Madonna / New album: Madame X

Madonna will release a new album, Madame X, in June.

I wasn’t going to post about this release, but quite a few of you have been in touch asking me about the various formats, so here we go…

The “highly-anticipated” album is a result of Madonna being influenced “by living in Lisbon” will be issued in June.Producers on the album include Mirwais, Mike Dean and Diplo and in its basic form it is a 13-track long-player with plenty of songs that ‘feature’ people you probably have never heard of (Quavo, Swae Lee or Anitta, anyone?).

There is a two-CD deluxe edition which is packaged as a ‘casebound’ hardcover book and appears to have five bonus tracks, two on the first CD and on the second disc another three, bringing the total to 18.

The vinyl edition is 2LP and features 15 tracks, as does the ‘deluxe’ cassette edition. As far as I can recall, this is Madge’s first album that comes as a deluxe box set edition. This box brings together the deluxe 2CD edition, the cassette, an exclusive seven-inch picture disc featuring album track ‘I Rise’, a double-sided poster and a ‘tattoo sheet.’ Note that this box doesn’t include the vinyl edition of the album. Amazon France appear to have the best price on this set right now.

The first song issued from the album is Medellin which you can preview above. The track feels rather lightweight and somewhat generic but to be fair is a bit of a grower. That said, to these ears it lacks any ‘wow’ factor and certainly doesn’t compare well to any lead singles from what you might call the ‘classic’ Madonna era which I would say ended with the Music album in 2000.

In addition to the formats listed above FNAC in France have a special CD edition which appears to be the 15 track version on a single CD. I would take an educated guess that the USA Target exclusive version is the same edition (HMV are also doing this version, but it’s not pre-orderable online due to the fact that they don’t have a webstore right now).

Madame X will be released on 14 June 2019. Leave comment on SDE and let us know if you like Madonna’s ‘new direction’.

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Madame X - deluxe box set


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Madame X - 2CD deluxe


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Madame X - 2LP deluxe rainbow picture disc


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Madame X - 2LP deluxe black vinyl


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Madame X - deluxe cassette


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Madame X - standard CD


Madame X / standard CD

1. Medellín with Maluma
2. Dark Ballet
3. God Control
4. Future ft. Quavo
5. Batuka
6. Killers Who Are Partying
7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
8. Crazy
9. Come Alive
10. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
11. Bitch I’m Loca ft. Maluma
12. I Don’t Search I Find
13. I Rise

Madame X / 2LP vinyl

1. Medellín with Maluma
2. Dark Ballet
3. God Control
4. Future ft. Quavo
5. Batuka
6. Killers Who Are Partying
7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
8. Crazy
9. Come Alive
10. Extreme Occident
11. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
12. Bitch I’m Loca ft. Maluma
13. I Don’t Search I Find
14. Looking for Mercy
15. I Rise

Madame X / 2CD edition

CD 1

1. Medellín with Maluma
2. Dark Ballet
3. God Control
4. Future ft. Quavo
5. Batuka
6. Killers Who Are Partying
7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
8. Crazy
9. Come Alive
10. Extreme Occident
11. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
12. Bitch I’m Loca ft. Maluma
13. I Don’t Search I Find
14. Looking for Mercy
15. I Rise

CD 2

3 Bonus tracks (titles not available)

Madame X / cassette

1. Medellín with Maluma
2. Dark Ballet
3. God Control
4. Future ft. Quavo
5. Batuka
6. Killers Who Are Partying
7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
8. Crazy
9. Come Alive
10. Extreme Occident
11. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
12. Bitch I’m Loca ft. Maluma
13. I Don’t Search I Find
14. Looking for Mercy
15. I Rise

156 responses to Madonna / New album: Madame X

  1. raphael says:

    cassette sounds is tiny, like coming from a box, which is a different sonic experience. It sounds more compact.

  2. memoryboy says:

    The new Madonna album “Madame X” is different. I just purchased and heard it. It’s different. For a Madonna album it’s different in many ways. It’s Epic. And to be honest it’s… EXCELLENT.
    A listen from beginning to end is a journey. Much in the way an album by Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration”… It’s quite a listen.
    Somehow it works. And brings up many atmosphere’s and emotions.
    It’s a trip. As in trippy.
    Well done.

  3. Ty says:

    The set you listed that has the 3 additional untitled tracks, those are called, “Back That Up to the Beat”, “Funana”, and “Ciao Bella”. They are all incredible, especially the first two. Bummer they’re not on the Deluxe edition because they should be. Hopefully Amazon and iTunes or Google will sell them individually eventually. This album is surprisingly incredible. I say surprisingly because I didn’t have high hopes since her last few albums since the Confessions album have been okay, but not as great as the earlier works. This album is up there. She did a good job creating something interesting and different.

  4. T❌S says:

    Madonna has released a boxed set for several albums. I own a few.

  5. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    i was shocked about her “voice performance” at the eurovision song contest. first ( she stands in the green room ) it looks like she had lost her neck. only head with body and stage dress. then she said something to the other artists and i felt she cannot really turn her head to the background. also the conversation with the guy from the show seems very strange to me. i will not lose much words about the “like a prayer” stage show – only this:
    the crowd wanted to dance and celebrate her – but with this drum machine and vocals version this was not possible. her voice: a disaster. the second song: sorry, this shall be the main single to help the album flying high into the charts? i fear that this album will be a flop and ( hopefully ) she will later understand that her “younger time” is over. after her role in “evita” i thought she will go a mature way in her career. songs like “you’ll see” and “power of goodbye” would be a good opportunity with strong songs to pave the way for it. “frozen” was also a good video performance… but then she dances like a 18 years old girl in the “ray of light” video. sadly that her “cabaret project” were never realized. for all the die-hard madonna fans out there: i’m also a fan but i try to think about how she looks to me in the 90’s and now. how good it would be when she had now ( again ) an androgyne “marlene dietrich” style at 60. something more noble, mysterious and unapproachable. so, that were my thoughts about madonna…

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  7. Tony O says:

    Madonna on eurovision this evening, not sure it will boost albums sales

    • bertielego says:

      First song: seriously out of tune.
      Second song: atrociously auto tuned.

      Boosting sales? Hmmm…

  8. Paul Barr says:

    For an “80s singer” that peaked with Like A Prayer and has been “irrelevant” since 2000…..people sure have a lot to say about her.

  9. Calico Moonchild says:

    I’m a little surprised to be mildly excited about this album (for no tangible reason), than I have for Madonna since ‘Confessions’ in 2005. The song has a little substance to it & chills me out, though there is too much of the guy. I guess his presence is needed for US radio demographics. Maybe it’s the fact this album appears leak proof for the first time since 2005, that it feels like more of an event. If the single had been an uptempo dance tune, it would have felt a little too predictable & contrived. This sounds nothing like London Grammer but something about the mood tells me they are on her radar. In some small way she has revived MTV’s brand identity, pity they only allotted her 30 mins and not the full hour.

  10. william says:

    I saw the video and I really liked that. She has some of the most creative videos. The song however… boring, especially for her. Autotune is usually for people that do not sound good or can’t sing. If her voice is still good, she should stay away from that. That being said, I am interested in what the rest of the album sounds like. Hopefully it sounds a lot better than this song. It seems lately that she tends to let others dictate what her new sound/music should sound like and you have to wonder if her creative side has taken a hiatus and not take any chances that she used to make. That is the time she really shines.

  11. Paul Taylor says:

    Medellin has been getting played quite a bit on R2 this week.
    I’ve heard a lot worse

  12. Michael Roberts says:

    While you are definitely entitled to your opinion and you have the right to post whatever you want on your site, I do have to strongly disagree that the classic era of Madonna ended with the Music album.

    Confessions on a Dance Floor is probably one of the best albums of her career, American Life is an excellent album (one that I listen to the most often now) and MDNA is a very solid album as well.

    Hard Candy was overall a major letdown, but Rebel Heart has really grown on me and I would say I like over 60% of it now.

    I would venture to say that Madonna still has a lot more to offer and I’m sure she has no plans to go away anytime soon and I am thankful for that.

  13. memoryboy says:

    So I knew I liked the new Madonna single, and now I’ve just seen the video for it, and WOW! amazing video, and it reminds me that Madonna has always been a visual artist and her videos have always been much of what has made her singles and music a success. She has a way with setting her songs to exciting visuals. Not to mention she looks amazing. I now love this song even more and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  14. Brian says:

    Cassette? Whats with that these days? Have they improved since the 80’s/90’s?

  15. Michael says:

    The featured first track “Medellin” from Madonna’s new album, sounds like a cha-cha-cha composition Panamanian pop star, Miguel Bose, would have written for a male/female voice duet (which he’s quite good at doing). I like the sultry faux Cubana sound to “Medellin,” but the song never really kicks into gear. More importantly, IMHO, the song is rather disingenuous since coming from someone like Madonna, who is not Latin American or black, but who nevertheless doesn’t hesitate to borrow heavily from Latin and black American culture to make songs that are then aimed at a predominantly white middle class audience.

    Given that, there are many talented recording artists from the Caribbean and Latin America that have, and still make wonderful music, but unfortunately are seldom heard about in non-Spanish speaking countries. So is this Madonna attempting to draw a mass English speaking audience to Latin American music as a means to boost the careers of lesser known Latin American recording artists, or is it just a rip-off of their music presented as an original Madonna ‘flavor-of-the-month’ pop concept? Time will tell.

    • Matt says:

      Just had to reply to your post, especially the idea of “Medellin” as a “Madonna ‘flavor-of-the-month’ pop concept”. Madonna is an Italian-American who has a genuine interest in and respect for Latin culture. The idea that this is just some fly-by-night fancy of hers is what is truly disingenuous here, as Madonna’s career is full of Latin inspired music and visuals, going as far back as 1986 and “La Isla Bonita”. Other examples include “Spanish Eyes”, the video for “Take a Bow”, “Veras” (the Spanish version of “You’ll See”), Spanish versions of “One More Chance” and “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina”, “Evita”, etc. All of this points less to cultural appropriation and more to being inspired by other art and other cultures, which can be verified by her continued popularity in Spain and Latin America. If you’re looking for a target to point the cultural appropriation arrow at, how about aiming at some of these talentless white boy rappers who seem to crawling out of the sewer like cockroaches with their facial tattoos and their mumbled, half-assed “flow”. These are the people who are dumbing down culture and selling themselves to the white middle classes.

      • Shane says:

        Rap doesnt need white boys to be dumbed down…

        Seen Madonna’s tits bursting out of her throat last night on MTV. Sad sight. She was good otherwise. Someone should tell her to stop doing that tho. She just looks ridiculous:(

        I liked the video, but theres too much Maluma in it.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for your response, Matt.

        First, I do like much of Madonna’s music, particularly her early work and some of her techno-tinged explorations on albums like “Ray of Light,” because during these career phases of Madonna she is being herself.

        I appreciate that Madonna is artistically inspired by other cultures periodically, which is good, but instead of paying homage to the heritage of non-white, or non-U.S. American groups of people, she presents herself in her videos as one of them, and to exaggerate this persona (somewhat offensively), she presents herself as their mentor, role model, or adoring love interest – as if she is the epitome of their culture.

        The Beatles re-recorded some of their early songs in German because they had a big following in Germany, but they never presented themselves as being German.

        It’s perfectly fine to sing a song in a language that isn’t native to you, but it crosses the line if you sing it pretending you are actually part of that demographic. To further make this point, Madonna knows she has a large gay following, so she staged a publicity stunt that involved her kissing Britney Spears, but neither Madonna nor Britney are gay, so why would Madonna do this, especially when actual gay people would not be allowed to kiss on live television?

        Finally, yes, Madonna was cast as Eva Peron in the movie version of “Evita,” but she was selected not because she was more convincing in this role than a Latin American female actor, but because she was a big pop star and would attract her large fan base to the box office so the movie would make more money.

        I’m not telling anyone to boycott Madonna, and in all likelihood I will be buying her new album, but I felt compelled, especially being married to someone who is from Puerto Rico, to op-ed about Madonna’s ego sometimes overriding her cultural sensitivity.

    • Alana Moore says:

      The beauty of Madonna, is that she is a chamealion and constantly coming up with new
      and ideas, as in right now with Madonna’s MADAME X. The Latino trend is huge since
      last year and Madonna is jumping on the band wagon, which is a great idea. In case you did
      not hear, she lives in Portugal & is obviously influenced by the music. Her CD shows range
      and variety. Moreover, she is an artist who is a deep thinker and I love that her music has a message as in “Wake up” and God Control”. She makes people think and that is admirable.
      I totally see Meddlin to be the jam of the Summer!

      This is a free world and nobody has the Monopoly on what music they can, or cannot play!!

      Wake up and stop judging! If you don’t like her new CD, move on!

  16. Kelly simpson says:

    Madonna thinks she’s still in her hey day. Its sad to watch a woman claim ageisim but does anything and everything to cover up her age. All her dancers are young all her producers and features have been young not to mention the hideous amounts of plastic surgery. Madonna is all actuality is the biggest ageist of all. When she turned 50 nobody during press was allowed to ask her about turning 50 or they would be banned.
    Most of her music since the album Music has been rubbish trying to stay relevant. If Madonna was a true artist she’d create art not what she feels will make 12 yr olds would buy and lets be real they’re not buying it. The new single is awful no hook or melody its just noise from a woman who can’t accept herself

  17. Mark says:

    Like A Virgin, True Blue, Like A Prayer and Ray of Light are all excellent albums. Everything post-Ray of Light has left me cold. My favourite track is still Live To Tell.

  18. chris says:

    Madonna is one of those guilty pleasure 80s artist. At the time, in the 80s, my stance was i hated that popy top 40 crap. And i really believed it, But, if i was alone and crazy for you or borderline or whatever video of hers was cued up i wouldnt be rushing to change the channel. The good news is that, as i matured, i was able to revist the 80s, later in life, and enjoy a ton of music i was too cool for the first time around. That said, i wish madonna would move into genres more suited to her age. She is talented and i am sure would crush it if she laid off the sex / dance vibe. Sure, the audience would be smaller than back in the day but thats a given in any case. I would love to see her mellow a bit, maybe tour a lounge album or with an orchestra with new material and reimagined versions of her classics. Thats just me of course…

  19. Richard Cosgrove says:

    Thanks for reporting this, Paul. You can please all of the people some of the time, etc…. :-)

    Personally I’ll probably pick it up out of interest, as my other half is a big fan so we’ll almost certainly be attending the inevitable live shows (which, to be fair, should be pretty good – I’ve seen her live twice (in 2003 and 2005 – I think, it was a long time ago!) and the woman knows how to put on a show). Personally (should anybody give a hoot :-) ) my favourite ‘period’ is Ray of Light, Music and American Life, but we’re all entitled to our opinions and have (almost) total control over our stereos and MP3 players!

    Keep up the good work, Sir!

  20. Chris Squires says:

    For what it’s worth, my tuppence.

    There are lots of artists featured on SDE who I love, there are lots of artists featured here on SDE that I wouldn’t open the curtains for if they were playing in my back garden. That is the beauty of SDE. Personally, for me Madonna was over and done with Like a Prayer. Everything after, meh! But that isn’t the point.

    The point is that it is Paul’s site to do with what he pleases and those who have moaned about why aren’t you featuring “xxxxx” (usually done in a not so subtle passive / aggressive manner) have missed the point entirely. SDE is not, and never has been, a one-stop shop for all things musical. It’s Paul blogging about artists he likes and we are just along for the ride, if we don’t like it we can take a hike.

    A couple of things stick out to me (and they have all been said before) If Madonna means THAT much to you (such that you are willing to berate a site owner for not featuring her) why the hell don’t you already know about this stuff. Surely there is a or other sites I have never been to that will satiate your desire for all things Madonna. If she is that big and that relevant what do you need this site for, to do the advertising? Nobody, but nobody who isn’t into Madonna by now is going to buy this record. At best it might convince someone to dust off their copy True Blue and give it a spin.
    Next, it saddens me that Paul felt obliged to even mention this album here. If there was never another Madonna post it would make me happy, not just because I am seriously not into her or her music but because of the way that many posters here have reacted to Paul doing so and it just goes to show you just can’t please some people so it’s always best to stick to your guns. Appeasement never works (history shows) and the entitled behavior of some here shows that they care little for the ethos of SDE instead, as with many internet users, they just want what they want and to hell with everybody else.

    So bring on the next Metallica post or some 90s band I have barely heard of, mix it with artists I do love and we can pick and choose what to read, but it HAS to be Paul’s decision. There are places to to note upcoming releases that Paul might or might not feature. Usually in the “Out This Week” section there will be a dozen posts about bits and bobs that will also get released this week but probably won’t be featured or the “Get in Touch” section if you want to raise awareness of a forthcoming release. And, if doing so, do everyone a favour and don’t start the post “I am surprised you are not supporting this artist, why aren’t you featuring them”…..

    • Spiral Scar says:

      Chris, your level-headed posts have identified you as the voice of reason (who is also not actually working at SDE :)) Others who post like-minded comments are due credit as well, and it’s important – very important – to not let this comments section become a YouTube-esque battleground. Discussion is great, bitching is not. Obviously, there are quite a few passionate music lovers who visit here, but there is simply no possible way to please everyone.
      Very briefly, in high school in the mid-80s, I tried my hand at DJ-ing for a school dance. All I remember is the people who complained that I didn’t have this rap song or that metal ballad, and the pressure to play some dreck for some asshat’s girlfriend. After my second shot at it, I stopped. It wasn’t in my control to do what I set out to do. I applaud Paul for having more backbone than me!
      I like Madonna well enough, to a point. I don’t care for the type of music she’s been doing, no matter who is doing it. It’s not made for me. Plenty of amazing music was made when I was young/younger (and certainly before my time) and I’m grateful. Paul is my age, and there is a bond between us despite never having met the man. This is why I trust the site to have its general focus. It’s hard to explain why Bananarama gets coverage but Madonna – initially – didn’t, though somehow it made sense to me. I would never get into an entitled snit if he failed to post about an artist I admired, no matter how popular that artist is. Ultimately, it’s Paul’s call. We all know it. And he can’t cover everything.

  21. Rickjapan says:

    Love(d) Madonna, but have been increasingly disappointed with her recent output.

    Bought MDNA, but Rebel Heart I passed on because there were so many tracks I actively disliked amidst ones I loved, so “made use of the internet” for those.

    She is definitely an artist to be respected, considering how long she has managed to keep on in the business, but it’s not as if she’s making music for me personally, so she can do what she wants, that’s her affair (whether I buy it or not is my affair). Similarly, what Paul does on this blog is his affair, so no complaints from me there, either.

    Go Paul, you have nothing to apologize for! This is your space, after all.

    As for Madonna, I sincerely hope that the album overall will be better than the single, we’ll just have to see. For the record, I liked most of American Life, was underwhelmed by Confessions and Hard Candy. Not that that means anything!

  22. Kevin says:

    The faux-incendiary nature of these comments is hysterical. Paul has a great site and can post whatever he feels is relevant. There are many artists posted about here that are of no concern to me, and at the same time there are reissues I’m interested in that Paul never posted about. But I’m not calling for his head because of that. I just looked elsewhere.

    That said, I agree with Paul. Music was her last great album. ;)

  23. Jon says:

    I love how total strangers are telling Madonna to stop making music. No one says that to Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney or any man. Madonna will do as she pleases. Why should she listen to the sad sacs on here telling her to stop “making music”. OK the new song sucks and Rebel Heart was terrible and I’m sure like American Life and Hard Candy this album is gonna suck but telling a grown woman what to do is beyond ridiculous. Focus on your own loves people and stop telling others what to do.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Actually, I remember quite a few comments on SDE saying McCartney should just ‘stop’ on the ‘Egypt Station’ post. And McCartney came in for lots of the similar criticism by working with ‘hip’ producers like Ryan Tedder and producing relative dross like ‘Get Enough’. No one gets a free pass from legitimate criticism.

    • Foxee says:

      Heartily agree that the new single is absolutely awful, Rebel Heart was total pants and that Madonna certainly does what she pleases (unfortunately).

      However, totally disagree that American Life was a bad album – it’s absolutely one of her very best (in the vein of Ray of Light), when she got back to writing songs as opposed to ‘collaborating’ with artists and producers, who are (apparently) on trend at a point in time, to merely create (horrendous) noise.

      Apologies, but unless Madonna makes that quality kind of album I have to agree with many others and advise she should leave our eardrums in peace.

  24. AndyB says:

    Sorry for all the haters, Paul. Don’t really mind Madonna, but for the posters talking about her relevance:

  25. Scott says:

    I got in on the 2 x rainbow picture disc before it was taken down or sold out or whatever happened to it. Hoping Madge has some surprises up her sleeve. I really like the single a lot. Slow burn.

  26. Steve F says:

    I’m one of those people who loved “Ray of Light” and a lot of the tracks on “Music” but drifted off after “American Life” and didn’t bother coming back. I’ve no interest in Madonna at all – either her music or her as a person, but that’s just me. Clearly, there are a lot of people who feel very differently and that’s fair enough.

    What I don’t like, is the personal attacks against Paul in a number of comments posted here. There’re a lot of people who over the years have become utterly consumed in their obsession with her that they have become truly nasty and unhinged. A number of comments here only reinforce that.

    @Paul Sinclair – Thank you for all your hard work on the site. I and many others appreciate it.

  27. Lion Patrice says:

    The piece is so different to what Madonna has done even if there’s a connection to La Isla Bonita, Who’s that girl and others. It’s fresh and candid and catchy. I love it. On the other hand how dare you say “classic Madonna” ended with Music? There’s nothing more “classic Madonna” than Hung up.

  28. Mikael says:

    Thanks for the update, haven’t really been excited by anything from the Queen since Confessions, but she’s still the queen, and she doesn’t stand still, which is good in itself.
    New (potential) fails are way better than old rehashes, although I might make an exception for Hard Candy and the following tour, but never mind.
    Having read all the comments, I thought I would hate the new song, but it’s great, and I now have the 2CD on preorder.
    All hail the Queen.

    And thanks again Paul, your site is the best, can’t really understand all the bitchy comments about what gets written or not, it’s Paul’s site ffs!

  29. Charles Christopher says:

    It seems my first comment didn’t get posted – which is fair, since it may have been unnecessarily catty and directed to some of the responses. I very much like reading and commenting here, and hope to maintain the fun and witty tone.

    I actually like this preview track – despite the deeply eccentric lyrics, Mr. Maluma’s interjections after each of Madonna’s lines, and the Autotune abuse that would have even Cher saying was a bit much. It’s more pleasant than big sounding, but indulging in a new-found love of fado music is a better fit for a 60-year-old than featuring the producer or dance trends du jour. Madonna is now well into her eccentric late-middle-age period, which might produce some interesting results.

    I’d like to say thanks to Paul for posting the info about it – this is the only site I really go to for release info of any kind these days, so I might have missed this track or any info at all without it.

  30. Alan Costa says:

    The single sounds like one of those things people hear on their summer holidays and then gets on the pop charts because it reminds them of the beach and sunshine. We all love a rap in a foreign language don’t we. This years Euro hit, cha cha cha.

  31. Scott G says:

    Its a pity that no one has pointed out to Madonna that she has mispronounced Medellin. The Spanish would pronounce it Mede’jene’ but in Colombia it is pronounced in true Spanish, Mede ‘ean’ not ‘jene’.

    Bit of slap in the face to Colombians that she can’t even be bothered to correctly pronounce the name of one of its most noted and beautiful cities. And god knows what Pablo Escobar would have thought.. ;)

  32. Terry says:

    The cheapest i’ve seen for the box set with the 7″ picture disc is 31.90 Euros from Bengans in Sweden. Shipping to the UK is 7 Euros. Here’s the link:
    I’ve ordered from them many times before and not had an issue with them.
    As for Maluma, i have to admit, i was a little underwhelmed by it on the first listen given the hype before hand. But as many have said in these comments, it gets better and better the more you listen to it. I’m really looking forward to the album, i’ve pre ordered the box set and will order the vinyl too, either the clear web exclusive edition (which i gather is limited to 10,000 copies), or the rainbow vinyl once some mock up shots of it is available and becomes available to pre order again.
    It’ll be interesting to see what she does for her performance at Eurovision!
    Non Madonna related, many thanks Paul for the deal on the Aretha Franklin vinyl box set a few weeks agao! Amazing deal.

  33. gwynogue says:

    As a devoted Madonna fan, I am quite amused at all the people who say she is no longer relevant.


    How many “irrelevant” artists can generate nearly 100 comments on a post that’s barely 24 hours old? How many “irrelevant” artists get worldwide media coverage just from the mere MENTION of a new album? How many “irrelevant” artists have detractors repeatedly lining up to tell them and anyone who’ll read/listen that they’re “irrelevant”, every time they release a new album?

    Is she “irrelevant”? Bitch, she’s Madonna!

    • CJ says:

      I think the biggest measure of irrelevance is people talking about how irrelevant you are. The more they talk about it, the less it’s true. There was a two-year period in the 90s between Erotica and Bedtime Stories where everything in the press was about how she was “over” and “irrelevant.” You can see how accurate that was now.

      If you’re really irrelevant, no one bothers talking about it.

      Madonna’s role in the world of music isn’t the same as it used to be–but whose is? The business has changed radically, but she’s survived that just fine. She’s pioneering new ground in being a female pop artist at 60 who still writes and produces new music. All these people suggesting she should “record standards,” apparently have not been paying attention to the rest of her career.

      Plus, why the hell would we need yet ANOTHER person recording “the Great American Songbook.” Let that crap rest already.

    • Jules says:

      Love love this comment! Relevant or not, there is some rubbish in the charts and most of em I don’t even know! She’s fresh, she’s different, unique, whether the music is to your taste or not, damn I’ll always be a fan, seen her 3 times on tour, long live Maddie!

  34. HS says:

    Love the new single – it feels more like a “teaser” track though and I believe there will be a few more songs released before the album.

    Considering that this is a big album release, on multiple formats and by a legendary artist I can not understand why there was not going to be any coverage on a site that exists for this very purpose. But it’s good to see the feature here now.

    I have pre-ordered the Standard, Deluxe, Box set, cassette, black vinyl, clear vinyl and both Japanese editions. The deluxe Japan CD will be an SHM-CD release. Waiting to hear about bonus tracks but like Paul I suspect that the Target, HMV and Fnac editions will have the same bonus tracks. It’s worth noting though that the Target and HMV editions seem to come in an exclusive cover (same as the digital one).

    • Tony West says:

      “Considering that this is a big album release, on multiple formats and by a legendary artist I can not understand why there was not going to be any coverage on a site that exists for this very purpose. But it’s good to see the feature here now.”
      Thank you for pointing this out, while some artists are not for all tastes, this is an issue I have been having for a while with my local record store as well as sites like this. I guess I am suffering from that “old age cliche” of not liking new music, and there is far too much coverage of old stuff I have never even heard of, too. Just because an artist has been commercially successful and is considered lightweight, does not devalue their importance to fans like me. So what if the Zombies or the Beatles are releasing the 1000th issue of the same album once again, Madonna matters too. I’ll be ordering the deluxe cd and vinyl as well!

      • Matthew says:

        “on a site that exists for this very purpose” Eh? I find this a very personal site, it’s the main reason I enjoy it so much. I feel I know Paul in some small way and some of the regular contributors. It’s not some corporate site thankfully and the vast majority of comments are good natured and informative.
        As for Madonna, personally I’m indifferent to her output but admire her for not becoming a greatest hits act or worse a another covers artist, but I do try to listen to everything Paul flags up and discover acts that way. Much appreciated.

    • CJ says:

      “I believe there will be a few more songs released before the album.”

      I read that the plan is to digitally release four more of the tracks between now and the album release:
      3 May 2019 – I Rise (3:44)
      10 May 2019 – Crave feat. Swae Lee (3:22)
      17 May 2019 – Future feat. Quavo (3:54)
      7 June 2019 – Dark Ballet (4:15)

  35. Enrico G. says:

    Don’t like her anymore.
    I’ll skip this.

  36. SeanL says:

    Love all these comments, music can be very polarising but please remember people this site is meant to be informative and a little tongue in cheek at times…Paul your doing a great job at both :)

  37. Joe Atari says:

    A few words on Madonna. Firstly, I love the image of her with blond hair, she looks about 30. Not so keen on the Frida Kahlo look though, i can see the references. Once we get past the image, which is necessary for Madonna even now, its inevitable she’ll slightly pale in comparison to younger artists when she plays their game. Reggaeton is huge globally now, and it makes sense for her to use a few collaborators in a commercial context. They get the honour of being asked, and it makes her look in touch with the next generation, but actually Reggaeton itself has kinda peaked last summer as the “new” sound. The collaborators, I can tell you, are NOT obscure. Quavo is one third of Migos, the biggest act in hip hop right now, and Swae Lee & Anitta have massive fanbases in the US and Latin America . However I still think Madonna should leave the dancefloor in general and make an “autumn of my years” confessional album similar to parts of her classic album Ray or Light. The 2000s have seen a succession of albums each less successful than their predecessor. Mirwais did an amazing job on Music, which I agree was her last “imperial” pop album. Maybe this album will throw in a few lush orchestral tracks, but I can’t see it regaining her “the zeitgeist”. As with her successors Mariah and Britney, who both long ago stopped having actual hits, they maintain the illusion of being “superstars” whilst sales or streams won’t justify this. It’s true, the plethora of new artists online mean I don’t think anyone could ever match her chart record since 1982. There are just too many artists coming through in the pop realm ready to steal the crown from the last one. Taylor, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and now Billie Eilish, all doing more vital “pop” work in the 2010s than Madonna can manage. Still, historically they wont ever eclipse Madonna, it just can’t happen.

  38. elliott buckingham says:

    deluxe reissues or Madonna through to like a prayer are whats needed and is really the last time she was any good. the dancefloor album was ok and a few tracks over the last few years weren’t too bad but she is really not a patch on her glorious 80s era

  39. madman says:

    Wow, 78 comments at this point, and not one about the usual “why are they including the CD and vinyl versions in one package” argument! You know, if Paul doesn’t like Madonna, then that’s his opinion. Why are so many people taking this so personally?

  40. Carty says:

    Is that Sophie Ellis-Bextor on the cover? ;)

    • Derek says:

      Not a fan of the single, sounds like another plug and play with latest trendy rapper that Madonna thinks will make her cool with the kids. It’s the same old thing Madonna has been doing since the glory days of Confessions.

      If you’re going to do ” featuring” at least be a bit more creative about it

      Given that Mirwais has produced the album hopefully there is better on it. At least I can easily delete the “featuring” tracks off spotify playlist

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Mirwais is one of the producers. I’m not sure if there is any detailed information out there yet about who produced what and songwriting credits etc.

  41. andrew R says:

    Cant believe the level of agressive drivel Paul is having to put up with here.It is his site people,he can have an opinion on an artist good or bad without asking your permission. Apalling really, that is why fan is an abreviation of fanatic.
    BTW will there be an improvement vocally if she is singing through the stitches? Or are we being treated to the results of more surgery?I feel we should know!

  42. Steve says:

    I won’t be bothering with this.

    Please go back to Steve Bray and Pat Leonard and write a decent album we can all sing along to.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s interesting that Madonna’s really successful collaborations are with people a bit OLDER than herself, such as Reggie Lucas, Nile Rodgers, Patrick Leonard, William Orbit. Older doesn’t mean ‘better’ of course but those certainly felt like proper working relationships.

    • Dean O says:

      Beware the wrath of a…..Madonna fan.

      I could just never understand her appeal…it’s that inauthentic/weak voice -sounds like someone stuck in an elevator half-heartedly crying for help – fingernails on a chalkboard.

      In a limo with her arm around a thug (any hip hop artist), one glove (Michael J.), an eye patch (Peter Burns) – looks like bad dept. store Xmas card.

      ‘Killers Who are Partying’, ‘Bitch, I’m Loca’ ???. She never could sing…I don’t think age is going to help that….

      Pure American Cheese.

  43. Ross Baker says:

    Confessions on a Dancefloor is actually my favourite Madonna record, love that one. Otherwise it’s definitely thin pickings this century though. Hard Candy has three or four I really like, but they’re very much the exception, otherwise it feels very much like she’s been following trends rather than setting them, which is pretty sad. Working with established producers, featuring already established stars. At least the features on this are somewhat obscure, which suggests she’s at least trying something different. The single, too, is slightly less blatant style-chasing than those from her last couple of albums, but still has no hallmark of her classic era.

    Really though, for the most part she’s a legacy artist now who’s making music to stay on the radar and give her an opportunity to work in her main area: touring. In the future, I reckon Erotica, Ray of Light and maybe Confessions will be the only post-Immaculate Collection albums that have any real cultural cachet. These new records are only ever going to be bookmarks.

    • Angelo says:

      I agree 100% with you. Confessions is my favorite Madonna album too and I love pretty much all of her albums up to that point. After that, three or four songs per record are actually good and memorable. Therefore, I’ll keep my expectations low for this one.

  44. Zippy Bush Kangaroo says:

    I am looking to the Future, June will come I will listen to it. If I can not find my socks by then I will get back to you as you lot know plenty. Ha Ha Ha, Cha Cha Cha Ha.

  45. Kevin Galliford says:

    Not for me. I used to be a big fan, probably ended with “Music” too though “American life” & “Confession” did have good songs. Now though, she looks younger than she was in the mid 80’s and strikes me as being Mutton dressed as lamb desperately craving hipness. Sorry Madge.

    • SimonH says:

      Seriously did you really just say ‘mutton dressed as lamb?’ What century is this? Do people makes equivalent comments re male artists?

      • RJS says:

        “Do people makes equivalent comments re male artists?”

        Try mutton dressed as ram.

        P.S. It’s the 21st century.

      • Kevin Galliford says:

        Dignity is required & here there ain’t much going on! I bought “Hard Candy” & apart from “ 4 Minutes” it was an utter bag of shite & I lost interest. She’s chasing something she will never get back!

  46. Shane says:

    To be fair, every act has very loyal fans who may or may not be biased. The acts she chose to work with here, as quoted by Paul, are virtually unknown to anyone who does not spend hours on popjustice. You cannot claim that someone is relevant or known simply because the internet has made it possible for people to google or youtube them. Show me the receipts. And charts mean very little these days. The internet and digital world have changed the music world conpletely. It remains to be seen how much the world will remember hits from the mast years and how relevant they actually were. For those lucky enough to be old enough to have grown up in the 70s-90s, will attest to the fact that Madonna was one of the most relevant and influential artist ever. Is she now? Sadly not. Is she trying? Pretty sure yes, perhaps too hard. I hope Madame X is not like its lead track.
    Clearly those in love with her will give her music tons of chances while others won’t be bothered. The GP will show in the end.

  47. Wazza says:

    Just as well I’m not a Madonna fan becithat album cover scares the shit out of me

  48. Dan says:

    There’s still a 12 track solo album in there for those who don’t want the features.

  49. Steven Roberts says:

    While I am at best only a casual fan, I will likely give the new Madonna disc a spin – as soon as it starts hitting the charity shops in my area.

    You know, like every one of her other albums since Erotica (which I got for 25p at a Dorothy House Hospice store in Bath).

  50. StephendC says:

    I am constantly amazed [though shouldn’t be surprised] at those who pop up and spout rubbish about someone else’s hard work – the SDE site. One of it’s best features which brings me back is the actual grown up discussion of subject matter without the need for baseless playground prattle.

    It wouldn’t matter to me if the site was ‘biased’, the owner has put a lot of work into it and it would be bloody boring if the author had to try and please everyone, everytime. If you don’t like it, you go do your own site….

    Anyway, I agree Madonna, though I love her, has become a bit of a follower than a leader and I hear she may be performing at Eurovision? Look how well that went for Justin Timberlake….

  51. Gil de Castro says:

    I am big fan of Madonna, she was the artist I grew up with. I didn’t missed the chance to watch her Rebel Heart tour in the Philippines. To innovate is a good thing, a sign for change. But times are changing. It should have been better if the new album was like going back to her roots. I also agree with Jon perhaps a cover or standards album.

  52. Tom m hans says:

    American Horror Story Madonna. Spinning Like a prayer instead. Everything afterwards is redundant, not even ABBA could help.

  53. Marcelo Neves says:

    You really don’t kwon anything about Madonna. This album isn’t a come back. She never left. You are telling everybody Music was her last good album. YOU ARE SO WRONG. Only one example. CONFESSIONS ON DANCE FLOOR. HUNG UP, the lead single, TOPPED THE CHARTS OF 41 COUNTRIES. According to Billboard, it was THE MOST SUCCESSFUL dance song of decade. It was followed by SORRY. And I can go on and on and on. I do understand if you don’t like her. But please don’t LIE about her career.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This comment is pure emotion and no logic. I saw Madonna play live in 1987 by the way, that’s how much I hate her…

    • jon says:

      wow HUNG UP was a hit,, 1 single song off an album- anything can be a hit if you play it and oversaturate the market, doesnt mean things were a success cause of 1 or 2 songs off the album
      i like Madonna but after Music thing began to go downhill for this artist.

  54. Michael Leek says:

    I’m most confused by people bothering with nasty,
    stretchy, unstable magnetic tape – every cassette is different, so to get the best sound tape heads need to be aligned with each play – yuk…
    Hey let’s scrap Blu Ray and bring back VHS…

  55. Larry Davis says:

    Listened to “Medellin”…twice, it’s OK, kinda odd, could be a grower…as a lead single though?? Huh?? But hey, Madge has earned the right to do what she wants, she does not have to please the public…and I always say, art first, commerce second, fans second…if artists only listened to their fans and did only what they wanted, and not their own artistic muse, they would never evolve or progress…their career would die after 5 years…Madge has been in the biz for almost 40 years…so she’s doing something right…pissing off and delighting people in equal measure…I’ll buy “Madame X”, either the Target or deluxe, whichever has the full 18 tracks…not sure about the boxset though…as for her last good album (to me), believe it or not, I thought her last one, “Rebel Heart”, was not only killer, it could objectively be her best album she ever did!! I did not like how no credits were written inside the package, had to get em off Wikipedia, which was a pain, but song for song, it’s the best record she ever did…my opinion…and I have em all…

  56. Marco says:

    It’s only me to find the cover scary? She looks like the main character from a Spanish horror movie…

  57. HalloweenJack says:

    American Life is underrated.

    • Michael says:

      Agreed which is why I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve heard the whole thing. Not a big fan off Medellin but from what I can gather Mirwais had more to do with Madame X than the other producers. Just disappointed that yet again (now 4 in a row) this won’t be a pure Madonna album. And I’m a little put off by the track called Bitch I’m Loca. God help us if its a sequel to the similarly titled travesty from Rebel Heart.

      Don’t mind the Kahlo-esqe cover. Wish it was the 2 disc cover. That one with the guitar is ugly. And I gotta agree with the other comment about it being on cassette. Why for god’s sake? Utterly pointless. She really is following everyone else these days….

  58. Fady says:

    In complete agreement with you Paul re: Madonna’s output in recent years. There is nothing that screams “must buy” since the “Music” album. Sure, there have been some good tracks from “Confessions…” for example, but not consistent quality to invest in an entire album. If anything, this highlights that Madonna’s output and subsequent success was heavily based on her collaborations with quality writers and producers. Unfortunately for her, she is no longer flavour of the month, so the best songwriters and producers are not banging on her door to give her material or work with her. Nature of the music business beast.

  59. gwynogue says:

    I’m pretty ‘blah’ about the song, but I’ve only listened to it once – maybe after a couple more listens I’ll start to like it. I’d probably like the song more if Maluma was completely wiped off it, his vocal ‘contributions’ are distracting – what is it with hip-hop/rap artists who need to go ‘uh’ or ‘yeah’ or whatever every 5 seconds? It annoys the absolute shit out of me. It seems every song in the top 20 has a guest rapper making some stupid noises in the background.

    Mariah Carey started it 25 years ago – firstly on her remixes for the ‘clubs’, then on her ‘main’ (album) versions, then it reached a point where she was virtually just a background vocal on her own tracks!

    Then other people started doing it.

    And then Madonna started doing it.

    And that’s the problem – Madonna used to be a leader, but now she’s a follower – trying to sound like all the ‘latest big things’ who were probably inspired by her to begin with. Dear God Madonna, stop trying to copy the copiers!

    But despite my grumpy-old-man rantings, I am still excited by a new Madonna release. I am a HUGE fan and she has never released something I didn’t like. I know that’s a very big call. Of course, there are songs/albums I like more than others, but I can’t think of a song/album that has ever dampened my passion for her music. Not even Medellin.

  60. Paul gardner says:

    If you felt so strongly about “not commenting on this release” you shouldn’t have. But you did. ?. Anyway I have to also be honest I’m a massive Madonna I have been since I was like 8 years old. I grew up in the 80s and was highly influenced by madonnas music style attitude. She could do no wrong in my eyes. However upon initially hearing this single I felt a sence of disappointment upon the first time hearing Medellin especially after the massive run up and excitement. It’s taken me a good few days of listening to get used of this new direction. Its definitely a grower and I cannot wait for the full album now. I think Madonnas taken a massive leap with this album. I just hope the albums worth the wait. And will she tour it ????

  61. Kauwgompie says:

    I don’t understand the sensitivities around Madonna. She’s a top 40 artist who used to be very good, then fizzled out with Eroica and Bedtime Stories, then came back strong w Ray Of Light and then fizzled out again w Hard Candy and everything after. If you’re asking me, she’s on the wrong track with trying to be hip but not having the songs to do it. It’s all very mediocre so she has become irrelevant over the past 10 years. I used to be a big fan but it’s hard to see her struggle. It’s a bit sad to see her try and be overly sexy in her 60’s. At some point you gotta graduate into your mature self in stead of desperately trying to hold on to something you are not (anymore). Regardless, if she was making great music perhaps no one would be talking about this but IMHO she does not.

  62. Joaopaiva says:

    People might like madonna, being or fan or whatever. Its totally understandable. Fan is a fan and I do respect this. However madonna is dead as an interesting-innovative artist for a long time ago. Her recent tunes may be fun at some party, but not more than that. Madonna included Anitta as guest. She is from my country, Brazil, and she’s huge here. However as an artist she has very little to offer and will not help get things interesting. I know that people need to get informed, but if someone is expecting this record will be above mediocre, is totally naive. Madonna is just a celebrity right now.

  63. luis says:

    The worst work of Madonna. Disgusting! Reggaeton?? Pleaseeeee !!! she is desperate to be played on the radio.Sorry my Queen, but -1 for me.I could not even finish listening to this shit. I never thought to say this about Madonna. How sad…Bye bye baby bye bye …

  64. memoryboy says:

    What a great track! Love this latin-flavored summery vibe. Very sexy. Welcome back Madonna. This new song will grow on those that quickly dismiss it.

    Re: Madonna’s albums after Ray Of Light.

    * Ray of Light was an excellent album. Very cohesive. Great singles. Classic.

    * ‘Music’ had some great classic singles. I wasn’t crazy about the album itself. It’s not bad.

    * ‘American Life’ had some great singles. As an album it was a bit messy. But again, not bad. Just not her best.

    * ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ was to me a great album. Classic singles. Exciting.

    * ‘Hard Candy’ was maybe my least favorite since ‘Bedtine Stories’. It had sone great singles and a few good album tracks. So again, not bad. Just not a favorite.

    Cherry picking through the tracks can be satisfying. Madonna has become a great singles act when it comes to some of her albums.

    * ‘MDNA’ is to me a great album that is fun and adventurous. I really enjoy that album. Great singles.

    * ‘Rebel Heart’ is also to me a classdone.
    adonna album. Just excellent. A return to form. It really is her best album in awhile. I think the choice in singles released from this album was disappointing. And did not represent the album as best as could have been done.

    This new album cover works for me. It’s dark, and harsh. It feels authentic. I appreciate the latin-theme, she has gone there before in the past, the new Single is sexy, feels relaxed. Authentic. Having much of the lyrics rapped in Spanish feels bold to me. It has a lot of heart, soul, feels sweaty and spicy. I like it. I welcome it.

  65. AndyHaines says:

    Oh dear. I’ll give this a miss. It’ll sell to the die hard fans, but it’s not grabbing me at all. Not even for the CD version. Sorry, but she’s beginning to sound like Cher with all the Vocoding to hide the ageing vocals. Stop trying to be 21 again! Plastic surgery is definitely needed in this case….ie stop wasting good vinyl pressing this junk!

  66. Anthony Dupree Rice says:

    Madonna age ain’t nothing but a number’ she’s looking scrumptious.

    • Mijacmad says:

      Scrumptious? Maybe for those with a grandma fetish, she looks terrible and that cover is particularly scary.

      Regardless the image is not the music, but both are in this case and past hand-full of releases dire and uninspired. I couldn’t even get through the last 2 albums which is extremely sad. I’ve given up hope of anything half decent coming from Madonna to be honest, she’s now just embarrassing.

  67. Neil says:

    Everything she has released since she stopped working with William Orbit has been utter garbage. She actually needs to stop as it’s getting embarrassing and she should focus on reissuing her back catalogue which for some reason has never been done apart from the first couple of albums about 20 years ago.

  68. Sven Hapers says:

    Thx for the info on this biased post on one the female entertainers that deserves the info that she can get whenever she releases anything…if you are into it or not.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I will decide what deserves to feature on SDE. The post isn’t ‘biased’ either.

      • Cardigans8 says:

        With all due respect, calling it quote-unquote “highly anticipated” rather than simply highly anticipated was a choice that can be read as bias. And specifically pointing out that you weren’t going to post about it is, again, a targeted choice, along with the skepticism about “unknown” guests – do they need to all be the age of Madonna and most of this readership to be legitimate?

        I appreciate you rounding this info up regardless of what seems like your distaste for the woman’s recent work (which, quite honestly, I *completely* share – but let’s not pretend this was straightforward reporting).

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I am not ‘biased’ (negatively) towards Madonna. Please find something else on SDE that supports that. Yes, I poked a bit of fun at the ludicrously over-hyped press release and I don’t think the single is very good, but that is not being biased, that’s just expressing an opinion. I let everyone have their say in the comments section. Madonna can work with whoever she wants but I stand by what I ssid, most people who read SDE will not have heard of these collaborators. It was a legitimate comment because one of the reasons to put “featuring X” as part of a song’s title is to impress your audience with the calibre of who you are working with.

  69. Darren says:

    Thanks for the information, it’s hard to tell from Amazon what was in the box! Brilliant thank you

  70. jon says:

    i dont get why this artist keeps putting albums out
    honestly to me her last real gem of an album was Ray of Light and Music.
    she needs to do covers or standards album like most artists at this point in their careers.

  71. Carlos says:

    Music is always a matter of personal taste. You might not like the new album (nobody of us has listened to it so far) or single, but others will. Personally, this song has grown a lot on me but don’t find it a classic song (while there’s a lot to like in it, including the different sections). It wouldn’t be Madonna if she did the same album over and over again (many artists do that and that’s perfectly fine, there are lots of artists like that that I also like). Regarding collaborations, in the past many collaborations went unnoticed on the track names and this has changed a lot, I think as a way to support other artists. Remember Madonna and Prince collaboration which only said “produced by Prince” in the back cover credits, or Meshell Ndegeocello on I’d rather be your lover, or Babyface on the same album.

  72. Cindy Madura says:

    As a big Madonna fan I haven’t really cared for her past couple of albums. I really love Medellin though. It feels good and warm and weaves through my brain like velvet.

  73. Eric Luther says:

    Why weren’t you going to post about this deluxe release? Isn’t that what this site is for? And Maluma is a big star in Columbia. Besides, why do any guests have to be known to you to matter? Is there some sort of fundamental connection between fame and talent I’m unaware of?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It doesn’t matter. I have posted about it. I’ve learnt that everyone is REALLY sensitive about Madonna. Oh well.

      • Michael says:

        I’m not Paul. And people are nuts. I saw her last show. The crowd was drunk, she was moderately talented & the music with the exception of Like A Prayer was not that great. It was more of a celebration of fame rather than anything else.

  74. Kauwgompie says:

    Quite an awful cover, barely recognize her after all the plastic surgery. Also unimpressed w “Medellin”. The last great Madonna album I thought was Confessions On A Dance Floor.
    To Madonna’s credit she always evolves and now again evolved into 2019’s modern top 40 sound. It must be difficult for her because the younger crowd isn’t into her even though she clearly has a modern sound and the older crowd who likes her (like me), prefers the more classic Madonna sound & melody which this new sound does not deliver. Anyway, I’m probably gonna pass on this but still rooting for her.

  75. Shane says:

    Paul I think that even though I don’t agree when you ignore certain deluxe releases, this IS your blog and you have the right to not feature what release does not appeal to you or you think does not appeal to your readers.
    I would have rather not having the post at all than you saying you were “asked to” do it.

    That said, I had one listen to Medellin and hate it so much. I could get on board with its weird structure, but I can’t stand stupid alpha male whisper in any language (I’m not a teenager in heat). Having it in Spanish is more offensive to me simply because it is even more cliché and so unlike Madonna had been for decades. It’s such a letdown. I mean, the Spanish duets have been done and even though Madonna has not been a pioneer in anything for like a decade (well, except still being the Queen Of Pop at 60) she has been falling for the silliest cliché for some time now, almost being the last to jump on the wagon.
    So the first vocals in the track are her heavily vocoded-vocals (I heard someone having the nerve to remind that this is Mirwais aka “Kraftwerk” and so obviously her vocals are vocoded – except that they are not vocoded to the point where it’s clear they are meant to be, they are vocoded like they have been for the last albums, for whatever reason, they still don’t sound good) and then his breathed words.
    I miss the days where her toy boys would just stay in her private life, now they are polluting her music.
    Also her fans are defending her music without even accepting that some people don’t like it and won’t hear any excuse, which doesn’t help at all.
    Still, thank you for featuring so many reissues.

  76. James says:

    Ended with Music…oh please.

  77. Jim says:

    As a fan from the beginning, this is hugely disappointing, and sadly, another commercial flop for our now-fallen ‘Queen of Pop.’ For what should be an exciting ‘teaser’ single, this is by-the-numbers Reggaeton with embarrassingly bad lyrics. And don’t get me started on that ‘one-two-cha-cha-cha’ bit. Even in Columbia, where Maluma is quite popular, this is getting no airplay & is barely breaking into the streaming charts. Yes, it SOUNDS fantastic, from a recording/mixing standpoint, and the vocals by Maluma are intoxicating – I gave it a few plays on my surround and it has its charm. Maybe the remixes that are sure to come will put a little ‘oomph’ into this track. And I’m surely not the only person creeped out by that album art. The photo is bad enough, but the graphics make it look like a poorly rendered wax figure of Frida Kahlo with its lips sewn shut. I’ll wait to hear the entire album – this simply doesn’t grab me, warranting ‘pre-order’ status.

    • Randy Metro says:

      I’ve heard some of the remixes. The album version is the best version so far.

      Once up on a time, I was a Madonna fan. She peaked with Ray of Light. This song sounds like it would be at home on Ray of Light. The album art is in the same vein as the strange cover of Rebel Heart.

  78. AT Miklancic says:

    Excellent, informative post. The main thing I am curious about is your statement that you almost didn’t post anything about Madonna’s upcoming album. Why wouldn’t you? This isn’t Stacey Q we’re talking about here. If you regularly post anything about The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Beatles (incl. all solo), David Bowie, Elvis, Queen, Prince, Aretha, MJ, etc., then you will always need to include Madonna. Like it or not, she is in the exact same league as any of those mentioned above. She is an absolute legend and there will never be another like her in the history of popular music. It doesn’t matter how hard someone like Lady Gaga or any other female pop tries, no singer will ever reach the same heights of success or blaze such an incredible, unchartered path as Madonna has. She is one of the absolute all-time greats and she has earned and deserved every bit of the success she has achieved. Her live performances never disappoint, and her incredible music and visual history, including her symbiotic marriage with MTV – well, one needs to look no further.

    • Steven Roberts says:

      “If you regularly post anything about The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Beatles (incl. all solo), David Bowie, Elvis, Queen, Prince, Aretha, MJ, etc., then you will always need to include Madonna.”

      Er, no.

    • Mijacmad says:

      There is it seems, a certain amount of delusion going on here.

  79. Rufino says:

    Wow, it sounds like you were made to apologize for something you’re not sorry about with this post.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m not apologising about anything

      • Paul gardner says:

        And that’s absolutely your right. I’ve just been looking you up I had absolutely NO IDEA which you were. However upon seeing the kind of person you are from style your look and the music you like I totally understand why you didn’t want to even do this. 100 biased.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          This comment really doesn’t make any sense, although it appears to be some kind of personal attack for a ludicrously mild criticism of Madonna’s posturing and her new music.

        • John says:

          There really is no need to be so rude. Paul (Sinclair) owns SDE. An informative website which a lot of people read regularly and value a lot (me included), as a resource to discover up coming releases. As the owner, he can post a feature or not post a feature, it’s his call. As everyone else can post or not post a comment with their views. But to lower yourself to personal comments about a person’s “look” is totally uncalled for. Assessing my “look” you’d probably expect me to be into ABBA and Kylie, and you’d be right…. along with Therapy?, Rammstein and NOFX. Open Your Heart (and mind)…. you’ll be better for it.

  80. Carl says:

    Totally unconnected with this album , but i wonder if any of you Madonna fans could clear up a mystery.
    At the time of the release of the Immaculate collection i bought the box set with cassette CD VHS etc , if i empty it of contents and pull out the box inserts there is a pair of knickers a short length of rubber tube and an A4 Letter from God.
    I have searched over the years for info on this , even once sent photo`s to someone on a Madonna forum , but i think they thought i was some sort of crazed person who had done it myself.
    I hadn`t by the way , it was bought from Key mail order and was sealed in cellophane with te usual sticker on it.

  81. Jon says:

    Puzzled why you didn’t want to mention this when you announce new albums by several different singers/bands all the time. I imagine your not a fan of her.

  82. David Simon says:

    I don’t want to start an argument, but surely the “classic” era finished with Confessions on a Dancefloor? Admittedly this means American Life gets included.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t think American Life is very good hence my comments.

      • Chris says:

        and you’re right about that, the only thing is, the sound quality is good, but that does not an album make. I too, was a die-hard fan, but I do not bow at her feet anymore, I am done.

    • Simon says:

      I think the classic era ends with Bedtime Stories,then she took a long break and Ray Of Light was a career re-birth/start again album.Ever since my school days I always look forward to her 12′ singles/remixes more than her albums anyway.

      • Chris says:

        Finally, someone that gets it. Madonna totally ended with B.S. , I can not believe someone else sees it, Thank you SIMON.

  83. Nikolaos says:

    There was The Royal Box with a cd, cassette and VHS tape. Confessions etc were not properly boxes with extra goodies like cassette or vinyl etc

  84. Louis says:

    I like very much “the direction” she is taking. She is not rehashing old hits, doing “symphonicas”, versions or Vegas. She is not artistically dead like just about all of her peers. The track is multilayered and has a complex structure that ends up working out in some strange way. The genius of Mirwais. Music (the album) and American Life (one of her best albums by far) could have been released in 2019 and no-one would notice any time gap when it comes to production and artwork. The genius of Madonna and her eye and ear for timeless productions. It seems a lot of people are bothered or bitter by the fact that she is not slowing down or conforming but she never did and she never will. Bring it on, Madame X!

  85. MD says:

    There is also Clear Vinyl (Web Exclusive) 2LP available on her official store.

  86. JonC says:

    There was a deluxe edition of The Immaculate Collection (the “Royal Box”) back in the day, with even a VHS tape etc, although not a regular studio album as such so not sure if that counts

  87. Dan says:

    There’s also a web exclusive clear vinyl from her official store. I’ve gone for that and the super deluxe box set.
    I really love Medellín, I wasn’t sure at first but it is an ear worm, the production is flawless, detailed, I’m still discovering layers, it’s clearly Mirwais. The song also has a very unusual structure, which I’m loving.

    • Paul Aiden says:

      Yes I agree it growing on me massively. The Autotune on her voice at the very start of her singing really put me off but now it sounds fine after a few listens and totally agree that the structure is unique and production is great. I’m pumped for the new album and debating getting the clear vinyl set

  88. Robert Baillargeon says:

    Hey Paul,

    Actually there were three Madonna albums which got the deluxe box set treatment:
    1. Confessions on the Dance Floor came packaged as a two CD set in a hardbound book.
    2. Hard Candy which came packaged with Brach’s hard mint candies
    3. and going way back – The Immaculate Collection CD came in a limited 12×12 box with a VHS tape (which I think contained her version of “Vogue” from the MTV video music awards)
    There was two CD version of MDMA which came with a bonus disc, but was not officialy “boxed”

    • N Halls says:

      American Life also came in a box set. Album in a box with stickers.

    • jon says:

      i hardly call a 2 cd set n a hardbound book “deluxe”, rem- monster was a c in a hardbound book but to me deluxe or super deluxe contains mre thn just 2 cd’s

    • Scott says:

      I have The Royal Box. The VHS was the standard “lmmaculate Collection” video collection (which did Conrad the MTV version of “Vogue” as the last video).
      The CD came in a special, satin covered case. It also contained a poster and some post cards.

      There was also an EP released in the UK at the same time called “The Holiday Collection” that contained “Holiday,” “True Blue,” “Who’s That Girl” and “Causing A Commotion.” The cover art was a slight variation of the main album’s artwork.

    • Alexandre de Andrade says:

      Hello, Robert

      I think none of this would be a SUPERDELUXE edition. They are just box sets, not deluxe.

      And what about this Confessions two CD set? Never heard about it, and didn’t find it on Any infos on this?

  89. Howard says:

    I understand the additional bonus tracks are:

    Back That Up To The Beat
    Ciao Bella”

  90. L says:

    There is also a Japanese edition of the deluxe CD

  91. Bob Peel says:

    Theres also a rainbow coloured rainbow vinyl that has become available and taken off but rumoured to coming back nearer the time

    • Michel Banen says:

      I just ordered the Rainbow vinyl from Amazon in Germany as that’s the only website that still has it….. all other links mention “cancelled” which is weird as this one looks the most interesting of all the color / vinyl variants……

  92. AModSquad says:

    Thanks Paul!

    In addition to the ones above, there’s hmv, target and fnac exclusives too.

    I’m shooting for the deluxe which I ordered on and the price started at 70 then dropped to 58 when I got through the buying process.

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