Marianne Faithfull / Dangerous Acquaintances limited white vinyl

Music on Vinyl are to reissue Marianne Faithfulls 1981 album Dangerous Acquaintances, initially as a limited white vinyl pressing.

The follow-up to 1979’s Broken English, Dangerous Acquaintances was seen as a more mainstream rock offering and amongst its nine tracks was ‘For Beauty’s Sake’, a number co-written with Steve Winwood.

This new white vinyl is limited to 1000 units and they are individually numbered pressings. It’s released on 5 April 2019 and can be ordered on the SDE shop via this link or using the button below.

1. Sweetheart
2. Intrigue
3. Easy In The City
4. Strange One
5. Tenderness

1. For Beauty’s Sake
2. So Sad
3. Eye Communication
4. Truth, Bitter Truth

10 responses to Marianne Faithfull / Dangerous Acquaintances limited white vinyl

  1. poptones says:

    Already have most of Marianne Faithfull’s catalogue on vinyl and that’s why I wish she and her label would release Kissin’ Time and Vagabond Ways on vinyl. Both were only issued on CD at the Time.

    Kissin’ Time is a great album.

  2. Graham says:

    This is a reissue of the same album that was released in 2011 by Music on Vinyl. Same cat. no. I picked up a copy of the original issue today for $5.00 (AUS) still sealed.

  3. Anthony says:

    ordered, this is a really strong album, and often overlooked, thanks.

  4. Wtdk says:

    Odd choice considering this wasn’t as ground breaking as “Beoken English” or as observant and penetrating as “A Child’s Adventure” bothbetter albums.

  5. Kevin Brown says:

    I agree this was more mainstream than Broken English, but it had some great songs on it like Intrigue, Strange One, So Sad and Truth,Bitter Truth. I had heard that Chris Blackwell hated the album and wanted another Broken English type album. I always loved this album and wish they would release a Deluxe version of it on CD, I doubt we will ever see one released but it good to see this has been released again, hopefully A Childs Adventure will get the same treatment.

  6. CJ says:

    I really wish we could get a nice, rarities-exploring box set for her. I have the Perfect Stranger comp, which is a great overview of her Island output (what seems to be looked at critically as her “serious years”), but she’s done so much work since then that has been gorgeous, and I’m sure we’re missing plenty of outtakes, demos, b-sides, remixes, and more that would make for an amazing package along with key album and single tracks. I know there are likely issues with her being spread across so many labels, but if someone were willing to take on the challenge, I think a proper, career spanning box could highlight just how influential and amazing she has been through out her career.

    I loved the expanded edition of Broken English, but I don’t know that sales would warrant individual expanded editions. Let’s hope someone out there sees the value in a project like this and is willing to grab the reins.

    • Alessandro says:

      I would buy remastered CDs for both “Dangerous Acquaintances” (the Culture Factory reissue was underwhelming, too compressed and with no bonus tracks) and “A Child’s Adventure”. I once hoped Universal would release a “Gold” set for Marianne, like they did with a lot of their artists (Velvet Underground, Cat Stevens, Cranberries, Dusty Springfield etc.) from her early days to her most recent material, but it didn’t happen. A box set would be awesome but probably they have to license songs from too many other labels (Castle, Rca/Sony, Virgin, Naive, BMG).

  7. Paul Taylor says:

    Ordered, great price and on MOV

  8. Daryl says:

    Say what you want about her, but there’s no denying she was a saucy-looking minx in her day.

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