with the KC brand .The boxes i have bought of KC are things of beauty with so much extra detail
    and an embarrassment of live recordings ,contrast this with the ongoing saga of the live Zeppelin recordings that will never see the light.KC fans are lucky indeed.

  21. stephen gilmour says:

    Paul – where is the shipping options for Amazon USA for us Aussies :) PS Love this web site – been a follower since day 1 and almost can’t live without it!

  22. paul wren says:

    This band is so enlightened in the way they offer copious material at value for money prices – quite extraordinary. I may have to become a later period KC fan just to avail myself of these products.

  23. MAD says:

    Joy! Another KC cornucopia!

    Besides, I have a small question.

    How “limited” are those limited editions?
    Having been unemployed for a while now, I see all those glorious boxsets come and go and I hate to think that one day they will be sold out and the few available copies will be ridiculously priced…

    It already happened to me with Mike Oldfield’s Crises boxset…

    • David Bourgoin says:

      I don’t know the exact numbers that they press but the Starless box now seems to be sold out from Burning Shed and other places and the few that are available have started creeping up in price.

      • Dean says:

        True. I recently bought Road to Red because stocks were starting to get low at some vendors. These sets are great, but still represent a large chunk to spend in one place. I don’t want to know what they’ll cost once they’re OOP. The only one I need now is Sailors…. and this new one…..

  24. Alan Blevin says:

    I’m not a King Crimson fan but salivate every time one of these is released imagining my favourites releasing sets like these.
    Hope King Crimson fans realise how lucky they are.

  25. Bill Hammell says:

    Are the DVD-A sets lossless audio? Thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Isn’t that was DVD-A delivers, if you have a DVD-A player?

      • Arnd says:

        Art they really DVD-A or just DVD-V with a black picture? “compatible with all dvd players” sound suspiciously like the latter…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No, they are DVD-As. They make a point of mentioning it and of course they are audiophile target market. They say ‘compatible with all DVD players’ so as not to put off people who think they need specialist equipment, to access the 5.1 etc.

  26. Diavolo says:


  27. Ryk says:

    It would be nice to order box sets like this, but with a shipping cost of £80.00 to NZ it makes it too prohibitive. I recently had the Bowie LtA vinyl box set shipped from the U.K. for £3.58. Go figure!

  28. Isaías says:

    My love for King Crimson goes up to Three Of A Perfect Pair. I must confess I really tired to go on but when they return the albums (from Vrooom Vrooom on) are SO BORING that I had to gave up. Some of the albums are just impossible to hear twice and I do dare if even Robert Fripp does it. I really wonder why should one buy it. It’s a waste of time and money. Mr Fripp is a wise man and he knows too well how to make a huge amount of money. He has been releasing the same old material for decades by DGM (his own label) and it seems he will not stop until the end of times. Shame on him !!!

    • Stuart Ansell says:

      Other opinions are available.

    • Willy says:

      It’s not a waste of time and money to those who love this stuff, the people for whom it is intended.

      And I’m not sure Mr Fripp makes a “huge amount of money” from these. However he does always ensure that the artists get their fair share, which is only to be commended.

      • Stuart Ansell says:

        I quite agree Willy. For those of us who like/love it, this set (around £135 delivered in the UK) is fantastic value – £5.50ish a disc including 4 Blu-rays and 2 DVD-As is damn good value and puts the efforts of some bands to shame. I’d take exception to the idea that Robert is somehow fleecing his fans with this – he’s clearly not, and whilst the music isn’t for everyone (no music is to everyone’s taste, and just because a particular era of a band’s music doesn’t work for you, doesn’t make it worthless or ‘impossible to hear twice’, or indeed ‘boring’, just means you don’t like it, which is fine, other opinions are available) it’ll sell well to those of us for whom it is intended and who have been waiting expectantly for ages.

        Be. Nice.

        There is stuff announced daily, hourly even that isn’t for me, not to my tastes. People like it, that’s good for them, more power their elbow. Some stuff seems a bit steep for the amount of content, that’s a matter of opinion and expectation, but there’s a nice way and a not nice way of expressing those opinions.

        Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to ‘waste my time and money’ (and to be very clear it’s MY time and money, and I’ll waste it any way I chuffing well like thank you very much) by pre-ordering this box set.

        Keep up the good work Paul, this site is brill.

  29. Mark Clark says:

    At US $235 with shipping, I’ll have to hope and wait for US availability (Amazon or Deep Discount).

  30. Gunnar Kennedy says:

    Gonna cost a mortgage to get it here in the States, but they always do and are always worth it. Cannot wait as this is the era of King Crimson I have yet to really dive into.

  31. Victor says:

    Paul! Do you ship to Spain?

  32. greg says:

    So, looks like this won’t include the pro-shot disc one of the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ DVD, then? It’s pretty comprehensive otherwise. Or maybe it will be included with the BootlegTV stuff, just not listed (yet)?

    I hate to complain, what with the embarrassment of riches on offer here – it’s just one little thing short of being perfect – , but the released EYS disc desperately needs an upgrade, what with being non-anamorphic widescreen (who still does that anyway, and why?) and substandard audio.

  33. Dave says:

    Ordered from you!

  34. Magoo says:

    In Fripp we trust.

  35. oddone says:

    Have to get it as the previous ..à dream comes True for every KC addict

  36. bertielego says:

    As with all the previous box sets in the series, I’ll wait for the Japanese edition (called ‘Japan Assemble’), bundling with the box set a Disk Union box set with numerous empty ‘Paper Sleeve’ replicas, released by WHD Entertainment in the past, and now by WOWOW Entertainment; and sold by both Disk Union and WOWOW Entertainment.

    As with all the previous CD/DVD-A combos, I’ll wait for the Japanese editions too; they come in Paper Sleeve replicas with obi strip replicas. At Disk Union, they come with an additional official box (one box per album, really cool).

  37. CraigH says:

    I don’t know much about KC but £125 for all that is very good value compared to most of the recent boxes I’m interested in (e. g. New Order)

  38. Charles Christopher says:

    I’m not a huge KC fan, but damn if these aren’t impressive sets. I’ll bet fans of every band out there wish that their favorite artists had sets like this, and that Crimson’s own fans weep for joy every time one of these is announced.

  39. Robin Rimbaud says:

    As ever, King Crimson show how it can be done in terms of box set releases. I treasure every one of their other releases and the price is extremely reasonable given the wealth of material! Goodness knows how many hours of music there are featured in this release. Amazing.

  40. Wayne Olsen says:

    Bob gets it. These are for fans only but they’re beautifully done and truly limited.

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