Neil Finn to record new studio album ‘live on the internet’

Neil Finn will issue a new solo album called Out Of Silence in September that will be recorded live online at the end of August.

The Crowded House frontman has announced a series of live streams which will take place each Friday in August (at 8am GMT or 7pm NZT).

Explaining his vision, Neil said  “During these Friday sessions you will be witness to a series of musical happenings featuring friends, family, fellow songwriters and singers playing tunes both old and brand new.  You can follow the progress of new song arrangements as we build towards the last stream on August 25. This final performance will be the actual recording of my new solo album. ”

The new album, Out Of Silence,  will then be mixed, mastered and released on the following Friday, 1 September. Although presumably ‘released’ won’t include physical product at such an early stage.

The stream will be accessible via the Neil Finn Facebook page.

16 responses to Neil Finn to record new studio album ‘live on the internet’

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  2. Finntastic says:

    Dizzy Heights clearly gets a lot of flak, but the second half is as good as anything he’s ever done. Shame the meandering first half clearly put so many people off.

  3. B57 says:

    another gem is neil’s live collaboration with paul kelly goin your way (avail amazon uk). not too shabby

  4. alan hansen says:

    music aside: why do so many aging male music icons take-on the appearance of elderly british women?

  5. Ryk says:

    His stuff with Split Enz I think is his best (kinda wish they would reform and record a new album – it would probably be a lot of fun). Earlier Crowded House stuff is also good (the reformed CH sounds like a different band). Neil seems to be getting worse as he ages (or progresses through his various incarnations (Best to worst: Split Enz, early Crowded House, Finn Brothers, early solo, 7 Worlds Collide project, latter CH, Pajama Club, latter solo …. [hopefully not] “Out of Silence” and his upcoming album with son Liam). I wish he would return to his roots. Well, that’s my opinion. Note: I do own every album he has released through those incarnations (although I have One Nil, not One All).

  6. Lyle says:

    I support anything Neil does, and I’m sure this will be great.

    I thought the Pajama Club project Neil did with wife Sharon was vastly underrated.

  7. Bob McCartney says:

    Great News!
    One of my favorite artists.

  8. James says:

    Neil’s solo albums pale in comparison to the two he’s done with Tim as ‘Finn Brothers’.

    You know I’m only talking sense :).

    • Nicholas Love says:

      I agree about their first one together. My favorite three albums of his are the three released post-Woodface- Together Alone, Finn and Try Whislting This. He seemed to be really pushing to boundaries of how to structure a pop song while still retaining his keen melodic sense.

  9. Bun says:

    What a wonderful Idea. A remix / de-mixers dream.
    Up and coming sound engineers will be all over this.
    Nice one Neil. Giving something extra to fans – for free!

  10. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I would rather Split Enz got back together with Phil Judd and do another album and tour!

  11. ken.e says:

    Neil is a wonderful performer and song writer, i am sure it will be wonderful.

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