Leo Sayer / The London Years 1973-1975 / signed 3LP vinyl box set

3LP CLEAR vinyl set • SIGNED print • Classic early material

Leo Sayer just recently turned 70 and to mark the occasion Demon Records are issuing a couple of special vinyl packages including a three-LP box set, The London Years 1973-1975, which ships with a SIGNED 12″ x 12″ print.

The London Years features Sayer’s first three studio albums: Silverbird (1973), Just A Boy (1974) and Another Year (1975). All three reached the UK top ten and together they contain some of Sayer’s best loved songs, including The Show Must Go On, One Man  Band, Long Tall Glasses, Giving It Away and Moonlighting.

As well as the signed print, The London Years is pressed on CLEAR vinyl and the project has been overseen by Leo himself. This is the first in a series of planned vinyl sets.

The London Years 1973-1975 will be released on 28 September 2018. The same day will see his recent Gold Collection hits set issued on gold vinyl.

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Leo Sayer

London Years - 3LP clear vinyl + signed print


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Leo Sayer

Gold Collection on Gold vinyl


LP 1 – Silverbird
1. Innocent Bystander
2. Goodnight Old Friend
3. Drop Back
4. Silverbird
5. The Show Must Go On
6. The Dancer
7. Tomorrow
8. Don’t Say It’s Over
9. Slow Motion
10. Oh Wot A Life
11. Why Is Everybody Going Home

LP 2 – Just A Boy
1. Telepath
2. Train
3. The Bells Of St. Marys
4. One Man Band
5. In My Life
6. When I Came Home This Morning
7. Long Tall Glasses
8. Another Time
9. Solo
10. Giving It All Away

LP 3 – Another Year
1. Bedsitterland
2. Unlucky In Love
3. The Last Gig of Johnny B. Goode
4. On The Old Dirt Road
5. I Will Not Stop Fighting
6. Moonlighting
7. Streets Of Your Town
8. The Kid’s Grown Up
9. Only Dreaming
10. Another Year

24 responses to Leo Sayer / The London Years 1973-1975 / signed 3LP vinyl box set

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  2. Mick Wright says:

    Any one got this I’m thinking of buying it but always worried about quality of coloured Vinyl, only had a couple and sound quality not as good as the black stuff

  3. Tony Orwell says:

    last time i saw a signed Leo Sayer LP on ebay they priced it cheap and appologised because it had writing on the cover

  4. Tim Joseph says:

    What I’d really like is the demos for Silverbird and the Daltrey albums. Roger does a fair job, but you can tell those songs were written for Leo himself to sing …

  5. Tone Def says:

    ‘TIMH’ LP was 1977, produced by Richard Perry, so probably in the next set…you can see where they’re going…

  6. Mark W Foster says:

    Still a wonderful performer – tours regularly in Aus where he still has a good fan base. Does lots of meet and greets and loves his fans

  7. Bob says:

    Found a signed Leo Sayer LP in a charity shop a few months back…amazing what you can find. Paul, you haven’t done one of your Charity Shop Bargains pages for a while….

  8. Michael Chapman says:

    Shame it couldn’t squeeze in Thunder In My Heart. Amazing production if I recall. Wasn’t it 1978?

  9. Robert says:

    Fab one of my earliest music memories is seeing Leo on tv performing ‘Long Tall Glasses’ right before her busted through in America with ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ and the number 1 smash ‘When I need You’. Great one !

  10. Robbie Mullins says:

    Saw Mr sayer at the cheese and grain in Frome, Somerset last Friday, 20 July, absolutely fantastic, a good geezer indeed,

  11. Daniel Wylie says:

    Silverbird (one word) is a brilliant album. Just a Boy and Another Year, are also excellent. I saw him live a couple of times when I was a teenager and he was great. These are his three best albums. After these, he mostly recorded cover versions.

  12. Kevin says:

    Great composer and songsmith, very underrated, look forward to this and further releases

  13. Tony says:

    Saw him last year……AMAZING NIGHT. Great songs and what a performer.
    When young he saved someone from a Hotel fire research shows. What a legend.
    ps as other say-sadly overlooked nowadays.

  14. CAB says:

    I met him once on a job I was doing. This was well after his heyday years. He was a total pro and very approachable.
    Unlike the woman who was his co-star, who was so up herself the engineers had to light her twice.

  15. Chris Squires says:

    The Amazon blurb says the clear Vinyl set is numbered, always a good thing for a limited edition. Any idea Paul of the number run? If it’s all signed it won’t be too high a number. Somewhere between 500 and a 1,00 would be my guess. But confirmation always appreciated.

    Very under-rated music (top notch) that has kind of been forgotten by the masses, mad as a box of frogs though. Leo needs a “sparks-like” revival.

  16. Julian Hedges says:

    I got the complete boxset in cd not to long ago for a tenner, think I will stick with that…..still got some of his on vinyl from years ago. Great singer/performer/writer. Over looked these days…

  17. JohnInEly says:

    He made me feel like dancing…once.

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