McCartney: “Venus And Mars” and “Speed Of Sound” reissues announced

Wings Venus and Mars and At The Speed of Sound deluxe reissues

Paul McCartney will reissue the 1975 Wings album Venus And Mars and the 1976 follow-up Wings At The Speed Of Sound in September.

Both albums will be available across a number of formats including a deluxe book edition similar to those issued for Band On The Run and McCartney / McCartney II as well as 2LP gatefold vinyl and two-CD editions.

Bonus audio is particularly generous on Venus and Mars, but highlights across both sets include a version of Beware My Love featuring Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, the single version of Letting Go, and a demo version of Let ‘Em In. In total these sets share 12 previously unreleased tracks between them.

The books appear to be enhanced versions what came before with the early reissues. While the dimensions look to have been maintained, the design team have abandoned the square album art inset on a coloured linen-bound cover page. Instead the album cover dominates the front cover entirely. Extra elements are inspired from the Wings Over America set with hidden pouches containing posters, backstage passes and the like. Amongst the delights within the Venus and Mars book is a smaller folio ‘Nashville Diary 1975’ along with an unfolding facsimile of Paul’s original handwritten lyric ‘scroll’. The Wings At The Speed Of Sound book boasts more facsimile archive memorabilia, posters and ticket stubs.

Like previous issues the books will come with download cards for hi-res versions of all tracks including the bonus material.

Both Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound are reissued on 22 September 2014.

Venus And Mars Pre-order


Deluxe Book 2CD+DVD edition


2CD Edition


2LP Gatefold Vinyl

Wings At The Speed Of Sound Pre-order


Deluxe Book 2CD+DVD edition


2CD Edition


2LP Gatefold Vinyl

Track listings

Venus And Mars

CD 1 – Remastered Album

  • 1. Venus and Mars
  • 2. Rock Show
  • 3. Love In Song
  • 4. You Gave Me The Answer
  • 5. Magneto and Titanium Man
  • 6. Letting Go
  • 7. Venus and Mars – Reprise
  • 8. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
  • 9. Medicine Jar
  • 10. Call Me Back Again
  • 11. Listen To What The Man Said
  • 12. Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People
  • 13. Crossroads

CD 2 – Bonus Audio

  • 01. Junior’s Farm (previously released as a single)
  • 02. Sally G (B-side of Junior’s Farm single)
  • 03. Walking In The Park With Eloise (previously released as a single)
  • 04. Bridge On The River Suite (B-side of Walking In The Park With Eloise)
  • 05. My Carnival (B-side of Spies Like Us single, 1985)
  • 06. Going To New Orleans (My Carnival) (previously unreleased)
  • 07. Hey Diddle [Ernie Winfrey mix] (previously unreleased)
  • 08. Let’s Love (previously unreleased)
  • 09. Soily [from One Hand Clapping]
  • 10. Baby Face [from One Hand Clapping]
  • 11. Lunch Box/Odd Sox [B-side of Coming Up single, 1980]
  • 12. 4th Of July (previously unreleased)
  • 13. Rock Show [old version] (previously unreleased)
  • 14. Letting Go [single edit] (previously released as a single)

DVD – Bonus Film* deluxe book only*

  • 1. Recording My Carnival
  • 2. Bon Voyageur
  • 3. Wings At Elstree
  • 4. Venus and Mars TV Ad

Wings at the Speed of Sound

CD 1 – Remastered Album

  • 1. Let ‘Em In
  • 2. The Note You Never Wrote
  • 3. She’s My Baby
  • 4. Beware My Love
  • 5. Wino Junko
  • 6. Silly Love Songs
  • 7. Cook Of The House
  • 8. Time To Hide
  • 9. Must Do Something About It
  • 10. San Ferry Anne
  • 11. Warm And Beautiful

CD 2 – Bonus Audio

  • 01. Silly Love Songs (demo)
  • 02. She‟s My Baby (demo)
  • 03. Message To Joe (vocoder track)
  • 04. Beware My Love (John Bonham Version)
  • 05. Must Do Something About It (Paul’s Version)
  • 06. Let ‘Em In (demo)
  • 07. Warm and Beautiful (instrumental demo)
    * All previously unreleased

DVD – Bonus Film*Deluxe Book only*

  • 1. Silly Love Songs Music Video
  • 2. Wings Over Wembley
  • 3. Wings In Venice

Venus And Mars Pre-order


Deluxe Book 2CD+DVD edition


2CD Edition


2LP Gatefold Vinyl

Wings At The Speed Of Sound Pre-order


Deluxe Book 2CD+DVD edition


2CD Edition


2LP Gatefold Vinyl

54 responses to McCartney: “Venus And Mars” and “Speed Of Sound” reissues announced

  1. MC M says:

    You can listen to the differences between the two versions, below.
    #Hi-Res (normal ver)
    #CD (skip ver)

  2. MC M says:

    At 2 minutes per 45 seconds of “Magneto and Titanium Man”, for a moment, the sound skips. It does not occur in high-resolution source. Only CD, it is possible to listen to this phenomenon. Everyone, try to listen carefully!

  3. Kevin says:

    Decided to spring for the 2-CD edition of Venus and Mars. I’m happy to say that, while the opening track still sounds a bit too loud compared to “Rock Show”, the transition between the two sounds much more natural. I approve…

  4. trash says:

    Disappointed that they seem to have changed the packaging style for these releases. It’s ruined the consistent look and feel they have established so far…

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  7. Keith says:

    MMmm Venus and Mars had a Quad Mix why not include that on the DVD ? not encouraged to buy these especially at the price !!

  8. Douglas Pike says:

    Is it definite that there won’t be single CD releases of just the original albums remastered? That would be a shame for the less fanatic McCartney buyers (like me) who would simply want the basic albums perhaps e.g. as we remember them from our youth (sigh).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s not looking like it, although once the double settles down to around £13 it’s not exactly expensive and you still get ‘just the album’ as you remember it on disc 1.

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  10. Richard Harris says:

    Both deluxe sets now £78 on Amazon UK, £10 less than yesterday, so at least they’re heading in the right direction. Now just keep on going….

  11. bob says:

    Do you think that the campaign is slow so that people are more likely to be able to buy the expensive sets if the releases are phased (rather than release the lot in a year)?
    I haven’t even seen them but at least they seem to be consistant and in the packaging. Unlike the T.Rex box sets which are all over the place. Mostly good but no two boxes are the same.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Fair point. :-)

      Frustrating for the non-deluxe buyers though! I’ve only seen one book and it was very good, to be fair.

  12. Mike the Fish says:

    Yes, I hope this isn’t the end of the (remarkably slow!) campaign. I’d like to see expanded editions of more albums. Quite keen on one for Red Rose Speedway, and (gasp!) Pipes of Peace.

  13. Matthew says:

    I cant wait to get these two deluxe editions, they are the best of the McCartney catalogue in my opinion. London Town would be good in a deluxe edition also hope that’s coming next.
    So much fantastic Beatle stuff out this year, and I agree its a cash drain in 2014 but you have to admit its been along wait for some of these items.
    I’m loving it !

  14. Karel says:

    Yeah, mccartney remasters, beatles u.s. And japan Albums and the mono vinyls and coming soon the apple years boxset by george harrison, …..can’t wait

  15. Jeremy says:

    Please does anyone have a clue(s) where the vinyl will be pressed for the UK and USA for both titles? Pallas, Germany, for both countries…? Or at least RTI, USA for the USA issue…?

    More broadly, has anyone had the chance to compare the vinyl pressings of any of the other previous title(s) in this Macca series?


    • peter stergakos says:

      I own all the original pressings of McCartney’s albums. Of the remastered VINYL, I bought McCartney, BOTR, Ram (mono and stereo), Venus and Mars and SOS. To put it simply, the sound quality on all of these is superb and far exceeds the originals.

      The problem?? The vinyl pressing quality is very inconsistent. Both McCartney and BOTR are plagued with a far too healthy dose of pops and clicks. With Ram we had a big improvement leading me to believe that Hear Music rectified the issue by dealing with a different pressing plant.

      Unfortunately, these hopes were drowned with SOS. Venus and Mars is an okay pressing (nothing outstanding, mind you say, like the recent Zeppelin pressings) but my copy of SOS is a surface noise disaster (I’m returning it first chance I get…and , yes, before giving up on it I WILL try another copy).

      Prior to the first bell on Let Em In we are treated to that dreaded little crackling noise which does not disappear when the bell comes in. of course it “disappears” once the song goes into full swing but as it fades, ends and we are into the opening quiet chords of Note You never Wrote, the noise returns.

      This is consistent throughout all of side one while somewhat less on side two and the half LP of bonus material.

      What makes this really frustrating is how damn GOOD the music sounds. If my replacement copy is as bad, I’ll just return it and stick with the deluxe CD version. Shame.

  16. joedick says:

    Amazon Canada pre-orders are back up, and they’ve been adjusted to $80 each. Fortunately, my pre-orders at $55 still seem to be good. Thanks for the heads up SDE!

  17. peter Chrisp says:

    I will keep checking the price initially 87 pounds, as suggested it will decrease in price soon?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      A better strategy is to get your pre-order in now and if it doesn’t drop to a level you want to pay then simply cancel the pre-order a few days before release. Waiting for it to drop means you have to keep checking and – sod’s law – you miss the 12-hour period when it’s £55 or £45 and it goes back up again!

      • Richard Harris says:

        I’ve done as suggested and pre-ordered both deluxe editions with Amazon UK in the hope of a price-cut between now and September. Not overly optimistic that I’ll get one though. Presumably the manufacturer will be aware of advance orders from people like me and think there’s no need to cut the price from the quoted £88. Or maybe Amazon will just be in a generous mood.

  18. BP Mills says:

    The Amazon US site has a much different track listing than the listing above for Venus and Mars:
    Disc: 3
    1. Venus and Mars (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    2. Rock Show (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    3. Love In Song (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    4. You Gave Me The Answer (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    5. Magneto and Titanium Man (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    6. Letting Go (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    7. Venus and Mars – Reprise (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    8. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    9. Medicine Jar (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    10. Call Me Back Again (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    11. Listen To What The Man Said (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    12. Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    13. Crossroads (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    14. Junior’s Farm (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    15. Sally G (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    16. Walking In The Park With Eloise (2014 Remaster)(Hi Res Digital)
    17. Bridge On The River Suite (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    18. My Carnival (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    19. Going To New Orleans (My Carnival) (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    20. Hey Diddle [Ernie Winfrey Mix] (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    21. Let’s Love (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    22. Soily [from One Hand Clapping] (2014 Remaster)(Hi Res Digital)
    23. Baby Face (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    24. Lunch Box/Odd Sox (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    25. 4th Of July (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    26. Rock Show [Old Version] (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)
    27. Letting Go [Single Edit] (2014 Remaster) (Hi Res Digital)


    • joedick says:

      BP, I suspect ‘Disc 3’ is the digital download. Those are the tracks on Disc 1 + 2 combined.

  19. adam shaw says:

    Shame the VnM 5.1 mix isnt in the box . Saying that I wonder if Paul had anything to do with the mix as it was a bit of a mess with tracks no being in the right running order . Seemed like a Abbey Rd test job .

  20. Richard Harris says:

    If these were to come down on Amazon UK to around £50 each then I’d be interested, but as others have said £88 for 2 CDs and a not-exactly-crammed full DVD is over the top. I wasn’t too pleased paying £139 for the Nils Lofgen box but at least you get 9 full CDs and a full DVD for your money with that.

  21. Tim says:

    Right…I know it’s early days and the price will probably go down…but £88?!?! 2 cd’s and a dvd for £88?!?! The John Cougar Mellencamp may be badly packaged but at least you get substantial cd quantity for your buying pound and the Dylan boxset is both well packaged and great value!

    • John says:

      You are paying for packaging, you never pay for the audio/video in a box set. That’s why they bulk these things out with junk to make you think you are getting value for money.

      Two CD’s and a DVD should be no more than £25 in real terms.

  22. Rob Deighton says:

    No 1CD sets this time with just a barebones album on there? That’s a shame as they are the ones ive been collecting when they have been released?

  23. ATF says:

    Leemer, well I don’t quite know how to break it to you but there is a box set of George’s Apple recordings due this year as well.

    Thankfully for my wallet, the lack of material on the DVDs and the higher price makes me happy to just pick up the 2-discs.

  24. Leemer says:

    Rick, I made that calculation on Band on the Run. However, I also ended up purchasing the Deluxe Book Edition as well. Once I had two or three of the deluxe book editions (McCartney, II and Ram), I put myself in the collection mode. I will end up with these two. They’ll probably be about $50 each or so by the time they ship, similar to McCartney & McCartney II. Gotta get ’em all.

    But seriously 2014 has been a real drain b/c of Beatles releases. The US Albums, Japan Meet The Beatles and The Mono Albums is a lot. Add to this, there is nothing but moths for other things.

  25. Rick says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any exclusive audio in the deluxe books so will stick with the 2 x CD editions. The books do look very comprehensive and well presented though.

  26. ken says:

    Amazon US got the sets for the equivalent of £47 each as opposed to £87 in the UK

  27. ken says:

    Amazon US got the sets for the eqiuvalent of £47 each as opposed to £87 in the UK

  28. Mike the Fish says:

    … not that I’m complaining – compare V & M to Mc I bonus content! I’d much prefer too much content for vinyl!!

  29. Mike the Fish says:

    Oops! I meant – anyone know about the vinyl track listings? The V & M content looks good, but I wonder what bonus content will make it to vinyl…

  30. Leemer says:

    Damn Beatles!!! Taking all my money away!!!

  31. joedick says:

    Amazon Canada is no longer allowing pre-orders. Here’s hoping the ones already taken get honoured!

  32. BP Mills says:

    I oredered the deluxe V & M, and the 2 disc SOS. The music extras are, as usual, very limited. I always feel Macca is holding stuff back, looking for future release royalties. I mean, he could have easily filled a bonus disc with out-takes, alt versions etc. i mean this is a man who documents EVERYTHING. Instead we get the same tracks as on the previous reissues, plus one or two more….. But the packaging is excellent. I have only ordered the deleuxe version of V & M out of the entire series, because i remember buying it as a kid when it was new, and loving the stickers, poster, etc…..

  33. Mike Cox says:

    Looks like I’ll be saving my money on these as well. I really want to like them (and buy them) but I just haven’t felt the content justifies the price. The books do like cool but the dvd content on these sets have been a bit limited (IMHO).

  34. Michel D. says:

    Amazon Canada has both sets at $54.79 each at the moment!!!

  35. Ian Hill says:

    Your Speed Of Sound LP pre-order link to amazon UK goes to the US site.

  36. Kevin says:

    I just hope they’ve fixed the transition from “Venus and Mars” into “Rock Show”. The opening riff of “Rock Show” *should* come thundering in—but instead it sounds as though somebody had an “oh shit!” moment and suddenly turned the volume halfway down. And that’s how it was *originally* mastered.

    Granted, I didn’t notice this when I was 12 and my copy of the album was on 8-track, but I noticed it when I finally bought the album on CD in the ’90s—and it has bugged me ever since…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s similar to Band on the Run. When the acoustic guitar comes in the volume has always dipped. Only the Steve Hoffman mastered DCC keeps the volume HIGH when the guitars come in. I don’t think the remaster really sorted this out properly, although it may have been a bit of an improvement. Also, predictably, no sign of the Quad Mix. I just fail to understand why they haven’t used the BOTR and now the Venus and Mars surround mixes…

  37. Daran says:

    Currently Amazon UK has it at £88 – yikes!. That seems a lot for this familiar type of SDE = book + 3 discs. Even though MPL do things right and the quality is high, I think there is some room for downward pressure on that price Paul….

  38. Joe says:

    Fab news. This is, of course, the final releases as detailed in the original leaflet we got with Band on the Run. What comes next? Let us all hope this isn’t the end…

  39. bob says:

    Well I suppose they are at least doing it right. Better than rushing it and getting it wrong.
    Paul,have you thought about having some kind of awards for best/worst deluxe edition at the end of the year? I think something like this would be a great idea.
    Anyone else agree?

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Nice thought, Bob. Some kind of review of the year could be interesting – the heros and villains???

  40. Chuck Salazar says:

    Excellent! but…HOW MANY MORE YEARS to reissue: Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway, London Town, Back to the Egg, Tug of War, Pipes of Peace, Give my Regards to Broad Street, Press to Play, CHOBA B CCCP, Flowers in the Dirt, Tripping the Live Fantastic and Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)???

  41. Mike the Fish says:

    Yes!!! Is anything known about the track listings, particularly V & M having a nice amount of bonus tracks on the CD. These are looking good!

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