Matt Bianco / Whose Side Are You On / two-disc deluxe edition


Get up, get out of your lazy bed for Cherry Red Records’ forthcoming release of the first-ever remastered, expanded edition of continental-Latin-Jazz-pop combo Matt Bianco’s debut album.

Whose Side Are You On, originally released in 1984, went platinum in the UK and yielded five singles, most notably the Top 30 hits, Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed, which reached number 15 in the charts and Half A Minute, which peaked at number 23.

At the time Matt Bianco were a trio consisting of keyboardist Danny White and Mark Reilly and Basia Trzetrzelewska sharing vocal duties. When Basia left the group, Reilly fronted the band alone and they went on to enjoy further UK hits with the singles Yeh Yeh’ (number 13) in 1985 and Don’t Blame It On That Girl (number 11) in 1988.

However, that was but a mere trifle compared to Trzetrzelewska’s success as a radio-friendly smooth jazz solo artist in the United States. In the late Eighties and early Nineties, wisely keeping her consonant-rich surname on the down-low, she clocked up sales in excess of six million Stateside known simply as Basia. Indeed, the successful recent reissues of her albums Time And Tide and London Warsaw New York encouraged Cherry Red to give her former band’s debut the deluxe treatment.

This two-CD edition features 33 tracks in total – the original ten-song album plus 23 bonus tracks including all the single versions, b-sides, remixes, and alternate versions that were released during the promotion of the original album. There are 14 tracks that have never appeared on CD before and seven that have never been released before – six demos and a brand-new recording of Half A Minute.

The audio is accompanied by a 20-page booklet with new liner notes, lyrics, detailed track annotations from band members, an illustrated discography, written contributions from producer Peter Collins and mix engineer Phil Harding, plus previously unseen photos.

Whose Side Are You On is released on 17 June. Thanks to the new Price Comparison Tool below, you can see that (at the time of writing) Amazon UK is offering a fantastic price for this two-CD set.

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Matt Bianco

Whose Side Are You On: Deluxe 2CD Edition (Jewel Case)



Track Listing:

CD 1:

  5. MATT’S MOOD (12” REMIX)*


  1. MORE THAN I CAN BEAR (Original UK Album Version)
  2. MATT’S MOOD (Original UK Album Version)


  1. BIG ROSIE (7” Version)*
  2. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? (7” Version)*
  4. MORE THAN I CAN BEAR (US Edited Remix)*
  5. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON (US 7” Version)*

CD 2:


  1. GET OUT OF YOUR LAZY BED (Extended Version)*
  2. MATT’S MOOD (Single Edit)*
  3. BIG ROSIE (Extended Version)*
  4. MATT’S MOOD II (Single Edit)*
  5. SNEAKING OUT THE BACK DOOR (Extended Version)*
  6. MATT’S MOOD (7” Remix)*
  7. BIG ROSIE (Remix)*
  8. HALF A MINUTE (Extended Version)*
  9. MATT’S MOOD (Extended Version)*


  1. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? (Demo)**
  2. HALF A MINUTE (Demo)**
  5. BIG ROSIE (Demo)**


  1. HALF A MINUTE (2015 Version)**

*Previously unavailable on CD

*Previously unreleased

49 responses to Matt Bianco / Whose Side Are You On / two-disc deluxe edition

  1. Boaz Halachmi says:

    YESSS!!! The second album gets the deluxe expanded treatment too.
    Only 1,000 copies in digipack and then jewel case.

  2. irianto pradjasasmita says:

    where i can buy it ?, and how much price to indonesia ?.

  3. Gillian says:

    Superbe version deluxe, mais après écoute, je suis déçu, point de remastering, Pourquoi CherryPop ne font ils pas appel à Blank & Jones ou Arnaud Ralite qui excellent en la matière pour la remasterisation

  4. Richard F. says:

    I just received mine dedicated yesterday. It’s amazing, booklet is on top and for the first time I got all the mix in digital edition. Congratulations Vinny, you did an awesome job!!! Thank you!!!

  5. Eric says:

    Got my physical copy today and it truly a thing of beauty. Just as long as I can look after the digipak….some real love and care has gone into this reissue. The rejigged/US running order works well, too!

    Probably my favourite 80s reissue in years.

  6. colin says:

    Long wait is over. Release date for this Deluxe Edition Is Today! 17th June 2016!

  7. Vils says:

    Weird pricing:
    Amazon £18
    Cherry Red £12
    Will wait half a minute to take stock

  8. Vils says:

    This reissue is worth it for the versions of Half a Minute alone. The other tracks are more than a bonus.

  9. Jopla2 says:

    I think the latter of these should have two asterisks..?
    *Previously unavailable on CD
    *Previously unreleased

  10. Pete says:

    Great news, really been looking forward to MB getting some re-issue love.

  11. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Matt Bianco (Mark Reilly) got a new album out with the New Cool Collective.
    It’s excellent and a great comeback to the old MB sound. Also includes a new
    version of Don’t Blame It On That Girl. You can get it here:
    The Japanese version got a bonus track.

    Big fan of MB for years and now I need to wipe the floor from the drooling.
    The big wait is for the second album to get the deluxe. Thanks Paul for the heads up.

  12. Peter says:

    Well the 7” remix of More Than I Can Bear is so much better than the original version in my opinion that it justifies its placing on the main album.
    I also prefer the 12” remix of Matt’s Mood over the original version, so the album takes benefit from its new configuration, always in my opinion.
    It’s not that we don’t have the original cd in its original form, do we?

  13. Ronald says:

    It’s not 3 tracks that are replaced with the extended or remixed versions but 2. Track 1 WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON (EXTENDED VERSION) was always this version it just wasn’t indicated as such. Of course you are right there is absolutly no reason at all for swaping tracks 2 and 5 with tracks 11 and 12. But look at it another way, IT’S ALL THERE where other artists would perhaps omit the 2 original album tracks, on this re-issue we get it all.

    • Vinny says:

      I’m so thrilled to read such wonderful comments regarding this reissue. Thank you very much! A lot of love and care went into it.

      Your question about the original album sequence is a very good one. Here’s the answer. The band asked that I include the single remix of “More Than I Can Bear” in place of the original version because that featured Basia’s vocals. They thought it made the album more cohesive as a Matt Bianco album. Since I didn’t want to put together a randomly compiled tracklisting, I got around that by using the original US LP sequence that included the single remix of “MTICB” and the 12″ remix of “Matt’s Mood”, thus using an “official” sequence and accommodating the band’s request. The original UK LP versions of both tracks were then added at the end as bonus tracks. There you have it, fun fact fans! :)

  14. Christian Fex says:

    This was the soundtrack to one of the best years of my life, looking forward to listening to all the different versions!

  15. Alan says:

    I remember the title track of this album extremely well, and assumed it must have been a big hit. However, I checked Wikipedia and apparently as a single it only reached number 83. It must have been promoted well on TV but to no avail.

  16. waxmonsterx says:

    Love this album. Got lots of those mixes on various 7″ & 12″s. Nice to have em all in one place.

  17. Chris Squires says:

    It just goes to show the ego at play. The big stars chuck out a pile of nothing and expect punters to put their hands in their pockets because it’s them. The lesser lights go to lengths to make sure you want to buy it. It’ll be interesting to see whether the likes of George Michael do another shoddy job or put a decent shift in. He’s not up to much else, maybe smoking a fag, playing cards and going shopping with Kate Bush. To me the only bigger artists that have done this well are TFF and Paul Young so I guess they are not megastars.

  18. Trash says:

    Love this album (and the next two). Glad this is getting an expanded release. However I can never quite understand why rereleases mess about with track running orders. In this case replacing three tracks from the original running order with their extended/remixed versions.
    It turns something that was warm and comforting into something that is immediately unfamiliar and strange ;-)

    I’m still getting it though!

    • Vinny says:

      Thanks for your comment, Trash. I appreciate it. Please see below. I explained the reasoning behind the sequence as a response to Ronald’s comment. I would never tinker with an album track order unless I had a very good reason. In this case, the sequence is actually the original US vinyl LP track order. So, it’s an officially sanctioned sequence that was released in 1985 on Atlantic Records. As I mentioned, see more below. I think you will love the sound of the collection. It is superb! Your warm and comforting feeling will return. And thank you to everyone who contributed comments. Your input and feedback is always very important.

  19. Paul H says:

    @ Marcel, great steer thanks very much.

    I loved this when it first came out, the following two albums also. Some b-sides and extended versions here are very welcome on CD for the first time. Another great job from Cherry Red.

  20. Tim-meh says:

    Shame the audio from Saturday Superstore hasn’t been included.

  21. Marcel says:

    A limited number of signed copies are available @ the Cherry Red store.

    • John says:

      Signed copies are now SOLD OUT. Due to your post, I was able to order a copy earlier. Thanks.

  22. Griffin says:

    I’m not a BIG fan (read: die hard fan)! But I did like his/their Yeh Yeh & Don’t Blame It On That Girl. This remastered expanded deluxe reissue looks pretty comprehensive! We/I should support it by purchasing it. The others like Peter Gabriel’s, Cyndi Lauper’s, Michael Jackson’s, Phil Collins’ (no period mixes, b-sides, omissions etc) we/I should boycot it by not buying. I was thinking perhaps it’s Vinny Vero doing this project like the Basia’s! If it’s really him (like others above were saying) then I definitely will buy it (cause I know his previous projects were great)! I hope Matt Bianco’s 2nd album will be the next ;)

    • Vinny says:

      This is why I love the comment section. Thank you, Griffin. Douze points for you! :) Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them greatly. Watch this space re: MB albums two and three.

  23. Ronald Kuipers says:

    This project has been in the works for about 2 years now. Vinny “told” me about this when I asked him back when Time and tide was released. I suggested this as a next project, but it was already a work in progress.

  24. Peter says:

    Great news, Paul! Thanks to Cherry Red. I’m waiting for years, and as a great Phil
    Harding/PWL Fan, I am so happy. Great Bonus Tracks, many never seen on CD.
    Now I hope, that the 2nd Album gets an expanded edition. So many very good
    extended versions, remixes an b-sides co-produced and mixed by Phil Harding for
    And: Thank you Paul for your great work!
    Greetings from Germany to all SDE Fans!

  25. Joseph says:

    While not a fan of this particular act, it’s huge that labels see potential in such deluxe editions and apparently have learned in last few years how to issue them sensibly (quality control matters aside). No more dipping in their toe with a few extra tracks. Too bad this evolution didn’t happen earlier. IMHO file-sharing set back this timeline; artists & labels both (over)reactively pulled in their horns for years.

    Labels are so conservative now about breaking new artists – it’s very financially risky. That’s not encouraging for long-term health of labels or the current/next generation of musicians who want to make “hit” records, but it leaves room to actually plan & deliver nice deluxe reissues. I’m fascinated with the role copyright retention plays in getting artists & labels to cooperate. As well as the mutual realization that master tapes need to be rescued before they disintigrate or disappear. All good for us.

  26. WKRP says:

    Love me some Basia. The only non-Basia song I have is Just Another Day, a brilliant song she did with Peter White, as good as any Basia solo. I will get this puppy.

  27. james shoop says:

    Very good news indeed!!!
    A for sure buy!

  28. Francis says:

    BRILLIANT – Been hoping Cherry Pop/Red would release Matt Bianco Deluxe Editions. I hope they release a Deluxe Edition of their 2nd album with all the remixes and extended versions included.

  29. Valentin says:

    Thanks Vinny Vero.

  30. Carlton says:

    As a huge Basia fan, I’m ecstatic that this is finally coming out. I managed to finally get the original release on CD a couple years ago, but the sound quality was not particularly great, and the copy I found had a scratch in it that made for some skips. This is on my immediate purchase list.

  31. alan hansen says:

    i’ll admit that i’m not overly-familiar with this release; even so, i do own the original cd version and i’m looking forward to a rightly justified re-release of these recordings as such.

  32. Kiki says:

    No ? Really ??? wow !!! I’m In !!!!!
    That’s a good news for me, i already bought the previous Basia Reissues that gave me loads of good music !
    Cross Fingers at least for the following release, the 1986 “Matt Bianco” that includes “Dancing in the streets” and “Yeh-yeh”…

  33. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    This is a perfect Deluxe Edition!
    George Michael and Phil Collins should take a look at this 2 CD track listing.

  34. elliott buckingham says:

    not a great fan loved get out of your lazy bed and the cover version of yeah yeah yeah

  35. Eric says:

    I genuinely cannot wait for this! It’s rare I am so looking forward to a reissue these days.

  36. Mike the Fish says:

    Cherry Red haven’t stated sources for this on their website. Vinyl rips?

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