Morrissey alters Viva Hate for impending reissue

Morrissey / Viva Hate Reissue

EMI will reissue Morrissey‘s debut solo album Viva Hate on 26 March.

Released in 1988, the album has been remastered by original producer Stephen Street, and controversially, the reissue removes The Ordinary Boys and replaces it with the song Treat Me Like a Human Being, a track which has appeared in demo form on the b-side  of the 2011 reissue of Glamorous Glue.

The original cover photo has been restored, although the typeface has been changed.

Record Store Day on 23 April will also see a limited edition remix of Suedehead in the form of a 10″ vinyl picture disc. Ron and Russel Mael (better known as Sparks) have created the remix which will also be available as a CD single. Extra tracks on the single come in the form of We’ll Let You Know (live) and Now My Heart Is Full (live) from 1995.

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  3. Paul Kent says:

    He did something similar a few years back, when he replaced tracks on the Maladjusted reissue, and changed the running order on the Southpaw Grammar reissue. Why he keeps insisting on rewriting history is beyond me!

  4. Tim Larkham says:

    I am disappointed but curious as to why “The Ordinary Boys” has been removed from the tracklisting. It’s a great song. I don’t recall if Morrissey has ever performed it live so that may be indicative of its omission.
    I’m also curious about Stephen Street’s involvement given his dispute with Morrissey over unpaid royalties.

  5. steven says:

    The tracklisting for this should have kept “The Ordinary Boys”, and on the end, tacked on that bonus track… PLUS, “Sister I’m A Poet”, plus “Hairdressser On Fire” (originally included on the US edition), plus “Striptease With a Difference”. Fans would have been pleased and forgiven the olde English font. By the way, for those who don’t know, Morrissey has a massive Latino following around Los Angeles. That font is sort of the font for that community and has been since the 80s… nothing wrong with that, obviously, but I’m thinking that is why he’s using it on his re-issues.

  6. Steve Marine says:

    I have that Sparks remix of “Suedehead.” It appears on an 80’s remix compilation CD called “Future Retro.” It’s an amazing mix. Highly recommended.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The impending single is an edit, which runs to just under four minutes. I think the version on that compilation is over 6 minutes. Interesting that Morrissey allowed the remix in the first place. Not normally his thing.

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