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Kylie’s new album • Plenty of exclusive formats

Kylie Minogue will release a new album, Disco, in November.

This is the follow-up to 2018’s Nashville-tinged Golden but given the title and the artwork, we can guess that this is a return to Kylie’s dance-pop roots. This is confirmed by the first track to be made available, ‘Say Something’.

There’s little in the way of useful info right now (no track listing), but plenty of product to pre-order (!) from Minogue’s official online store including an exclusive deluxe CD in hardcover book with four bonus tracks or an exclusive clear vinyl with photograph

Or you can go all out for the super deluxe Disco album bundle which offers deluxe CD, clear vinyl, cassette and photo (all of which are exclusive) and more!

Disco will be issued on 6 November 2020, via BMG.

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Kylie Minogue

Disco - CD edition


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Kylie Minogue

Amazon exclusive turquoise vinyl


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Kylie Minogue

Disco - black vinyl


66 responses to Kylie Minogue / Disco

  1. Rpic says:

    More Kylie on the way!!!! limited edition green vinyl 45rpm Real Groove.
    Only at Townsend Music >

  2. Kristian says:

    Deluxe double marble blue vinyl variant now available on the official website though not on the standard product page as it looks like it was promoted as a thank you to Spotify streamers. Really pushing for the number one spot now.

  3. Ad says:

    So are the Deluxe on her website (looks bigger shaped box) and the deluxe everywhere else (looks normal sized) definetly different? I prefer normal sized cases so would go for that if i knew. Failing that I suppose I could just wait till the re-release with extras/dvd comes out….

  4. Val says:

    Lead single is totally meh. Bland, forgettable, too slow to be called disco. There will never be another Light Years album… the greatest disco album of all time.

  5. xianxian says:

    I don’t think of “Say Something” as a proper first single. It’s track 6 on the record, so there’s no way–based on how she tends to structure her records–that this is the best song. I just think she thought it spoke to the moment, the refrain “can we all be as one again?” Fairly certain I will play this album to death.

  6. ioannis says:

    Predictable . Sure next we ll have the disco tour cd/DVD and after that a new best of called the ulta difinitive collection. And after that a new album called dance floor secrets. And then sure a new record company for reboot . Yes I love her since my teen years. But after the two kylie minogue albums it’s all more or less the same.

  7. Alan says:

    Not really Kylie related but have Amazon removed track listings for every CD they have for sale on their site?

    • Richard S says:

      I noticed this but assumed it was on selected items I was viewing.

      Oh wow, on checking – you’re right.
      Why Amazon? I know CD’s probably don’t sell as well, but often it’s a better choice for us digital lovers than direct MP3 purchases.

      Thankfully Paul’s listing on this site often covers the more critical information.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yep, I noticed it too; now you have to click over to “MP3” to look at the track listing (and even then you can’t even sample tracks anymore without downloading an Amazon app).

    • Richard says:

      Replying to: Amazon removed track listings for every CD on the entire site –

      This is a colossal and fatal threat to the very existence of CDs and vinyl and I can’t believe the internet hasn’t blown up about it. Amazon is out to destroy physical formats once and for all by deleting as much information about CDs and vinyl as they can.

      All the sound samples are gone and as is the *number of discs* you are buying so now there are releases where you have no way whatsoever of knowing whether you’re getting a standard release or a multi-disc deluxe edition, because some releases don’t have the word “deluxe” in the title. For example, some Saint Etienne cds that I just checked.

  8. ChrisGa says:

    Hmm….this one’s a grower, and I certainly like it better than the two previous trailer singles(Dancing from Golden and Into the Blue from Kiss Me Once). But I’d probably code this as more synth pop than straight up disco; cautiously optimistic that the full length has more of a Light Years flair.

  9. Steven Roberts says:

    I’ve played the video through twice now, and I still can’t tell you how the song goes.

    Given that the lead single is normally considered the `pick of the bunch’ by the record label, this does not bode well for the album….

  10. H says:

    Is the deluxe cd on the artist website the same as the one on Amazon?Description is the same but the photo different. Prime customers would save £3 postage – no point in paying postage if I don’t need to .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, different.

      • H says:

        Thanks Paul gets very confusing with so many different versions on offer .

        • AJ says:

          It IS different – The shape and size of the packaging is different. The Deluxe Kylie website version is a tall book, the other Deluxe versions are CD case size. The Kylie website versions also comes with a bonus print.

  11. william says:

    I like the background beat, but her voice sounds autotuned.

  12. John says:

    Personally, I loved Golden. I thought it was her best album, right up there with Light Years for me. I’m worried the new album might be a slip back towards the dreadful Kiss Me Once style. It doesn’t inspire me with confidence when I hear shes been working with the people who produced Madonna’s last album, that was an awful record. Still, stay positive….. hopefully theres a few true disco stompers in the style of Your Disco Needs You and On A Night Like This. :)

  13. Angelo says:

    Love Kylie, so I’m looking foward to the new record. Jessie Ware has raised the bar really high on the dance pop/disco world, which makes Say Something pale in comparison to any track from ‘What’s your pleasure?’.

    Let’s hope the album as a whole will be stronger than this lead single.

  14. James says:

    Wonder if Roger Taylor is getting royalties on this new Kylie…all we hear is Radio Ga Ga without the chorus.

    • Chris Squires says:

      That’s it. I could not quite put my finger on it. But you nailed it James.
      All I hear now is…..

  15. PdB says:

    As a huge fan of Disco…I’m super excited that there is a bit of a revival happening at the moment. The Disco Sucks movement must be freaking out haha.
    Whilst Kylie’s album Golden was enjoyable, I’m glad she is returning to her dance pop roots once more. I really like the first single and look forward to the new album – in whichever format I end up buying.
    Someone mentioned a new Roisin Murphy album is coming out, which if it’s in the vein of the songs she has released lately – that will be a must buy. Good times.

  16. Shane says:

    So the turquoise exclusive to amazon: amazon uk only ships it to some countries, amazon it does the same. Sadly none if my country.
    HMV’s exclusive is blue, it’s different and the title and her name match that color on the sleeve.

    AS for the test pressings they are a complete travesty. Originally test pressings are just that. I can’t help but believe they are pressing these expressely to be sold to fans for an overprice, which is disgraceful.
    I ordered a bundle on the townsend store. Im sure I will get them damaged.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The definition of ‘test pressings’ has long since lost its meaning, as you suggest.

    • Andy says:

      Hey Shane not sure what country you are in but Australia has both the coloured vinyls as standard releases and Australian Sellers JB Hifi and Sanity Music both have the Blue and Turquoise Vinyls as well as the black and ship internationally. Hope that helps.

  17. HS says:

    Ordered all five formats from the Kylie Store + both colored vinyl versions from Sanity.
    Hoping there will also be a picture disc at some point.

    The artwork is amazing!

  18. Mark says:

    I’m confused. Amazon are offering the turquoise as an UK exclusive (which I’ve ordered) but it’s also available at JB Hi-Fi in Australia – how does this work? Does exclusive just mean they are the only UK seller?

  19. Jez says:

    The 50 signed test pressings sold out within 30 seconds at £150 each . I know one person who got one .
    Iv ordered the turquoise amazon vinyl and blue hmv “ exclusive” which is now also for sale on Townsend music ??
    All this “ exclusive “ claim is very confusing
    Anyway , I’m just glad she’s back to pop/disco and the country stuff is over

    • Nick says:

      I’m not impressed with Townsend Music store – the Signed Pretenders CDs they sold recently were autopenned / fake and these Kylie Signed test pressings were put up an hour early and allegedly sold out instantly ! But strangely None for sale at all on Fleabay! I won’t be ordering anything off them ever again and i have ordered over 125 items off them in the last few years!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        What evidence do you have to support the autopenning?

        • Bryan says:

          Yes. My question as well. The CDs that Chrissie signed for her “Valve Bone Woe” album were definitely kosher. A similar ‘accusation’ was levied about the recent Dua Lips ‘signed’ cards that accompanied sales of hey sophomore release with the ‘evidence’ being that the second batch looked different to the first. But does anyone recall the debacle about the so-called signed Robbie Robertson book plates from a few years ago?

  20. Matthew Sparkes says:

    So at the moment it looks like a blue and a turquoise as well as the clear from KMs shop. Golden’s clear vinyl and picture disc were and still are very easy to get hold of. I have a feeling the clear is the one to go for if you have to choose one.

  21. Phil Fogel says:

    I’m so excited, the new song is fab. HMV, has an exclusive Blue Vinyl, which looks different to the Turquoise one from Amazon. For us Canadian fans it looks like those color vinyls will be impossible to get, Amazon UK is not shiping here.

  22. Andrew says:

    Better than anything on that last Madonna record.

  23. Ian Smith says:

    Is it suddenly 1076 again?

    Jessie Ware:s new album is very Disco, as is Roisin Murphy’s album next month. Now Kylie’s jumping on the bandwagon. You’ll be telling me ABBAs making a comeback next.

    • David B says:

      Was Disco big in 1076?

    • Michael says:

      Just curious Ian, do you know anything about Roisin Murphy’s new album beyond it arriving in August? That’s the one I’m looking forward to.

      • Michel75 says:

        Hi Michael, Roisin’s new should be out in Sept with songs Incapable and following singles. Already it can be considered as the best 2020 Album.

    • Mark Fernandes says:

      In fact ABBA are making a comeback. Hopefully we‘ll get an album. Not sure they‘ll do disco as Kylie is doing though

      • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

        hey mark, in april 2020, ulvaeus gave an interview saying…
        “five out of the eight original songs written by benny for the new album have been recorded by the 2 female members…” this will be an ALBUM for were waiting for!!
        p.s. the new kylie song is not disco for me. disco was “spinning around”…

    • Brian says:

      Kylie did disco 20 years ago with Light Years. It just took the rest of the world a little while to catch up.

    • Michael Benstead says:

      They are, next year. Possibly.

  24. CJ Feeney says:

    I prefer Sophie Ellis Bexter’s cover art.

    Disco is the thing, it seems.

  25. mattNYC says:

    neither HMV nor Amazon UK will ship across the pond. ugh.

  26. Jon says:

    Sorry I like Kylie but she fell off the deep end with Golden and this new song isn’t much better. My opinion of course…

  27. Ant S says:

    Really really bland , Kylie unlike Madonna can still bring out awesome tunes , too bad this lead single is as enticing as soggy lettuce , NINA on the other hand with her Album Synthian released this year is a classic example of Pop done correctly

  28. H says:

    Thanks Paul – deluxe cd ordered on Amazon.
    Might be of interest – Ellie Goulding Brightest Blue currently £7.99 on Amazon UK.

  29. Darren Rigby ONeill says:

    Amazon and HMV each have different exclusive coloured vinyl for sale also.

  30. Gareth Jones says:

    Is this going to become a new (normal) pop trend now? Announce a new album on pre-order with no tracklisting? It happened with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, now Kylie. I guess I’m just being petty, but personally if I had a new product to shout about, I’d think my fans would want to know what’s on it. Just me?!

    Also ‘Say Something’ is pretty average and doesn’t really indicate much of a disco vibe to my ears.

    …I know, I’m sounding like a very bitter and miserable old man. Sorry, I’ve not been out much lately!!

    • Paul E. says:

      @Gareth- I feel your pain…was disappointed myself when I listened and discovered the track wasn’t a disco-infused-retro cover of James’ “Say Something” (90’s hopes shattered)!

    • Ceph says:

      I don’t know what you’d gain by preordering an album that had track names vs. none—it’s not like you can hear them in either circumstance.

      • Neil Dyer says:

        I was just thinking the same thing, it’s not like the title of a song you’ve never heard is going to put you off! Incidentally, I saw a comment on her FB page from a fan saying something along the lines of ‘well if the album’s ready why can’t she just release it now’, and I thought well I bet that’s because she’s not actually finished it yet…

  31. Trevor Smith says:

    Here’s hoping it’s a good album! Is Say Something being released as the first single? Hopefully there’ll be physical formats.

    • Adolfo says:

      according to the radio interview kylie did on zoe ball’s breakfast show after the single premiered say something is the first single off the album and they already have plans to release a second single before the album drops in november

      as for no tracklisting…..remember kylie has a history of making very late-in-the-game changes to the songs scheduled to be on her albums

  32. Stuart says:

    Hi Paul

    Amazon UK are also offering an exclusive “Limited Edition Colour Transparent Turquoise Vinyl” version!

  33. Michael says:

    Must be one of the few artists these days that dosen’t offer signed editions

  34. Manuel says:

    Sounds like the voice of Kacey Musgraves, not a bad thing. Who’s producing? Great track.

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