Missed out on the Frankie box set? It’s available to pre-order now!

Update 14 November 2014: At the time of writing you can now order Inside The Pleasuredome via Amazon UK for a decent price. They will of course ship to the US and Japan etc. The link is now not working as they seem to have stopped selling the box.

Pre-order NOW from Amazon UK:

The Frankie Goes To Hollywood Inside The Pleasuredome box set can be pre-ordered from retailer now and should be coming online on Amazon very soon.

The pre-order price is listed as €133 or just over £100. This is about a 20% premium over the PledgeMusic price (£85) but far more palatable than the cost of securing a set from ebay.

It’s hard to say how long stocks will last and there could be as little as only 500 sets available post-PledgeMusic. This will also be the first time that those from further afield – USA, Canada – have an opportunity to officially order this superb box.

Pre-order now from

Pre-order soon from Amazon:

57 responses to Missed out on the Frankie box set? It’s available to pre-order now!

  1. Tracey says:

    I ordered the boxset from JPC, so I didn’t get the great pricing that some did from Amazon. However, I did receive the same 10% discount that Mychael mentioned. Mine arrived yesterday and the packaging was fantastic. The box was very well protected and has razor sharp edges and corners. Haven’t opened it yet, so I’m not sure if the sleeves have some of the same issues as those mentioned above.

  2. Another Tom says:

    Mine arrived on the US West Coast today from Amazon UK, 53.33 plus 3.08 shipping. The outer box looked awful but the inner protective cardboard box was perfect and the box set itself looks great. Will open and enjoy tonight after work. Thanks for letting me know the set was up for order!

  3. John Moore says:

    My Frankie box has just arrived and I am delighted- huge thank you to Paul,SDE and Amazon UK-

  4. Mychael says:

    The set arrived (in sturdy packaging) from JPC – and came with a 10% price reduction, too!

  5. Mika says:

    Great to hear that the quality is high. The Box is now available @ Amazon German €130.

  6. Andy says:

    An amazing high quality set, another thing I have to add is that vinyl playback sound is outstanding, well done to all concerned for putting out such a special set, so glad I opted for one in the end

  7. Christian says:

    I’m getting my box for £53 / U.S. $87 as well! And it’s in transit! :-) Talk about a deal (or a steal!).

  8. Jose says:

    Shipping today from Amazon at 53.33 pounds! super deal!!

  9. Andy says:

    All the sets are now sold out on Amazon, just received confirmation of shipping…£64! Nice one SDE!

  10. Luc Swaenen says:

    Weheee.. mine’s dispatching @ 64 pounds !!!

    Sometimes it’s good to wait…

  11. Paul says:

    Amazon now showing this as currently unavailable and the price from my preorder has dropped from £94.99 to £64

  12. Piotr says:

    Why not use which can do Amazon “watching” for you. I use it. Set alert price I want and get an email when the price drops. You can also quickly check prices of all the other Amazon sites. With pre-orders you are really taking a chance. You will definitely get the lowest price, that’s the pre-order guarantee, but if the price drops after release, that’s juts bad luck.

  13. John Moore says:

    Any idea why this happens? We all don’t have time to be watching Amazon every 5 mins. Appreciate a heads up

  14. Darek says:

    I write from Poland. I have a question. On Friday 14.11.2014 I ordered box in the price 94,10 pounds. This morning 19.11.2014 was the price 64 pounds. Now is 107.99 pounds. In what price will I buy this box? I could wait to this day? The price guarantee is. This will be the price 64, whether 94,10 pounds?

  15. jack says:

    I ordered a copy from Amazon UK 3 hours ago for only 53 pounds after VAT deduction – I couldn’t believe the price. I was intending to alert readers of SuperDeluxe but the price has already increased to 108 pounds – still a reasonable price.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Jack. Although not posted on this website I did alert everyone to the price drop via facebook ( and twitter (@sdedition).

  16. Mika Back says:

    It´s now only £64!!!

  17. Jose says:

    Thx Super Deluxe! Just pre-ordered mine to Texas, 132 usd including delivery.

    I bought the original vinyl release back in the 80s and thx to my mom, it was given away to I don’t know who… After that I’ve been trying to get the Music on Vinyl reissue but this is the real deal!

  18. John Moore says:

    It has just jumped up 14.00 pounds in less than five minutes which I don’t understand when it is still the pre-ordered price?

    Does anyone understand Amazon on this point?

    • jack says:

      John, whether the price goes up or down, you get the cheapest price offered in the window between your pre-order and the release date. I managed to sneak in at 64 pounds through sheer luck, and it seems unlikely it will be offered any cheaper than that – but who knows?

  19. John Moore says:

    Thanks for the advice and was able to pre-order- fingers crossed that nothing goes awry

  20. Another Tom says:

    Update from Amazon UK this morning, the new release date is December 1 – 5, not the 8th. Never had a release date be a range of dates before but as long as it gets here I don’t mind.

  21. Baward says:

    Carl, Paul beat me to it! If your outer (cardboard) box says ‘signed’ on it, and your received a ‘your copy will be signed’ email and it turns out not to be signed, I would have thought you had a case for Salvo to answer to. Although quite what they’d do to make up for it, I don’t know. Maybe Salvo had Mr. Horn sign a handful extra…

  22. Paul says:


    Re the signed box sets

    You will have received an email back in June from ZTT saying that Trevor would be signing your set if you were one of the first 100 people to pledge on it.

    It’s actually the WTTP vinyl inside the box set that is signed as opposed to the box itself

  23. Phil Wilson says:

    DJControl: Are the spine slits on the inner sleeves of the LP? I had heard some had the top of the outer sleeve damaged, I checked that but didn;t take the vinyl out of its sleeve. I got a damaged DVD, covered in scratches, looks like it had been used as a frisbee. Am waiting on a replacement.

    • DJ Control says:

      PHIL Wilson: The splits are on both the inner sleeves and the gatefold cover. They’re not too bad on the inners but the gatefold is worthless.

  24. DJ Control says:

    A word to anyone thinking of keeping this as an investment and not opening it. The sleeves for my double album both have spine splits and there is also a large split to the box lid which was covered by the outer plastic wrap. If I had not opened my box I would never have found out about this damage & in yeRs to come no one will replace a deleted collectable. Check the entire contents of your box.

  25. Another Tom says:

    Just pre-ordered from to ship to the US. Without VAT it was 78.42 pounds plus 3.08 pounds shipping, so 81.50 pounds total. The other, faster, shipping was 22 pounds and change, so it didn’t seem worth it to me.

    Anyway, it is now up for pre-order there, due to be released Monday Dec. 8.

  26. John Moore says:

    The german site is listing that the sets are not available!

    I have tried Amazon sites a few times and as soon as this info came out but not available yet- does anybody know? I actually waited for Amazon UK to list them as I have an account and make buying easier!!

    Help please



  27. John says:

    Same here, JP. Fingers crossed our orders with aren’t cancelled.

  28. JP Detroit says:

    Really? JPC got my $, so hopefully I made it in under the wire.

  29. MikeM says:

    Looks like it’s gone at Link no longer goes to product page. :(

  30. ScottG says:

    The 24bit 96kHz downloads are superbly remastered hi-res studio masters. There is also the DVD with a 24/96 DTS surround version of most of the album. I am very impressed with the sound.
    The only thing lacking for me is there are a couple of Two Tribes and War 12″ inch remixes missing from the entrire collection – the ones with President Regan and Patrick Allen, who recreated his narration from the Protect and Survive public information films.

  31. carsten hansen says:

    i got the box from PlegdeMusic

    limited 2000 ex

    i donT know what is the worst Me look like a Fool or PlegdeMusic who now has a Trust Problem

    Anyway it`s a great Box

    • Adam says:

      No one looks bad here. ZTT/Salvo never stated that they would sell all 2000 boxes through PledgeMusic. They sold fewer than 2000 there, and the rest they are making available now through other outlets. You were not lied to.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I agree, I don’t think anyone was misled at all. But I also don’t think it’s that clear with PledgeMusic that there is a reasonable chance that some of their box sets will end up on Amazon etc.

  32. Carl Edwards says:

    Baward – would u let me know how you can tell if you have a Trevor Horn signed set only I brought one as a gift for a friend and haven’t opened it so I don’t know if it is a TH signed set. Cheers, C

  33. Phil says:

    Thank you very much Paul! I missed this item.
    Fortunatly I read your AMAZING website.
    “You saved my life”.

  34. Jeremy says:

    Thanks very much Paul. I’ve ordered mine from and look forward to it! Frankie says…I am lucky :-)

  35. baward says:

    I was fortunate to get a Trevor Horn-signed copy, although to honest you have to take their word for it that its signed by him, as it’s a magic marker scribble basically, and there’s no letter of authentication :-)

  36. Jeremy says: lists an ‘ “Inside The Pleasure Dome” Ultra-Deluxe Box Set+’. This is sold out for UK122/$194USD- A box for UK85 is not mentioned. on the other hand does indicate their box costs less, it is from Salvio, but it is not called an “Ultra Deluxe Box Set+’ and no contents are listed.

    So are the two boxes exactly the same…making the box from the better deal? Or please how are they different? Inquiring minds would like to know – Cheers!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The boxes are IDENTICAL. PledgeMusic sold them for £85 (at least for those in the UK) so that was the best deal, but since that option is no longer open to anyone it’s a case of seeing what other buying options are out there. At the moment is one option, but Amazon will come online soon so that will be an alternative. The thing to remember is there is probably only around 500-750 boxes left worldwide for all these retailers so there is a high chance of them not being able to fulfil some orders if you wait to long to see prices etc.

      • Adam says:

        The £37 PledgeMusic price discrepancy is location related, because it included shipping. Even though they wouldn’t ship to the US, the price that the website showed to people browsing from the US included the potential shipping costs to the US.

        If PledgeMusic wanted £37 to ship to the US and is willing to ship to the US for €12.99, that’s a $42.50 savings all by itself.

  37. Tom says:

    Oops, my bad. I got too excited and didn’t read closely! LOL

  38. Tom says:

    Nothing available for pre-order on any of the Amazon sites. They must have fulfilled all their pre-orders that were made available.

  39. John says:

    I’m in New York City and just purchased from
    Inside The Pleasuredome €111.76
    Shipping and handling €12.99
    Grand total: €124.75 or $155.58 USD less than half of what its currently selling for on eBay. Thank you, SuperDeluxeEdition!

  40. DJ Control says:

    I’ve been in contact with Salvo/Unionsquaremusic & there’s a limited number that have been retained to cover for damaged stock (like mine) and for markets outside the Pledge license regions. Get in quick & don’t pay the absurd prices on eBay. I know we live in a free market economy but these sets were made for fans not for profiteering!

  41. tim says:

    Is the concrete confirmation for availability for the US?

    • TheEvilGenius says:

      If you buy from they take off all the VAT, etc, so it cheaper than listed. Shipping also is only about $5.00. Just ordered and total with shipping was $133.00

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