Live at Knebworth concert from 1990 to be issued on 5.1 Blu-ray


Eagle Vision will release the 1990 Live at Knebworth concert this March on their  “SD Blu-ray” format with three hours of uncompressed stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound.

The concert was staged to raise funds for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and the Brit School For Performing Arts and featured a very post-Live Aid idea of ‘rock royalty’ with Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton et al. Tears For Fears represented the young guns! To be fair the line-up chose itself since it was drawn entirely from acts who had been recipients of the prestigious Sliver Clef Award for outstanding services to the British Music Industry.

The blu-ray is region free and is released on 16 March 2015.

TRACKLISTING: TEARS FOR FEARS: 1) Change 2) Badman s Song 3) Everybody Wants To Rule The World / CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS: 4) On The Beach 5) Good Golly Miss Molly 6) We Don t Talk Anymore / PHIL COLLINS & THE SERIOUS BAND: 7) In The Air Tonight 8) Sussudio / PAUL MCCARTNEY: 9) Coming Up 10) Birthday 11) Hey Jude 12) Can t Buy Me Love / STATUS QUO: 13) Whatever You Want 14) Rockin All Over The World 15) Dirty Water 16) In The Army Now / ERIC CLAPTON: 17) Before You Accuse Me 18) Tearin Us Apart / DIRE STRAITS: 19) Solid Rock 20) Think I Love You Too Much 21) Money For Nothing / ELTON JOHN: 22) Sacrifice 23) Sad Songs (Say So Much) / ROBERT PLANT: 24) Hurting Kind 25) Tall Cool One 26) Wearing And Tearing (with Jimmy Page) 27) Rock And Roll (with Jimmy Page) / GENESIS: 28) Mama 29) Throwing It All Away 30) Turn It On Again Medley: Turn It On Again / Somebody To Love / Reach Out, I ll Be There / Pinball Wizard / In The Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again (reprise) / PINK FLOYD: 31) Shine On You Crazy Diamond 32) Run Like Hell / REGION FREE Blu-ray with DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM Stereo / Running Time: 180 mins approx.

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    Release the whole show please!

  2. KevinK says:

    Received this today … haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but it claims to be “newly restored” for the SD Blu-ray release. The spec has:
    VIDEO: 1080i High Definition 16:9 (4:3 PB)
    AUDIO: LPCM Stereo, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

  3. Haze says:

    Whatever the limitations/omissions of this release, it is only £9 on Amazon UK at the moment. Excellent value as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Peter Neski says:

    This was shot in HD and they are giving us SD?? not to mention all the music they are leaving out

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  6. Gisabun says:

    Too me Eagle Vision just dumped a repeat of the DVD release a number of years back with the same footage. I’m not rushing to pick up this release unless it’s dirt cheap. I can live with the SD [if it was filmed in that] but to sucker us with the same footage?

  7. Brad Chase says:

    I sat thru and recorded the show from FM direct to a VHS recorder. Status Quo were definitely the best of the bunch; it was all downhill from there.
    If ever there was a show that could use a reissue/release it’s that one.

  8. Phil Cohen says:

    Even The Japanese Laserdisc version(released as 2 separate volumes) was slightly longer. It had two more songs from the Cliff Richard set(“Living Doll” & “Do You Wanna Dance”). I transferred the Laserdiscs to DVD years ago, after buying, then selling off, Eagle’s very poor looking DVD edition(which had a layer change break in the middle of one of the Paul McCartney songs)

  9. Luke says:

    This is disappointing. I had hoped the 25th anniversary of this event would be the ideal excuse to release this complete and unedited. This was the last great British “everybody you could ever hope to see in one day” charity concert. My mate and I stood at the front for the entire day, willing our bodies not to need the toilet! You can actually see me at one point over Clapton’s shoulder while he’s playing a solo.

    It was such a magical day, you almost wanted to pinch yourself in case it wasn’t real. If ever a concert deserved be released in all it’s glory, this is it. Can you imagine a line-up like that today?

    • Dave Figgley says:

      Ha ha. +1

      The “toilets” consisted of a yellow river running down the side of the field, mate. You definitely needed to assume a certain, awkward, stance!

      Having been forced to consume huge quantities of bottled beer (or have it thrown in the skip) before entering the site didn’t help matters.

      TFF were fantastic but my overriding memory of the day is laying face-up to a perfect, fluffy June sky listening to Cliff and The Shads belting out “In the Country.” Literally priceless, sunshine.

      Oh, to be back there! Plant and Page were equally fine. As a kid in the seventies, I was a fairly regular visitor, courtesy of my parents’ boring estate car, to the adventure playground at Knebworth and had seen people setting-up for all manner of gigs. Frustratingly, I knew it was forbidden fruit to me as a twelve or thirteen-year-old. Was it Floyd or Zeppelin they were building the stage for?

      Fuck nose, geezer. Anyway, June 30th 1990 was a memorable one. The rain held off until Floyd’s set which is when we jumped on the bikes and headed back down the A1 to NW London. It had been a long day.

      I was dried-out and back in bed within 90 minutes, mate, whereas some car-bound friends didn’t get off the site until 4am.

      HA HA

  10. Steven says:

    This initially looked enticing, if a little disappointing that there were obviously many missing songs. Having read the highly informed comments above, I’m far less interested. Eagle Vision appears to have taken the easy route and dressed it up a little bit. :(

  11. Steve says:

    Eagle Records released a 2 cd set in 1990 ‎– ER201732, same track listing. Maybe they will just use that source and do a cheap bit of magic and change it to 5.1. It also is only SD Blu ray ( typically standard-definition television quality). So I expect not much would have been done with the PQ also. IMO this will be a disappointment. Hope i’m wrong.

  12. dave says:

    I was there and probably one of the best concerts I have been to. Even the rain never spoiled it. Eight of us sitting on a large poly sheet with I pulled over our heads. Unfortunately I was on one of the ends of the poly sheet getting wet trying to hold it down with a pint in a plastic glass in the other.

  13. Richard says:

    I agree a buck is a buck is a buck. We purchase many items we don’t really need. Why can’t most companies put out complete ( get the legalities out of the way ) concerts? Who wants an incomplete set list.
    I would buy this concert for the majority of artists I like. What are they saving the missing footage for?
    Just like with Led Zeppelin, and Robert Plants’ perfectionism run amok. Unless, his voice was hoarse all the time??
    Give us Live Aid complete and all the Led Zeppelin concerts that are available, but not seen.

  14. Raj says:

    I was at this knebworth concert, what an amazing day. I have a vcd of this and my vhs of the mtv broadcast. Thanks for the info on this release.

  15. Rob says:

    Also, the CD that released at the time contains a few songs not found here like Comfortably Numb.

  16. Rob says:

    Missing from Pink Floyd’s set is The Great Gig In The Sky, Wish You Were Here, Sorrow, Money and Comfortably Numb.

    Missing from Collins & Genesis: That’s All, Colours & Another Day in Paradise.

    Missing from McCartney: Back In The USSR, I Saw Her Standing There, We Got Married, Let It Be, Live And Let Die, Strawberry Fields Forever/Help!/Give Peace A Chance, Yesterday

    Missing from Plant: Immigrant Song, Tie Dye On The Highway, Liar’s Dance, Going to California, Nirvana, Misty Mountain Hop (with Jimmy Page)

    Missing from TFF: Head Over Heels, Pale Shelter, Sowing the Seeds of Love, Advice For the Young at Heart, I’ve Got to Sing My Song

  17. KevinK says:

    The “full” setlist was something like

    Women of Ireland
    Head Over Heels / Broken
    Pale Shelter
    Sowing the Seeds of Love
    All You Need Is Love
    Advice for the Young at Heart
    I’ve Got To Sing My Song (with Oleta Adams)
    Badman’s Song
    Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Move It
    Summer Holiday
    The Young Ones
    On the Beach
    Living Doll
    Good Golly Miss Molly
    Bachelor Boy
    Fall in Love with You
    Do You Wanna Dance?
    In the Country
    It’ll Be Me
    Shake, Rattle and Roll
    We Don’t Talk Anymore

    In the Air Tonight
    Another Day in Paradise

    Coming Up
    Back in the U.S.S.R.
    I Saw Her Standing There
    We Got Married
    Let It Be
    Live and Let Die
    If I Were Not Upon the Stage (Abridged)
    Hey Jude
    John Lennon Tribute Medley: Strawberry Fields Forever / Help! / Give Peace a Chance
    Can’t Buy Me Love

    Mystery Song / Railroad / Most of the Time / Wild Side of Life / Rollin’ Home / Again and Again / Slow Train
    Hold You Back
    Dirty Water
    In the Army Now
    Whatever You Want
    Rockin’ All Over the World
    Don’t Waste My Time
    Roadhouse Blues / The Wanderer / Marguerita Time / Living on an Island / A Mess of Blues / Break the Rules / Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like / The Price of Love / Roadhouse Blues

    Before You Accuse Me
    Old Love
    Tearing Us Apart
    Solid Rock
    I Think I Love You Too Much
    Money for Nothing
    Sad Songs (Say So Much)
    Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting
    Sunshine of Your Love

    Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes on You)
    Immigrant Song
    Tie Dye on the Highway
    Liars Dance
    Going to California
    Tall Cool One
    Misty Mountain Hop
    Wearing and Tearing (with Jimmy Page)
    Rock and Roll (with Jimmy Page)

    That’s All
    Throwing It All Away
    Turn It On Again Medley: Turn It On Again / Somebody To Love / Reach Out, I ll Be There / Pinball Wizard / In The Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again (reprise)

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) (with Candy Dulfer)
    The Great Gig in the Sky (with Clare Torry)
    Wish You Were Here
    Money (with Candy Dulfer)
    Comfortably Numb
    Run Like Hell

    • John Kearon says:

      That is a great set that should have been set down on 5 discs and people like me who can’t get enough of the great bands of that era. It is also the same with Live Aid where they only had 16 hrs of a 23 hr show. If this full show ever materialises I will be first in the queue being a big Pink Floyd Genesis and Robert Plant fan.

    • Graham Aveyard says:

      But not necessarily in that order

  18. Darren Gray says:

    There’s lots missing. Pink Floyd did an hour-long set for a start; Clapton + guests played for an hour-and-a-half; And so on…

    What’s really annoying though is that there was an official VHS box-set release with bonus VHS tape featuring Clapton’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”. So the DVD and now Blu-Ray have failed to include all the previously officially released material.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yeah, that’s a bit poor if it’s already been out. Still if it sounds as good as we hope it will, a welcome release. I keep seeing the LP of this at a local charity shop and can’t decide whether I ‘want’ it!! It’s only a pound, but hey, it’s still money!

      • Julian H says:

        To be fair though, many of the concerts had some techincal issues. You can hear the complete TFF set on YT and on memoriesfade dot com, to get an idea of how it was

  19. Will we ever get to see this concert in full I still have my pretty decent sounding recording of it from the radio and the Channel 4 tv version as well as the original release (And a Camera in the audience bootleg of the complete Floyd set) . so much space on a Blue ray for an SD filmed show and not a single bonus track.

  20. ed says:

    My fear is that the sound will be as bad as the previously-released DVD version. I bought that with great expectations and the sound is like 80s-style tv/radio compression….awful and unlistenable.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If they’ve done it properly they’ll have to have gone back to the original multi-tracks to remix in 5.1. That suggests that it won’t be as you describe.

  21. jeff says:

    Great audio and region free awesome

    • John Kearon says:

      I am pleased that this deluxe edition is region free as I live in America and know this won’t play if it is region 2

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