Matt Bianco / Indigo 3CD deluxe

Matt Bianco‘s third album, Indigo, will be reissued later this month as a greatly expanded three-CD deluxe edition.

Polish vocalist Basia and keyboard player Danny White had long since departed and this was frontman Mark Reilly’s second album without the pair (1986’s self-titled offering delivered the hit Yeh Yeh).

Indigo was issued in 1988 and, perhaps surprisingly, delivered the Latin pop combo’s biggest UK hit Wap-Bam-Boogie (which peaked at number 11).

This new deluxe edition features remastered audio and delivers three CDs of music with an abundance of rare remixes and single edits. It’s great value too, at just over £11 in the UK.

Indigo will be reissued on 15 June 2018 via Cherry Red.

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CD 1
1. Don’t Blame It On That Girl
2. Nervous
3. Slide
4. Say It’s Not Too Late
5. Wap-Bam-Boogie
6. Good Times
7. R&B
8. Hanging On
9. Jack of Clubs
10. Indigo
11. Wap-Bam-Boogie (7” Edit)
12. Good Times (New Version)
13. Tumbao (Edited Version)
14. Nervous (Re-Recorded Version)
15. Say It’s Not Too Late (Single Version)
16. R&B (Mark’s 7″)
17. Poolside

CD 2
1. Fire In The Blood
2. We’ve Got The Mood (Matt’s Mood ’90) [Edit]
3. Don’t Blame It On That Girl (Extended Mix)
4. Wap-Bam-Boogie (Latin Remix)
5. Good Times (New Long Version)
6. Tumbao (Long Version)
7. Nervous (Extended Re-Recorded Version)
8. R&B (Bastone 12″)
9. Don’t Blame It On That Girl (Rare Groove Mix)
10. Good Times (Miami Mix)
11. Nervous (Extended Version)
12. Hanging On
13. Indigo (Instrumental)
14. R&B (Bastone Dub)

CD 3
1. Don’t Blame It On That Girl (Rare Groove Mix Edit)
2. Wap-Bam-Boogie (The Sok It To Me Mix)
3. Nervous (Flute Version)
4. R&B (Brad Davis 12″)
5. Fire In The Blood (Caliente) [Club Mix]
6. We’ve Got The Mood – Matt’s Mood ’90
7. Don’t Blame It On That Girl (Rare Groove Sax Edit)
8. Wap-Bam-Boogie (7” Edit)
9. Nervous (Fish Mix)
10. R&B (Bastone 7″)
11. Say It’s Not Too Late (Edit)
12. Don’t Blame It On That Girl (Gail ‘Sky’ King Edit Of 12”
13. Wap-Bam-Boogie (The Sok It To Me Mix) [Edit]
14. Nervous (US Mix)
15. Fire In The Blood – 12″
16. Slide (Instrumental)

23 responses to Matt Bianco / Indigo 3CD deluxe

  1. Matteo Barbieri says:

    I was impressed by the Brad David’s version of R&B.
    It’ recalls me Cameo styles and it definitely one of the best track of thr compilation.

  2. Mark says:

    For those of you on the right who wish to wap bam boogie please ensure you stand to the left otherwise you will have to boogaloo.
    On a sad note, I didn’t know Mark Fisher from Matt Bianco died a few years ago. Rather young.

  3. Albert Tatlock says:

    Wish they’d do a deluxe reissue of Basia’s ‘Time and Tide’ album.

  4. Igor Koscec says:

    Great reissue! Can’t wait!

  5. Glenn Roger says:

    Back a few years when Matt Bianco reformed with Basia and Danny White for a reunion album, they toured to support this album. I went to their concert and to my surprise they did tunes from Indigo! Don’t Blame It On That Girl is a huge hit and one Mark did to great applause and we were all dancing and jamming as if it were still the 80’s. I am so excited Cherry Pop is rereleasing Matt Bianco’s earlier work because a lot of that music was really good! Mark eventually moved Matt Bianco into a Latin flavor tinged setting but he is still going strong as Matt Bianco and I still find him relevant as I did back then. I hope Cherry Pop continues this rerelease program.

  6. tom says:

    William England, agree totally.


    …is it me or does W-B-B sound better now than it did then?!?

  8. Francis says:

    I was hoping Cherry Red/Pop would release this as an expanded edition and they have been and done it, and as a 3CD Set – YIPPEE!

  9. Phil G. says:

    The sheer joy at the news of this reissue rather tempered by the fact that this originally came out (and bought by me) 30 YEARS AGO.

    *sigh* I’m getting old…

  10. Tom M says:

    Liked the “Whose Side Are You On” package. Have been waiting for this one.

  11. SimonF says:

    I recall having a rather fine 12″ remix of Wap- Bam-Boogie but can’t remember what the mix was called. I also think it was shoved away on the B-side to some lesser track, but again can’t remember what that was called either! Sadly it’s a single that has long departed my collection. Don’t know whether it’s on this collection and I’m not going to buy it to find out. It was a very long time ago children.

    • Stephen dC says:

      I am a fan of the ‘Sok it to me mix’ of Wap Bam Boogie as it is funkier with a Hammond (organ, not Phil) vibe to it. I lost it once but found it in a charity shop for 50p. I was so grateful I gave them £3 for it!

  12. Kauwgompie says:

    Will get this for sure. Cherry Pop keeps turning out these little pop gems. I like their output. BBR, Cherry Red’s 70’s and 80’s black music label, started in the same way, lots of great output but they are now reduced to greatest hits compilations. Cherry Pop is still going strong. I hope this continues.

  13. Brian says:

    Where’s the ‘Saturday Superstore’ contribution from Simon Roberts?

  14. xymox970 says:

    Their previous, 1986 self-titled 2CD deluxe release was part of the french Amazon deal a couple of months ago, but this looks much more promising as a complete package.

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