Madonna coloured vinyl available online

Two limited edition coloured vinyl pressings of Madonna albums – originally created as exclusives for UK retailer Sainsbury’s – are available to order online via Amazon, and other retailers.

The blue vinyl edition of 1998’s brilliant Ray Of Light is available (it’s a double, but not in a gatefold sleeve), alongside a clear vinyl pressing of Madonna’s second album, the iconic Like A Virgin.

It’s not known how or why Amazon have these and how much stock might be available, but they are well priced and of course makes them available to those outside the UK (and those inside the UK, for that matter, who can’t be bothered traipsing around various branches of Sainsbury’s in the hope of finding them).

Retailers listed below. If you use your ‘home’ country you have the advantage of possible autorip, although they may not matter to you.

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Ray Of Light (Blue Vinyl) [VINYL]


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Like A Virgin - clear vinyl LP


Like A Virgin

1. Material Girl
2. Angel
3. Like A Virgin
4. Over And Over
5. Love Do not Live Here Anymore
6. Dress You Up
7. Shoo-Bee-Doo
8. Pretender
9. Stay

Ray Of Light

1 Drowned World/Substitute For Love
2 Swim
3 Ray Of Light
4 Candy Perfume Girl
5 Skin
6 Nothing Really Matters
7 Sky Fits Heaven
8 Shanti/Ashtangi
9 Frozen
10 The Power Of Good-Bye
11 To Have And Not To Hold
12 Little Star
13 Mer Girl

81 responses to Madonna coloured vinyl available online

  1. Mark says:

    Are they releasing any new Madonna vinyls this month? Just wondering cos the previous were released in October 16 and October 17

    • Perry says:

      Music Blue Vinyl & Erotica Double White Vinyl came out today. Stock is very limited and they messed up at the Abbey Wood store, but they are out there…

      • AkickUPthe80's says:

        I got both today. I didn’t know that they were getting released…I just happened to be in Sainsburys

  2. rodo says:

    Hi guys! What about the queality of the pressing? I am from Argentina, I have the chance to get ones, but I am doubting about quality sound. If anybody can help! THANKS!!!

  3. Andy Haines says:

    I had no idea these were coming out and as the nearest Sainsbury’s that stocks vinyl of any sort is Blackpool it’s a waste of time. By the time you’ve factored in the cost of traveling there & back without a guarantee of actually finding a copy it really isn’t worth while. I hope the supermarkets drop the vinyl so that we can go back to entrusting those who understand the vinyl buying market. Oh hang on, we still have the debacle of record store Day to contend with!

  4. Chris says:

    For weeks they are out of stock at any retailer. I ordered in Germany via amazon and jpc and they keep me on hold for weeks now. What has happened? Are they all out of stock and sold or will there be more coming to the retailers. They don’t know themselves it seems. Has someone an idea?

  5. Now I had read through all these comments and NO mention of the smell ie Does it smell of patchouli oil? I had ‘Like A Prayer’ on cassette tape and it sure smelled strong of patchouli.

    Ah, I looked again at the article and noticed it’s Like A VIRGIN not PRAYER.

  6. Neil McL says:

    Just a warning regarding these. I ordered 2 copies of each from (1 to play and another to keep sealed – my wife hates this lol) and was sent the standard ones instead. must be aware of part of the problem as for Like A Virgin they removed the picture of the clear vinyl from the listing. I thought I had maybe ordered the wrong thing, but when I checked the email of the order the clear vinyl was there clear as day

  7. Tobias says:

    My copy of Ray of Light (from just went back… one of the worst pressings I heard recently. Full of pops and crackles…

  8. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    Excellent – I have the Like a Prayer and True Blue coloured vinyls already, so it’s great to be able to pick these up. Why they are so much more in UK I don’t know though – I picked them up with my account.

  9. SimonP says:

    Just been in my local Sainsburys and there’s new racking and multiple copies of most of the previous “exclusives” (didn’t see any Dury or TRex) but where are these all coming from – are Sainburys clearing out a warehouse somewhere ? Also stocking Bowie Gold vinyl, Sgt Pepper pic disc etc. I picked up the Pretty Things Red for £14. Does anybody know if Sainsburys ever put out any stats on how many were supposedly pressed for these “exclusives”?

  10. Dan says:

    Got these on release but thanks. These store exclusives are annoying for anyone unable to access.

  11. Mark says:

    Hi Paul, is the Waaktaar interview still coming this week?

  12. Darren says:

    I went to my local Sainsbury’s and I think the vinyl push from them is coming to an end. The variety has decreased significantly in recent weeks with a good selection now reduced to those terrible demon records compilations (Smash Hits Annual anyone?) with a few Bowie and Beatles offerings.

    They have also reduced to clear all the terrible decks they sell as well.

    • Paul Murphy says:

      Sainsburys Street told me last week that they were experiencing “lack of demand” on vinyl. I wasn’t particularly surprised, considering how poorly shelved they were (so many bent corners they looked like ‘Through The Past Darkly’), but possibly the boom is over, although these things are hard to gauge in such penurious times.

  13. Mike Williams says:

    Both of them shipped to the USA ended up being about $52.00USD from Germany. (Ordered both). Shouldn’t “Like A Virgin” be on White Vinyl though?

  14. Michael says: is this the only celebratory item released for this album’s anniversary? I’m guessing yes.

  15. Alex says:

    I just received both from I ordered them about three months ago, and they DO NOT have the Sailsbury’s stickers. Besides that, and according to Discogs, the EAN matches with these releases.

  16. Mark Franklin says:

    Takes the mick a bit “only available at Sainsbury’s”. Like others, I got mine in store and I find it a little offensive that Amazon are now a third party seller for these exclusive pressings. Does anyone know how many were pressed in total?

  17. Paul Taylor says:

    Pleasuredome on white and Aqualung on green are hovering around on Amazon too

  18. Richard says:

    Wow. My “Sainsbury’s only” version of welcome to the pleasuredome was only 20 quid and that was a double disc. This feels a bit steep. Anyone know what the in-store price is? I figure it won’t be anywhere close to 10 quid, but feel around 15 to be a good price point.

    • Bill says:

      Sainsbury’s did the recall with the true blue and like a prayer coloured exclusives. Then they appeared on FNAC as an exclusive but were sent out with From FNAC with the Sainsbury’s sticker still on them.

  19. Sheldon Cole says:

    Sainsbury’s in Bridgwater, Somerset had both coloured vinyl albums until very recently. I bought 3 copies of the blue vinyl Ray of Light a few weeks ago. They also still had the Pretty Things album on red vinyl. I then went into the store about two weeks ago to find that they had reverted from two to one “Record Store” cardboard stands and was told that the “Sainsburys Exclusive” coloured vinyl albums had been recalled centrally. I am not sure if other stores did not shift these albums as quickly as Bridgwater. I certainly think that there were a lot more pressed and available for sale than the previous Sainsbury offering in May (Kylie Minogue, Ian Dury, T Rex).

    • colinthebruce says:

      Why did you need three copies? Let me guess…this is the thing that annoys me about the impending Record store day. Profiteers snapping up real fans chances to get copies.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Just a tad judgmental there, don’t ya think Colin? Who knows why Sheldon bought 3. Coupla birthday presents for a sister and sister-in-law maybe?
        Do also tell, what is a real fan? Never quite sure what people mean by that perjorative word. I am real but you are not?
        I know what you are driving at but it isn’t really fair to throw everyone here under the same bus with no other information but your own prejudicial feelings to go on.

      • Sheldon Cole says:

        One to play on my record player. One to keep sealed for my collection. One to give to my wife who has her own collection of Madonna vinyl. Is that OK? I didn’t realise I needed anyone’s approval before I went shopping in Sainsbury’s.

        • Steve B says:

          I always buy 3 to, and am often accused of only doing it to flog two. NO.
          One to play, one to keep sealed and (maybe needlessly) 1 ‘just in case’

    • Charles Osbourne says:

      Nice to see my home town mentioned; shame that Sainsbury’s have reduce their vinyl stock there.

  20. Tartankiwi says:

    Thanks Paul. Ebay prices were way higher so great info. Bought both.

  21. John says:

    I have both the Sainsburys editions. ROL is a double but not gatefold so can easily get crushed in shrink wrap. The quality of the blue vinyl is very good and the sound quality is excellent. I would say LAV sounds slightly better and the clear vinyl looks neat on a acrylic platter like mine.

  22. RobI says:

    Going to check Coventry/Birmingham Sainsbury’s first, else it’s a German order incoming!

    Thank you

  23. Steve W says:

    Ordered both from for delivery to USA, at my wife’s request. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  24. Frank says:

    “LaV” and “RoL” are on and for a while. I wonder why hasn´t got the white vinyl version of Kylie Minogues “Fever”? It is a Warner/Parlophone artist as well. Lots of KM fans in France , easy money for FNAC!

  25. simon taylor says:

    Whoa, as mentioned, UK price is rather high. I have the Ray of Light blue double vinyl, glad I got it at £20. It is very nice – only thing to note is its not a gatefold, both LP’s in the single slot. I passed on Like A Virgin but did pick up True Blue (also blue vinyl,) and Like A Prayer (red.) Wonder if they’ll appear on amazon too.

    No concerns about sound quality, all 3 of my Madonna/Sainsburys coloured vinyls are excellent. Recommended……………although not at the price. Madness!

  26. dominic says:

    Hmmm, might just have to get these, even though I’ve just spent all my pocket money in the SDE store! You’ll be named in my divorce proceedings at this rate Sinclair!!! ;-)

  27. Gorecki says:

    I thought something might be going on: for the last 3+ months (certainly since before Christmas) there have been 6 copies of each release sitting on the rack looking bored in my local Sainsburys every week I shop. Suddenly, about 10 days ago, they all disappeared (spooky!) and I thought at the time ‘I don’t believe 6 people suddenly bought all those in the space of a week’ – especially as we were under at least 40 feet of snow…. OK, it might have been two inches….

    I’m guessing they’ve been ‘reassigned’ from where they not selling to where they can get shot of them.

    I wonder whether this will put paid to any further exclusive pressings for Sainsburys.

    (The Sgt. Pepper Picture Disc sold out in a couple of weeks.)

  28. alonewithstrangers says:

    Sound quality is not good as suggested above & at discogs. It’s a pretty colour but sounds really naff/muddy as hell.

  29. Paul says:

    Thank you for the info. I just ordered Ray of Light.

    I already have a vinyl copy of Like a Virgin and don’t really feel the need for a clear version.

  30. DaKraut says:

    Just ordered from Like A Virgin was close to 15 Euros, Ray 22. No shipping because of Prime. Not the biggest Madonna fan in the world, but there was something about these which appealed to me as a collector. Thanks for the hint. More of a real find than I thought it would be…

  31. David Carter says:

    Cheers just ordered Ray of light, I do hope it is 2 discs

  32. Jeremy says:

    I like coloured vinyl (ROL ordered). Transparent vinyl is colourless. and ugly (LAV not ordered).

  33. Andy Scoffin says:

    was really cheesed off seeing these today as bought them when they were released, however the UK price is a good £10 each more than I paid, however as pointed by others a Sainsburys exclusive on Amazon does have me scratching my head a bit. Oh and when is a Exclusive / Ltd Ed really either ?

  34. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Comments at

    suggest the sound quality is good and that has been releassed in other countries too…

  35. At nearly 67 minutes Ray Of Light won’t sound great on a single disc. Needs to be a 2LP job.

  36. HS says:

    Thanks a lot for the heads up, I just ordered from Germany. I already have several different pressings of both albums on all formats but I need to have these in my collection.

  37. elliott buckingham says:

    overpriced by at least £10 its something when amazon are turning into record flippers

  38. Steven says:

    I’m guessing the UK price is high because these items are sitting in a warehouse in Germany (where they are cheapest).

  39. David Carter says:

    Id love an upgrade from CD which funnily enough I listened too last night and it didn’t sound great, anyone know if this recording is any better

  40. Alan B says:

    There are 2 copies of the Ray of Light blue vinyl in my local Sainsbury’s complete with “Sainsbury’s exclusive” sticker. Surely a matter for Trading Standards.

  41. Simonf says:

    How can Amazon UK justify such monsterous prices?

  42. Matthew Langhorn says:

    It’s 14.3 miles to my nearest vinyl-selling Sainsbury’s, it used to be 1! (mini rant over!)

  43. Andrew says:

    Ray of light was £20

  44. Steve F says:

    I only have Ray Of Light on CD and fancy it on vinyl, but I’m an audiophile and dubious about coloured vinyl (I’ve had mixed results in the past). Can anyone confirm these sound alright?

    • Kuba says:

      Does it really matter if the vinyl is colored or not? Just being curious

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        If it didn’t matter to people record labels wouldn’t spend time and energy creating them.

        • alonewithstrangers says:

          But you are right to be wary of coloured vinyl: there is a greater likelihood of the sound being poorer with the quality of the plastic second place behind the right shade of teal (or whatever).

          But, just as there can be crap black vinyl releases, there are some coloured vinyls that are superb.

          • Jack Moon says:

            I understand that vinyl itself is clear and dyes need adding to create any kind of colour. Black is simply the default, so adding different dyes for different colours shouldn’t make any difference. It’s the quality of the vinyl itself and the pressing which makes the difference.

    • HS says:

      I have the original vinyl release from 1998, which was a double vinyl (and it sounds great). This seems to be just one vinyl (and colored) so I would not bet on great sound quality. Then again, the ltd ed vinyl of Fever by Kylie Minogue was white vinyl and it sounds very good.

  45. Auntie Sabrina says:

    These were around £16 at Sainsburys weren’t they..?

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