Live Aid audio turns up on streaming and download sites

Only a few weeks back it seemed like a big deal when it was announced that some of Queen‘s Live Aid performance would be included in the soundtrack to the forthcoming Bohemian Rhapsody film. Then, the very next day almost eight hours of Live Aid audio – what was issued on DVD in 2004 – appeared on download site 7 Digital. Since then, with similar lack of fanfare,  it has also appeared on Spotify.

Quite why this has happened, no one seems to know. We were always told the audio would never been issued – it was a legal minefield etc. So if you fancy owning this historical live audio then you can buy the lot, on 7 Digital for £7.50! You were able to download CD quality FLAC files actually, but that option seems to have been removed and you are now left with 320kbps M4A + 320kbps MP3.

What is strange is that this includes the whole of Queen’s performance, whereas the Bohemian Rhapsody album omits Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Go figure.

I would not be surprised to see this removed in the near future, so act now if you want to buy the download.

Buy the download via 7 Digital or listen on Spotify, below.

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  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Pity the Live Aid DVD misses out a lot more of what still exists in the archives, which is all you’re get here. Only what’s on the official Live Aid DVD is available here in an audio format.

    Before you say the opposite, yes there’s a lot more in the archives of Live Aid material that still exists on both sides of the Atlantic (and maybe elsewhere) than you think, that wasn’t on the official DVD.

    OK, ABC destroyed their tapes but MTV kept almost everything, as did the BBC for Wembley.

    It’s a good I’ve got files from “The Unreleased Live Aid” DVD which is all taken from one recording and is sourced the BBC coverage (synced with the stereo simulcast from R1).

    • Geff says:

      I know there’s Canada & Australia; + more from the UK & USA.

      &D has it in 44/24 mow at least in the USA.

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  3. Babakazoo says:

    There are full stereo recordings of the original UK broadcast floating around the net. It was simulcast in stereo on Radio in the UK at the time, so plenty of people recorded it from the radio instereo. Apart from the multiple tracks cut from the DVD version, some of the performances that had Microphone problems were overdubbed on the DVD Release.

  4. Colin says:

    I’ve had audio discs of the Live Aid gig for years!

  5. smiecz says:

    I’m on 7digital’s U.S. site right now and Queen’s set is there

  6. Jan V. says:

    Ordered the FLAC files. Thanks for the tip, Paul.

  7. Ordered the FLAC file. Thanks Paul.

  8. KB says:

    Generally a terribly gig musically but a wonderful funds raiser and awareness. Why after all this time is it incomplete? Missing songs from so many artists including The Who…

    • Andrew Smith says:

      The first two songs from The Who weren’t broadcast in full because a fuse blew and knocked all the power out on the BBC’s outside recording truck which I think was in Wembley Stadium car park. Because of this the first two songs weren’t seen or even recorded. Apparently, when they replaced the fuse the old one was almost black! This didn’t affect the power on stage and those first two songs (My Generation & Pinball Wizard) were still performed, but all we have left of them is in the minds of the people who were there that day. Luckily, the fuse was replaced before they performed their last two songs which are on the official DVD.

  9. Paul E. says:

    I agree with Paul here and also fear this could be a limited release and minimally, that the 7Digital price point will be increased to match iTunes and/or other digital sellers. The current price point for FLAC files is more than generous- bordering on unbelievable for all this great content.

  10. Charlie Waffles says:

    I went to iTunes today after reading this. It is selling for $34.99 here in the US.

  11. Mike Grivich says:

    There is an 18 disc set that circulates amongst traders that looks as complete as you’ll ever get.

  12. Andy Haines says:

    Hmm. Live Aid as I remember was a global coming together of musical performers to kick start a so called end to World poverty by Bob Geldof. I’d like to know where all the money is going from this available soundtrack? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no kill joy, but it’s a little unfair if none of the money garnered from these purchases is going to charitable causes. It would be good to produce an official live soundtrack with proceeds donated which could raise a fair amount of money as I’d guess it would be a substantial box set to produce.

  13. mike says:

    Wonder why Duran’s A View To A Kill isn’t included…. :)

  14. Menard says:

    Can anyone (who has already downloaded from any of the sites linked to above) confirm if U2’s BAD includes the ending uninterrupted by DJ’s talking? Thanks, MN

    • Ken Murphy says:

      It doesn’t have any DJ talking, but it does sound like it fades out slightly early.

      Also, why no ‘A View To A Kill’ by Duran. We need to have Simon’s excruciating wrong note in the chorus in the highest possible quality!

  15. Shane says:

    And yet Madonna’s set remains incomplete with just two songs issued.

  16. eric says:

    I’ve had the highest quality audio of 99% of the show for decades. A mix of radio and betamax recordings …. for the better part of 2 decades. about time.

  17. Steve says:

    £24:99 on iTunes?!? Thieving so and so’s

  18. Gisabun says:

    No Led Zeppelin?

    • Derek says:

      LZ wouldn’t allow their audio to be included “sub par” some have called it. “utter shite” many more :)

    • Daniel from Adelaide says:

      Thankfully, no. Zep refused to allow their ‘performance’ to be released. Instead Plant and Page donated the proceeds from the No Quarter DVD and Jones handed over the proceeds from one of his projects.

      Oddly enough, I’ve been reading the brilliant Tom Petty Conversations book where Petty says that Page took him by the arm and led him to the side of the side of the stage where he watched the whole thing unfold. Says he loved it, but that was more due to be in such close proximity of the Zep, as opposed to the sound.

    • Garry Dickson says:

      Well documented that Led Zep hated their performance so much (especially re Phil Collins on drums) that they ordered all recordings. They did nt appear on the Live Aid DVD release.

      • Andrew Smith says:

        I’ve got the whole lot from the BBC broadcast synced with the BBC Radio 1 FM stereo simulcast. Great quality as well. I’ve made my own edit to make it look more of a professional performance.

  19. Steven Campbell says:

    I bought this via google play over a week ago! It was £7.99 for the whole lot.

  20. Ken-07 says:

    Excellent news and would have missed this opportunity to buy if it wasn’t for SDE. Promptly purchased from 7 Digital France – FLAC with Queen included.

  21. Le Baron says:

    Couldn’t find it on Deezer, typing ‘Live Aid’.
    Is it still available?
    Could it be ‘region protected’ (not available in certain countries)?


  22. pj says:

    One would think that a physical release should follow, the music industry is much more concentrated than in 1985 and contractual terms shouldn’t be as problematical. Would absolutely love to have this on vinyl, cost be damned!

  23. Tom M Hans says:

    Please full set of sting and Phil collins. Anyone?

  24. Bob McCartney says:

    Available on a site I use called eMusic.
    Lots of memories.

  25. 7 says:

    The Wembley Live Aid audio on the DVD release is a remix from the BBC multi-track tapes. The BBC had two music mixing trucks parked out the back of the stadium for the live stereo radio & mono TV sound for the broadcast. They also recorded the music to multi-track tapes.

    • Andrew Smith says:

      Unlike at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia where it was only recorded to a set stereo mix without being recorded to multi-track as well.

  26. Ravi says:

    Just to add… Queen does not appear on the Spotify version of the album…

  27. Seb Sharp says:

    Also available in FLAC in Australia on (our version of 7Digital) for only AU$12.99. Queen included!

  28. Ravi Joshi says:

    Just purchased on 7 Digital Canadian site, FLAC files including Queen.

  29. Rickjapan says:

    Bought from iTunes Japan, for the memories

    But no Queen on the Japanese version

  30. Duane says:

    Thanks so much. I bought it, I thought I’d never have the opertunity. Thanks!!

  31. Scott G says:

    Also on Qobuz although I note that Led Zeppelin is missing. They were never happy with their performance anyway. Not available to purchase at this moment either.

  32. Aaron says:

    Does Let It Be have Macca’s re-recorded vocals? The story goes he went to Abbey Road the next day to re-do the vocals in case of an LP release…

    Pub quiz question time…who was the only act to perform at Live Aid (Uk & USA) who’s current single dropped down the charts?

  33. Blakey says:

    Is it from the original TV feed or is it a soundboard recording? Will the full version of U2’s ‘Bad’ be on there? Also, will The Who’s set be uninterrupted? And I bet the Led Zeppelin set is nowhere to be seen…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      From the DVD.

    • John H says:

      I recorded all of Live Aid on video and in stereo on cassettes HQ Super Avylin TDK to be exact the version of Bad by U2 was downmixed for the DVD but I have the superior version broadcast that day the intro is brilliant.

      • Dannyhero says:

        Very lucky man. We were staying with our dad and we nearly rented a video recorder. Wish we had. Like to know how to get the full uncensored, untouched original concert.

  34. NAW says:

    Just purchased from 7Digital. Queeen is included.

  35. Steve Robertson says:

    Just got it in FLAC. Queen still on there.

  36. xymox970 says:

    “Sorry, this store is not available in your region.”

    Whats that all about ??

  37. bollokcs says:

    It is available in Deezer too, but Queen also has been omitted, On 7digital you may buy the “complete” version, but it is not available in my county (Hungary). Thank you producers, executives and lawyers, you did it well… :(

  38. Chris says:

    The FLAC version is still there on the 7Digital Singapore site and it also has the Queen tracks.

    Bought – thanks Paul for the alert.

  39. MARK LEVY says:

    How about a cd or LP soundtrack of this legendary event

  40. ashleyplath says:

    As of now, 7:24am Eastern Daylight Time, FLAC files are available on the US site for $10.99.

  41. Volker says:

    It’s also on itunes & amazon

  42. tom m hans says:

    done – thanks – saves much time rather than ripping from DVDs.

  43. RJS says:

    7 Digital is still offering 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC. Funnily enough, I watched the Queen Live Aid performance on YouTube at the weekend after going to see a tribute act (Killer Queen) the night before. I’m not a massive fan but I did attend what turned out to be Queen’s final gig at Knebworth in 1986 and no one comes close to commanding the stage like Freddie Mercury did.

  44. Andrew M says:

    It’s also on Apple Music and it appeared on 7 digital and streaming sites around six weeks ago.

    But queen has now been removed from all sources as it was a mistake that it was included in the first place. The quality on bohemian rhapsody is MUCH better having listened to both.

  45. Chris Squires says:

    Seems like yesterday. Can’t believe it is over 33 years ago.
    Just listening to the Paul Young Section as I type. Man, that guy can sing. I can never decide whether I prefer the Fabulous Wealthy Tarts or the Chandler / Jackson / Chambers combo as backing.
    Either way, my listening today is sorted out.

    Oh the irony, enjoying a day on Spotify. I wonder how many slabs of vinyl would be needed to do this gig justice?

  46. JasonC says:

    Queen seem to have been removed, but you’re right: they were there when this went up in September.

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