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As promised on Friday when SDE reported on Megarama: The Mixes, a new Bananarama three-CD set we can now bring you the full track listing for the 36-track set. Take a look, and give SDE your feedback by leaving a comment.

Megarama is out on 2 March 2015.


  • 1. I Want You Back [Extended European Mix] 7:55 UK 12” – London NANX 16
  • 2. Love, Truth & Honesty [Dance Hall Version] 7:20 UK 12” – London NANX 17
  • 3. Nathan Jones [Extended Version] 5:11 UK 12” – London NANX 18
  • 4. Preacher Man [Shep’s Club Mix] 7:22 UK 12” – London NANX 23
  • 5. I Heard A Rumour [Corporation Of Bananarama Mix] 5:40 Cruel Summer ’89 12” – London NANX 19
  • 6. Venus [The Greatest Remix] 7:50 Cruel Summer ’89 12” – London NANX 19
  • 7. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Acid Remix ’88] 6:17 Previously unreleased
  • 8. Tripping On Your Love [The Sturm Mix] 3:59 US promo 12″ – London PRO 958-1
  • 9. Love In The First Degree [House Dub] 4:57 Previously unreleased
  • 10. Movin’ On [Snappin’ Mix] 6:17 Previously unreleased
  • 11. Help! [Extended Version] – with Lananeeneenoonoo 6:30 UK 12” – London LONX 222
  • 12. Megarama ’89 [Dimitri’s Full Length Version] 8:54 French 12” – London 886 791-1


  • 1. Nathan Jones [Dave Ford Mix] 3:22 Greatest Hits Coll. UK LP – London RAMA 5
  • 2. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him…) [Alternative 12” Mix] 4:44 Previously unreleased
  • 3. Cruel Summer [Digital Mix] 6:01 12″ Inches Of… CD – Rhino 5101-17071-2
  • 4. Venus [Original 12” Mix] 6:40 Previously unreleased
  • 5. More Than Physical [Original 12″ Mix] 6:08 Previously unreleased
  • 6. A Trick Of The Night [Tuesday Mix] 7:26 Previously unreleased
  • 7. I Heard A Rumour [Wacky Vocal Dub] 8:30 Previously unreleased
  • 8. Love, Truth & Honesty [Hot Power Mix] 9:24 UK remix 12” – London NANXR 17
  • 9. Only Your Love [Original 12” Mix] 7:50 Previously unreleased
  • 10. Tripping On Your… [The Loveable Love-Dove Caper] 6:26 UK CD single – London NANCD 22
  • 11. Nathan Jones [Alternative 12” Mix] 5:26 Previously unreleased
  • 12. Movin’ On [Thumpin’ Mix] – p/k/a [Alt. 12″ Mix] 6:53 Previously unreleased


  • 1. Love In The First Degree [Eurobeat Style] 7:17 UK remix 12” – London NANXR 14
  • 2. Shy Boy [’88 Remix] 6:44 Previously unreleased
  • 3. Venus [Hellfire Mix] 9:20 UK remix 12” – London NANXR 10
  • 4. I Heard A Rumour [Miami Mix] 7:13 UK remix 12” – London NANXR 13
  • 5. Long Train Running [Pacha Mix] 4:34 UK 10” picture disc – London NANPD 24
  • 6. Only Your Love [Youth & Thrash On The Mix] 6:33 UK 12” – London NANX 21
  • 7. A Trick Of The Night [Tricky Mix] 7:16 UK 12” – London NANX 12
  • 8. Ready Or Not [Jolley & Swain 12” Mix] 5:33 Previously unreleased
  • 9. Nathan Jones [Psycho Mix] 6:28 UK remix 12” – London NANXR 18
  • 10. Strike It Rich [Dub] 5:12 Previously unreleased
  • 11. More, More, More [I Can’t Techno More Mix] 5:07 CD single – London NANCD 27
  • 12. Love, Truth & Honesty [Balearacidic Mix] 8:20 UK remix 12” – London NANXR 17

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  3. Cal says:

    You can`t please all of the people all of the time, This is a great compilation if it sells, there will probably be a 2nd comp mopping up all of the missing, in a idea world record companies would sell us the tracks in a lossless format so that we could make our own cds, etc.

    But until that happens we have to be happy that they’re getting released some of these would probably never see the day if it wasn’t for certain companies going after the back catalogues etc.

  4. James Giraffe says:

    I also don’t understand the fuss about 7″ mixes. This is a REMIX compilation! It’s got REMIXES on it! I don’t remember people moaning about a lack of 7″ mixes when the Lisa Stansfield remix anthology came out. Why would you want a song to last 4 minutes, when it can be extended or remixed into a 6 (or 7 or 8 or 9) minute version? I can understand some people not liking dubs. I used to hate them myself, but they’ve grown on me now and I quite like them. The dub of Kylie’s “Hand On Your Heart” is brilliant, for example.

    • kokachoo says:

      I can live without the dubs but 7″ mixes or 7″ remixes are still remixes aren’t they? they are still different from the original/album versions

  5. Sean Peele says:

    I was overjoyed when the initial remasters in 2013 came out, and am also just as happy about this one. I love that there is little to no duplication and that there are more unreleased 12″ versions coming. Something tells me the ’88 mixes are going to be awful. I must admit I am surprised that there is so much fuss over 7″ versions. I have always thought that the classic extended mix was the best.

  6. Saar Freedman says:

    Well The track listing is indeed not bad and some great gems
    However it’s a shame that in some cases they went for mixes already previously available on Cd or Cd single (Cd 1 tracks 1-3,5,6 for example) when there are other versions not available yet on cd:
    for the completionist in me, aside for the 7″” edits and single versions already mentioned above, the following are still missing on Cd and could easily replace some of the choices :

    Long Train Running (The Romany Dance Mix)
    Preacher Man (Shep’s Ramabanana Dub Mix)
    Preacher Man (Bonus Beats Dub)
    Preacher Man (Shep’s Instrumental)
    Only Your Love (A Tribute To Barry Mooncult Mix)
    Only Your Love (Love Mix)
    Only Your Love (Paris Texas Instrumental)
    Venus (Desire Dub)
    Venus (Hellfire Dub)
    I Heard A Rumour (Corporation Dub)
    Love, Truth & Honesty (Balearacidic Dub)
    Love, Truth & Honesty (Hot Power Dub)
    Nathan Jones (Bass Tone Remix)
    Nathan Jones (Instrumental Dub)

    • Davy says:

      Nathan Jones (Bass Tone Mix) is the album version which is on the Wow remaster. Only Your Love (Love Mix) = Milky Bar.

  7. Kiefer2 says:

    As far as I know, there is only one mix of “Do Not Disturb” which is the extended and already released on the Deluxe edition. The DND Bananamix is actually a medley of songs and the only other version of DND is merely an instrumental (labeled dub on the label, but instrumental on the sleeve), so unless you’re a fan of instrumentals, you have all the DND you can get.

  8. John Hank says:

    Did Bananarama say they hated “Do Not Disturb” which is rather silly cause it’s one of my favorites from True Confession, maybe they didn’t want it on the compilation?

  9. Jon says:

    Seriously people, this is a fantastic compilation and a true tribute to collectors and fans. Bananarama remixes are coveted because they were really good, often brilliant, and representative of pop culture at that time. There is a reason why focus is placed on SAW and PWL-era work – it’s simply due to demand. Clearly, there is a market for it and that material has stood the test of time – a good thing for us, as collectors.

    No reason to criticize about missing 7″ mixes or Megarama mixes.

    If they are that important, pick up those best of compilations with the 7″ mixes, or rip the vinyl tracks and crank up the volume!

    • kokachoo says:

      wrt to your suggestion i.e. rip the vinyl tracks and crank up the volume… already did it! but still I prefer to own the mixes on CD as quality is much more superior

  10. kokachoo says:

    Here are the megamixes which should have been included:
    The Greatest Hits Megamix by DMC – both full length and edit versions
    Megarama 89 – both Alan Coulthard full length and edit versions
    Megarama 89 – Dimitri edit version
    Tempus Fugit Mix
    The Bananarama Megamix (aka WOW! Megamix) – both full length and edit versions

  11. kokachoo says:

    Where are the Megarama mixes??? We have waited so long and now this crappy tracklisting? Don’t Edsel know by now that only fans of Bananarama will buy this kind of release as well as the deluxe editions released last year which contain most of the mixes here already? How many more years do we still need to wait before we can have ALL the mixes? They did a wonderful job with Rick Astley and Jason Donovan but this one is a real letdown :(

    • Jim says:

      This is far from a “crappy tracklisting.”

      If you bothered to actually look at the tracklist and compare it with the 6 Bananarama 2CD/DVD album reissues, you’d see that NONE of the mixes on Megarama appeared on the earlier reissues.

  12. mino says:

    For sure a second compiliation will be released (as for Kylie’s immense discography)…..

  13. mino says:

    I really do not understand why you go on asking for 7″ or single or instrumental versions, Ok you are collectors (as I am) but first come the remixes or the extended versions (I hate dub versions) and then the other ones, but if a version is only shorter and not remixed who cares?

  14. Michael Khalsa says:

    I would have liked ‘more than physical’ ‘a trick of the night’ ‘I want you back’, love truth & honesty & help 7″ mixes. The “Do Not Disturb” (Bananamix) sounds good as well.

    Would have also liked the 7 & 12″ of It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It). All of which could have easily been on the 2013 reissues.

    Thought these were not done very well. Complier choose on Wow instead of putting the standard 7″ mixes & main 12″ mixes he choose awful house mixes & dub mixes. Considering the guy seems to have a reverence for SAW it’s not surprising.

  15. Griffin says:

    Yep, Dub, Dub Version, Dub Mix!!!

    Yep, 7″ Edit, 7″ Version, 7″ Mix, 7″ Remix (but those should be included with the deluxe album reissues or best of/greatest hits/singles collection)! I have “30 Years Of Bananarama CD+DVD”, are those “missing” 7″ you all talking about included on there? I don’t know. I didn’t find additional info’s on discogs/wikipedia! Can some experts confirm which ones are on there?

    Yep, unreleased 12″ Mixes. I have most of Bananarama CD Singles, Remixes CD’s, Bonus Disc(s) with mixes, etc. So the very common & easy obtainable ones should be left out for the unreleased on CD stuff (unless they promise Volume 2 is coming really soon)!

  16. Stephen says:

    Excellent CD, already pre ordered via amazon, would of loved to have seen the mixes of Set on You from the USA or Candian 12″single released at the time. Also noticed the price has gone down to £10.99 on Amazon. Roll on Volume two…….

  17. Richard Weaver says:

    no mixes of Do Not Disturb?

  18. flex says:

    megarama’89 dimitri = french releases

  19. Davy says:

    Tripping On Your Love (Indika Dub) = Amazing.

  20. Davy says:

    Kiefer2, Yes.

  21. Anjoel says:

    It’s listed as 16th March on Demon’s website, so it look like it’s delayed 2 weeks.

  22. James Blair says:

    I would also challenge Gregg’s statement.
    I like dubs, too.
    They’re often a fascinating insight into the layers of a track and the production of a song. Often, they’re more experimental than the standard 12″ mix, too, offering an interesting alternative…

    And kudos to Tom Parker for not duplicating any of the mixes on the reissues & for offering up a great mix of vinyl-only, rare-but-released, and unreleased mixes. Can’t wait!

  23. Ronald says:

    Dubs, nobody listen to dubs???? Really okay not all dub mixes are good but others are awesome. I will mention only one but could do a list as big as …. well a long list anyway.

    Madonna – Over and Over (Dub mix by Steve Thompson)

    So I listen to dubs and I like a lot of them.

  24. Davy says:

    Mr. Sleaze (US 7″ Version). It’s different from the mix released every where else. Also, Strike It Rich was a unique version on the Love Truth & Honesty 7″ b-side.

  25. Michael says:

    The official edits for I Want You Back, Help, and Love Truth and Honesty are all on 30 Years of Bananarama, which was released in the last couple of years. Aren’t they all remastered? Surely that’s the reason why they haven’t been included?

  26. Pete says:

    7″ not released as part of the current Edsel reissues:

    More than physical – UK and international 7″ mixes
    Trick of the night – Original UK 7″ mix, Number One mix edit and US single mix
    I want you back – 7″ mix
    Love truth and honesty – Regular 7″ and Hot Power edit
    Help – 7″ mix
    True confessions – 7″ mix
    Nathan Jones – 7″ mix

    I am not a mega-expert and there may well be more, but this is a good start. This new comp is brilliant but it would be a shame to leave out so many edits and 7″s from this reissue series. Single edits are not worthless. They are amazing.

    • Jim says:

      I think the Dave Ford Remix of Nathan Jones on Megarama is the 7″ Mix (the runtime is right), so it looks like we are getting one 7″ Mix.

      For I Want You Back, Help, and Love Truth and Honesty, I’ll be editing down the appropriate extended versions/remixes on Megarama to create my own “remastered single versions.”

      • Kiefer2 says:

        The single version of “Nathan Jones” is the version used in the video and is available on “The Very Best of Bananarama”. Unless the “single version” and the 7″ mix are different, the 7″ mix is not the Dave Ford/Analogue mix. The Dave Ford mix of this track from the Canadian Greatest Hits cd clocks in at 3:32 and, according to the PWL forum all other mixes were done by Pete Hammond, so it will be interesting to see what this mix turns out to be.

    • Kiki says:

      2 differents 7″ versions of the Megarama also …

  27. pinkfloyd says:

    to all Bananarama completists out there:
    How many 7″ edits yet to be released from this Bananarama 2013 Edsel reissues?

  28. Andelko Preradovic says:

    You should really think about completists and all the 7″ edits – maybe 4th disc as hidden bonus? Vol 2? We’ll see.

  29. Jon says:

    I believe we may have already heard the Na Na Hey Hey mix before. I have a DMC mix by Alan Coulthard, which may be the same mix as the one on Megarama. It sounds very acid-oriented (I do love that era) but it doesn’t quite work with Na Na Hey Hey. The DMC mix is the same length as the one on the Megarama tracklisting. Maybe Shy Boy 88 will be better.

    In any case, this is a fantastic collection for Nana fans, particularly because their remixes were excellent – from all eras, particularly pwl. This is a great value item for all of us collectors. Can’t wait.

  30. Janet Lowell says:

    More publicity for Edsel, no? ;)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Edsel are a major player in the reissue market, like Cherry Red. Because of that both of those labels get a lot of coverage on this blog which is primarily concerned with keeping fans up to date with reissues. It’s really very simple.

    • NeilKelly says:

      Oh God here we go again. Please leave this site alone Trolls. Find your info elsewhere

  31. Gregg Deneweth says:

    Get rid of the dubs. Nobody listen to dubs. They are a waste of space.

  32. Jef Blocker says:

    I’m really surprised the Bananamix of “Do Not Disturb” is not included, since it was the first medley/megamix. I thought it would be a sure thing.

    I’m glad we’ll finally have The Tricky Mix of “A Trick of the Night” and I’m looking forward to hearing the Tuesday Mix, too. I’m curious to hear what “Shy Boy” ”88 and “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” ’88 sound like. I’ve never heard the Sturm Mix of “Tripping on Your Love,” so I’m curious about that. It’s great we’re finally getting the remixes of “Love, Truth and Honesty” and “Nathan Jones” on CD for the first time.

    I’m not normally a fan of dub mixes, but sometimes they surprise me. The Dub Mix of “Venus” is really just another remix, and I like the Dub Mixes of “More Than Physical” and “A Trick of the Night.”

    As I’ve read the comments, it’s made me realize how challenging putting together something like this is. It’s refreshing to hear every one expressing their excitement about some of the mixes included.

  33. Orig80'saddict says:

    Obviously Bananarama is selling well or they would not be doing this set. So happy with the Love Truth and Honesty additions. somebody made a comment in another post regarding the vinyl to CD singles are not worthless.Wanna bet. the more Bananarama the better.

  34. Ray greeve says:

    I’m glad they didn’t waste disc space on the 7″ versions. Useless in my book. This list looks great. The Bananamix would have been nice in stead of one of the 4(!) versions of Nathan Jones. Hopefully that can still be amended Paul?

  35. Daniel says:

    A fantastic collection!!!
    I’m very happy with the content.
    Still I hope that one of my favorite Bananarama-demo’s
    “Love Generation” ( from 1988/1989 era )
    will released in the future on a forthcoming compilation.
    A great song.

  36. nacim says:

    well, not the tracklisting I was expecting … no stuff from Ultraviolet Exotica…..of course I’m buying it but…

  37. Conner says:

    I am super excited about this, particularly the Long Train Running Pacha mix (one of my faves at the time). I am disappointed not to see the 7″ versions of Megarama or the LTAH (Hot Mix). But I will survive.

  38. mike says:

    Surprised that no one has mentioned there are no duplications with the other sets so that has to be a good thing, hey? Reason therefore why there is more SAW period is there was more stuff remixed then, and the unreleased stuff will be fascinating, especially the 88 stuff for the GH.

  39. Takashi77 says:

    So disappointed not to see the Megarama ’89 (7″ Version). It’s anywhere. What a shame! I’m waiting it remastered for ages! Not this time again :-(

  40. mike says:

    Great stuff, roll on vol 2.

  41. Kiki says:

    this sounds great in the end and I this it should lead to another “greatest hits” with all the 7” versions in it (including rare and promos edits), shouldn’t it ?

  42. The only comment I have is that the artwork is a little deceptive – the album only spans ’82-’93 yet the S&K photo used is recent (Now or Never era). Leads you to believe the content might be more recent…

  43. Jemboy says:

    I am really happy to see a lot of these finally making it on to CD. I love Trick of the Night so I’m really happy with 2 mixes. I’d love more 7″ mixes especially the Number 1 Edit of TOTN but I’m not complaining or moaning. I’m looking forward to this and possibly more remixes to come. Maybe a 7″ collection for us shorter remix lovers

  44. David says:

    Good tracklist but some remixes are already in the 12inch Cd collection…. Venus [The Greatest Remix] is the worst remixes of all, Help is not essentiel at all (only the same song repeated twice within 6 minutes), megamix by alan Coulthardwould have been nice…. also different mixes of movin’on or bananamix, still rare on Cd

  45. Kiefer2 says:

    The “Megarama 89″ should be interesting. My DMC Megarama remix by Alan Coulthard clocks in at 8:11 and the Dimitri From Paris”Full Length Version” version on the cd single clocks in at 8:40. The one listed above clocks in at a full 14 seconds longer-it should be interesting to finally figure out which medley belongs to which remixer because, according to Discogs, the remixer credits don’t agree across all releases of the single.

  46. Ronald says:

    Now that’s what I call a good remix album. Along with the tracks on the re-issues I think we’re pretty complete. Sure 7″ are missing but if I had to choose I prefer the 12-Inches. The miami mix of IHAR was on a compilation but I didn’t had that one and it’s the best remix of this track. The remixes of LTAH are here with the Propaganda inspired Balearacidic Mix by Phil Harding as the highlight. I had already pre-ordered before I knew the tracklisting and even more excited now.

  47. NeilKelly says:

    I’m wondering what the reported incorrect tracklisting was now! Ordered this as stated before. Might as well do a volume 2 with some 7″ versions that people keep mentioning. Get it complete with another 36 tracks and job done from this great Tom Parker

  48. Gabriel says:

    It looks good enough. I would have loved to see A trick of the night (The Number One Mix – Single Version) and also the US Single Version of the same song.

  49. Paul English says:

    7″ mixes of Love, Truth and Honesty and Nathan Jones?

  50. Tom says:

    I think this looks fantastic. A satisfying mix of well-known mixes and some unearthed treasures.

  51. Chris says:

    is the Nathan Jones [Alternative 12” Mix] the same as the 12″Mix from the CD “12Inches of Bananarama? BECAUSE this Mix was different then the Extended Version.

  52. Joe M says:

    I am happy to see this come out, and appreciate the time and effort involved…. But, I am a little turned off by the Dub versions taking up valuable disc space here. Would be nice to see something surprising in their place like a remix of an unreleased track that people are always talking about but no one’s heard. Something to make it more enticing so that people won’t say, “Do I really need more remixes”? Of course, I’ll buy it either way. :-)

  53. billy3010 says:

    Very impressed and very excited for this release. Nice mixture of familiar, rare and unreleased remixes (I would say the majority have never appeared on CD before either). With the recent reissues and now a remix compilation like this, we Nana fans are being spoilt!

  54. omar says:

    Wasn’t too much a fan of the SAW stuff. Preferred the Swain/Jolley period.

  55. Shane says:

    There are mixes here that were already on the album remasters?

  56. ralf says:

    I can’t wait for the Tuesday mix for ATOTN nice collection but was hoping that they left Out the standard 12″ versions they released already. There are more gems hidden in the dungeons. …..

  57. Paul Sinclair says:

    Update!! I was given an incorrect track listing originally… so now updated. It *does* include Megarama and the previously unreleased tracks are labelled along with timings and original cat numbers etc.

  58. Darren says:

    Waits for loads of moaning about the lack of 7″ versions, although I agree Help! should be on there. Maybe a licence issue with Comic Relief?

  59. Craig Jacks says:

    There was a UK 12″ back in the day that was Do Not Disturb and on the b-side was a Megamix that was really cool – old fashioned cut and paste and not the techno/house ones that came out later.

    • Simon F says:

      I’ve got that 12″, and yes the megamix is great! Shame it is not included on this set. Still worth a punt though.

  60. Thorsten says:

    There ist so much missing! I bet there will be Vol.2
    at Christmas Time!

  61. Leonard says:


  62. Davy says:

    Nice!!!! Sooo glad they left of Megarama. This collects all the essential 12″ mixes left off the album remasters. Particularly excited about Only Your Love, Ready Or Not and A Trick Of The Night! Three of my favorites. Beautiful job.

    • Foxee says:

      I second that.

      It’s great that there’s still so much interest and enthusiasm for the Bananas, and that this release is already in the Amazon top 50 on pre-orders alone!

      I must admit though that it’s the pre-SAW stuff which is still the best and anything emerging from that period will always be of most interest. Next to that the post-SAW stuff is also fantastic.

      Can’t wait for the new studio album this year!

  63. Kiki says:

    Don’t care much about the dubs…

    A disappointment comes with the total absence of any of the thre versions of Megarama… :-(

    • Richard Haines says:

      I’m disappointed as it claims these are ‘rare and unreleased’. There’s nothing rare about most of the mixes and I have all of them listed here except for the exception of perhaps 5-6 tracks and I’ve no interest in dub mixes or 12″ extended mixes that are just longer versions of the album edits.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Well the 14 tracks are either ‘unreleased’ or they are not. Are you suggesting this isn’t accurate?

        • Richard Haines says:

          No I’m not disagreeing that there are 14 unreleased tracks, but they mostly extended 12″ mixes of album edits and dub mixes.

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