Nancy Sinatra/ Start Walkin’ 1965-1976

Nancy Sinatra/ Start Walkin’ 1965-1976

Newly-remastered collection on vinyl and CD

US label Light In The Attic Records has announced a year-long Nancy Sinatra reissue campaign, starting with a new compilation album, Nancy Sinatra: Start Walkin’ 1965-1976, which will be released next month.

Start Walkin’ spans Sinatra’s most prolific period and includes several of her seminal duets with legendary country and pop singer-songwriter and producer, Lee Hazlewood (owner of one of the most distinctive baritone voices of all time and composer of ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’). As you would expect, Sinatra’s 1967 Bond theme, ‘You Only Live Twice’, is also present and correct.

Newly remastered from the original analogue tapes by engineer John Baldwin, the 23-track album – what the label are calling the “definitive collection” – will be available as a double vinyl LP, pressed at RTI, with a gatefold jacket and a 24-page booklet, and a deluxe single CD version, which comes housed in a deluxe 7″ x 7″ hardcover book, with a 64-page booklet.

Sinatra and Hazlewood’s 1976 cover of ‘(‘L’été Indien) Indian Summer’, has been made available ahead of the album (see below).

The booklet that comes with the both CD and vinyl versions of Start Walkin’ includes
new interviews with Sinatra, an extensive essay by US music journalist Amanda Petrusich (she wrote the notes in the deluxe of Paul McCartney & Wings’ Red Rose Speedway) and never-before-seen photos from Sinatra’s personal archive. Additionally, there’s a Q&A interview with her and reissue co-producer, Hunter Lea. Sinatra, who turned 80 last year, has been heavily involved with the campaign.

As well as the traditional black edition, there’s a few coloured vinyl versions of Start Walkin’ doing the rounds, including an indie-only ‘Velvet Morning Sunrise’ version and Rough Trade in the UK have a ‘Sugar Town Pink’ edition limited to 500 units, but priced at an eye-watering £42.99.

Later this year, Light In The Attic will also reissue a selection of albums from Sinatra’s back catalogue, including her 1966 debut, Boots, her first record with Hazlewood, 1968’s Nancy & Lee, and the follow-up, 1972’s Nancy & Lee Again. Newly-remastered, these will be made available on both vinyl and CD.

Start Walkin’ 1965-1976 will be released on 26 March 2021.

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Nancy Sinatra

Start Walkin 1965-1976 - 2LP black vinyl edition


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Nancy Sinatra

Velvet Morning Sunrise 2LP coloured vinyl


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Nancy Sinatra

Start Walkin 1965-1976 deluxe CD edition


Nancy Sinatra: Start Walkin’ 1965-1976 2LP vinyl

Side A

  1. Bang Bang
  2.  These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
  3. Sugar Town
  4. So Long Babe
  5. How Does That Grab You, Darlin’
  6. Friday’s Child
  7. You Only Live Twice

Side B

  1. Summer Wine
  2. Some Velvet Morning
  3. Lightning’s Girl
  4. Sand
  5. Lady Bird

Side C

  1. Jackson
  2. Happy
  3. How Are Things in California
  4. Hook and Ladder
  5. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
  6. Paris Summer

Side D

  1. Arkansas Coal
  2. Down From Dover
  3. Kind Of A Woman
  4. Machine Gun Kelly
  5. (L’été Indien) Indian Summer

Nancy Sinatra: Start Walkin’ 1965-1976 deluxe CD

  1. Bang Bang
  2.  These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
  3. Sugar Town
  4. So Long Babe
  5. How Does That Grab You, Darlin’
  6. Friday’s Child
  7. You Only Live Twice
  8. Summer Wine
  9. Some Velvet Morning
  10. Lightning’s Girl
  11. Sand
  12. Lady Bird
  13. Jackson
  14. Happy
  15. How Are Things in California
  16. Hook and Ladder
  17. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
  18. Paris Summer
  19. Arkansas Coal
  20. Down From Dover
  21. Kind Of A Woman
  22. Machine Gun Kelly
  23. (L’été Indien) Indian Summer

35 responses to Nancy Sinatra/ Start Walkin’ 1965-1976

  1. Lee says:

    Whilst a new release is welcome, it would have better to have a box set with all the albums and singles collected. A new Tommy James Box has just come out that contains 12 albums plus singles on 6 cds for less than 30 quid. Presumably, Nancy isn’t desperate for the money, so why stick out another (mainly) hits package?

  2. BlankFrank says:

    Profoundly disappointed. Try what could have and should have been – all the singles in their original versions/mixes? Even with this endless stream of repackages, many of these original versions have never seen the light of day for 50-plus years.
    The Nancy Sinatra Singles Collection 1962-2005

  3. Mike Ciresi says:

    I’m very bummed that Sundown, Sundown isn’t on it as it should be.

  4. Michael C says:

    Had an email from Amazon on Thursday to say that this has now been put back fro February the 5th to March the 26th.
    Sad face.

  5. Galley says:

    This has been pushed back to March 12 in the U.S., but I received a shipping notice this morning. I had pre-ordered from Light in the Attic.

  6. DavidOPerson says:

    I am ‘devastated’ by the omission of “100 Years” – one of my four or five favourites. I heard her perform this at the Royal Festival Hall concert in London in 2013, as part of that year’s Meltdown festival curated by Morrissey.
    Her career is possibly best served by Rhino’s exemplary 1986 hits package THE HIT YEARS. Just 18 tracks, and zero filler. And it’s chronological, which I much prefer.
    In short, I agree that a double LP/CD package is necessary to accommodate these previously mentioned vital tracks: “The Last Of The Secret Agents’”, “Somethin’ Stupid” (chart-wise, her biggest hit), B-side ‘This Town”, LP cut “Sundown, Sundown” and ‘comeback’ 1971 UK no. 2 hit “Did You Ever” (the one big hit missing from the US-made Rhino disc).
    I much prefer the soundtrack version of “You Only Live Twice” to the still-likeable single version (double A-side with “Jackson”), but in an interview Sinatra has stated she prefers the single version. The compilation should include both versions.
    I also do not appreciate a Nancy Sinatra compilation that starts with her cover of “Bang Bang”.

  7. mark says:

    so disapponting , agree no point buying this at £22 for a single cd , a double cd best of would have been much better value , let’s wait for the reissue cds with hopefully bonus tracks

  8. Jim says:

    New release date for my deluxe colored vinyl preorder of Start Walkin’ is now May 7 per a Rough Trade email I received January 20th…

  9. Anthony Ryan says:

    Hi.does the vinyl version come with a download card? Thanks.

  10. Kim Porter says:

    If you had to choose between this new ‘best of’ and Raven’s excellent “Lightning’s Girl”, it’d be a tough call. About 12 tracks different between them, maybe five good’uns missing here; ‘Last Of The Secret Agents’, ‘This Town’, ‘Something Stupid’, ‘Did You Ever?’ and ‘Sundown, Sundown’.

    If ‘Some Velvet Morning’, ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘How Are Things In California’ appeared on the Raven release, it would be just about perfect. Two great releases!

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  12. Dave says:

    When you write “ Sinatra’s 1967 Bond theme, ‘You Only Live Twice’, is also present and correct“ does “correct” mean the soundtrack LP version or the 45 RPM single version?

  13. Mark G says:

    I did find the yellow vinyl somewhere away from Rough Trade, but boy that’s a premium.

    I think I’ll settle with my two copies (mono and stereo) of “Nancy and Lee” and my signed copy of “Boots”

  14. Lee says:

    The LITA site has a “Summer Wine Sunburst Orange” vinyl edition:

    Let me also add “Sundown, Sundown” to the list of omissions.

  15. Dickie says:

    Really hope that Light In The Attic can give a proper release to Nancy & Lee 3.

  16. Paul Mac says:

    Can I just give kudos to whoever took and picked the cover shot for this album, gorgeous photo!

  17. HS says:

    Definitely getting the CD, although I wish it was at least a double CD release.

    Looking forward to the reissues of her albums on CD. Hopefully there will be more of her solo work included in the campaign, along with the excellent Boots.

  18. Normand says:

    2020 marking the 80th birthday of Nancy Sinatra, Light In The Attic kicked off this Archival Series on RSD Black Friday 2020 with a limited edition 7″ color single featuring “Some Velvet Morning” on the a-side, and a great rendition of the Kinks’ classic “Tired Of Waiting For You” (WOW! Serge Gainsbourg inspired them, for sure…) on the flip (recorded with The Wrecking Crew in August 1967) that won’t be included in the Start Walkin’ collection :-(

  19. CJ says:

    I only know Boots as far as Nancy Sinatra albums go (my mother had it when I was a kid, and I played it all the time). I like “Indian Summer,” but is anyone else at all reminded of Saint Etienne? (Realizing, of course, that Sinatra came first.)

  20. Galley says: has the CD for $21.79 with free shipping, (today only) for U.S. customers.

  21. Galley says:

    I ordered the CD directly from Light in the Attic back in October for $20 plus shipping.

  22. James W says:

    Amazon USA also has the sunrise colored vinyl for $42.98 US:

  23. Dom says:

    Pricey for single CD, even with the fancy packaging, but will still purchase. Why no Kinky Love though? Perhaps it’s not in the compilations timeframe.

    • Scott says:

      “Kinky Love” was 1976, so it’s in this timeframe. It may have just come down to Nancy’s personal favorites. (She owns all of her masters, so it wouldn’t be a licensing issue.) I love that song though. One of her best performances.

  24. SimonP2 says:

    Both coloured vinyls sold out already – regardless of steep price. Looks like a sellers market on cloured vinyl nowadays…….

  25. Ed says:

    Agree with the others. Tony Rome needs to be on this.

  26. Jarmo Keranen says:

    At least three of my favorites are missing. They are The Last Of The Secret Agents, Tony Rome and 100 Years!

  27. Tsouth66 says:

    Luv the theme song which Nancy performed in her father’s film “Tony Rome” 1967. Rhino records was the label I believe. Pretty good film too

  28. Jim says:

    It is pricey but Light in the Attic produce great reissues and this looks like a decent package even if it only is the one disc. I’m going for the CD as I’ve already got a couple of Nancy Sinatra compilations on vinyl.

  29. hedley says:

    Around $26.00 for a single disc Nancy , seems a bit heavy not withstanding her moment in the musical sunshine in the waybackthen machine

    She ain’t no Bobbie Gentry who’s wonderful The Delta Sweete (2 disc reissue) can be grabbed down the amazon USA for $15.39 plus tax.

    • Robert says:

      Looking at the development of Vinyl prices in general 2021 will most likely be the year I will mostly stop buying new Vinyl and focus on the second-hand market. Enough is enough.

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