Neil Young / After The Goldrush 50th anniversary reissue

Vinyl and CD reissues with two bonus tracks

Neil Young‘s 1970 album After The Goldrush will be reissued for its 50th anniversary.

Originally released on 19 September 1970, songs on the album include classics like ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’, ‘Southern Man’ and ‘Don’t Let It Bring You Down’.

The reissue is a modest affair, with CD and vinyl editions offering only two bonus tracks: different versions of the song ‘Wonderin’, one of which is previously unreleased (the other version appeared on the Archives Vol I box set).

The vinyl box set features album + seven-inch single

Both tracks are appended to the CD (after a short break) but with the vinyl edition they are delivered as a bonus seven-inch single. The vinyl edition is in fact a ‘box set’ which features the 180g vinyl album and the seven-inch in a “numbered foil-stamped box”. Unfortunately, Reprise Records want what can only be described as ‘Mercury Demos‘ money for this version; in the UK it’s a frankly preposterous £99.

Never has the disparity between CD and vinyl been more prominent, with the later costing TEN TIMES as much as the former. Not only that, you the CD is out in December, but those willing to fork up for the vinyl, have to wait until March next year!

After The Goldrush is out on CD on 11 December 2020 and the vinyl box is released on 19 March 2021.

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Neil Young

After The Goldrush 50th anniversary vinyl box


Compare prices and pre-order

Neil Young

After The Goldrush 50th anniversary CD


1. Tell Me Why
2. After The Gold Rush
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Southern Man
5. ‘Till The Morning Comes
6. Oh, Lonesome me
7. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
8. Birds
9. When You Dance I Can Really Love
10. I Believe In You
11. Cripple Creek Ferry
12. [Break]
13. Wonderin’
14. Wonderin’ (previously unreleased)*

*This unreleased version was recorded on 5 August 1969 at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA.

91 responses to Neil Young / After The Goldrush 50th anniversary reissue

  1. Bart says:

    Are there any noticeable sonic improvements compared to earlier releases on this pretty expensive set?

  2. J says:

    So after waiting 11 years we get the Archives 2 debacle and now this. Actually this morning you can pre-order the vinyl on Amazon USA for a mere $87.99. And someone in the Young camp thinks this is a good idea? I will buy the CD instead & hope Neil purges his marketing team. Do we have to wait for another 11 years for Archives 3 with no 5.1 mixes? Archives 1 remains the gold standard & everything thereafter is expensive crap.

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  4. Dan R says:

    For me, this CD is a very educational release – as in, it’s taught me a lesson. Time was, I would buy all remastered or deluxe editions of classic albums that I liked. But lately, there’s so many of them, and I’m not endlessly wealthy (this year even less so, and I’m sure many others feel the same), so I’ve had to draw the line. First it was those multi-format (CD + obligatory vinyl) £100+ box sets that I had to pass on (e.g. Cat Stevens’ latest offerings). But now, even this modestly-priced CD offering from Neil is getting the thumbs-down from me. I’ve bought this album on vinyl (way back when), bought the CD when I moved my collection to that medium, bought the re-mastered CD (which seems only a few years ago) – do I want another copy? Just to get hold of one unreleased version of “Wonderin'” (and why was this track not on Archives Vol 1)? No, I’m not going to be fooled again. Maybe I’m finally being cured of this collecting bug? Maybe so. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one if they keep flooding the market with over-priced and under-stuffed reissues of the same old catalogue. And it’s a shame – I want to support artists I like, and buy their product, but they sure make it difficult sometimes!

  5. Rob says:

    Every time I see this advertised for £95 – £105 I think we must be missing something here. Something they forgot to mention. I stopped buying every Neil Young new release/reissue ages ago. Seems like he brings something out every few months so I just pick up new Neil Young stuff now and again. For serious collectors I can sympathise. I bought the German copy of Rolling Stone this month. Totally forgot that you need to order a stack in order to get one decent copy. I have a couple of the Dylan 7s and the Bowie cover mounted 7 which I did that for. Needless to say it arrived in a jiffy bag and a total mess.

  6. Wayne C says:

    For all the Neil Young fans who may wish to own this set What Records have it on Pre Order at £80 which is a little easier on the pocket!. Postage is a little high but you can buy as many as you wish for the same postage costs.

  7. Dan L. says:

    I’m glad archives 2 sold out. It solves a dilemma for me.and I won’t be buying it on eBay later. His vinyl box sets were a mess with differing artwork. The CD box 1 was available in gold discs but not subsequent. There is a consistency problem with his releases and the prices are disrespectful I think. There is a line and if you only want rabid “I’ll buy anything you put out” fans… then good luck to you. I think NY has crossed the line for me. I likes his support of vinyl and DVD audio but this price is over the top.

  8. Carl Jacobs says:

    Hi all
    There seems to be a, sadly, growing angst if not anger against those that they have admired for a long time.
    The current growing trend for the want it now and Face Book / Twitter comment generation where any comment is legitimate, is now pervading even this august site.
    Look, we are all collectors of and fans of whichever artist that is featured; in this case Neil Young.
    We are in the middle of a worldwide epidemic not seen in living memory. There are more important issues to deal with.
    We, the fans / collectors are reasonably if not highly intelligent people who have pursued the goal of collecting the “tangible” of whichever artist(s) we choose. We do so entirely of our own free will and choose to spend an ever growing proportion of our disposable income doing so. The record companies clearly understand, farm and perpetuate this insatiable desire. So there is a contract of sorts of supply v demand.
    We fans maximise our chances by subscribing to physical magazines, or web sites or forums or shops or the artists’ own web site or fanzines.
    Therefore, if we are fortunate enough to secure an item; superb and let’s all celebrate that for those that are. The ones that are do not gloat, especially in these times. The ones that aren’t try to get over your disappointment but don’t be personal about the artist. Save up and buy via secondary market, you never know it may be cheaper: me for instance with the recent Invisible Touch Orange Vinyl £65 inc p&p and now £30 on a store web site based in Kent hey ho I move on.
    I was lucky as I’ve said previously, to be able to afford Archives 2, RTG (box on way from this site), other formats from Badlands, ATGR from GH and know that that release is over priced but I could afford and paid for it.
    I’ll leave you all with this comment:
    As Paul Rogers once sang: “I believe , if you give, a little bit of love…. a little bit of love has gotta come your way”.

  9. Neale says:

    This is release is great for those of us who still buy CD’s!

    Despite what some artists (currently) would say, it’s been proven by technical specialists time and time again that we humans can’t tell the difference between vinyl records and CD’s if they have both been mastered correctly. Sonically, we hear exactly the same frequencies so when mastered correctly, I’ll take the CD every time because there will never be the pops and crackles that distract from the music that inevitably result when vinyl is played repeatedly.

    So give me the CD’s at a significantly lower percentage of the price compared to the vinyls; the difference in packaging is hardly ever worth it when the price gap is this size when you are actually primarily interested in the music!

  10. KB says:

    Wow! SOOOOOO disappointing!!!!!! Blimey I hope they sort it out for Harvest! I thought NY was well on the ball with re issues etc….gutted.

  11. Paul and Jane says:

    It’s massively underwhelming and massively over-priced.

  12. Ex-Oligarch says:

    Great job, Paul! I haven’t laughed like that in ages. But I checked the calendar and it isn’t April 1. I know we all need a little levity as the US election descends into total chaos, but you should save classic comedy material like this for the customary date. Gullible readers who admire Neil might get genuinely upset.

  13. Jim Vandegrift says:

    Might as well grab my pitchfork and torch, I love Neil but WTF?

  14. Craigho says:

    The ‘boxset’ is obviously insanely priced but the CD comes with HiRes download if you buy from the Greedy Hand store which conversely is excellent value at a tenner.
    Good old Neil, nothing ever makes sense!

  15. Steve Woodhouse says:

    Leaving aside the price, this is one of the worst reissues I’ve seen.

    There are numerous tracks on Archives I which belong here, and there must be many more which are unreleased. Two bonus tracks, both the same song? Seriously?

  16. Mike M says:

    The price of this boxset is absurd, an insult even. I consider myself a hardcore Neil Young fan and most folk like me ain’t interested, not at this price. This will be a very heavily discounted boxset in six months time for sure, around the £35 mark I reckon.

    • Dave Bain says:

      Even £35 would be overpriced. Vinyl records, whilst more expensive to produce than CDs are not that expensive. I know vinyl is very popular at the moment, resulting in the record companies seeing it as a cash cow. I remember my first school economics lesson at the age of 11 we were asked a simple question, which was as follows. A local football club charges £1 for match tickets and gets 400 supporters through the gates, how much money does the club take.. simple £400. Suppose the club raises the price of tickets to £5, how much would it then take at the gates, some of us 11 year old’s naively answered £2000 (i.e. £400 multiplied by 5). The actual answer would probably be LESS than the original £400. Why? because far fewer fans would be prepared to fork out such a sum of money to watch a game of football. Record companies seem to be somewhat unaware of this simple truth. There has to be a limit to the prices that most music buyers are prepared to pay. Furthermore, why put the 2 bonus tracks onto a separate 7 inch single which most of us will never play more than once or twice. Whilst many of us are prepared to pay a bit more for the vinyl version of an album, I would question how many of even the most committed of fans will shell out ten times as much for the big black plastic version over the small silver one? Like the forthcoming Elvis Costello box set of ‘Armed Forces’ (£200-£250) for a bunch of Vinyl that would fit quite easily onto 3 or 4 CDs this is just plain silly.

      • John MC cann says:

        As I said in a earlier comment , Neil is promoting cd very well is he not,and turning people against vinyl.

  17. Ian says:

    Bob Mould can release a 25 cd box for (roughly) the same price as ONE Neil Young album….
    There’s something Very Wrong there.

  18. Tony W says:

    Like many of my heroes ie Mccartney now Young, these prices are an utter disgrace and a complete money making job. Amazingly,all the protesting they were singing about in the sixties and seventies has been turned on its head. These are now the big money makers and seem intent on churning out the same stuff again and again and again.
    Harvest gold indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. AdamW says:

    This seems like a great opportunity to put on a “journalism” hat, rustle up your contacts, and find out from the source(s) why the price on the vinyl is so high. Get on them, Paul!

    And no, I’m not buying the “solarized image on silver coated paper stock” nonsense – we’re still talking about one LP, likely not remastered again since it was done well a few years ago, a new 7″, and a lithograph – no exclusive material, no other non-musical content, and no microscopically low limitation. It doesn’t add up.

  20. StevieT says:

    Must be the most ridiculous thing I have heard all year. Any word on whether the vinyl is “limited”? Surely there will not be a high demand for this. Absolutely laughable.
    I do, however, have a fond memory of the first time I heard this album, when it was first released. Wandering around Carnaby Street, where virtually every shop was playing the album, so I got to hear every track that day. The impact on me was immediate and immense. Still probably in my top 20 all time favourite albums.

  21. Alan Blevin says:

    This is the latest example of the price gouging that has taken over the Neil Young Archives program in the last few months.
    First there was the quarantining of the Return To Greendale concert Blu-ray to an expensive box that also featured duplicate CD and vinyl versions.Then came Archives Volume 2 which by comparison to that and ATGR50 looks almost reasonable.Now this which is just an absurdity in its vinyl format.
    It won’t get any better.Neil recently confirmed that the concert film for Rust Bucket,the legendary Crazy Horse Catalyst show,will be coming out next year in a Return To Greendale type box format.Only this is 4 vinyl lps so the price will probably be around $US150.
    There must be a point where price fatigue sets in even among the most devoted and affluent let alone the rest of us who are just devoted.When Neil named his online store Greedy Hand it was meant to be with a sense of irony.Now it is literal.

  22. Thomas Beattie says:

    neil is just one of many sixties musicians who seem hell bent on charging silly prices for reissues it seems the more insults they get for doing it the dearer they get it seems fans have to pay the price for years of being loyal very strange indeed

  23. Donal Murphu says:

    The vinyl box is a disgrace of a release. Several years ago we got the 180g vinyl with excellent reproduced artwork, in Original Release Series Volume 1, and was also released separately for about £25, this appears to
    be identical, and a 7” added for £95 +, who are they trying to fool. I wouldn’t mind if there was an album of outakes or something to give the box some inherent value, but there isn’t. L A total joke of a release.

    Am fine with Archives volume 2, which i was lucky to order, but won’t be wasting my time with this.

  24. Trevor Pugh says:

    Is the cd a 2020 remaster/remix? If not, Tell Me Why.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The album really doesn’t need remastering or remixing… is why.

      • Trevor Pugh says:

        Agreed, Paul but surely the 2009 remaster (which does indeed sound fine) is still available so this anniversary cd is all about the 2 bonus tracks, would you say?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Yeah, the bonus track(s) and the flashy packaging are really all that’s on offer. The album isn’t going to sound any better than previous CD/vinyl reissues. With the Archives box about to come out and various other NY activity they probably shouldn’t have bothered, particularly at such an insulting price point.

  25. Ian McJannet says:

    After seeing the Sting pricing yesterday I’m speechless !!!

  26. patrick says:

    A few months ago, I stated that Neil Young was releasing too many records because he just wanted to make more and more money. Many people disagreed (including Paul writing that my comment was rather stupid )

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What I actually said was “Complaining that an artist is being “quite unpleasant and disappointing” by releasing records and putting out reasonably interesting archive releases is slightly ridiculous if you don’t mind me saying.” Actually, I still don’t think Neil Young is motivated by money, but I get that the pricing with this set makes it seem otherwise.

  27. Kevin Pascual says:

    The joke’s on the buyer. This note’s for us.

  28. modulo100 says:

    as the title of the album- only rich people who found gold – can buy this box set of 1 vinyl and 1 single for 100 usd and the archive ii box which was priced like we live in the cd peak time

  29. Jonathan Fowles says:

    I wonder if this recent ridiculous pricing (and availability) of reissues is really designed to drive NYA subscriptions…?

  30. Stuart Munro says:

    What an embarrassing way to mark the 50th anniversary of a landmark record. Step right this way, suckers!

  31. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    BIG Shakey fan here.

    Poor old Neil needs money what with that car thing (Linc Volt was it?) and his alimony to Pegi, the kids upkeep and having to put aside $976 Million in case Daryl fires him off not to mention keeping that barn in good nick.

    So what I`ve done is order 382 copies of After The Goldrush 50th from Amazon Germany @£108 each for friends and family and people I don`t like. That should help…..

    Those moaning about Neil`s reasonably prices thingies STOP! Just remenber it`s Christmas and Shakey needs the dosh.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      On a serious note, Pegi Young sadly died early last year.

      • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

        Yes and I`d forgotten. Apologies to any NY fans I`ve upset.

        My post wasn`t meant to be serious but a light hearted comment on recent pricing policies.

        Pegi`s album `Lonely in a Crowded Room` is recommended and you can buy it at a decent price.

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      I’m not a big Shakey fan, but even i know that Pegi has passed away!

  32. Timm Davison says:

    It seems to me that when we’ve gotten to the point where the packaging is more of an argumentative point than the music contained therein, that perhaps it’s time to reassess the need for constant reissues. I know Paul’s done a great job detailing all the various ‘collectors sets’ that come out – more and more often these days – but when you’ve no new music to offer but still feel the need to garner a few more dollars by releasing some sort of ‘anniversary edition’ – perhaps at that point, just send a tweet out to your fans telling of the ‘X’ anniversary date, and leave it at that?

  33. Peter Stevens says:

    Once again those advising him or perhaps Neil himself get it hopelessly wrong.Spend the money on Crystal cat bootlegs by Neil and you will get much better value

  34. Jeremy says:

    Nobody has asked *why* the price is so high. This, from the Warner Music site, may explain it:
    “In the years before he passed away, Gary Burden, Neil’s long time art director, had envisaged solarizing the album art – especially the back cover shot of Neil’s jeans & patches. Gary’s partner, Jenice Heo, has now executed Gary’s vision and created a unique take on this classic album cover. The cover is printed on special silver coated paper stock to create the desired effect.” This, with the gold blocking of the album title, plus the included ‘lithograph’, provide some explanation. Still, they might have though twice about these art gimmicks given the resulting off-the-scale price hike.

  35. Michael says:

    For Christmas sakes, somebody should tell Neil Young the Gold Rush is over, and to stop gouging fans with these ridiculous prices.

  36. Simon says:

    Sure I’d like my entire NY collection to be on vinyl but given the quality of the remaster series CD issue of this a decade or so back I won’t be shelling out. NM copies of the original pressing cost the same and I know which I’d prefer if money were no object.

    NY vinyl is always pricy. I really want Colorado but not at close to £40. If Kamasi Washington can issue a lavishly packaged 5LP set for £45 I can’t understand why NY records cost so much. I hate to think it’s artist greed but it can be difficult not to…

  37. Phil says:

    Is the CD in HDCD format?

    It’s possible with Neil but also never really advertised, either.

  38. Chris Squires says:

    I have paid that for a single new record before but that was the Ultra Disc One-Step from Mobile Fidelity of Bridge over Troubled Water and The Nightfly both of which are things of Beauty and sound pretty tremendous. However for a normal LP and bonus 7″ single that seems……. (in honour of the recently departed Bond) Shurely Shome Mishtake.

    I think some of these old boys have lost the plot a little.

  39. Ben says:

    120 EUR on Amazon Germany. For a record and 7“ single? Wow. McCartney 2.0

  40. JohnM says:

    Done with Neil until some common sense prevails.

    Must have 60-70 CDs, plus Archives Vol 1 on Blu-ray, and love so much of it. But no more.

    Things took a nosedive when he left Peggy, it has to be said, and now she’ll never be there to keep him on the straight and narrow.

    • ARidd says:

      I’m with you JohnM. I’m out too. Got Decades when it first came out, then all I needed on vinyl, then Archive 1 on blu ray, had to go through all the hoops to nail an Archive 2 from the U.S. and I still don’t know how much THAT will cost till the import duty hits me. There’s something very manipulative about what he’s doing these days and I won’t be suckered into anything else.

  41. Wolfgang Mintrop says:

    A 50th Anniversary Edition on CD with 1 bonus track? Poor!!

  42. Johan Erikson says:

    The vinyl box set does contain a lithograph as well that could be of some monetary value , but the price is still very high to me. Not that I wanted the vinyl anyway, I’m a cd person. What I would like though is Return to Greendale on Blu-ray though, the only way to get the film is through the limited and expensive box set.

    • Rog says:

      I was hoping for a standalone concert film release too. I’ve already got the Inside Greendale dvd, so there isn’t a whole lot of value in the big box for me.

      If you just wanted to see it, they’re now streaming the concert film on Neil Young Archives site/app, although it’s on the subscribers-only section, so requires the paid subscription to view it. I’m on the free one but considering doing it.

    • Donal Murphu says:

      The Greendale live Blu-ray, has actually been confirmed as being available separately, on NYA, no date was given.

  43. Tyrone says:

    After The Goldrush?

  44. Nicholas Dawson says:

    As Steven Wilson has said recently deluxe box sets and re-issues have come to a saturation point and the price that is put on them, there is no justification for this kind of price, I expect the price will drop considerably when nobody buys it….

  45. David Sullivan says:

    No doubt in time ( like the Mercury Demos ) it will drop in price as i can’t see a huge demand for an album plus 7 inch single at £99

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      Neil Young should be nothing less than embarrassed and ashamed by this (the vinyl).

      I don’t like commenting negatively on things, as to each his own, but in this case…

      It’s truly pathetic. He’s clearly taking the piss.

  46. James Rainbow says:

    This is getting silly now Neil, even before you take in to account the stupid price of the vinyl (apparently there’s now a mark up to cover Elvis Costello’s cut for his recent vinyl marketing initiative).
    I could see why the 50th anniversary of After the Goldrush is worth acknowledging, but this feels like a poor way to do it – two versions of Wonderin’. I’ve only heard the version from the Fillmore CD and it’s an ok song, but not a must have.
    Presumably the issue here is that anything of worth was either released in the first Archives box or on the numerous Original Performance Series releases. This just seems to be releasing something for the sake of it.
    The last remaster of After the Goldrush was nice enough sound wise.

    I only have two requests of Neil at the moment:

    1. A copy of Archives 2 I can actually buy – thankfully looks like next year.
    2. Reissue the CD remasters of the 70’s albums covered by ORS 5-8 and 8.5-12 individually. The CD boxes were quite expensive at the time and I wasn’t in a position to buy them.

    Actually one more
    3. Plan things a bit better so we don’t have to have catalogue numbers of ORS 8.5 or OPS 2.5. It looks rubbish – might be my OCD kicking in though!

  47. J Dougan says:

    Think I will wait for the vinyl and hope that the price is a mistake and will come down.?

  48. John MC cann says:

    Thinking outside the box!, Maybe Neil young is single-handedly trying to relaunch the CD format!,, It will sell a ton at a tenner,(cd) won’t sell many at a ton,(vinyl),, just a thought,,, probably wrong!

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Like you, I’m having problems resolving the pricing with Neil Young’s oft-voiced criticism of the cd format. Is he trying to drive listeners to the cd? Or does he honestly believe the sound of vinyl is so superior that it justifies a far higher price?

  49. Ern says:

    So no gold marbles then?

  50. Paul Gray says:

    I’m Wonderin’ what the thinking behind this is…. I’ve fleeced people for the “Limited Edition” Archives 2 and the completely unnecessary Greendale Deluxe (average album at best). I wonder if they will shell out another £100?
    Who manages Neil since Eliott Roberts died? He needs a better advisor.

  51. AdamW says:

    The price on the LP/7” is clearly unjustifiable. I’ve forgiven Mr Young plenty over the years, but even Colorado (double-LP with etching plus a bonus non-CD 7”) cost less than half of this. Yes, it’s a classic album, but the only I way I’d even consider this is if Uncle Neil signed it himself, and even then there’s only about a 25% chance I’d jump. I mean, the list price on the 333-edition of McCartney III was lower!

    Maybe he’s throwing leftover Pono players into the boxes? That’s the only explanation for this.

  52. Brian Roberts says:

    How the Mary Poppins can that price tag be justified? What a rip off. It’s just got no written all over it.

  53. Rashers says:

    I think that the whole Neil Young industry has lost the plot. A very high quality all analogue version of this album was released several years ago and is easily available for about £20/€25.
    Not dissimilar to the £200 empty box premium for Archives II – there is serious danger that Neil’s reputation is going to be damaged by such silly price gouging.

    • Mister Stick says:

      “going to be damaged”?

      All respect, there aren’t too many releases in the last few years that have done Neil’s rep very much good. “Colorado” was terrific (largely thanks to Nils Lofgren being in the room). But otherwise, things are, as often as not, either dodgy, tedious, an unwanted re-tread, or cruelly overpriced. Even if the artwork for the LP is special this time, it’s still just depressing that Neil and/or his label think the marketplace is full of people whose loyalty can be taken advantage off so consistently.

      Neil has talked about his work being rooted in ‘love and respect’.

      Love him, sure. Respect him? Less and less.

  54. Rog says:

    Does anyone know which master the CD is from? It’s not totally clear. 2009 ‘Original Release Series’ version maybe?

    I have a earlier CD version. It sounds fine, but if this is different I might just be able to justify it!

    Much as I like the song Wonderin’ though, surely they could have given us more.

  55. JJH says:

    And £19 -25 more expensive in the UK than the US. I know there is always some disparity, but even so.

  56. SeanL says:

    Plainly ridiculous pricing…… I noticed the pricing last week and thought it was a mistake …. obviously not !

  57. gary oliver says:

    .. seven quid for each track ?

  58. Wayne C says:

    I’m shocked at the price of this, is it pressed by Analogue Productions or Mobile Fidelity?, that price is eye watering!.

  59. Giovanni says:

    I love Neil book, no demos, no alternate takes (only one! ). No reasons to spend so much money.


  60. Paul Mac says:

    I was reading about this last night, as a newsletter from one of the online record stores mentioned it. I thought my screen was broken when I saw the price for the vinyl. There’s milking it, and then there’s this, taking it to a whole new level of absurd.

  61. ian says:

    That’s brilliant: 99 quid for an LP and a 45. Well done everyone.

  62. Keith Coleman says:

    Ha ha! Goldrush indeed for the vinyl purveyors. Is it being pressed in 24 karat?

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