Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Won reissued on vinyl, blu-ray and box set

First time on vinyl • Newly remastered • blu-ray audio • super deluxe

This March, Warners will reissue Led Zeppelin‘s 2003 live album How The West Was Won across a number of formats, including a super deluxe edition that echoes the treatment given to the studio albums back in 2014/5.

This release is really a precursor to the band’s 50th anniversary celebrations, which officially begin in September this year, since it was September 7, 1968 that John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant first took the stage together in Gladsaxe, Denmark (albeit as The New Yardbirds). The label tell us that details of additional Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary ‘releases and events’ will be announced later this year.

How The West Was Won documents Led Zeppelin’s concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena on June 25 and 27, 1972. The best performances from each concert are brought together and sequenced to replicate a single concert from beginning to end. Highlights include a 25-plus minute version of Dazed And Confused and songs from the then unreleased Houses Of The Holy.

How The West Was Won will be issued on vinyl for the first time

The album was originally issued as a three-CD set and a double DVD-A package (with multi-channel audio). The reissue sees the audio newly remastered (supervised by Jimmy Page) and marks the debut of these concert performances being issued on vinyl – a four-LP set, no less.

The 2018 formats are 3CD, 4LP vinyl, a blu-ray audio disc with 96kHz/24 bit 5.1 (DTS-HD Master Audio Surround) and stereo mixes (PCM Stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo) and an eight-disc super deluxe edition box set.

The super deluxe edition box set is an 8-disc set but only has the 5.1 on DVD

The box is very similar to the previous studio sets. It duplicates all the audio on CD and vinyl and includes hi-definition audio via download of all stereo audio content. It also comes with a book with rare and previously unpublished photos etc. and includes a high-quality print of the original album cover (first 30,000 are numbered). Rather inexplicably, for this high-priced ‘top of the range’ package, the box doesn’t include the blu-ray audio with DTS-HD 5.1, but instead opts for a DVD with a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. This is a poor decision, and will surely go down like a Led balloon with fans, who at this level and this price-point want the highest quality audio possible.

How The West Was Won will be reissued on 23 March 2018.

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Led Zeppelin

How The West Was Won - 8-disc super deluxe box


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Led Zeppelin

How The West Was Won - 4LP vinyl edition


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Led Zeppelin

How The West Was Won - blu-ray audio


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Led Zeppelin

How The West Was Won - 3CD set


Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Won 2018 reissue

How The West Was Won

CD 1

LA Drone 0:14
Immigrant Song 3:42
Heartbreaker 7:25
Black Dog 5:41
Over The Hills And Far Away 5:08
Since I’ve Been Loving You 8:02
Stairway To Heaven 9:38
Going To California 5:37
That’s The Way 5:54
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 4:55

CD 2

Dazed And Confused 25:25
– Walter’s Walk
– The Crunge
What Is And What Should Never Be 4:41
Dancing Days 3:42
Moby Dick 19:20

CD 3

Whole Lotta Love 23.08
– Boogie Chillun
– Let’s Have A Party
– Hello Marylou
– Going Down Slow
Rock And Roll 3:56
The Ocean 4:21
Bring It On Home 9:30
– Bring It On Back

117 responses to Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Won reissued on vinyl, blu-ray and box set

  1. Simon says:

    Does anyone know if there are plans to put all these remastered and extra discs into one deluxe box set ? Cheers

  2. Maurizio says:

    The Blu-Ray Audio version of HTWWW is really flabbergasting, and that’s enough for anyone. Buy that one and put the box aside, you will be able to enjoy these recordings at best.

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  4. Dean Taylor says:

    Yes .. whole lotta love does have a edit.
    It’s part of a melody section and was one of four brief cover versions, the one missing is called Hello Marylou and its a 3.08 minute cut. Not sure why it’s probably down to copyright restrictions.
    Don’t be put off .. it’s a fabulous remaster and the 3 cd set or the blu ray are good value.. the vinyl… at times jaw dropping… one of those look at your speakers and can’t quite believe it type things . Hope this helps.

  5. Daniel Pitterman says:

    I’ve just read that Whole Lotta Love is over 2 minutes shorter on this reissue than the original. Can anyone confirm this? and if so does anyone know why?

  6. Dean Taylor says:

    Sorry folks made a big mistake… two tracks are not missing from the vinyl set .. its just a different sequence to fit the format .
    Sorry Paul for any misinformation, and thank you for the early alert on the set .. i ordered straight away for £107 ..

  7. Dean Taylor says:

    Surprised by your findings Phil.. I found the reverse to be true… I found the original release hard to get through all in one go , this new one being both more dynamic and detailed but much easier on the ear at the same time . Still each to there own and trust your own ears .
    Playing the vinyl at the moment.. sounds even better Zeppelin are in my front room even as I type will try to get autographs later.
    Over all I’m pleased with the set but the vinyl does have two tracks missing and a edit on one and would prefer bonus tracks instead of the DVD 5 1 mix . Still happy though a more then good upgrade for me and now really hyped for what comes next .. a definitive Songs Remains I hope and then some promised great supprises … good time to be a Zep fan .

  8. Phil Wilson says:

    Well the new version is certainly quieter, is it any better? I don’t think so, the passage before the solo in Stairway is very, very quiet, on the old version a lot more is going on, it’s almost like Page’s guitar is turned way down in the mix. It all sounds very “clean”, almost too studio’y!, sterile. It does at least have a booklet compared to the old 3 CD version, but the booklet is just loose inside the CD package, could they not have made it a 4 panel digipack (8 panel?) and had it held inside? and of course coming from Amazon, in a thin card envelope, the spine is crushed. Immigrant just has no power on the new version, and I swear after two songs it has given me a headache! Think I can live with just having the old version on this one.

  9. Dean Taylor says:

    Ok just cracked open my super deluxe … in a word just great .. same high standard as the BBC set so no worries there.
    Played a couple of tracks of the previous release and then put on the new and yes it’s better .. Better clarity for starters and more subtle details… overall better musical communication.. and no loudness .. in fact it’s a quite cd . If you found the BBC reissue to your liking then your be fine With this .
    Will play the viny tomorrow and I already know I will be blown away… happy weekend

  10. AndyB says:

    When someone takes a listen to the cd set, will you please answer the question, “is the remastering justified?” Thanks!

    • Phil Wilson says:

      Going to listen to mine when I get home, but disappointed to read that Whole Lotta Love has been shortened by about 3 minutes, apparently Hey Mary Lou is no longer included in the medley, which is disappointing, not because I like that part, just because it’s not “live as on the night” is it! Though I dare say other tinkering I don’t know about was on the previous version too.

  11. Matthew Collier says:

    As per Paul’s updated Amazon price links, the UK version has dropped in price (GBP19.42 now), and is cheaper than the previously cheapest French price (after EUR -> GBP at spot rate), and the French price was previously on par when you include delivery, whereas now, it’s a a good few quid more expensive.

    I’ve pre-ordered from the UK and canceled my French order.


  12. Mathew Lauren says:

    Still no (U.S.) link for the stand-alone “HTWWW” Blu-ray Disc.

    …and no listing either.

    Paul, do u think they’ve been reading your SDE web-article, our comments and reconsidering how they package this option in the U.S. market?

    Maybe ‘they’re’ reconsidering how ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ becomes e.g. a “HTWWW” Blu-ray package in the STATES) is to be listed (for instance reconsidered Blu-ray contents and other optical-disc extras and then of course, different pricing), all-the-while strategising on how ‘it’ would be offered outside America — maybe as an ‘import-only’ in regions where the “HTWWW” stand-alone, Blu-ray Disc pricing has already been set OR is this just about Rhino (Warner Music) finalising a U.S. market price for what is essentially a DVD-A (I can STILL get *used* down the street at the local ‘Record and Tape Collectors’ store) now RM’d and re-RE’d on Blu-ray?




    • Mathew Lauren says:

      It’s called ‘Record & Tape Traders’ (my bad) and I always forget you’re 8 hours ahead (time-wise), when I posit a question. No wonder I missed the, 2-hour ONLY, “Roxy Music” SDE, ‘lightning deal’ (earlier today, my time) at zero-dark-thirty, as I was in full R.E.M. (puns intended) mode.

  13. Mike says:

    Tried the links for the blu-ray audio for both the US and the UK and the page is gone on one and says unavailable for the other. Does anyone know if something is going on with that release now?

  14. bruce says:

    is the blu-ray audio only ?

  15. Adey says:

    How about releasing complete led zep shows separately, in the same way rhino have released many doors shows from the archives?
    Most if not all led zeppelin fans know that there are loads of high quality soundboard recordings doing the rounds on various “bootleg” sites. Why not release them officially and beat the bootleggers, whilst lining the bands pockets at the same time?

    • Yes, let’s start with this selection, in my opinion the best sounding bootlegs concering SOUND not SHOW:

      1969-03-16 Copenhagen, Denmark (Denmark Deluxe, Disc 1 – Pre-FM Remaster) [Liquid Led]
      1969-04-27 San Francisco, CA, USA (KSJO FM BROADCAST)
      1970-03-21 Vancouver, Canada (Pure Blues) [Liquid Led]
      1973-01-22 Southampton, UK (Any Port In A Storm) [The Godfatherecords]
      1973-05-26 Salt Lake City, UT, USA (Georgia On My Mind) [Empress Valley]
      1975-02-10 Landover, MD, USA (Ultra Violent Killer Droog) [Empress Valley]
      1975-02-12 New York, USA (Flying Circus) [Empress Valley]
      1975-02-13 Uniondale, NY, USA (Led Faces Over Coliseum – Throwing The Wild Seeds Vol. 1) [The Godfather Records]
      1975-02-14 Uniondale, NY, USA (St. Valentine’s Day Massacre) [Empress Valley]
      1975-02-16 St. Louis, MO, USA (St. Louis Blues) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-03 Fort Worth, TX, USA (Rock Super Stars) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-11 Long Beach, CA, USA (Long Beach Californication) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-11 Long Beach, CA, USA (The American Return) [The Godfatherecords]
      1975-03-14 San Diego, CA, USA (Conspiracy Theory) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-17 Seattle, Washington, USA (Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-19 Vancouver, Canada (Rocky Mountain Hop) [The Godfatherecords]
      1975-03-19 Vancouver, Canada (Snowblind, Disc 1-3) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-20 Vancouver, Canada (Snowblind, Disc 4-6) [Empress Valley]
      1975-03-21 Seattle, WA, USA (Deus Ex Machina) [Empress Valley]
      1977-04-27 Cleveland, Ohio, USA (The Maximum Destroyer) [Empress Valley]
      1980-06-23 Bremen, Germany (Chien Noir, Disc 3-4) [Antrabata Reference Master]
      1980-06-29 Zürich, Switzerland (Conquer Europe) [Empress Valley]
      1980-06-29 Zürich, Switzerland (Disc 3 – Westwood One Broadcast]
      1980-06-30 Frankfurt, Germany (Soundboard 1st gen Cassette Patched With Audience Recording)
      1980-06-30 Frankfurt, Germany (Soundboard 1st gen Cassette)
      1988-05-14 New York City, USA (It’s only Rock’n Roll – Atlantic 40th Birthday)
      2007-12-05 Surrey, UK (The Complete Shepperton Rehearsals) [Empress Valley]

  16. Adey says:

    At £128 i would expect the blu ray thrown in aswell. Imho at that price fans shouldn’t have to fork out extra for the blu ray version if they’ve already ordered the definitive boxset of this release.

  17. Phil says:

    Was there an official publication of the DVD’s contents? Everyone is assuming it only contains Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround…the non DVD-Audio format (i.e., regular DVD-Video) can still support up to something like 24/96 stereo and 24/48 surround.

    In addition, the super deluxe set includes a download card. Are the downloads stereo only or do they include surround files, as well?

    If high-res surround is indeed on the DVD or provided with the downloads, then there really wouldn’t be anything to gripe about regarding a missing blu-ray. We need more details…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Downloads are stereo only. You’ve rather proved the point with DVD. It’s definitely not a DVD-A for starters, and therefore while hi-res stereo is fine, the surround can’t match the surround on the blu-ray audio.

  18. Bobbyjean says:

    Blu ray finally on amazon and price is just short of £24

    • Mark Carroll says:


    • Matthew Collier says:

      Thanks for that. Rigtht now, I have it ordered from Amazon France, and with the exchange rate and delivery cost, it’s about the same as the UK price (I’m in the UK).

      I might pre-order the UK version and then cancel the more expensive one the day before dispatch… (knowing me, I’ll forget, and get two copies (like I did for the recent Fleetwood Mac “White Album”… ;) )


  19. Bobbyjean says:

    The super deluxe was £107.47 on amazon for a short time a few days back.but why no blu ray in the box

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  21. SimonP says:

    DVD-Audio supports 96kHz at 24 bits up to 5.1, so why would it be any worse than a Blu-Ray disc?

    • Scott G says:

      DVD-Audio actually supports up to 24/192kHz stereo and 24/96kHz 5.1.
      You are right there would be no difference to release it on DVDA at the 24/96 resolution although DVDA does not support DTS HD MA (it does support DTS 24/96 though so no difference).
      I guess the Blu-ray Audio release is because more consumers will have a Blu-ray player as standard rather than players that support DVDA. Blu-ray is considered more difficult to rip as well (actually its not).
      Why not release the Blu-ray with a 192kHz/24bit 5.1 and/or include a Dolby Atmos 9.2 soundtrack – there’s plenty of space since there is no video. Another missed opportunity perhaps?

      The laugh is you will still get those who purchase the Blu-ray “Audio” thinking it includes HD video of the concert and will then complain on Amazon reviews about it..

    • TheRedPen says:

      It wouldn’t be but it’s not a DVD-Audio disc in the box set, it’s a plain old DVD (with no video content) with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (which is compressed). As Scott G points out, not everyone would be able to play a DVD-A disc.

  22. Ron I says: took down the blu-ray audio. What the?

  23. Bobbyjean says:

    Still no amazon blu ray price

  24. Roberto says:

    I echo the comments below. The right approach to have, price-wise, is to bring in Steve Wilson and remix the whole catalog in Hi-res surround a là Yes. They would be huge sellers. Except they won’t because they just think of all the money they could be potentially missing on, which is a shame.

  25. Ron Martin says:

    Despite all of the complaints, this is EXACTLY what I wanted: A Blu-ray Audio with 5.1 and stereo mixes. These are ALL I want from almost ANY box set, but they rarely come separate.

  26. Andrew B says:

    So another reissue campaign for the 50th ramps up, more remasters then with more vault material which we didn’t get last time? I’d rather not. Sorry, but the countless rehashing and fleecing of die hard fans is insane, do they really need the cash, are they down to the last 100 mill each, I doubt it.

  27. Scott G says:

    I have the DVD-A and can’t imagine the blu-ray will be much better, if at all. Why? Well a am frankly pessimistic about Jimmy Pages mastering capabilities. I purchased the remastered Physical Graffiti box set with great expectations of buying the other earlier releases (when funds would allow). When it arrived I eagerly downloaded the 24bit ‘Studio Master’. What a disappointment! It is just appalling, completely lifeless of any dynamics and compressed to hell. Why?
    So with that I decided I would not purchase any more.

  28. Paul W says:

    No not at all just another money rush

  29. Paul W says:

    Come on people were buy the same songs again an again ill keep my original copy thats ok for me

  30. Joe says:

    Anybody know if the boxset packaging will be similar to BBC-set rather that albums-boxsets?
    I didn’t like that the BBC-set had more basic box and the book was different aswell.
    Based on the pics on Amazon, I think this will look and be exactly like BBC-set, which is sad since I think the album-boxsets were more cooler.

  31. J says:

    Yes. I will take 1 blu ray also. Already have the DVD 5.1

  32. Charlie Waffles says:

    How the West Was Won has incredible audio. I think it is much better than The Song Remains the Same. I remember the 2003 release of the cd set and the dvd. I wish I was the head of Warner Music. I would fire the Bozos who greenlighted this reissue. The dvd set should be reissued on Blu-Ray and released on the same day as the audio. The Blu-ray audio of the music should be included with the overpriced super deluxe box set. Having the 5.1 dvd in a $180 box set is nonsense. That move alone should have the reissue producer sent to San Quentin.

    One note to Warner Music and Jimmy Page: Please release some more live concerts on cd in the coming years. The Mighty Zep was a great presence (no pun intended) on the concert stage. I am sick to death of The Who issuing concert recordings with Roger and Pete as a duo. Enough. Let us fans hear how the band matured during the 1970’s as a live act. Warner Music just does not understand what the fans really want. I want more live Zepp!

    • Eric says:

      Non studio albums can be a tricky beast, especially the early ones. The record company may not own the rights to live recordings. They could belong to the band, the manager, the sound guy, the venue, even a bootlegger. They may have been sold on, lost, stolen or found in an abandon storage locker. While the band owns the songs, ownership of the physical tape is another issue. Wouldn’t be the first time recordings have been shelved in the legal labyrinth.

  33. Dean Taylor says:

    Dear Mr Meat
    Do you know for sure about the song remains
    Reissue or were you just joking …I would really like to know ..ta .

    • Mark Carroll says:

      Led Zeppelin aka Jimmy Page DO NOT own the rights to the soundtrack, Warner Brothers do..I’ve often wondered in the past why the extra tracks weren’t included “in the film” on the Re-mastered version that came out in 2007. Of course WB would need to give permission to add to the film which they won’t, THE FILM BELONG TO THEM….Jimmy Page can Re-master the soundtrack, but no more without WBs permission…

  34. Uncle Meat says:

    As we all know, Jimmy´s only in it for the money. Can´t really understand why Planty and Jonesy approved this in the first place. Anyway, The Song Remains The Same SDE will be out in June. Then the official photo book. It is only later in the year that there´ll be a trio of great surprises for us fans. Don´t expect full shows.

  35. Dean Taylor says:

    Sorry Steve I have to disagree with you over the money grab idea
    This is a first time reissue of this title. If the remaster is as good as the BBC set and indeed all the studio albums then it’s a worthwhile upgrade.
    I do think the blu ray should have been included in the super deluxe but it is being made available separately and is not an exclusive item to the box which would have been an even worse situation for some . There’s good buying options here with no need to spend on the big box if you don’t won’t too.
    As for myself I’m all in for the super deluxe and hope it matches the BBC set in design and quality . Roll on March.

    • Gisabun says:

      Money grab? Debatable. There has been plenty of other bands where an album has been replease 3+ times. Think almost anything from Queen [studio albums], Beatles, Bon Jovi, Rolling Bones, …

  36. RJS says:

    I doubt there’ll be much difference between the 2003 edition and the remastered edition! Remastering is so overrated but as evidenced on the comments on this site, suffix any reissue with the word “remastered” and some people can’t hit the ‘Order’ button quick enough!

  37. Bogdan says:

    I have the original DVD-Audio and listen mainly on a stereo hi-res set-up so I might pass on the Blu-ray (while the super deluxe is too expensive for what it offers). This HTWWW reissue doesn’t add anything new, at least the recent studio album reissues had some bonus content. As for the remastered sound, I doubt this will be better than the original edition.

  38. AlexKx says:

    Is the book legit with liner notes, essay, and crammed with photos?

  39. AlexKx says:

    Well, sure some people may want the greatest sound quality possible but that does not mean you get it! Lol! The way it is being sold is great!

  40. Tony says:

    The most overated group EVER. That film they did live was the worst night out Ive ever had. Stairway and rock n roll are ok but after that give me Slade or Sweet any day of the week.
    Tuneless mostly and noisy for the sake of it…PLUS they were utter shite at Live Aid. Thank God I didnt have to spend any money on this one.

    • Friso Pas says:

      Well, thanks for that insightful and objective comment…

    • andrew R says:

      That’s the mighty Zep for you either loved to distraction
      or hated beyond logical thinking .Twas ever thus…

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Only friends with an older brother were into Led Zeppelin when I was a kid. As the oldest sibling (and parents who didn’t buy much music) I was fairly much oblivious to their existence!!

    • AlexKx says:

      Lol. Why?! Did you barf all over yourself? The film is superb and they are the second greatest group of all time!

  41. Steve says:

    I don’t see the point in reissuing this live set again other than having an LP format of it unless the original release is now out of print ?! Just seems like a money grab. I am happy with my original digi-pak set which protects each of the CD’s unlike these cheapo CD cardboard sleeves with no protective inner sleeves.

    • AlexKx says:

      The digi-pak WAS/IS one of those cheap-o c.d. cardboard sleeves, lol. It also doesn’t have a booklet if I recall which should be crammed full of photos…

  42. GARETH TAYLOR says:

    Twenty five minutes plus of dazed and confused to help you sleep…

  43. fish says:

    it is very unfortunate for you guys that would like it, that the blu-ray is not included. it’s obviously a marketing scheme, to get you to buy more. but the people that want it will do it and be happy, so that’s okay. if it’s a super deluxe though, it should have all the good stuff in it. the set first off is overpriced of course, if the blu-ray was in it it would make it a little higher. maybe that’s their excuse. The Rush box set’s from the past 2 years have had the Blu-ray in it, but you couldn’t get the BD any other way too. At least some bands do it that way lol. Rush’s AFTK’s super deluxe was only like $145 ish, and that has more in it.

  44. APAB says:

    Will get the blue ray, no need for the Hindenburg monster.

  45. Mark Reed says:

    No extra content = No purchase.

  46. Marty says:

    ”like a Led balloon” good one Paul!

  47. Grrrrr says:

    Any idea what the split of tracks is over the vinyl?

  48. Dean says:

    Print of the cover art? They’ve got to be joking, the artwork is terrible.

  49. Nick81 says:

    Planet Rock mentioned something Zep related was being announced around 3pm today, so this was it. Blu Ray for me. Missed out on the DVD-A all those years ago. However, as already mentioned, there were issues with it; it wasn’t 96/24, but I think 48/24 (someone else will be able to confirm). The original CD release was a bit on the loud side, but otherwise ok.

    • fish says:

      yeah, it could have had more dynamic range compression on it the first time. I’m sure there will be a slight noticeable difference with this. still the original sounds good.

    • Greg Rogers says:

      I own the dvd audio and it’s only 48/24

    • Matthew Collier says:

      It seems to me that the bit depth is almost more important the the sample rate so 44.1/24 is way better than 44.1/16 and 48/24 is quite a lot better than 44.1/24. at 88.2/24 and 96/24 it’s the law of diminishing returns and 192/24 only really exists because it’s a “studio format” with so much headroom as to never be a problem whilst/once mixed-down/released commercially.

      So, just because it’s “only” 48/24 doesn’t mean it’s not loads better than the CD/Red-Book (44.1/16), it can sound amazing at that resolution, *IF* it’s been mixed/mastered well!

      Fingers crossed for the Blu audio being well mixed/mastered! ;) (as I’m only planning on buying that, and for once, it’s nice that it’s available separately, but again, echoing everyone else, what were they thinking, putting the DVD in the box when there is a BluRay to be had!! :@ )

  50. D Wooley says:

    i’m always excited when I hear about “new” Led Zeppelin 5.1 hi-rez but can only hope that Page and his cronies didn’t screw up the sound like they did for the 2007 Celebration release!

    • Sam says:

      What was wrong with the Celebration mix, D Wooley? I’ve yet to hear it.

      • Matthew Collier says:

        Off the top of my head, (and commenting only on the BluRay hi-res multichannel mix), it’s way too bass heavy! (my system has a LOT of bass, but well mixed stuff sounds great, bassy, but not boomy – Celebration Day (and Roger Waters The Wall), are both way too heavy in that area IMHO, kinds of ruins it a bit…

        Overall though, I really do like Celebration Day :)

        Note to self – when I get a chance, compare the mix of the Blu audio vs the CD version (I *think* I have both).

  51. Kevin says:

    Hmm.. would have been nice to see expanded (complete?) editions of each show that makes up this set.

    • Lee Realgone says:

      Never going to happen all the while Jimmy is still with us. This set didn’t just use the “best performances from each night” to create a live document, but some *tracks* are actually spliced together from different nights.

      • Mark Carroll says:

        Page did this with the original Song Remains the Same soundtrack…& I dare say with the 2007 Remaster…

  52. Pete Harris says:

    On Amazon UK pre-order for £107.47 for the 8 Disc Super Deluxe set.

    • Kevin S says:

      Ah! but will you open it up :)

    • Pete Harris says:

      Now up to £128!!

    • Tea4one says:

      Aye, I pre- ordered it too at this price… it’s £128.99. Phew? Can always cancel the day before if it’s cheaper elsewhere ….. tho all my Amazon. SDE box sets have been well packaged.

      Only bought one of Zeppelin’s boxes from elsewhere …Graffiti… and it arrived looking like it had been bounced down a 15 storey fire escape. Ok….a corner was slightly crushed, but was I well upset. Replaced tho.

      Wife….order another book case will you? There’s a good girl…..

  53. Chris Squires says:

    “The first 30,000 will be numbered”
    Hmm, I don’t know the exact figures but that feels very optimistic, do they think that they will need a second un-numbered pressing? Maybe I underestimate hardcore Led Zep fans but I feel this will be around for a very long time, unless it is heavily discounted at some point. I got a numbered LZ IV from in the December 3 for 2 and I would suggest that is a far more desirable album, so if they are still trying to shift that 3 to 4 years on then this will take even longer.

  54. Friso Pas says:

    I have a Technics SL 1200 MKII with Ortofon Bronze element.
    I have a Home Cinema setup with an Oppo UHD player.
    LZ is my nr.1 band.
    I say, SDL ánd blu-ray, hell yeah! LZ rules. Love this release.
    Of course, I’m hoping there will be more good (or even better) announcements later this year.
    Give it to me, JP!

  55. Mathew Lauren says:

    So, as I remember it, the original DVD-A surround mix was severely lacking, yeah? Front soundstage and rear ambience only, yeah? There were mastering issues as well. Is there any more information other than that “HTWWW” 5.1 DVD & Blu-ray (2018) were newly remastered? Anything about the surround mix? How ‘bout a more immersive discrete, surround mix this time, yeah?

    And while we’re on it: Jimmy Page if are you listening (reading), we would ‘die’ for cd/dvd 5.1 or cd/Blu-ray 5.1 or better (object-based surround should be considered for a couple of Zep’s albums) booksets, à la Tull and Marillion. Please reconsider the offer from Steven Wilson to assist you in this endeavour.

    Given the remarkable and discernible difference the new stereo mixes you put together showcase, I’d bet that 5.1 (discrete surround-sound) booksets would sound amazing and be incredibly immersive; whether you took SW up on his offer or did it all yourself! SW’s name, associated with surround mixes, has become synonymous with quality and this equates to $ales; but his participation should not be seen as intrusive. He is known to ‘sympathetically mix’ to surround, ones’ music in this case, it would be your art in a way that serves the music and showcases the band. This is exactly what you achieved with your new stereo-only remixes.

    On paper JP & SW working together on ZEPPELIN, original album, surround-sound releases seems like a great idea. Either way (unlike the poor, 8-disc SDE decision to nix the inclusion of the 5.1 Blu-ray Disc in lieu of a ‘lossy’ DD5.1 DVD-V disc to showcase the surround sound presentation), reasonably priced cd/surround-sound booksets would sell-out and be a HUGE hit with your fans.

  56. Keith says:

    Blu Ray for me how sensible not putting it in an overpriced box set with vinyl etc

  57. MFG says:

    Some good performances on this live album, but since there’s no new content from the two shows, I’m happy with the original CDs. The stand-alone blu-ray disc is a nice option for a sound-quality upgrade, for those who want it.

    I’d much rather see new live recordings on official releases, especially full shows from Earls Court ’75 (as mentioned in an earlier comment) and the better Knebworth show from ’79. The excerpts from the live DVD 15 years ago made me want more. I would take them even as official downloads (CD quality or better), though CDs or blu-ray discs are always preferred.

  58. Dean Taylor says:

    Was hoping for anther fix of zep this year and this will do fine for me . Not worried about lack of blu ray , I don’t do surround sound and my CD player will up scale . Would be very amiss not to get the super deluxe.
    This has made my day .

  59. Greg says:

    I think that Page, Plant, & Warners are counting on every $180 SDE purchaser to also drop $25 on the Blu-Ray. There can be no other explaination for not putting the Blu-Ray in the SDE with the DVD and making it a 9 disc set or swapping it with the DVD and keeping it at 8 discs. Nevertheless I think we can use their decision to our advantage. JUST BUY THE BLU-RAY. Everything is on the Blu-ray. We do not need cds, vinyl, and lots of paper and cardboard. Let these SDEs become 3 for 2 deals by the summer…and still not buy them. Don’t feel the need to add another big cardboard box to your Led Zepplin collection. We can all justify that because this is not one of the “original” albums. If this word gets out and there are lots of preorders for Blu-ray and not for the SDE, maybe they will wise up and add it to the SDE or give all SDE purchasers a coupon to get it free. Chances are 75% of the SDE buyers are on SUPERDELUXEEDITION.COM.

    • André says:

      please say not: “… we can use ….. we do not need …. we can all …” Please think about that you are not speaking for “us” … think about it. Everybody could buy what he wants and everybody could release whatever he wants.

  60. Lee Taylor says:

    Seriously, the DVD needs to die already.

    • kook says:

      “I’ve got a Blu-Ray player so everyone else should have one.”

      • Mick says:

        “I only have a DVD player, so companies shouldn’t include Blu-Rays in SDE’s”.

        If You’re perusing this site, You’re assumed to be at least something of an audiophile with enough spare cash to indulge in at least a few SDE’s . A decent BD player can be had for less than many of these SDE’s.
        Blu-Ray is now a 12-year-old format.
        Did You wait until DVD was on the market 12 years to replace Your VCR?
        It’s probably high time.

        • kook says:

          Did I say I was anti-Blu-Ray? No I didn’t. I just don’t care for format-fascists unilaterally declaring that the DVD should be abolished, simply on the grounds that they no longer have any use for it.

          I’ve heard many a similar remark about CDs and vinyl too – as if their very existence were somehow offensive – and will no doubt be hearing the same about Blu-Ray in 10 years’ time.

          Live and let live, people.

    • Mick says:

      Soooo agree.
      I kind of expected this release: HTWWW is the September photo in the 2018 Rhino calendar (those calendars tend to highlight major releases) + Zep’s 50th anniversary.
      I’m in for the Blu-ray. Just the idea of the whole program uninterrupted on a single disc sells me. The 24/96 is icing on the cake.

      • Derek Langsford says:

        Let’s hope they don’t screw it up and do the same as Jeff Lynne’s ELO Wembley or Bust Blu-ray. After fading out and fading in the crows noise between each track on the CD, the Blu-ray was continuous but had several commentary interruptions between songs and talking over the intro to the opening song. The Blu-ray was only ins stereo too. What was Jeff/Columbia thinking?

        At least one can get all the music on digital formats without paying for vinyl in a big, expensive box.

        • Steven says:

          Yes, I was all ready to buy the ELO blu-ray when I discovered that. I really don’t need chat between songs. And over songs too – the ultimate sin against their own music. And then no 5.1!

  61. Mark Petz says:

    They’re going to have to sweeten that deal for us vinylheads. $125 US for 4x Lp? Yikes.

  62. Roger Taylor says:

    $17.60 Blu-ray is extremely awesome!

  63. art says:

    cool, the blu ray is stand alone. thats all i need.

  64. Andy says:

    The decision include a DVD instead of a Blu-ray in 2018 in any box set is stupid, especially this one. If consumers are willing to pay $180 for a deluxe box you can be very sure they also had the money at some point to buy a blu ray player.

    Let’s be thankful Warner’s didn’t include a VHS tape.

  65. Klaus says:

    Will give this a miss like all other SDEs so far. Still don’t see the use of combining vinyl and cd and dvd instead of bluray keeps me raising my eyebrows.
    Will stick to my original 3-cd-package and watch out for contents of the stand-alone bluray-release.

  66. PAUL DEAN says:

    YEAH ! Bring it on , Historic shows A Full set from London towns Earls Court shows would be Nice also , i attended .Different generations discover Zepp all the time .( Roberts Live shows at the end of last year where amazing here in Europe/ U.K

  67. This was all looking so good till the bit about Dolby Digital DVD in the box. Why can’t these record companies get it completely right!!

  68. Mark Carroll says:

    I’ve got all the previous super deluxe boxsets, but with no Blu-ray in the new set, It will save me OVER £100 !!!!…excellent.. Blu-ray only for me..even if I own the DVD-A set..

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