Manics’ limited white vinyl LP

The Manic Street Preachers‘ forthcoming album Resistance is Futile will be available as limited edition ‘indies only’ white vinyl pressing.

Obviously, it’s worth checking with your local indie record shop, but if you don’t have a local indie record store then HMV do have stock (UK shipping only).

The SDE shop might get some white vinyl at a later date, but for now we do have the limited 2CD deluxe edition and the black vinyl version. HMV and Amazon also have those two formats available.

Resistance is Futile will be released on 6 April 2018.

Pre-order from the SDE shop:

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Manic Street Preachers

Resistance is Futile - CD


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Manic Street Preachers

Resistance is Futile 2CD deluxe


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Manic Street Preachers

Resistance is Futile - black vinyl LP


Resistance is Futile

  1. People Give In
  2. International Blue
  3. Distant Colours
  4. Vivian
  5. Dylan & Caitlin
  6. Liverpool Revisited
  7. Sequels Of Forgotten Wars
  8. Hold Me Like A Heaven
  9. In Eternity
  10. Broken Algorithms
  11. A Song for The Sadness
  12. The Left Behind

CD 2 (deluxe only)

  1. People Give In (Demo)
  2. International Blue (Demo)
  3. Distant Colours (Demo)
  4. Vivian (Demo)
  5. Dylan & Caitlin (Demo)
  6. Liverpool Revisited (Demo)
  7. Sequels Of Forgotten Wars (Demo)
  8. Hold Me Like A Heaven (Demo)
  9. In Eternity (Demo)
  10. Broken Algorithms (Demo)
  11. A Song for The Sadness (Demo)
  12. The Left Behind (Demo)
  13. Concrete Fields
  14. A Soundtrack To Complete Withdrawal

11 responses to Manics’ limited white vinyl LP

  1. Mark says:

    went for the red one on the Fan website

  2. Paul Wren says:

    Clear vunyl is the best sounding as it doesn’t contain any colourant therefore is “pure”. Coloured vinyl’s (including black vinyl) contain tiny magnetic particles which affect pickup/cartridge performance.

  3. Gavin says:

    No issues with white vinyl for me – the Noel and Liam’s were both fine sounding to me

  4. poptones says:

    Black vinyl usually offers the best sound but obviously the most important factor is the pressing plant, the quality/generation of the master/mix and the pressing quality (virgin vinyl vs recycled vinyl, weight, etc.). If the pressing comes from bad tapes or vinyl because original master tapes have been lost then the color of the vinyl won’t matter that much. You’ll find various opinions on colored vinyl and which is the best but there’s a consensus on picture discs : stay away if you care about sound quality.

    Usually, I only buy black pressings. Colored vinyl and picture discs are for collectors, people buy them new for that purpose and not to play them.

  5. stephen king says:

    Since when was HMV an “indie” store? If it makes it possible for fans who can’t get it from an actual “indie” store then fair enough (though those may also be selling online) but why call it that rather than just “another opportunity to sell you a 3rd or 4th copy of the same release”? And yes, I am very much guilty of multiple purchases myself but I do have a problem with an addiction to lovely vinyl: not sure this site is the best support group for me!!

  6. eric Slangen says:

    So I bought the superfanbundle and now I must also buy the white vinyl. Not very nice.

  7. Piotr says:

    I might be wrong on this, but does anyone else think that white vinyl is the worst sounding type of vinyl available? Apart of course from picture discs, which are completely useless for listening. I’ve had so many white vinyls of different albums, not one sounding great.

  8. Bernard O’Hara says:

    The official band web store also had / still has a red vinyl for £22.

  9. stupidactingsmart says:

    On the previous occasion I opted for a deluxe rather than standard edition of this band’s latest album… they only went and omitted the best track! [‘Bag Lady,’ which was a hidden track on the standard CD of ‘Journal for Plague Lovers’ but not on the 2CD book verision on any form].

    It’s been a few years though, I imagine I should be over it by now.

    • Bernard O’Hara says:

      There goes another £20! SDE is bad for my bank balance (and I’ve already ordered the now sold old signed cd deluxe edition!). Thanks Paul!

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