Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells 2LP / half-speed mastering deluxe vinyl set


Mike Oldfield‘s classic Tubular Bells album is another title on the schedules for reissue this week as a 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl set.

This double vinyl deluxe edition vinyl features both the original 1973 stereo mix of Tubular Bells and new stereo mix which Oldfield created in 2009.

This will be released on 25 November 2016. It’s available on the uDiscoverMusic store and Amazon and JPC, as below.

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Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells [VINYL]



LP 1 – The 2009 Stereo Mix

Side one
Tubular Bells – Part 1

Side two
Tubular Bells – Part 2

LP 2 – The Original 1973 Stereo Album Mix

Side three
Tubular Bells – Part 1

Side four
Tubular Bells – Part 2

28 responses to Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells 2LP / half-speed mastering deluxe vinyl set

  1. paulious says:

    I have the original as it was meant to be heard, it still sounds as good today as the day it was released, I also bought the remastered version on cd and that sounds as bad now as it did the day I bought it, remixing, remastering doesn’t do anything good to something that sounds good in the first place, it does however line someones pocket many times over and makes someone like me poorer. you live and learn.

  2. fan says:

    looking forward for the 2009 remixes of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn on vinyl,
    I have 70’s press and they sound like cardboard which is a real shame
    (whatever it is original pressings or on Boxed,the percussions are barely audible at the end of Ommadawn part one,everything in blurry)

    • pelle persson says:

      i have that vinyl back home in the special scandianavian box from 72-84, i think i played that record ones and iam ready too sell that

  3. Chris Squires says:

    Ha, after all the whining and moaning about not wanting another copy of Tubular Bells I still ordered it from Germany… When will I learn.

  4. Joachim says:

    Listened to the 2009 yesterday after reading your posts. Ok, the new stereo remix is “only” on CD, not on vinyl. But as Adam pointet out, it is a digital edit, so what is a vinyl remaster about? My 2009 vinyl is crisp and clear (on by Clearaudio player). The 5.1. remix is as good as Ommadawn and Hergest Ridge (don’t need no new vinyl of these either). So for me as a fan boy, having the original vinyl, the boxed version, the first CD and the 2009 box,, this is enough.
    @Chris Saw him first 1980 in April a few days before my 14th birthday (scotish folkers of the The Battlefield Band opened). I was blown away by songs like Taurus.

  5. Tyrone says:

    I have a CD single (Tattoo) with a LASER hologram of Tubular Bells on the cover. It needed a tungsten type light to get the full effect. Ill dig this out and try with these new type bulbs – anyway – record company’s will never be exhausted of ideas to sell records – I bought this over 20 years ago –

  6. Dean says:

    I recall Klaus Schultz talking about releasing a couple of his albums at half-speed back in the day. He abandoned it because, duh, it made no difference. Honestly, you’d need some high-end gear to even have a chance…….

    • Tom M says:

      Most Klaus Schulze albums ran 25 – 30 minutes per side, so the benefits of half-speed mastering do seem a bit dubious in his case. SACD’s now…

  7. Heinerich says:

    This will be the eighth vinyl version of TB for me…
    1) The original ’73 album.
    2) The 1974 repress (Featuring the coloured virgin labels)
    3) The 1975 Quadraphonic Mix
    4) The 1976 “Boxed” remix.
    5) The 1978 picture disc (Featuring the “Boxed” remix)
    6) The 2007 Classic records (Mastered by Bernie Grundman)
    7) The 2009 reissue.

    And as bertielego pointed out, the vinyl contained in the 2009 box set only included the Original 1973 Stereo Mix. (And the pressing wasn’t too good either).
    So I’m looking forward to acquiring the 2009 stereo mix on vinyl.

  8. bertielego says:

    I have happily ordered this set.
    My original french pressing from the 70’s is a little tired.
    And the vinyl included in the LP+3xCD+DVD set from 2009 ‘only’ includes the Original 1973 Stereo Album Mix.
    …So I couldn’t resist!

  9. Le Baron says:

    It looks like they re-used that crap Photoshoped-re-designed bell cover they used for the 2009 lp reissue of the 1973 mix.
    Happy to see this 2009 mix released on vinyl, although I would have prefered seeing the Tubular Bells demos released as a sort of bonus-lp.
    By the way, can’t wait for Oldfield’s Return to Ommadawn (21/01/2017 tentative release date).

  10. Adam shaw says:

    I don’t see the point of releasing a double .
    Half speed master the original , fine , but the 2009 version was a digital file put on vinyl and it sounded terrible.
    I’ve also got the other versions so this one won’t be joining them .

  11. Gerry says:

    I currently don’t own a copy of Tubular Bells, been on my list of albums to purchase for a long time so might just get this version.

  12. Chris Squires says:

    Oh, and on top of all that I will have to stump up for the Collaborations & Exposed re-issues In about 2 weeks time…

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I’m very interested in the Exposed re-issue. I’m hoping it will have a download or be made available on CD. Not sure if there is anything on Collaborations that isn’t on the deluxe sets already.

      Both are currently listed at Spin CDs but I haven’t seen them elsewhere.

  13. Chris Squires says:

    Don’t get me wrong, massive Oldfield fan since I was old enough to squawk, saw him first in 1980 at the age of 13 (Bingley Hall Stafford) So anywhere his name gets mention is a good thing… BUT this is pointless. As someone else said I have about 15 copies of this across 7 or 8 versions. Black & White label (A1 / B1) with laminated cover through to the big box set and the obligatory Picture Disc. Also the classic records 200g, a playing copy and a sealed copy.

    I don’t need a 9th version….

    I wish they would press up the demo versions from the CD re-issues of TB and Ommadawn

  14. bert says:

    Oh please. More techno-babble nonsense trying to fool the punter into thinking they’re buying something new/different/improved.

    In five years they will resell every album again, this time telling us the vinyl is coated in new ‘Audio Fidelity Spray’ during the pressing process. This spray procedure consists of coating the vinyl in newly developed audio enhancing particles, which results in enhanced playback fidelity vastly improving the listening experience compared to standard vinyl.

    Results may vary depending on how gullible you are.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Unlike other dubious technology/claims (SHM-CD, anyone?) fan reaction on this and other forums to half-speed remasters is that – all things being equal – they DO sound better.

      • bert says:

        Personally I think a lot of that is placebo and wanting to believe your favourite album has been improved in some way. You have known the album for decades but you want to buy it again and experience it in a fresh way and so you hear what you want to hear and convince yourself that buying it again is worthwhile, going along with the marketing spin.

        I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that if it gives you pleasure.

      • Billy Dojcak says:

        Paul, I have a handful of SHM-CDs. Couldn’t tell the difference. Have a couple Japanese compilations that include a standard cd and shm version. Listened to side by side and nothing.
        XRCD, K2, HDCD. All have promised higher fidelity, but I think it’s really to get people to buy more expensive gear. I still have good ears and a decent setup. Long as it’s not mastered too loudly cds still sound good.

  15. Gareth says:

    Another Tubular Bells release. Just what we need. You can never have too many. Oh, wait…

  16. Gyula says:

    when the 78 RPM vinyl start to come back? I wait for those….i have a button on my player for it…

  17. John Hirst says:

    I got the big box back in 2009. I already had the original album AND the picture disc, so I think that’ll do.

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