Leo Sayer / The Fantasy Years

4LP clear vinyl • Overseen by Leo • Comes with a SIGNED print

Leo Sayer is set to release a third vinyl box set in his series of ‘years’ themed collections next month. The Fantasy Years 1979-1983 follows previous boxes The Hollywood Years and The London Years and also completes his first decade of success with Chrysalis Records.

The albums contained are 1979’s Here, 1980’s Living in a Fantasy, World Radio from 1982 and Have You Ever Been in Love, which was issued in ’83. Each record will be pressed on heavyweight 180g clear vinyl and the box will contain a period-appropriate signed print.

Leo Sayer / Leo Sayer / The Fantasy Years 4LP signed vinyl box setThe Fantasy Years includes four albums pressed on clear vinyl and a signed print

While no longer quite enjoying the level of success that he’d be used to across the 1970s, with hits such as ‘When I Need You’ and ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’, the anglo-Australian pop minstrel was still popping up on Top of the Pops with occasional hits, and The Fantasy Years still has a few pop nuggets such as the hits ‘More Than I Can Say’, ‘Orchard Road’, the Ivor Novello winning ‘Have You Ever Been In Love’ and the Bee Gees-written ‘Heart (Stop Beating In Time)’.

Here was produced by old mucker David Courtney, while Living in a Fantasy saw Leo team up with Alan Tarney, who would go on to produce most of a-ha’s first album, Hunting High and Low. In fact, after the Arif Mardin producer World Radio, Christopher Neil co-produced Have You Ever Been In Love with the returning Alan Tarney. Neil worked on about half of a-ha’s fourth album East Of The Sun West Of The Moon. So there you go!

The Fantasy Years 1979-1983 is released on 11 October 2019 (was 27 September).

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Leo Sayer

The Hollywood Years 1976-1978 [VINYL]

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LP 1 – Here
1. The World Has Changed
2. When The Money Runs Out
3. The EnD
4. Lost Control
5. An Englishman In The USA
6. Who Will The Next Fool Be
7. Work
8. Oh Girl
9. Ghosts
10. Takin’ The Easy Way Out

LP 2 – Living in a Fantasy
1. Time Ran Out On You
2. Where Did We Go Wrong
3. You Win-I LosE
4. More Than I Can Say
5. Millionaire
6. Once In A While
7. Living In A Fantasy
8. She’s Not Coming Back
9. Let Me Know
10. Only Foolin

LP 3 – World Radio
1. Heart (Stop Beating In Time)
2. Paris Dies In The Morning
3. Have You Ever Been In Love
4. Rumours
5. Heroes
6. Til You Let Your Heart Win
7. The End Of The Game
8. Wondering Where The Lions Are
9. We’ve Got Ourselves In Love
10. World Radio

LP 4 – Have You Ever Been In Love
1. Til You Come Back To Me
2. Sea Of Heartbreak
3. More Than I Can Say
4. Darlin’
5. Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow
6. How Beautiful You Are
7. Orchard Road
8. Aviation
9. Heart (Stop Beating In Time)
10. Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
11. Have You Ever Been In Love
12. Wounded Heart
13. Love Games
14. Never Had A Dream Come True

26 responses to Leo Sayer / The Fantasy Years

  1. Martin Langston says:

    Yep, I’ve had the Hollywood Years sent twice instead of the Fantasy Years from Amazon UK. Both have now gone back and was advised by Amazon UK to wait a week before ordering again.
    Looked today and the link to Fantasy has changed to Hollywood and Fantasy is no longer available online.
    I have been promised the cheaper price I originally paid when the issue is sorted out.

  2. Peter Mitchell says:

    Hi Paul
    This is my first post on your superb site (my first port of call every morning).
    Unfortunately my comment is not a very upbeat one. I have, today, taken delivery of Leo Sayer’s ‘The Fantasy Years’ from Amazon UK, in a sealed package, with the correct label on the box. However, once opened, it contained a copy of ‘The Hollywood Years’. I believe that this potential problem has already been mentioned so I would suggest ‘Buyer Beware’.

  3. Simon Stokes says:

    Hi Darren

    Many thanks for that very detailed reply. Will definately try them.

    Paul sorry to hijack your site for this discussion but it must be good for you the more Australian and NZ readers can continue to order through your site.

  4. Alan says:

    Lovely artwork and good price. His 1982 run of singles was very strong.

  5. John McCann says:

    So leo a man of your means didn’t have a video recorder back in the eighties to record your show,,,, I presume that you did but where probably out having a great time and it was before video plus so setting a timer was a nightmare, IV got your love song cd ,had it for 25years absolutely amazing you are the second best after my all time hero Captain sensible now his stuff with Tony Mansfield just blows me away like it’ did in 82,3,4 love the Captain but love
    as well

  6. Jurg says:

    I bought the “Just A Box” The Complete Studio Recordings 1971-2006 on CD a few years ago (with two bonus CD’s). I think it was for £25. I’m not going to buy this on vinyl because I already have it on CD (although the signed print is tempting). I wished there were more artists who stand behind their own music and present their back catalog in nice box sets for a good price. Thank you Leo Sayer!

  7. Simon Stokes says:


    How do you send to the US then to Aus. In NZ I think we are also about to have the same problem Aus has from 1 December.

    • Darren Farry says:

      Hi Simon,

      I know for some it may seem strange that I would send a parcel to the US then to AUS instead of using a parcel forwarder in the UK, but it’s been the cheapest option for me. Around 12 months ago when a decision was made by Amazon UK to stop sending parcels to AUS due to the introduction of GST I started doing research on parcel forwarders in the UK. For me price was the key on who I picked. I ended up with two companies in a long list of options. The reason these two appealed to me was they offered royal mail delivery as well as the normal DHL, FED-EX, TNT etc. I used both these companies to ship a couple of cds to see how much it would cost sending Royal Mail on top of handling fees etc. One cost me £25 to deliver and the other cost me just under £20 to deliver. On top of that I had to include VAT from Amazon UK and one of the parcel forwarders charged GST to deliver to AUS. I then looked at parcel forwarders in the US. Again there were many options to choose from but I found a great review on a parcel forwarder that gave you the normal option with DHL, FED-EX, USPS etc, but also offered their own delivery service. Using the companies delivery service is incredibly cheap in comparison to other delivery companies. You’re looking at $12-$15 US cheaper than the next option. The other key selling points are I’m not charged VAT, shipping from Amazon UK to the US is cheap, handling fees are super cheap and the forwarding company doesn’t charge GST. The downside is it takes a little longer but you can pay and extra couple of US dollars to get express/tracking delivery. I’ve had 14 parcels sent since I started using this parcel forwarding company (using their own delivery service) and have had no issues thus far. Of course this is all based on the experiences I’ve had and I suggest you do some research as it could be different in NZ. If you want to check out the parcel forwarder that I’ve been extremely happy with, it’s called Planet Express and as mentioned they are located in the US. This is all based on cds as I haven’t ordered vinyl this way before until this order.

  8. David culmer says:

    The only Leo Sayer track I want is his 1984 duet with Gary Numan performing on broadway

  9. Satyaki Ray says:

    BBC is like dinasorous. Like dinasorous walked over BBC too aired once upon a time. So expecting their non existent wisdom absolutely foolish. Better save all the tapes what you have.
    Iam from India & I love your music from the 80’s collecting your records tapes & CDs are very difficult. I have your greatest hits on chrysalis record & some more. World radio on cd but the album cool touch which was released in India by HMV, I have the cassette but its not working properly. Anyway will try to buy online. But given an opportunity I can buy any of good sites suggeested by you. Or by any your given site.

  10. Danny says:

    I loved “More Than I Can Say” when it came on the radio back in the day. I was nine years old and about to buy my first 7″ singles. A big pop moment in my life. Thank you Mr. Sayer!

  11. Donnie Biscotti says:

    I’m commenting here just to be on the same page as the man himself. Leo, your TV duet with Gary Numan ‘On Broadway’ is in my top ten TV moments of all time (probably at no.10, mind). Pure gold.

    • John 79 says:

      That was brilliant,the duet with Gary Numan/Leo Sayer, absolutely amazing,has that ever been released on DVD at all ?,my VHS copy direct from TV is shot,I’d love to see it remastered and released somehow…..

  12. Darren Farry says:

    Amazon USA and AUS are showing the The Fantasy Years in the photo but the description is for The Hollywood Years. Not taking any chances so ordered from Amazon UK to send to the US to then send to AUS. I so miss the days Australia could order from Amazon UK.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks for pointing this out Darren. I’ve removed those other links from the widget, because there’s something not right there…

      • David Fisher says:

        Hi Paul. I’m getting the same problem on amazon uk. I click on your link which takes me to the right page but says I’ve already bought it! I follow that link which has my purchase of the previous box set but now with a photo of THE FANTASY YEARS. Seems too dodgy to pre-order it on this basis – I might get a second copy of the other box… Hope they don’t hike the price when they sort it out. David

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Hmm… on the face of it, all looks okay with that UK link, but there must be issues, given what you’ve said. If in doubt order it, take screenshots and you can always argue the case afterwards. I’ll have a word with Demon and see what’s going on.

  13. Colin says:

    Hi Leo, what an amazing music artist you are. Superb back catalogue to be proud of including your latest release from April, ‘Selfie’ which is brilliant. Cool that you come on excellent sites like SDE to give fans feedback and comment on posts like this one. This kind of thing’s very much appreciated by fans and not all artists take the time to do it. Have to say Have You Ever Been In Love is one of my all time favourite songs. Should’ve been a number one hit for you. But the needed sales for a number one then were astronomical! At this fair price this box set will be one I will most definitely be purchasing. Good luck with this and any future releases! Colin.

  14. Steve Robertson says:

    Cracking value. Not my thing but its well presented, well done Leo.

  15. Tom Walsh says:

    Loved Orchard Road, thanks for reminding me about it. I will have to check out a Greatest Hits set by Leo.

    • Steven Roberts says:

      Oh, yes, Orchard Road is a fantastic song…just wish I was more of a fan to justify buying this box.

      What I would REALLY like to see from Leo would be a DVD of his BBC series. I remember very clearly the guest appearance from Phil Collins when they did a Blues Brothers/Sam & Dave style duet – must’ve been around the time of Phil’s You Can’t Hurry Love single (82/83?)

      • Leo Sayer says:

        Unfortunately the BBC, in their divine wisdom, chose to destroy all the tapes. I’d love to see it too. You can find some routines on You Tube, like me duetting with Linda Ronstadt, but the ones with the likes of Phil and Randy Newman are sadly gone forever… Leo Sayer

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