Lulu / Decade 1967-1976 / 5CD deluxe

Lulu / Decade 1967-1976 / signed 5CD box

5CD box set • SIGNED edition back in stock

Decade 1967-1976 is a new Lulu box set that showcases ten years of music produced by some stellar talent including Mickie Most, Arif Mardin, Jerry Wexler, Giorgio Moroder and David Bowie, to name a few!

This five CD set is packed with an amazing amount of audio. I count seven albums from 1967’s Love Loves To Love Lulu (aka Lulu Sings To Sir With Love) to 1976’s Heaven and Earth and Stars (the latter features both ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ and ‘The Man Who Sold The World’).These long-players were issued on Columbia, Atco and Chelsea Records at the time.

The first CD here offers Love Loves To Love Lulu and ten bonus single A-sides and B-sides, while appended to Lulu’s Album (CD 2) is a 10-track selection called ‘The Eurovision Songs’, which includes all the foreign language variants of ‘Boom Bang-A-Bang’!

The third CD features two albums, New Routes and Melody Fair (which feature Atlantic Records production team: Tom Dowd, Arif Mardin and Jerry Wexler) while the fourth disc rounds up Atco rarities with tracks from an unreleased album, more A-sides and B-sides, alternate versions and German singles.

This deluxe set comes in the form of a five-disc ‘media book’ and has an illustrated booklet with archive photos etc.  

Vinyl fans have to make do with a ‘Best of 1967-1975’ but the good news is this is pressed on RED vinyl and is only £13 right now. Result!

Decade 1967-1976 is released on 16 November 2018. The RED vinyl ‘best of’ is slated for 2 November.

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Decade 1967-1976 - 5CD deluxe set + Signed print

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Decade 1967 - 1976 Box Set


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Best Of 1967-1975 - RED vinyl LP




1. To Sir With Love
2. Morning Dew
3. You And I
4. Rattler
5. Day Tripper
6. Love Loves To Love Love
7. To Love Somebody
8. The Boat That I Row
9. Let’s Pretend
10. Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me
11. Best Of Both Worlds

12. Dreary Days And Nights
13. You And I [mono single version]
14. Me, The Peaceful Heart
15. Lookout
16. Boy
17. Sad Memories
18. I’m A Tiger
19. Without Him
20. This Time (Bistro) [from the film “Hot Millions”]
21. I Keep Forgettin’


1. Show Me
2. The Mighty Quinn
3. My Ain Folk
4. Where Did You Come From
5. Gimme Some Lovin’
6. I Started A Joke
7. Why Did I Choose You?
8. The Boy Next Door
9. A House Is Not A Home
10. Cry Like A Baby

The 1969 UK Eurovision Song shortlist:
11. Are You Ready For Love
12. March!
13. Come September
14. I Can’t Go On Living Without You
15. Boom Bang-A-Bang
16. Bet Yer
The European Versions:
17. Boom Bang-A-Bang [French version]
18. Boom Bang-A-Bang [Italian version]
19. Boom Bang-A-Bang [German version]
20. Boom Bang-A-Bang [Spanish version]


1. Marley Purt Drive
2. In The Morning
3. People In Love
4. After All (I Live My Life)
5. Feelin’ Alright
6. Dirty Old Man
7. Oh Me Oh My (I’m A Fool For You Baby)
8. Is That You Love
9. Mr. Bojangles
10. Where’s Eddie
11. Sweep Around Your Own Back Door

12. Good Day Sunshine
13. After The Feeling Is Gone
14. I Don’t Care Anymore
15. (Don’t Go) Please Stay
16. Melody Fair
17. Take Good Care Of Yourself
18. Vine Street
19. Move To My Rhythm
20. To The Other Woman (I’m The Other Woman)
21. Hum A Song (From Your Heart)
22. Sweet Memories
23. Saved

1. Bury Me Down By The River
2. Got To Believe In Love
3. Jokers Wild
4. Come Down In Time
5. Back Home
6. Things Are Getting Better
7. Love Song
8. Goodbye My Love, Goodbye

9. Everybody’s Got To Clap
10. It Takes A Real Man (To Bring Out The Woman In Me)
11. You Ain’t Wrong You Just Ain’t Right
12. Even If I Could Change

13. Hum A Song (From Your Heart) [Session Version]
14. I Don’t Care Anymore [Early Mix]
15. Got To Believe In Love [Early Version]
16. Povera Me (Oh Me Oh My) [Italian version]

17. Warum Tust Du Mir Weh? (Why Do You Hurt Me?)
18. Traurig, Aber Wahr (Sad But True)
19. Ich Brauche Deine Liebe (I Need Your Love)
20. Wach’ Ich Oder Traum’ Ich (Wake Me Or Dream Me)

1. Make Believe World
2. Groovin’
3. Easy Evil
4. I Wish
5. A Boy Like You
6. Hold On To What You’ve Got
7. Could It Be Forever?
8. Funny How Time Slips Away
9. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
10. Help Me Help You

11. Heaven And Earth And The Stars
12. Boy Meets Girl
13. Mama’s Little Corner Of The World
14. The Man With The Golden Gun [Main Title]
15. Baby I Don’t Care
16. Take Your Mama For A Ride [Pt. 1]
17. Honey You Can’t Take It Back
18. The Man Who Sold The World
19. Watch That Man
20. Old Fashioned Girl
21. Take Your Mama For A Ride [Pt. 2]

Lulu – Best Of (vinyl)

1. To Sir With Love
2. The Boat That I Row
3. Let’s Pretend
4. Love Loves to Love Love
5. Me, the Peaceful Heart
6. Boy
7. I’m a Tiger
8. Boom Bang-a-bang
9. Oh Me Oh My (I’m a Fool for You Baby)
10. Everybody’s Got to Clap
11. The Man With the Golden Gun
12. The Man Who Sold the World
13. Watch That Man
14. Take Your Mama for a Ride

53 responses to Lulu / Decade 1967-1976 / 5CD deluxe

  1. Peter Stanton says:

    signed version is there now.

  2. Howie says:

    I wonder if the signed print version will appear from time to time as I am sure a few people will cancel their pre-orders.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Keeping a lookout…if it does, I’ll preorder that and cancel the regular….i just hope the signed print is not larger than the box itself…it’ll get bent/creased, like what happened with the Suede 25 box & Brett signed Metal Mickey lyric print….Edsel doing both, so I am concerned a tad bit…

    • George says:

      I picked one up today. You can sign up for email notification and it will email it to you when it is available. You just have to be quick as it usually goes away within minutes. It took me 5 days and about 15 emails. Also you have to add notification again after each email that hey send you… good luck!!

    • Kevin says:

      Back in stock.

  3. Larry Davis says:

    Damn…missed out on the signed boxes…saw it yesterday and forgot to place the order, and now it’s gone, shoot…but a friend of mine, Lulu is his fave girl singer ever, he sees her live whenever she pops over to the States, NYC, so he will keep me informed next time she is here…this set looks great…and will still hang into my RSD blue vinyl of Earth Moon Stars…and I do love that 1981 single I Could Never miss you… It was on a US best of CD…on Rhino I think…used to have it…but there should be a follow-up box 1977 on to present day, which includes her SBK/EMI album from the 90s which is dance flavoured…and yes, I put Lulu in the Trinity of great female soul singers with Aretha and Dusty, absolutely…

  4. Kevin Wollenweber says:

    Wow, I checked the link and it looks like it’s sold out already! I hope I can still find a copy someplace. This sounds quite extraordinary.

  5. James says:

    Another 30 quid I’d love to spend, but sadly living in the backwaters of Australia, we’re restricted from entertaining Lulu’s scrawl.

    F.U. Amazon.

    F.U. Australian government.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Hear what you’re saying James but it’s really not the Australian Government fault. Most countries have some form of tax/duty on imports. I don’t mind paying the extra 10% if we still had access to choice from Amazon. Unfortunately it’s Amazon who have “stuffed it up” for us. Other online retailers still managed to ship to Australia. eg JPC & Grooves in Germany, Import CDs in the US and their affiliates via ebay & WOWHD

  6. Darryl says:

    ordered ! On a whim cos it was limited/signed/a good price for the amount. Not a normal fan but enjoy her voice !
    With 500 only still some available ?

  7. CJ says:

    I’m a bit Lulu-illiterate (I only know her from Absolutely Fabulous), so please forgive me if I’m asking a really obvious question: Is that Bowie on background vocals on The Man Who Sold the World? It sounds like him, but I’m listening on my work computer, and the speakers are not the best.

    I may spring for this. Thanks to SDE, I’ve taken a chance on some acts that I barely knew about beforehand that have become much loved parts of my collection.

  8. Tom M says:

    And I almost turned off the PC without checking my e-mail. Ordered. Got a decent price in the states with VAT removed. Sorry Jimi, you have some cool stuff coming out but it may have to wait.

  9. Ralph says:

    Who translated this?
    20. Wach’ Ich Oder Traum’ Ich (Wake Me Or Dream Me)
    The title means “Am I Awake or Am I Dreaming?”

    • Klaus says:


      I’m pretty sure you know already but nevertheless: German versions of English songs almost never translate literally, e.g. The Beatles’ “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” became “Komm gib mir Deine Hand” what literally translated means “Come Give Me Your Hand”. Obviously you have to try and match the rhyme scheme when you translate song lyrics into another language.
      If you’re more interested in that topic i can recommend the “Pop In Germany”-samplers from Bear Family Records to you – Until now eight volumes of sometimes unbelievably translated songs from the English Language that will make “Wach ich oder träum ich” sound like it was translated by a winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.
      My personal favourite being Cindy und Bert (they were kind of a German two thirds of Peter Paul And Mary in the 1970s) changing Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” into “Der Hund von Baskerville” being inspired by noone less than the late great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  10. Kenneth Tilley says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Lulu, this definitely her best period. promptly ordered.

  11. Mark says:

    Ordered both. She is underated and needs to be cherished. This set us a good start

  12. Ray Oakley says:

    Wow, what a great collection and fantastic pricing too! I have ordered both the signed deluxe and the red vinyl. Hard to resist at those prices.

  13. Fredpostman says:

    Sigh…before i leave this mortal coil [hopefully not soon]will i ever get to hear ‘Can You Hear Me?’ sung by Lulu;written and produced by Mr Bowie?
    I digress though;ordered last week at a slightly lower price.

  14. Dubsideofthemoon says:

    Great price
    18,80 euros including shipping to France for the red lp !
    Big thanks, Paul !

  15. Ian McJannet says:

    The best of and it doesn’t include ‘SHOUT’ ???????
    What is the matter with the people who make up these compilations ???
    AND one of my favourites “Leave A Little Love” ??????

    • StevieB says:

      I think that Shout predates the period covered by this set.

    • Ray Oakley says:

      The vinyl is a “best of” compilation from the Decade CD deluxe set, which covers the period 1967 to 1976. Shout was released in 1964 during her time with Decca Records and therefore outside the intended scope of this collection.

  16. Eric says:

    Just ordered the exclusive Amazon UK version. Thanks Paul!

  17. Nigel Crickmore says:

    Thanks for the info – ordered! Agree that she is very underrated. Saw her on tour last year and she was brilliant and her voice is still great.

  18. crayons says:

    “Things Are Getting Better” was credited to “Unknown” on the Atco Sessions set. It’s actually a song by John McGinnis, originally released by Stone the Crows. Hopefully it will be properly credited this time around.

    “Jokers Wild” was also credited to “Unknown” but I haven’t been able to track down from whose pen the song came.

  19. JOHN H McCARTHY says:

    The only cuts never released on CD are “Boom Bang-A-Bang [German version],” “Boom Bang-A-Bang [Spanish version]” and THE GERMAN SINGLES. Everything else is available on “The Complete Mickie Most Years” set, “The ATCO Sessions 1969-1972” set and “The Man Who Sold The World” CD….

    • Joan says:

      The German version of Boom-bang-a-bang was released on a German 3 CD box set called Einmal um die ganze Welt – Internationale Kuenstler singen die Groessten Hits in Deutsch.

  20. Joe Mac Pherson says:

    Done!! 29 British Pounds, 47 Pence total, and I look forward this very deluxe, signed!, Lulu music set arriving at my apartment in North Hollywood, California! Thank YOU, Paul- AGAIN!

  21. Kenny says:

    I was at school with her brother and met her once in her mum’s house

  22. Alan says:

    Grabbed this as soon as I saw it last week when it was a little bit cheaper

  23. eric Slangen says:

    Thanks paul, ordered.

  24. David Crozier says:

    I bet when she was asked to sign 500 copies, she was pleased she chose the stage name Lulu not Englebert Humperdinck!

  25. Mic Smith says:

    Disc 2 Track 14 written by Elton John for any Elton fans out there.

  26. andrew R says:

    Most underated artist .She should be in the same bracket as Dusty and
    Aretha franklin .This retrospective is well overdue .Her take on watch that man
    is one of the few covers of Bowie that stands up to scrutiny. Brilliant
    thanks for the heads up Paul . SDE invaluable again!

    • David Johnson says:

      Sorry, did you just put Lulu in the same sentence as Aretha Franklin for direct comparison??
      Like comparing Ricky Lambert to Pele or Maradona!

      • andrew R says:

        Yes i did and i stand by it .Listen to the emotion and range she puts into “to sir with love” That’s one example . You evidently have never listened to any of the muscle shoals lp’s she did in the early 70’s . Also remember Aretha recorded a fair few clunkers
        Particularly in the latter part of her career .

  27. Regan Judson says:

    Ordered! Thanks Paul!

  28. Kenny says:

    Great compilation but what is really needed is the re-release of Lulu’s superb albums from the late 70’s and early 80’s on Alfa and Rocket.

    • Eurovision says:

      Yes, we definitely need those, never been released of CD. Could somebody please look into those? :)

      • crayons says:

        Demon, who are releasing this “Decade” set, have the following on their FAQ page:

        “Can I submit ideas for releases to you?

        Yes please do email us at with your suggestions which we will happily pass on to our label managers for consideration. We are always interested to hear your ideas and feedback.”

  29. crayons says:

    “Shout! The Complete Decca Recordings” (2009) on RPM is another option for that era.

    The Rocket/Alfa recordings, including a US Top 20 hit (“I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)”) and a Grammy nominated track (“Who’s Foolin’ Who” – Best Rock Vocal: Female, 1982) have never been gathered together on CD, sadly.

  30. Rare Glam says:

    I was looking for a comprehensive Lulu collction not long ago and saw this five CD set a couple of weeks ago on AmazonUK for pre-order, so I immediately did so. I don’t know what this leaves out from the time frame it covers but I like what it includes. Get her 1965 ‘Something To Shout About’ album (with four bonus tracks) on CD – I got a Japanese mini LP CD edition, then you will have more than a decade’s worth!

  31. Brett smith says:

    Thanks for the info! Great deal, ordered!

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