Lush / Origami RSD vinyl box


4AD will follow-up their recent five-CD Lush Chorus box with Origami, a five-LP vinyl set that exclusive for Record Store Day 2016.

Origami contains the three Lush albums Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) as well as their compilations Gala (1990) and Topolino (1996). All have been out of print since the nineties except Topolino, which has never before been available on vinyl.

As with Chorus, long-time associate and former v23 collaborator Chris Bigg has handled the design and this looks stunning with each album is pressed on different colour vinyl.

This box will also come with download codes for each album and will be available via participating independent record shops on Record Store Day, which is 16 April 2016.


Formats: LP


A1. Sweetness And Light
A2. Sunbathing
A3. Breeze
A4. De-Luxe
A5. Leaves Me Cold
A6. Downer
A7. Thoughtforms (Second Version)

B1. Babytalk
B2. Thoughtforms
B3. Scarlet
B4. Bitter
B5. Second Sight
B6. Etheriel
B7. Hey Hey Helen


C1. Stray
C2. Nothing Natural
C3. Tiny Smiles
C4. Covert
C5. Ocean
C6. For Love

D1. Superblast!
D2. Untogether
D3. Fantasy
D4. Take
D5. Laura
D6. Monochrome


E1. Light From A Dead Star
E2. Kiss Chase
E3. Blackout
E4. Hypocrite
E5. Lovelife
E6. Desire Lines
E7. The Invisible Man

F1. Undertow
F2. Never-Never
F3. Lit Up
F4. Starlust
F5. When I Die


G1. Ladykillers
G2. Heavenly Nobodies
G3. 500
G4. I’ve Been Here Before
G5. Papasan
G6. Single Girl
G7. Ciao!

H1. Tralala
H2. Last Night
H3. Runaway
H4. The Childcatcher
H5. Olympia

I1. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
I2. I Have The Moon
I3. Ex
I4. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
I5. Matador
I6. Outside World
J1. I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
J2. Carmen
J3. Shut Up
J4. Cul De Sac
J5. Demystification
J5. Tinkerbell

14 responses to Lush / Origami RSD vinyl box

  1. Andrew Adam says:

    Townsend Records were never going to get any stock for this, and cancelled all their “pre-orders” due to the box set being listed “in error”. They stated no payment would be taken until the order was “processed”. However, despite their cancelling the “pre-order” the day before; April 15th; funds were taken and the consequent wait for a refund meant missing out on the copies of “Origami” in the local shop. I wouldn’t trust Townsend Music as far as I could throw them.

  2. Kyle says:

    Do Townsend have a history of honouring RSD pre-orders?

  3. Alan Wilson says:

    I see Townsend Music are up to their old tricks again already with this RSD release and allowing you to per-order.

    You can buy it from their online store for £71.99 plus p+p

    • Mike Croft says:


      I have just placed a Pre-Order – £73.99 including P&P to mainland UK.

      THANK GOODNESS for Townsend Records offering this for Pre-Order and delivery…. I am a real fan but cannot get to RSD Shops on the day due to disability, (even if there was one anywhere near me, which there is not).

      Whilst I wish all traditional Record Stores the greatest of success & often order on line from independents I was really upset that LUSH had made this a RSD exclusive, (especially after the nightmare getting hold of Chorus when it was released).

      In my experience RSD Exclusives are NOT for the real fans, but really most of them go to eBayers who just flip them to make a profit! Yes, they drive a lot of traffic into the stores on that day but also lead to a lot of genuine people being disappointed and ripped off by opportunists!

  4. Leemer says:

    I want! But how much will it be?

  5. Paul English says:

    Gala is missing a track – Scarlet (New Version) – that closed side 2 of the original LP.

  6. Kyle says:

    First I heard of this was via a shop in Chicago, so it’s coming out in the US as well.

  7. Francis says:

    Why has the ‘Chorus’ CD Boxset become so hard to get hold of already?

  8. Chris says:

    Just for the UK? That really blows.

  9. steve says:

    Will wait to see how much before I think about this. I have all the albums and eps apart from Lovelife on lp and I just got the Chorus box set.

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