Kraftwerk coloured vinyl reissues

Kraftwerk albums reissued as limited vinyl pressings

Parlophone will issue eight Kraftwerk albums on limited edition coloured vinyl in October.

Autobahn (1974), Radio-Activity (1975), Trans-Europe Express (1977), The Man-Machine (1978), Computer World (1981), Techno Pop (1986), The Mix (1991) and Tour De France (2003) are the UK albums in question. Each will be pressed on 180g coloured vinyl (mostly translucent colours) and all come with 12, 16 or 20-page booklets.

Autobahn coloured vinyl. Fans are promised sleeves “pressed to the highest production standards”

There will also be German editions too. These are the five German language versions and Radio-Activät which features German song titles on the artwork but contains the same audio as the UK pressing.

Kraftwerk coloured vinyl LPs use the 2009 remasters and are released on 9 October 2020 via Parlophone.

Note: JPC in Germany have the German Versions and Rough Trade in the UK have an eight-vinyl bundle.

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Autobahn - translucent blue vinyl LP


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Radio-activity - translucent yellow vinyl LP


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Radio Aktivitat - German Version translucent yellow vinyl


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Trans-Europe Express - clear vinyl LP


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Trans-Europa Express - German Version clear vinyl LP


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The Man Machine - translucent red vinyl LP


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Die Mensch-Maschine - german version translucent red vinyl LP


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Computer World - translucent neon yellow vinyl LP


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Techo-Pop clear vinyl LP


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Techo-Pop german version clear vinyl LP


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The Mix - 2LP white vinyl


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The Mix german version 2LP white vinyl


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Tour De France - 2LP translucent red and blue vinyl


130 responses to Kraftwerk coloured vinyl reissues

  1. Pete says:

    At the turn of the year I purchased a decent hifi and have been back filling my substantial music collection with special heavy weight vinyl releases. I was greatly looking forward to this Kraftwerk “digitally remastered” series.

    Autobahn is horribly noisy, popping and cracking on the quieter side 2 tracks. There’s no enjoyment to be had listening to subtle and quiet tracks of Autobahn that have so much noise on them.
    TEEE has a repeating swoosh inline with a section of the record. Pops and crackles. There’s nothing evident on the surface of the disc I can see.
    The Man Machine sounds very flat with no detail, total contrast to the Spotify version. I don’t mean a little, it’s a stark difference.
    Computerworld – weirdly the English remastered version on Spotify sounds a lot duller, unclear compared to the German version…so I was expecting the same, but the vinyl here sounds BETTER and clearer, same as the German Spotify one. Bizarre.
    The Mix sounds like it’s been recorded too loud – elements such as vocals are distorted as if turned up too loudly with an pleasant rasp on them. Particularly notable on Autobahn and not on the digital versions.
    Tour de France not too bad suffering less from the pops and loudness issues of the previous recordings.

    I asked to return them to my supplier, who gracefully offered to refund the ones I had the worst problems with rather than return them all. I’ve accepted that solution. I may try to order another Autobahn and maybe a German Man Machine to see if I get better luck.

    I’ve researched into the reasons for noise on records which comes down to:
    – Surface wear – these are brand new, there are no visible marks or scuffs
    – Dust/dirt – Cleaned with a brand new pro-ject carbon fibre brush (purchased after hearing these records)
    – Dirty stylus – it’s a 12 month old Pro-ject deck and barely used, always treated with utmost respect.
    – Poor pressing / manufacturing process / QA or defects in plastics.

    I’ve heard before that “coloured vinyl is noisier” than black. I don’t believe that and friends in the music industry tell me that shouldn’t be the case.
    I have several other limited editions and coloured vinyls which don’t suffer in quality from Joy Division, 808 State, Bauhaus and others bands.
    Today using 808 State 90 limited edition “Vinyl on Vinyl” coloured editions as a hardware benchmark – those have no pops, crackles and sound fabulous. Compared to the digital counterparts there’s little difference.

    So it’s not my kit. As all of these discs seem to exhibit some kind of issue I have to come to the conclusion it’s either poor pressings or bad mastering.

    I don’t understand how a brand as big as Kraftwerk can put out such poor inconsistent quality?

  2. Wayne C says:

    Could I ask please?, it appears from the comments since release of these coloured vinyls that people don’t rate the pressings highly at all?. I’ve read through all of the comments and I have decided to hold off purchasing due the negative reactions. It seems they are riddled with pops/ticks and sound quality issues amongst other things so am I best to stay well clear of these and possibly look to the standard black vinyl versions of a few years back?.

  3. Norbert says:

    OK, today arrived my “Computerwelt” from Strangely enough as it is still not in stock and my delivery was announced for end November.

    It is a big pity that “someone” has bended one corner that way, that I have now a cover and a inner sleeve visibly damaged! Shame! I tend to claim, not sure to get an other item anyway.

    The vinyl: to make it short and to place a positive example, the vinyl is totally flat, 100% centered, and …..deat quiet ! I only heard 2-3 pops, 2 of them in a groove between to tracks. Not before the end of side 2, in the fade out of “It’s more fun to compute” there are some typical crackles, but not enough to return. And: I did not clean the vinyl before playing!

    What is a bit confusing: there are some distortions hearable, troughout, both sides, but always only in the mid frequency synths, the highs are clear. Strange. Anyone?

    Anyway, the sound is marvellous. It is a good working combination, the digital remaster on analog vinyl. Very detailed, warm and firstly: spatial! Wow!
    On the negative side maybe one can claim about a little bit bass shyness. The “Oomph” is clearly missing, at least on my rack. But I find it a decent sounding package, worth to own. But I clearly won’t pass my CD of this album. That is class of it’s own.

    All in all a good buy.

    My report on “Mensch Maschine” will follow.

  4. Ronen says:

    Two records, first batch of several, were delivered today from Amazon UK. Big shipping box as usual, but this time I found a copy of Autobahn thrown in with no protection at all. As suspected, it looks battered and bruised, at least on the outside. So, back it goes for a replacement. Surprised, as I’m used to receive records packed in separate mailers from Amazon… But then again, you never really know what to expect with them anymore. The second record, Tour De France, was packed separately inside the same box (trying to find the logic here). Upon initial cleaning and listening however, it plays with plenty of clicks and pops right out of the box. My old Kraftwerk LP’s from the ’70s sound much better. Back it goes for a replacement together with Autobahn. Here’s hoping there may be some good copies out there..

    • Adrian Swatridge says:

      Trouble is, when I tried to get a replacement, there aren’t any left! Sold out or now on sale at massively inflated prices…don’t hold your breath…

  5. Adrian Swatridge says:

    My advice? Don’t buy! I bought the white vinyl German version of The Mix and the quality is poor and my side 1 sticks repeatedly on The Robots about one minute from the end on first play. I cleaned it and there is no obvious flaw, but it sticks every single time. So I contacted Amazon who were absolutely rubbish. The non-English person I spoke to didn’t know the difference between a CD and a vinyl album and when I started explaining about one of the two albums being faulty and not the other and could I swap just one album, I may as well been speaking alien as they had no idea. So they suggested just returning and buying another, but of course the price has gone up to nearly £50 being a limited edition and they couldn’t understand my frustration in wanting a replacement at the price I paid for it.
    Then I asked to go back to the third party seller direct but they couldn’t understand what I was on about and in the end I lost my rag with them and they hung up on me. To say I’m disappointed in all this is an understatement. But as others have testified, the recordings aren’t very good anyway – a lot of surface noise and the vinyl itself feels very rough and weird. So reluctantly, I think mine is just going back and I’ll spend my money on something else. So much for their claim that these were produced to the highest standards! Shame, as I was really looking forward to this. But there’s no point keeping a record that sticks, because I’ll never play that side again.

    • memoryboy says:

      My suggestion with Amazon is to let that Customer Service representative go. Get off the phone with them. Politely. And then call back and get a different person on the phone. If the next person also isn’t helpful, try again. I’ve had to do this. If ita just not happening, try another day. I think it’s worth getting the right person on the phone that will go out of their way to help you. It’s not Amazon necessarily. It’s the person who took your call and they obviously didn’t know what they are doing.

      Also, I didn’t think the 2009 remasters of Kraftwerks albuns were very good. In my opinion. It was missing some dynamics. A bit flat. I was disappointed when I read these vinyl reissues were the 2009 remasters.

  6. Dougie says:

    Looks like the German versions are the German lyric versions after all, not just the packaging.

  7. Steen Hansen says:

    Huge disappointment! Got my copies today. Sound is not that great. A lot of surface noise especially on Autobahn and Radioactivity, but what is even worse is that the holes are not centered properly. All my new copies vary in pitch because of the hole not being centered. It drives me nuts. Beware!

    • Norbert says:

      That are bad news! Hopefully they are not pressed in Czech Repbulic. I got my Mensch Maschine today and still have not listened. Now I am afraid….

      Computer Welt and Techno Pop are still missing. I ordered at weeks ago and those two are not in stock nor are their delivery dates known.
      On jpc the German Version of Computer World is not listed any more…..strange, as I ordered it some weeks ago but cancelled it (stupidly) as on it was cheaper.
      But who knows today if the jpc customers having ordered sooner are getting their Computer Welt anyway….as only Computer World is in stock and there is no way to order the German Version.That German Version what announce for November/December…..very bizarre, all this stuff

  8. Ulrich says:

    I’ve ordered all 8 from JPC a month ago, and have just got a shipping confirmation for Autobahn only + a full shipping fee. I was going to order from as usual, but at the time Mench Machine wasn’t listed on the site. So decided to order all from JPC. Big mistake. :(

    • Ulrich Nicolaisen says:

      For some reason JPC have shipped 1 – 6 – 1 records over three days, and the box of 6 arrived today. So I take my critism back, as the remaining 2 are in the post. Observations so far: My Tour de France copy has two “Disc 2” inner sleeves, but the records are the right ones. Excessive surface noise on side two of Computerwelt. Cheaply made records, sold for premium price?

  9. Alan Bryant says:

    Die Mensch Maschine is showing unavailable now on Amazon UK but is available on other Amazon sites, es, fr, de etc. Any idea why that might be, I was gonna pre-order but looks like I may have left it too late :(

    • Beechlander says:

      Could be as it is limited (in the UK anyway) and the mass popularity/ease of Amazon. It may well re-appear there again but I can see it’s currently available on “real” record shop websites (Banquet, Resident Records, etc) so may be best pre-order from there now just in case.

    • Deanery says:

      bit of a pain in the butt if your Canadian…..these don’t show up at all on and on it states that they aren’t delivering these to Canada….why?

    • Deanery says:

      These are available on and rather cheap…bought Man Machine, Computer World and The Mix…

  10. Joel Moalem says:

    Is there any release date for these in the US?
    These are restricted—not being sent to the US from sellers on SDE listing.

  11. Paul Mac says:

    I got an offer I couldn’t refuse regarding these from a local record shop here in Ireland, and have pulled the trigger on the complete set for a a shade over £177 including delivery. Obviously delivery charges might be prohibitive if you’re outside Ireland (I didn’t check delivery costs to elsewhere), but for anyone who wants to check them out, try They’re offering a 10% discount if you buy three or more titles for a limited time using the code KRAFTWERK10%DISCOUNT. Hope this helps someone.

    • Roland says:

      Thanks Paul, you’re my hero!

      The coupon still works as of October 5th and they still have all records available – even the German ones which are sold out in many a store. Thanks again!

  12. Paul Mac says:

    Computerwelt is now available on Amazon UK for the same price as the other single LPs, but they’re giving a release date of January 1st, 2021!

    • MikeW says:

      At last Amazon have corrected this. Computerwelt (Neon Yellow Vinyl) now has the release date as per the others (German versions or English) of 9th October on Amazon UK. I had risked a pre-order and they emailed me yesterday to revise the release/delivery date.

  13. MARK LEVY says:

    How about re-issuing the glow in the dark 12 inch of NEON LIGHTS

  14. Peter Gale says:

    Not sure why the German Computerwelt seems harder to find. Doesn’t seem to be on Amazon, or on your list above. I presume it is being released? Also interesting that Amazon UK are charging £44 for Tour De France… it’s the one I added last to my basket and puts the average up a bit!

    • MikeW says:

      Yes, I had Tour De France in my basket too, Peter. For some reason Amazon UK, and most other sellers, suddenly ramped it up, but The Mix (English and German) double has remained at the original listed price. Computerwelt neon is being listed on eBay UK at the same price as English version, so presumably Amazon UK are just sorting out their listings! I would quite like a copy of that, but for now have only pre-ordered Mensch Maschine as I don’t have a German language version on vinyl, just ye olde cd.

    • Paul Mac says:

      Same, I’ve been holding off ordering Computer World as I hoped the German version would pop up on Amazon UK. Bit of a bummer to hear Tour de France has gone up so significantly in price, too…

      • MikeW says:

        TDF currently back down to £30.99 on Amazon UK ….. you save £2 (or £14, based on listing price last few days!) As per Paul’s widget!

  15. GentleRabbit says:

    Have never gotten around to nabbing those stunning beautiful vinyl reissues from a few years back – and, being a bit of a sucker for coloured vinyl – these look mouth-watering. However, I’m also something of a completist but even the bundle deals with current postage rates to Australia included are leaving me a tad crestfallen. Might try to pick these up a couple at a time, I wonder how limited they will be? Hopefully AmazonAU (who have recently started posting vinyl in very sound LP mailers that protect the edges) will stock these soon…

  16. Andrew Abley says:

    Are the booklets the same as the 2015 European booklets?

    is it the same pressings other than the colour?

    if this was in a box as per catalogue

    Doesn’t work out bad on Amazon £197.00 for the 8 in English

  17. pablo says:

    Think these look pretty cool. Im even tempted to buy Computer World for about the fifteenth time! :) Probably just buy the ones i don’t have, like Man machine and Trans Europe as my copies are really old.

  18. Gary Baverstock says:

    I’ve bought myself a set in response to the last post, as I’m sure it will be hugely collectible whether you like coloured vinyl or not. It is a shame though that they aren’t all pressed on opaque vinyl, as I think that’s a better medium than the translucent. If anyone has heard Radiohead’s Ok Computer OKNOTOK on triple blue opaque vinyl will know what I mean.

  19. Mark Reed says:

    I wish that Minimum/Maximum would also have been included.

    Aside from that, maybe a 2LP singles compilation that collects the single mixes would be useful.

  20. CJ Feeney says:

    I bought the 8 cds from 2009 over the course of a few years. The CD covers were the original lbum covers on the jewel case booklet, with the new sleeve designs on the “o card” outer sleeve. For some reason I thought the vinyl had been done the same way. Clearly not, going by the comments.

    Im not in the market for these. I am hoping Karl Bartos produces something new as he seens to be the only member, past or present, interested in making music since 2003. He is also a very amiable and straightforward interviewee, unlike his old band.

  21. Former Scientist says:

    I wonder why some people feel obliged on almost every post here to let the rest of us know why they furiously aren’t buying something.

    The number of times Its been implied that I’m an unthinking clod for buying coloured vinyl, or a box set or whatever it is, is extraordinary.

    Yes, you’d prefer everything exactly to your taste or preferred format, we all would, but why tell the rest of us in that furious parent way, that you ARE NOT BUYING THIS!! ….and it’s all a rip off, evil capitalism, etc.

    Just don’t purchase it. It’s not obligatory.

    • Chris Squires says:

      The voice of reason.

      “This isn’t specifically for me and I am furious about it”

      There is only one upside of this perpetual whingeing though (other than self-catharsis for the permanently disappointed) in that it might cause a rethink on a specific item, see: Yazoo.
      However as we have seen with Paul McCartney I wouldn’t put it past the companies to fake-launch something knowing the real launch is a few days behind with what many people wanted in the first place.
      The McCartney / Universal way – put a single coloured vinyl up on the website at £35, give it a day for everyone to lose their shit and have to tell someone about how disgusted they are (as is our nature) then make everything disappear / sold out… lots of people now discussing where has it all gone it’s all sold out aaaaargh. Then pop it all back up on the website at £28 a go or £200 for 8 albums and we will fall over ourselves.
      These stupid people are not stupid……
      I am guessing that when they say they won’t release the 3CD separately they mean it and at best there might be a 2CD version down the pipes.
      I am trying to think of the biggest and best row-backs we have seen in the last decade of SDE. When push comes to shove there haven’t been that many blatant lies. Most will just have been semantics and wishful thinking.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Got my Kraftwerk and Shakespeare’s Sister threads crossed over a little at the end but the thrust of the point still stands.

  22. Henry Watson says:

    Right – can someone help an idiot? Radio Activity is a bilingual album and names aside there was never distinct English language and German language versions for this? All the other albums after this have English or German vocals?

    • Maxe says:

      Radio Activity was released absolutley the same in November 1975 in Germany with German songtitles as was later worldwide with English songtitles. It was mutlilangual (German/English) from the start.

      The other albums:
      Autobahn only has German lyric only (the other tracks are intrumental), but was released (in US at least) with english subtitles in the 1970s.

      Trans-Europe Express, The Man-Machine, Computer World, Electric Café (2009 renamed to “Techno Pop”) and The Mix were (and are) released with German + English lyrics and titles, seperately.

      Tour de France Soundtracks (2009 renamed to Tour de France) was and is international worldwide, using German, French and Enlish lyrics and titles – everywhere the same.

      The 1991 single “Radio Activity” and this song within the 3-D Catalogue is either in German or in English, thouggh the Album and Single of 1975/1976 were the same worldwide, hence different titles.

      Other lingual “specialities” were “Les Mannequins” (Showroom Dummies) and “Mini Calculateur” (Pocket Calculator)on their albums (and singles) in French in France,
      “Dentaku” (Pocket Calculator) in Japan (and on B-Side of 7″/12″ worldwide except Japan), Spanish Versions of “Sex Object” and “Techno Pop” on a special edition of Electic Cafe (Edicion Espanola) on vinyl and cassette (no CD).
      Plus the 1983/1984 release of 7″ and 12″s of “Tour de France” with either German, French or no lyrics. (1999 re-issue was French only, except the promo video, German only).

    • Mike the Fish says:

      There’s no difference in vocal languages for Radio-Activity/Radio-Aktivität. It may just be the remaster rather than a language release but I found the version of the title track way more compressed on the German remaster Vs an English language copy from years before.

  23. Tim says:

    If you go to Perspex Sheet.UK you can get sixteen bespoke 12″ discs with a hole size of your choice with thirty colours to choose from for only £108.
    I have collected things all my life and despite the pleasure it has brought me it can certainly be destructive. I have certain rules now which are:
    1. Nothing stays in its wrapper, box etc.
    2. A book should be bought with the intention of reading.
    3. Music should be listened to (only one version/copy)
    4. Art should be bought because you like it.
    5. Never buy as an investment to sell on to fund the habit.
    I will often fail my own tests. I have many, many books I wish to read and probably never will. Many box sets listened to only once. Prints I have had for years still unframed.
    I have listed this post because I find coloured vinyl one of the most pointless collectables going. When we are gone our children will sift through our mounds of careful collected, expensive rubbish and sell it off in a job lot. It will in part be how we are remembered.
    I know this is a pompous post and will annoy many but I feel we all should look at ourselves and realise just what we are spending our time and money on sometimes. I’m off to the cellar to sort some boxes of books.

    • DaveySussex says:

      I totally agree with you Tim. What is the point in continually reissuing the same album that is still in print but just in a different colour. It starts to just feel like a bit of a piss take. I’m not perfect I have got the odd duplicate in coloured vinyl but usually unless there is something there that adds something extra to the release I already have I fail to see the point of it.

      It feels like the band are thinking “oh we need some cash, I know lets reissue exactly the same album in coloured vinyl, that’ll get their wallets open.”

      • johneffay says:

        Whilst not a particular devotee of coloured vinyl, I can’t see why the desire to own an additional copy of an album in a different colour is any less sensible than buying another copy because there are some half-finished demos added to the end.

        People collect stamps for the pleasure of leafing through the albums to look at them in all their variations. There’s nothing particularly odd about people who do something similar with records.

      • Tim Hayter says:

        My daughter – new to vinyl – likes coloured discs. So these might appeal to her and people like her.

        I have originals of all of these (English) but I also bought Computer World in German because it’s amazing, so it’s good to have this reissued.

  24. Elizabeth HIrst says:

    October got real expensive. Thanks for the tip on the Rough Trade bundle – useful that they do free shipping over £50 too.

  25. Richard S says:

    Whilst I like Kraftwerk, didn’t really fancy buying all of these so just gone for my favourite The Man Machine.

  26. Roboter says:

    a box with TONE FLOAT, KRAFTWERK 1, KRAFTWERK 2 and RALF & FLORIAN would be fantastic!

  27. Paul in SLC says:

    Amazon UK won’t ship to the US. Weird.

  28. brian says:

    shame a 5.1 isn’t on offer or bonus tracks.

    • Maxe says:

      5.1 on vinyl?
      The originals were never mixed in 5.1 (Autobahn was released in quad on a 8 track), I expect they never will. I even suspect, that these “computerworld” multitracks or at least the album-master is lost.

      3-D Catalogue is still available on vinyl and bluray.
      But note: These are completely new recordings, played live (with no audience recorded).

    • B Fyfe says:

      There was a sacd in 5.1 but it goes for silly money.

  29. Charles says:

    Got the black vinyl reissues a few years back and they sound incredible, can’t recommend these enough if you missed them the first time. Disappointed to see that they stayed with the revisionist covers, that was the only head scratcher but the quality of sound was ultimately all that mattered.

  30. kid992 says:

    I think Mute are the EU/UK 2009 versions, EMI are the German 2009 ones . EMI briefly owned Mute at that time . The 2020 versions are now out on Parlophone another EMI label. These all seem exactly the same re artwork and booklets as the 2009 releases. Personally I’d prefer it if they had reverted back to the artwork of the original releases.

  31. Brian says:

    Here is a comprehensive review of the 2009 remasters which is what these prints are using.


  32. MichaelM says:

    I’ve known these were coming for over a year now, after getting a copy of Autobahn 7″ blue vinyl with German music publication Musikexpress. But why couldn’t these have been released in a boxset as well as individually, totalling almost £200?

    • negative1 says:

      Because, then every other comment would be that
      it’s too expensive, and ridiculous of course.

      This way, we only get complaints about why they’re
      not bundled together.


  33. noyoucmon says:

    Dear heavens to betsy, for a catalog of eight albums (I’m not addressing the ones the band has disowned) Kraftwerk’s is endlessly complicated.

    I have the Catalogue box, but I started buying the 2009 vinyl reissues piecemeal and sadly never completed that task.

    What confuses me is those 2009 reissues appear on three different labels: all with the Klingklang imprint, but variously on Mute, EMI, and Parlophone. Can anyone explain to me the difference/the reasons? Is Mute the German pressings and EMI the rest of Europe? When did Parlophone come into the picture?

    I would have sworn mine were all on Mute, but I just looked and my Trans-Europa Express is on EMI, but the titles are in German, perhaps scotching my theory that Mute is Germany and EMI being non-German Europe.

    When I saw that these new editions were coming up, I panicked and filled a shopping cart with all the 2009 ones I don’t have, but when I read the fine print I saw I was about to buy EMI copies and for whatever reason I want Mute copies.

    My final conclusion is I have enough copies of all of these albums and won’t bother with any further, unless I happen to find in a store sealed 2009 copies (or pristine used copies) of the ones I’m missing. I regret not having The Mix on vinyl in any format, but at this point in life the Kraftwerk catalog exhausts me. For a while they were one of my favorite bands.

    • kid992 says:

      I think Mute are the EU/UK 2009 versions, EMI are the German 2009 ones . EMI briefly owned Mute at that time . The 2020 versions are now out on Parlophone another EMI label. These all seem exactly the same re artwork and booklets as the 2009 releases. Personally I’d prefer it if they had reverted back to the artwork of the original releases.

    • Matt says:

      Forgive me for errors, but For simplicity, & missing out the details, (& probably not getting it quite right!) – Mute were (are) an English label founded by Daniel Miller (the normal), specialising in electronic music. They were responsible for launching early electronic bands such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Cabaret Voltaire & Erasure. When times were hard they were bought out by EMI But still existed as part of that group. I believe this was around the time that mute/EMI reissued the kraftwerk catalogue (hence the mute/EMI branding). This is where I’m not overly sure but I think that when EMI itself got into financial difficulty mute bought itself back some automaty. I think that the BMG Group has a stake somewhere now as,for example, you will find erasure back catalogues with Bmg but still having some mute branding contained therein. (Please don’t shoot me for any errors – I know I’ve tried to oversimplify it!!!)

      • noyoucmon says:

        Thanks Matt, I know about Mute’s history, but your explanation of EMI buying the label helps me understand why the imprinting on 2009 Kraftwerk packages shifted from the former to the latter. I guess the further away from 2009 you bought them, the more likely you were to see EMI copies. And now, with these 2020 pressings, we get Parlophone copies!

  34. Gary Hunter says:

    Some of the 2009 remasters were awful, especially “Computer World”, quite possibly the worst mastering I have ever heard on an album.

    Might go for “Autobahn” and “The Man Machine” though :)

    • Craig Hedges says:

      Glad you raised this Gary, I thought it was just me, I was used to hearing the album on the US Electra cd, which sounded great. The remaster sounded like someone had turned the bass off, it completely altered the grooves and rhythms of the tracks.

  35. Jarmo Keranen says:

    Why the Autobahn is in blue vinyl? In the booklet the autobahn is grey!

  36. Jan says:

    The original German mixes were rather different and different lengths. I have them on CD. I wonder if these are?

  37. Gary Baverstock says:

    Hi, cheers Paul.
    Is this the first time on coloured vinyl for all of these LPs? I can’t seem to see Discogs listings for any coloured variants. Also Rough Trade have the best bundle deal out there at the moment.

  38. Shane says:

    If they had a box I would consider them

    • Peter says:

      I agree, the bundle should have been issued in a box, lets hope it comes a later addition.

      I couldn’t stop myself and I have bought them all. OOPS!

  39. Gary Baverstock says:

    Thanks. Are these the first time on coloured vinyl? BTW Rough Trade are doing a better deal than Amazon.

  40. Neil Parnell says:

    Been buying the remasters last few weeks as the prices dropped low…wondered why…will get the last few in coloured vinyl I guess

  41. Dave Finch says:

    If they are EMI then no download! Why oh Why don’t they just chuck in a cd of each with them?!….Cost to them, pennies!…..£22 for a single album is a bit strong!……who puts these together? Cus they have no idea! But I’m sure I’ll pick up a few!

    • Guy says:

      Amazon have Autorip on all 8 albums, so whilst Rough Trade are cheapest for the physical bundle, if you want digital versions as well (to burn to CDs?!) that may be best

  42. frank says:

    If they’d put out a box, I’d be all over this. Otherwise, these look great…but I’m somewhat on the fence about diving in without any extras whatsoever.

  43. Holger Adomat says:


    is there an information about the produced number of the limited editions, please?


  44. Peter Muscutt says:

    Might bite for Trans Europe Express and Radioactivity, they’ve always been my favourite Kraftwerk albums.

  45. Phil Cohen says:

    They’re merely a touring oldies act now, and appropriately, they perform in museums. They are showroom dummies indeed.

  46. David says:

    I assume Techno Pop and Electric Cafe is the same thing (track listing at least)?

    • Paul Mac says:

      Yes, the same album. Techno Pop was the original working title of Electric Cafe and they reverted to the original name with the 2009 re-issue

    • Auntie Sabrina says:

      The Telephone Call’ was originally 8 minutes 3 seconds was replaced by a shorter 3 minute 50 second version, ‘House Phone’ wasn’t listed on the original album

      • David says:

        Thanks (and Paul and a Matt). I just checked, the Electric Cafe LP has the 8 minute version. Apparently the 12” single has House Phone on the B side which sounds as if it is a remix of the 7” A side.
        I guess Expo 2000 is only on a 12” too.

    • Matt says:

      Similar – tracklist is the same but they tweaked the versions a bit when they renamed it technopop so it is marginally different. I still have my ‘electric cafe’ cd as well as the new one as I liked the original version (guess what you grow up with sticks with you)

      • Robert says:

        Kraftwerk is like George Lucas. You will now only ever get the revisionist “tweaked” versions of these 8 albums and they will be released several times over.

    • David says:

      Same album yes but the tracks where changed slightly – the original ‘The Telephone Call’ on Electric Cafe is split into two tracks on Techno Pop (the original album title) these being a shorter mix of ‘The Telephone Call’ and a track called ‘House Phone’. Personally I prefer the original Electric Cafe version. Is Karl saying ‘I gobble you up all night and day’ at one point?

  47. Jonathan says:

    Great idea to make these available separately – I’d pick up a vinyl German language version of Trans Europe Express and Computer World (I already have these and others on cd in English & German) as they’re favorites but wouldn’t buy the whole lot again.

  48. AdamW says:

    Would it kill them to reissue the Catalog/Katalog CD boxsets? They’ve been unavailable for a while, and I’d love to pick those up. These… pretty, but pretty expensive. I’m going to pass.

    (Also, I’d love for them to stop pretending the first three albums don’t exist. Someday…)

    • Paul Mac says:

      Four, if you count the Organisation album, although I think that was re-issued lately or is due soon (I definitely read something about it not long ago)….

      • Caroline says:

        The most recent edition of the Oragnisation album was unauthorised. The label also did a couple of Kraftwerk live albums which fell into that “grey area” that sees so many “radio broadcast” albums released in the UK. It is speculated that the label who did this is run by the same people that had planned to do Kraftwerk and Kraftwerk 2 for RSD until it became apparent they had no rights to do so.

        Just put them out officially! It would stop all of this nonsense!

  49. Eduardo says:

    I have tried the links and there seem to be the ones to the english versions. Are there already links to the german ones?

  50. Maxe says:

    I think I have almost everything by Kraftwerk, their last release (3-D Catalogue) did cost me a fortune of more than 600 €/$/£ – to have everything as BluRay, CD and Vinyl, German and International.
    This time it’s simply a re-release (of the 2009 releases), with colours I cannot hear. So, I pass.
    I already have these albums in their 2009 digital master, “Deutsch” and international, with all the problems (especially Computerworld sounding quite awful, while Computerwelt is good). All by EMI (Mute) and some later Warner-releases.
    When not bettered, I will not buy them again.

  51. Tom says:

    Using the 2009 remasters, presumably?

    Happily, my Kraftwerk collection is currently CD-only (apart from the luminous Neon Lights 12″), so I’m all in for these.

    • Wayne C says:

      The first Mixes from the Promo 2004 Box “The Catalogue 12345678” are my go to mixes for Kraftwerk, to me they sound better than the 2009 mixes by a long way. They weren’t released apart from the promo box, as far as I’m aware. I think these mixes would have been more suited to a vinyl release.

  52. Jochen Mosthaf says:

    The German language versions have German song titles on the artwork but contain the same audio as the UK pressing? Really? I would have expected they sing in German too?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The sing in German on five of the six, as it says in the post.

      • Bern says:

        Oh, I can’t see that in the post. There’s 8 albums in total. From what I’ve had previous, only Autobahn and Radioactivity are language-wise the same in UK and Germany. The original version of Tour De France (the single) was available in English, French and German versions. TTE, TMM, Computerworld and Electric cafe also have had multiple language versions. I’ve ordered the Autobahn release but will hold off in case middle albums come out in German versions.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The five German language versions are Trans Europa Express, Die Mensch-Maschine, Computerwelt, Techno Pop and The Mix.

          Radio-Activität is same audio as UK release, but some titles are in German on artwork

          I have no links for any of these at present.

    • Maxe says:

      No, there are “english versions” by name, which are the same as the original german release (that was released some month earlier in 1975) on “Radio-Activity”.
      Only there (the whole album), but the US pressings of “Autobahn” also had additional english names in the 1970s.

      BTW: I guess there are no “UK pressings” at all, generally manufactured by Optimal Media for Europe.

  53. Torchomatic says:

    They have, Chris. Two Hundred quid though. Madness.

  54. Björn says:

    Wow. These look great.
    Paul, do you know if a bundle is available?

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Bjorn, the Sound of Vinyl site has all 8 as a bundle for £199 but that’s still a bit more than buying them separately from Amazon UK, at least

      • Björn says:

        Gareth Pugh: they are 232.99 plus shipping. ;)
        I got my whole set (German, UK versions, 14 albums) thru JPC for €407.

  55. Bern says:

    Any idea if the German language versions of these likely to also be released on coloured vinyls?

  56. adam shaw says:

    Someone bought me a few of these a couple of years ago from Spain , they didn’t know they were bootlegs .
    Paul , will there be a box set of these or only sold separately?

  57. Cédric says:

    Anything about how limited those are?

  58. Straker says:

    It seems I will have to alert my as yet unborn grandchildren to wait for official compilations/boxsets of all the clamoured-for remixes and long versions. In the meantime we will all get to see the exact same album audio content released over and over and over again. #sadeadu

    Those booklets have been previously released too if I’m not mistaken in the Catalogue/Katalog box.

  59. Wayne C says:

    As a big Kraftwerk Fan who has Der Katalog and The Catalogue in box sets, I’d love to own these as well but unfortunately my Wallet will have to call time on it. These re issues are something I’d really like, (if all in one package I wouldn’t and couldn’t say no), but you have to stop somewhere I guess !.

  60. Beechlander says:

    Great news and good timing, have had the Man Machine LP on my want-list for a while but the prices have been a little high. New pressing and booklet make this an easy purchase for me.

  61. Martin Power says:

    Nice set of releases and colours are well representative of the albums

    Nice price too

  62. Steve W says:

    I’m not a Kraftwerk fan but these repackages look teriffic!

  63. Chris Squires says:

    Unlike the recent Abba box at least the colours are roughly relevant to the sleeve. I am surprised they have not released an equivalent coloured box and have opted to do it all individually.

    • Wayne C says:

      Just what I was thinking !

    • Jay says:

      I agree. I got really excited and hunted around the internet, feeling sure there must be a nice boxset/ slipcase version like the recent Fleetwood Mac ones – but nope, doesn’t seem so (even on the Kraftwerk site). Missed opportunity in my book.
      What a day, with the Bowie Metabolist and a gorgeous looking Wilco Summerteeth vinyl deluxe boxset announced. There is an incredible amount of good stuff out now from Sep to Nov – although my bank manager is probably taking a dim view.

      • Wayne C says:

        I honestly can’t understand why they haven’t done the full boxed set of this on vinyl. I have the 3D live vinyl boxed set but that would pale by comparison to this. With regard to the Catalogue CD 12” x 12” box I’m guessing the slip in booklets with these single LP releases will be the same as that?. Which are lovely and part of a prized set in my collection. A missed opportunity for me not doing the full set together.

    • Urs says:

      They’re kind of beautiful, but two times clear vinyl? Couldn’t they come up with different hues or something? Also surprised by the lack of a box, would have been an extra incentive to eager fans.

      Anyway, I’m not a big enough fan to buy this, so probably I shouldn’t even comment on this. ;-)

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