Kitchens of Distinction / Watch Our Planet Circle / 6CD box set


This March, One Little Indian will issue Watch Our Planet Circle, a six-disc box set that brings together the back catalogue of nineties indie-pop outfit Kitchens Of Distinction.

The six-CD set includes remastered versions of the band’s four studio albums (issued in the years between 1989 and 1996) along with discs devoted to B-sides and BBC Sessions.

The band (from South London) reformed in 2012 and issued Folly a year later, their first album in since 1994’s Cowboys and Aliens.

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Kitchens Of Distinction

Watch Our Planet Circle


Watch Our Planet Circle will be released on 3 March 2017.


1989 Love Is Hell

1. In A Cave
2. Time To Groan
3. Shiver
4. Prize
5. The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule
6. Her Last Day In Bed
7. Courage, Mother
8. Mainly Mornings
9. Hammer
10. Elephantine
11. Margaret¹s Injection
12. 1001st fault
13. Anvil Dub

1991 Strange Free World

1. Railwayed
2. Quick As Rainbows
3. Hypnogogic
4. He Holds Her, He Needs Her
5. Polaroids
6. Gorgeous Love
7. Aspray
8. Drive That Fast
9. Within The Daze Of Passion
10. Under The Sky, Inside The Sea

1992 The Death of Cool

1. What Happens Now?
2. 4 Men
3. On Tooting Broadway Station
4. Breathing Fear
5. Gone World Gone
6. When In Heaven
7. Mad As Snow
8. Smiling
9. Blue Pedal
10. Can’t Trust The Waves

1994 Cowboys and Aliens

1. Sand On Fire
2. Get Over Yourself
3. Thought He Had Everything
4. Cowboys And Aliens
5. Come On Now
6. Remember Me?
8. One Of Those Sometimes Is Now
9. Here Come The Swans
10. Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye
11. Pierced
12. Prince Of Mars


1. Prize (The Demo Version)
2. Concede
3. Innocent
4. 4 Men
5. Quick As Rainbows (Martin Hannett version)
6. Mainly Mornings (Live)
7. In A Cave (Live)
8. Shiver (Live)
9. These Drinkers
10. Elephantiny
11. Three To Beam Up
12. Goodbye Voyager
13. Skin
14. Air Shifting
15. Glittery Dust
16. Don’t Come Home
17. Spacedolphins
18. Jesus Nevada
19. White Horses

BBC Sessions

1. Four Men
2. Mad As Snow
3. When In Heaven
4. Blue Pedal
5. Sand On Fire
6. Come On Now
7. Cowboys And Aliens
8. Prince Of Mars


32 responses to Kitchens of Distinction / Watch Our Planet Circle / 6CD box set

  1. Steady State says:

    I’m more disappointed in the horrible mastering of the entire box set than anything else. I’m not a Golden Ears/Steve Hoffman Forum type who’s ultra picky, but this box set is literally painful to listen to. I’ll keep the original CDs and CD singles.

    It’s really too bad because it’s a physically beautiful box set. I will keep it, but just for decoration mainly.

  2. James says:

    I’m disappointed that ‘White Horses’ was mistakenly left off the CD, and it seems that the free download of the missing track is available only to those who bought on the PledgeMusic platform. I pre-ordered from Amazon as soon as it was announced, but I guess that’s no help for me. Shipping has been delayed until May, so I guess there’s a slim chance that they could be correcting the factory error….? (Wishful thinking….)

  3. Dave says:

    That skip on Prize is pretty bad… disappointing they have missed out 3 bsides when there’s room on the last disc too. Seems to be silence from the label so I doubt anything’s going to get sorted.

  4. Richard says:

    They are now offering a free download of the missing track, big deal! How about repressing the cd!!
    What a mess, had been tempted to buy it despite having pretty much everything on it already but no interest now.
    Why do labels think sending a replacement MP3 is acceptable for the sloppy mistakes.

  5. 2wicky says:

    just reading the comments on the pledgemusic website… Apparently there’s a mastering error on the first disc:
    “track 4 “Prize” has a slight skip around the 2:58-3:00 mark”
    and one track is missing from disc 5 although listed:
    “On the B-Sides disc, “White Horses” is listed, but does not appear.”

  6. SimonH says:

    Have received this box. It looks great and the sleeves notes are interesting. I’m pleased the band’s albums are getting attention again. However apparently there are a few small errors, detailed on the Pledge Music comments page.
    In addition, after listening twice to the remaster of Strange Free World my initial feeling is that the remastering is on the loud and bright side. Obviously opinions will vary on this, but if you are sensitive to dynamic range etc, you may want to sample first. Again this is just my initial view based on a couple of listens.

  7. Richard says:

    Patrick has actually responded to a few of the queries on the pledge forum page
    It seems the remit was that it had to be owned by one little Indian, but doesn’t explain why the Peel sessions could be used but no other live stuff?

  8. Tim says:


    Since it appears they left off 3-4 tracks, would you be willing to contact them to either add them to the fourth disc if the sets aren’t pressed or be willing to add a bonus disc to the set (perhaps to entice pre-orders)?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This set comes out THIS WEEK. My ‘please add another disc’ efforts are exhausted anyway, thanks to Paul McCartney :)

  9. Michael says:

    Pre-ordered the Kitchen of Distinction 6 CD box set for £29.88 ($37.31 USD). This band is wonderful and sadly underappreciated. The ethereal sound and poetic lyrics that swirl in KoD’s songs makes me sort of think of what it would sound like if Michael Stipe of R.E.M. joined Echo and the Bunnymen. If you’re a fan of 90’s rock music, do not miss this!

  10. Andy MacKinnon says:

    currently showing at a very reasonable £32.88 on amazon uk…

  11. D. Martin says:

    Great band, should have captured a larger audience.

  12. elliott buckingham says:

    can I just say “who” was never a fan of 90s music apart from the obvious guitar based bands but these I have not heard of. did they disband and turn into other groups

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      KoD was one of the best of the UK’s shoegaze bands of the early 1990s, with a distinctive sound based around Julian Swales’ cascading delayed guitar and Patrick Fitzgerald’s unique, impassioned vocals. They had a strong start with excellent early singles and a debut album on One LIttle Indian. That album was also released by Rough Trade US shortly before that label tanked. The second album was just as good, got a big promotional push in the US from licensee A&M, and was a college radio success. Fitzgerald’s candor in discussing his own gay identity and its impact on the band’s lyrics may have been a mixed blessing, for though it brought them extensive media coverage, it also may have kept them from breaking into the mainstream in the US. In any event, the next album was a disappointment both commercially and critically, and the following and final record was more or less ignored by the label and the public.

      Fitzgerald continued to release records over the years under various names (Fruit, Stephen Hero, Lost Girls), usually with the assistance of his old KoD bandmates. For me at least, none of that work comes close to the energy or inspiration of the early KoD singles and the first two albums.

  13. Daniel says:

    One of my favorite bands and Death of Cool/Strange Free World are such good albums. Yes, I have almost all of this already but had to preorder from PledgeMusic. Too good to pass on! Wish they’d have included a live disc beyond the BBC sessions. Patrick Fitzgerald’s new projects The April Seven and Oskar’s Drum are very interesting too.

  14. Robert says:

    Such a overlooked band. The Death Of Cool is one of the best albums from that era.

  15. PScyd says:

    Yes Richard, I agree. Alot of money for an incomplete set. Why isn’t the first single (Last Gasp), last single (Genie) on here too? And where are the b-sides Into The Sea, What We Really Wanted To Do? Or the stand-alone track Pastor Niemoller’s Lament (Never Again)?

  16. richard says:

    A nice concept in theory but given all the albums are in print and almost all the b-sides appeared on the 2cd best of a few years back then you are a basically paying £40 for the 7th disc of two Peel sessions, couldn’t they have at least filled up the 7th disc with more live or unreleased stuff, it can surely only run for 30mins max and I can’t believe there is nothing else to add!!

    • auteur55 says:

      You’re getting a lovely package as well with all the albums remastered. I’ve got all the old jewel discs from the 90’s. Worth paying $40-$50 to get all these with updated sound, beautiful packaging and all the bonus material in one place.

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Back in the late-1990s I was in touch with Julian Swales, the Kitchens’ guitarist, who was exploring the possibility of doing a limited fanclub-type release of KoD demos and live material. The band had broken up, but still had a small core of ardent followers, as well as an extensive archive of live board tapes and studio material. However, the band’s label (don’t recall if it was OLI or A&M) got wind of the idea and squelched it.

      So to answer your implied question, at least back then, there was indeed a great deal more unreleased material in the band’s possession.

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  18. Simon F says:

    I’ve been after the 12″ of 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule for years. Damned if I’m gonna shell out this for lot though.

  19. Tim-Meh says:

    Excellent 6-disc box. Apparently they didn’t want a 7th.

  20. Paul says:

    It’s £38.75 on I’d certainly like to think that the Amazon UK price will fall over the coming weeks.

  21. Dave says:

    Missing a few bsides – couldn’t they have spread them onto the BBC disc?

  22. Jan says:

    Quck as Rainbows. Classic.

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