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The B-sides of Moby‘s 1999 album Play are collected on vinyl for the first time via Play: The B-sides.

Play: The B-sides was originally back in 2000, but only ever on CD and cassette. I’m reasonably sure that this is a double vinyl set (a red vinyl version is sold out) so the 11-tracks are now pressed across four sides of black vinyl, for this new release.

At the time Moby described the album thus: “The B-Sides is a collection of songs that weren’t quite appropriate for Play, but that I still love enough to release as B-sides. Some of these songs might not be instantly accessible, but I (immodestly) think they are all quite special.”

Play: The B-sides is issued on vinyl on 9 February 2018.

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Side A
1 Flower
2 Sunday
3 Memory Gospel

Side B
1 Whispering Wind
2 Summer
3 Spirit

Side C
1 Flying Foxes
2 Sunspot
3 Flying Over The Dateline

Side D
1 Running
2 The Sun Never Stops Setting

4 responses to Moby / Play: The B-sides / vinyl

  1. LMTR14 says:


  2. probablyrustin says:

    I was just about to say the same. If they’re bothering to reissue, it would have been nice to include the b-sides left off the first time as bonus tracks. Not like those are going to wind up anywhere else any time soon…

    • Derek Langsford says:

      And they could have put those additional b-sides on a companion CD release. The original had over 19 mins spare on the disc. Could have sold even more with such a release. Nothing for me here as I already have the album+ b-sides CD set.

  3. Yalp says:

    Too bad not all of the B-sides are there on this 2xLP set. There is definetaly enough space for
    Micronesia (B-side of Honey), Arp (B-side of Bodyrock), Princess (B-side of Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?), Sick In The System (B-side of Natural Blues).

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