Back to the 80s: Madonna / Like A Virgin 180g white vinyl pressing

Update 10 June: New low price in the UK

Although we wait in vain for Warners to deliver any kind of Madonna deluxe reissues, they are certainly keeping the vinyl coming, since a few days after The Immaculate Collection was reissued as a two-LP set, a new listing has appeared on a couple of retail sites for a white vinyl pressing of Like A Virgin.

Previously, the 1984 album (produced by Nile Rodgers) was available in the UK as a clear vinyl pressing, exclusive to Sainsbury’s supermarket, although in reality it became quite easy to get hold of a copy across Europe and beyond (see the price comparison widget below).

This will be the standard album (without Into The Groove) pressed on… er, white vinyl. Also, at the time of writing the Amazon UK price can be taken with a big pinch of salt… I fully expect this to come down to something around the £20 mark. Update: The SDE prediction has come true and been exceeded! As at 10/6/18 this is only £16 right now (having been £33 and then £26), although it may go back up, of course (but any pre-orders would ‘lock in’ to this lower price).

Like A Virgin on white vinyl will be released on 6 July 2018.

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Like A Virgin - white vinyl


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Like A Virgin - clear vinyl LP


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Ray Of Light (Blue Vinyl) [VINYL]


Like A Virgin

1. Material Girl
2. Angel
3. Like A Virgin
4. Over And Over
5. Love Do not Live Here Anymore
6. Dress You Up
7. Shoo-Bee-Doo
8. Pretender
9. Stay

62 responses to Back to the 80s: Madonna / Like A Virgin 180g white vinyl pressing

  1. Max says:

    I have purchased both white and clear vinyl like a virgin. Anyone else notice the reverse of the white vinyl being upside down? :-)

  2. Mike Williams says:

    The first pressings of her first album had a different mix of “Burning Up” than subsequent pressings after it was remixed for a single.

  3. Moose R says:

    The Amazon UK listing doesn’t mention anything about it being a white vinyl release?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It is white vinyl. SDE can confirm that!

      • Steven says:

        This morning I took part in one of those ‘Amazon live chat’ things…spoke to someone from Amazon to ask if this was still the white vinyl version as it no longer states that it is…he confirmed that it is indeed the white vinyl and that information was lost when they recently updated the correct release date on the page :)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          What you’re saying is that you don’t trust info from SDE ;)

          • Steven says:

            Ha,ha,ha…Paul, I hang onto your every word ;) I had a friend in a panic regarding the ‘solid white vinyl’ information disappearing and so requested the live chat to calm him down..and thought I’d also back up your confirmation on here :)

  4. Martin Power says:

    /*-+Grabbed at low price nice one Paul

    Is the Who’s That Girl? coloured too as that price has dropped too?

  5. Steven says:

    The white vinyl is now appearing on various UK online stores…for a more affordable price:

  6. Matteo Leoni says:

    I’d love to see a colored vinyl reissue of her first album, 1983’s “Madonna”…

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      There was a picture disc released in the UK on Record Store Day of her first album,it should be available online.

  7. RJS says:

    White is much more suitable for a virgin than see through.

  8. Jon-Lee Paul Butler says:

    Standard Version without Into The Groove, where’s also Gambler?
    My Like A Virgin LP contains both, must of been a deluxe vinyl edition with bonus content?

    • James Lindsay says:

      Ive never had a copy of the Like A Virgin album on any format with Gambler on it or knew that they ever did I shall go on the hunt for one, every day a school day right enough, cheers for sharing that bit of info on here ✌️☮️

    • Mark says:

      Into The Groove was featured on the 1985 reissue outside of North America. Gambler was never included on any issue so maybe you a bootleg/unofficial pressing edition.

    • Nico says:

      Gambler was never included in Like A Virgin. Only Into The Groove was released on the reprint.

    • CJ says:

      The “proper” version of “Into the Groove” (as in the version that was on the original single), to my knowledge, was never officially on a Madonna release until Celebration, with the exception of a re-release of The First Album (aka Madonna) in selected territories. It wasn’t even in the desperately Seeking Susan soundtrack.

      “Gambler” was on the Vision Quest soundtrack, and because that was a different label entirely (Geffen), I have no idea how it would have wound up on a version of Like a Virgin.

      • Alan says:

        Was the version of Into The Groove on the 1985 re-issue of Like A Virgin outside of North America not the single version then? It remained on it until the 21st century re-issue which removed ITG but added two remixes of other tracks.

      • Steve says:

        The proper version of into the groove is on the UK ‘85 pressing of Like A Virgin album on vinyl cd and cassette. I should know, I was there and bought them all at the time

    • Anthony says:

      Gambler on LAV? Which edition is this? No listing on discogs so I’m curious.

      • Alan says:

        Gambler can be found on the Vision Quest soundtrack CD, which is still available. 1980s mastering so is quiet, but probably has the full dynamic range etc etc

    • elliott buckingham says:

      im surprised gambler was included because it was on geffon hence its omission from greatest hits sets

    • Oh noez!! As 1st assumed, I’m sorry you’re WRONG. Like others commented saying Gambler WAS NOT on Like A Virgin. Yes, it was on the soundtrack to Visionquest and on a different label, EXACTLY the same as Crazy For You, same time, taken from same film, etc.

      I have this vinyl elpee from 1985, it was early ’85 it DIDN’T have Into The Groove on it. At the time I was 13 and well upset, an album cost loads then (Not like now, eek).

      To recap Crazy For You & Gambler were NEVER on Like A Virgin. Into The Groove WAS on the LP AFTER Into The Groove went to No1, mid ’85.


    • Milingo83 says:

      Your is a bootleg or fake, no original or delux version (which does not exist by the way) contain the songs you mentioned ;)

  9. Foxee says:

    Yeah, Madonna, blah blah blah……….

    Importantly, can you pre-order the Rhino coloured vinyls of the first two B-52s albums (now we’re talking classics!) anywhere? I believe they are due for release on July 3rd? Is this an international date or US only?

    • Paul Spurgeon says:

      Yellow and wild planet are available for pre order now on Amazon uk although they have no images yet

  10. Frank says:

    The final question about this release is: Will the label match the “silk” style of the US promo release from the eighties or does Rhino use the standard yellow/blue SIRE?

  11. Kauwgompie says:

    Not sure why people keep asking for Madonna Deluxe reissues. There were no non-album b-sides, or hardly any. All the remixes are still widely available and live stuff? No thanks, she’s never been much of a singer. Yes, I would appreciate a 5.1 mix, that’s the only thing that is not available right now.

    • Bill says:

      The remixes pre American life are only available on the 12’s or from the cd singles. These are available but only as secondhand and the cd singles can range from £20 upwards as can some of the 12”s. So the early career mixes are not readily available only if you have ££££.

    • Steven says:

      There are so many tracks that are left over from each release…for instance Ray Of Light and Erotica unreleased material or demos could fill a second disc…the Ray Of Light and Music extra tracks are fantastic, I’ve heard leaks of all and they are sometimes more interesting than those that made the final tracklist…add a few of the greater known remixes, an odd demo/unfinished gem, clean up the original album/unreleased stuff, add the b-side Supernatural to Like A Prayer, Ain’t No Big Deal to Madonna (The First Album), liner notes…hell, even a DVD/Bluray tour from that era/release or classic TV appearances and fans would fall over themselves for these deluxe editions of her back catalogue!

      • Michael says:

        Must agree. Youtube and various sharing platforms have shone a light on so much of her stuff that has never been officially available. How hard could it be to remaster the albums, add the known extras and era non-album singles where relevant (Ain’t No Big Deal, Supernatural, Playground, Has To Be, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, Ring My Bell, Fighting Spirit etc.), a remix collection, and a DVD of the tour that supported the album? Considering how commercially aware she used to be, its really astounding she’s never done it. Aside from reissuing the first 3 (and very unimaginatively), Music is the only one so far to get a reissue with a bonus remix CD. Wonder why she’s so resistant?

    • DAVID BURROWS says:

      Actually it is .. just pick up a copy of her 2009 dvd – “Celebration” and you get 47 videos of which 43 are in 5.1 surround sound .. cheers.

    • Dan says:

      There are tonnes of unreleased Madonna songs which have never surfaced, and those that have are in LQ, like her original version of Each Time You Break My Heart from the True Blue sessions for example.
      Producer Patrick Leonard teased some unreleased Madonna songs late last year such as Angels With Dirty Faces from Like A Prayer sessions, he has the tapes and has been digitizing them. There is plenty to include on Madonna deluxe editions.

  12. Bill says:

    At last been awaiting the UK listing. Paul
    Is correct about the price. The immaculate collection I got for £18.84 from amazon on their price promise. It then went back up to £24.99.

    As for her releasing box sets, remastered, singles box sets and the such we will never get them. Warner’s/rhino are only allowed to re hash/release albums that are already out there. Her rules so I hear on the grapevine.

    As it’s been said by charles, she only looks forward not back and she has said it many a time herself.

    Now don’t forget October 12th this year, I hear rumblings that Sainsbury’s will do 2 more coloured vinyls to go with the 4 already released.

    • MATT SPARKES says:

      Hi Bill. Where do you hear about Sainsbury’s releases, they always come out of the blue to me.

      • Bill says:

        Hi Matt, I can’t quite remember who told me. Was one of those drunken nights out that you get chatting to a stranger by accident and info flows out with them being drunk! So I’m hoping it is true. Lol

  13. Michel Banen says:

    What I´m REALLY waiting for is a 40th anniversary GREASE vinyl re issue with disc 1 in pink and disc 2 in black and green swirl vinyl….

  14. Ronald says:

    I would rather see deluxe CD re-issues. You Can Dance unmixed would be ace. A 3 CD edition of Like A Virgin would be great too. These vinyl re-issues are rather pointless and only for collecting not for playing. Ahhh one can always dream….

    • Bill says:

      YCD unmixed is also on my wish list. Luckily I have a 24but vinyl rips of the ycd promo 12”s.

  15. art says:

    how about a new depeche mode vinyl reissue
    the rhino sleeves were poor quality and are not aging well

  16. Phil says:

    I’ve got the clear one. Do I need the white one too? Answers on a postcard please!

  17. Alan Wilson says:

    Who’s That Girl appears to be on re-release shortly afterwards as well.

    This one is on black vinyl with a release date of July 17th

  18. Guy says:

    With Amazon UK charging typically rip-off prices, particularly compared to, for the other ones, would they reduce the new white vinyl by that much?

    It’d be good if it does go down to around £20, but I don’t share your optimism Paul!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t think it’s a matter of them ‘reducing’ it… I think it’s just listed incorrectly right now. Very early listings are often too low or too high. I think this falls into the latter category! We’ll see, but of course it doesn’t cost anything to pre-order and cancel if it doesn’t drop.

      • JET says:

        US wholesale price on this one is $15.79 (£13.66), so there’s room to move.

      • owl-zat says:

        If the price drops on Amazon before release you get it for the lowest price so there is no risk in pre-ordering

      • mick lynch says:

        Is this the best they can do to celebrate Madonna’s 60th in August. Hopefully a box set of 60 singles?

  19. JET says:

    This is part of Rhino’s “Back to the 80’s” reissue series that includes a slew of fun colored vinyl releases, including:

    Yes – 90215 (Pink/Yellow/Blue tri-color)
    The Time – Ice Cream Castles (Neopolitan Pink/White?brown tri-color)
    B-52’s – The B-52’s (Yellow vinyl)
    Rod Steward – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Pink vinyl)

    and many more. In most cases, the vinyl color matches the sleeves. In the case of Madonna and The Time, the color matches the themes.

    You can see the full lineup on Bull Moose’s US store.

  20. dean says:

    there were U.S. promos pressed on white vinyl back in ’84…

    • Charles Christopher says:

      There’s plenty of tacky comments to be mdw about it being on white vinyl, but I of course would never stoop to that. I also want to applaud the label for resisting a statement on the pressing being on “virgin vinyl”.

      More seriously, it does highlight the lack of any retrospective reissues of Madonna’s classic albums. Maybe she’s not into looking backwards, but there has to be some interest in her catalog. I know I’d like a deluxe version of at least a couple of her albums.

      • Glasgow1975 says:

        I firmly believe that Madonna had a clause in her final WB contract that disallowed any tinkering with her back catalogue. Just look at any other artist that switches labels, there’s a ‘new’ Greatest Hits out every other year, and multiple deluxe, repackaged, remastered versions of everything. WB (and Rhino) can do fancy colours and facsimiles but little else with her releases.

        • CJ says:

          The one positive of Warner not being able to constantly re-issue her catalog is they can’t do to her what they did to Prince–every single time he had a new project coming out, they released a greatest hits or some other collection to compete with it. At points, it began to feel like sheer spite.

        • Alan says:

          She probably has Warners by the balls then, similar to how Kate Bush does with what was EMI (and now Warners for her first three albums). I have to applaud that. I hate seeing artists’ old work exploited by constant and unnecessary greatest hits albums.

    • Michel Banen says:

      I have that one, the original white vinyl promo. Awesome disc !

    • Robert says:

      Yep …got one. There was also the Like A Virgin 12inch single on white vinyl too.

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