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New album • No deluxe edition • Dull box set

Lisa Stansfield‘s eighth studio album Deeper will be released in April and a deluxe box set edition is part of the physical offering.

Deeper has been mainly written by Stansfield and Ian Devaney and produced by Devaney and Snowboy (Mark Cotgrove).

The 13-track album is being issued as a double vinyl set and a digi-pak CD edition. There is no deluxe version with bonus tracks.

EarMusic were rather coy about revealing any box set details when the album was officially announced – they didn’t mention it at all! Perhaps that’s because it’s very disappointing. One of those where it just gathers everything together; so you get the 2LP vinyl, the CD, an A2 poster, a T-shirt (size L) and three A4 ‘photo cards’. So no coloured vinyl, no picture disc, no exclusive audio, no bonus video footage. Pretty uninspiring stuff. Let’s hope the album is better than the physical presentation.

Deeper is released on 6 April 2018.

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Lisa Stansfield

Deeper deluxe box


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Lisa Stansfield

Deeper 2LP vinyl


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Lisa Stansfield

Deeper CD Edition


2. Twisted
3. Desire
4. Billionaire
5. Coming Up for Air
6 . Love of My Life
7 . Never Ever
8 . Hercules
9. Hole in My Heart
10 . Just Can’t Help Myself
11. Deeper
12. Butterflies
13. Ghetto Heaven

25 responses to Lisa Stansfield / Deeper box set

  1. Kirk Bonin says:

    If you are NOT a hardcore Lisa fan, why are you even looking at a box set? It is designed for a fan who wants everything available. I’m a pretty hardcore Lisa fan but I’m too lazy to even play my Technics 1200 turntable, I haven’t had a cassette player since the 80s. And the only Lisa tee shirt I wear is from “Affection”, so I checked it out BUT I’m not going to disparage a fan who may really want it. Who the hell am I to tell anyone how to spend their hard earned money.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you are addressing the author of the article – me – then I’m ‘looking’ at the box set because this is a website that specialises in news/reviews/appraisals of deluxe editions and box sets. So it is rather in my job description. And the Deeper box set isn’t very good, so she’s ripping off ‘fans who want everything’. Seven years and 5,000 articles later, I feel qualified to make a judgement.

  2. Robert Lett says:

    Heads up, Newberry Comics have autographed copies of the cd up while they last.

  3. Julian H says:

    Just heard the first single on the radio. It seems that, like everything earmusic has released, this will be badly mastered. It sounded flat and bad…

  4. Paul Spurgeon says:

    not good as others have said.

    seriously who is gonna walk around in a tshirt saying deeper…?!

  5. Larry Davis says:

    Will get the new album but yeah…this set is downright lazy…plus considering a REAL deluxe may come out down the line…this reminds me of the limited fan site deluxe of Cheryl’s solo debut “3 Words”…the album with no bonus tracks but in a long box, a tote bag and 2009/2010 calendar on hard board…basic but collectible…not like the new upcoming Ash album “Islands” out May 18th…many different bundles, 2 different vinyls…1 black 1 silver, signed print, etc…and they are back on Infectious as well…and a new tour!!

  6. Adam says:

    At least with this box set, you’ll know if the t shirt will fit you, unlike Saxons’ ‘Battering Ram’ where you had no choice at all, it was pot luck. However, the Saxon shirt had an eye catching design!

  7. Mathew Lauren says:

    Addendum to my earlier post:

    I do like that Lisa’s team has offered (physical-media) options here, as many have suggested for years and I recently posted (here) on (my take) in detail.

    As Paul points out here, however, this is a pretty empty, SDE-boxset offering for the scratch — 40-odd quid or ~60 bucks for a rather-lacking, SDE boxset. Even the pre-order CD price (ONE CD consisting of 13 original songs) is listed for about the same (current) price as Alan Parson’s only (so far) stand-alone, hires, 5.1 BR-disc; and further, Lisa’s new 2.0 16/44.1 pcm cd is MORE expensive (pre-order price) than any of SW’s last 4, hires, surround-sound (original album) Blu-ray Discs (US).*. Regarding the vinyl offering, itself, there is simply not enough information to comment on its standalone pricing**, let alone how this affects the SDE boxset’s ‘value’ and pricing**. In fact, after further inspection across the entirety of the inter-web including EarMusic there are NO specifics concerning the vinyl (weight, rpm, mastering specs, etc.)

    The lack of’s (covered by Paul) and pricing** make this seem like a pretty-weak offering for the dosh. Given all that’s missing and otherwise considered ‘standard’ for most SDE bundles (surround-disc inclusion or not), the ask** seems a bit much.

    Time and the music, itself, will tell all…

    * all comparisons of products used CURRENT list prices (pre-order, prime & 3rd party) and are subject to change.
    ** MSRP

  8. Mathew Lauren says:

    I thought I misread, Paul. You did call it a DULL boxset and then went on to back it up. Good on you! Personally, I want surround-sound not tees (esp. ONE size fits ALL), marbles, coasters, posters, signed dross, etc…

    Keep the vinyl separate or broken up in sets, like I’ve set-out as ‘BETTER’ SDE (alternative) offerings in recent posts!

    P.S. …definitely don’t want a VAULT!

  9. Michael says:

    Pretty lousy effort and with vinyl included? Count me out.

  10. Hans Jörg says:

    Well earmusic is how shall I write it politely.. ok they started reissues of Saga CDs with big adverts and stopped after 5 I think. Then they started a reissues campaign with Stratovarius with big adverts in magazines and stopped it after two CDs. So what shall one expect.

    • Julian H says:

      Don’t mention those Saga CDs to me. No period bonus tracks but recent live recordings that were later released in full as “Live in Hamburg”. Remastering was pretty awful on them too. Saga deserved far better!

      earmusic is a pretty useless company IMO.

  11. Kiki says:

    I’m lucky because I nearly pre-order it ! It was supposed to be a “4 disc” box when it went at first at amazon… Then when the picture appeared, I had a doubt about the presence of any “Bonus CD”… Now I know i’ll only buy the standard one, Even if the first single is scrappy…

  12. Simon says:

    Ghetto Heaven as in a cover of the Family Stand amazing track from 1990?

  13. RJS says:

    It’ll keep the box collectors happy!

  14. MusicFan says:

    I think expectations regards formats is getting rather skewed!

    I would have been happy if there was just a standard CD and standard vinyl release. There doesn’t need to be a plethora of useless bundles / editions.

    Take for example the lastest Kylie album. The number of bundles is disgusting and clearly is a rip off to fans who like to collect everything.

    Take for example the latest A-ha album, I bought EIGHT physical formats! Yet a CD and DVD/Blu ray would have sufficed. Even with all these formats it still didn’t get to number one.

    Even the last Sting album milked a basic 10 track album across way too many useless edition.

    This new Lisa Stansfield album is great value for money with 13 tracks. The box set is awesome with the vinyl, cd, pictures and tshirt – this is how a box set should be. After all no one complained about the Wham Final box set when that came out so why complain about this.

    Hopefully if this album and tour goes well, at some point there will be a tour deluxe edition with bonus content. After all a deluxe edition should be released to expend the life and experience of a album campaign and should not be used upfront at the time of release to milk fans of money.

    So well done Lisa for applying some common sense.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      How is having only one size of T-shirt in a box set “common sense”? Are we all the same shape and size?

      • MusicFan says:


        I’ve always know branded marketing tshirts to just be ‘one size fit’s all’ so that’s common really. After all it would be rather impossible to give people a size option so I appreciate this is why marketeers do this.

        I’ve always regarded these sort of tshirts as collectibles which mostly no one actually wears but I’m sure some perhaps do.

        After all it would ruin the boxset to wear and then dispose of a key collectable like this as I always like to keep each element in mint condition.

        It’s a nice addition but not essential. Maybe a 12inch x 12inch artwork of the album cover would have been nice instead as some people may like to frame things like this.

        I wonder what other branded item would have been better to include? Mousemat, coaster set, car stickers, etc?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I like box sets (obviously) but to me this box screams ‘minimal effort’. As I said in the article, why didn’t they create a coloured vinyl version that you can only get in the box set? They didn’t want to spend the money, is the reason, but they *do* want fans to spend £45 on quite a lot of tat – posters, postcards etc. I realise other box sets do have posters and postcards but that’s normally extra bits thrown in, not the meat and potatoes!

    • HS says:

      I for one am thrilled that Kylie is offering several versions of her new album, both on CD and LP (and even cassette). How is that a rip off? No one is forcing anyone to buy things they don’t want and in Kylie’s case you get all the actual songs by just purchasing the deluxe CD. I have (so far) ordered the album on 7 or 8 different formats and if any other versions appear I will order them as well.

  15. Klaus says:

    When i look at other ear-Music-releases (e.g. Deep Purple) i expect this to be re-released about 4 times in several formats within the next one-and-a-half year ;-)

  16. Chris says:

    Looking forward to hearing the album on CD, but will give the deluxe edition a miss.. no interest in vinyl or stuff.

    After the details of the set were announced I decided to cancel my order.

  17. Bernard O’Hara says:

    They could at least get her to sign the box set…

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