Mike Oldfield / Man On The Rocks


Mike Oldfield will release Man On The Rocks, his first album of new material in over five years, early in 2014.

The new record was produced by Stephen Lipson and is described as a ‘song-based’ album. Sessions took place in The Bahamas during 2013.

It will be issued on CD and 2LP vinyl on 27 January 2014.



Track listing (as per 2LP vinyl)

Side One

  • Sailing
  • Moonshine

Side Two

  • Man On The Rocks
  • Castaway
  • Minutes

Side Three

  • Dreaming In The Wind
  • Nuclear
  • Chariots

Side Four

  • Following The Angels
  • Irene
  • I Give Myself Away

5 responses to Mike Oldfield / Man On The Rocks

  1. Sh0ck-wave says:

    I wouldn’t be waiting around for the super deluxe edition, Oldfield singing ‘Sailing’ sounds more like comedy rather then musical inspiration. The instrumental versions on the deluxe edition are fantastic .. highly recommended to get that if your an MO fan, all the instrumental stuff your waiting for is all there. It turns it into a pop album and the pure music side as well. The title track with and without lyrics is awesome.
    Rock on.

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  3. Neil Hunt says:

    There will be a deluxe version of this album according to Mike’s own official facebook group. It will feature his original demos of the songs featuring his own playing and singing. The album features session musicians. I think Mike only plays guitars on the album, although the songs are written by him of course. I’m waiting for the deluxe version to be listed on amazon, hopefully soon!

  4. gary c says:

    Hope you’ve had a day off SDE! Merry Christmas an all that.

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