Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the studio to record a new album

Neil Young has informed his fans that he’s in the studio working on a new album with his legendary band Crazy Horse.

In a post on his website, Young says that 11 new songs – all written recently – will be recorded, starting this week.

The album will be released this year and will be the first featuring Crazy Horse since 2012’s Psychedelic Pill. Nils Lofgren, Ralph Molina and Billy Talbot will join Neil in the studio.

Neil signs off by saying that “The Band is excited to make this new album and continue our story. We sincerely hope you enjoy our new music when it is released this year.”

Last October Neil indicated that the long awaited second volume of the Neil Young Archive project would be releases in May 2019. There has been no word of this since.

Young’s most recent release was the truly excellent Songs For Judy live acoustic set (part of his Archive Performance Series’) from 1976.

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14 responses to Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the studio to record a new album

  1. stephen gilmour says:

    So the muted May release of Archives 2 is not going to happen – still we’ve been consistently let down year-after-year-after-year etc…

  2. mitchell w feldstein says:

    11 songs sounds interesting hoping more for a Zuma type record than psychedelic pill. shorter catchier songs vs long drawn out endless jams. also hoping to see what ragged glory 2 might be ,although i tracked down the EP with “don’t spook the horse” years ago!

  3. Wayne Olsen says:

    It’s just mind-boggling. 50 years+ of amazing, rocking, swinging, mystifying, soothing, ear-splitting genius. The works of Neil Young take a back seat to no one.

  4. Ken Evans says:

    “Live Trans” is one of the bookmarks on the timeline, so one of these years.

  5. Jim says:

    Can’t wait! Isn’t the May re-release meant to be Ragged Glory?

  6. Cosmo Castanza says:

    Now that is great news

  7. Ken Evans says:

    Yeah Poncho retired and Nils takes his place on this new one, that should be interesting. Has Nils played with Neil since Tonight’s The Night?

  8. Donal M says:

    Neil’s subscription site is class leading, and apart from the top grade quality digital audio, and insider videos and articles, and the amazing 50 +years timeline, and messages from Neil to questions, special event live streaming, you get presale tickets to all his gigs. I also understand the annual $20 fee is fixed.

    I also like the quirky old fashioned filing cabinets media used and such, and the personal natire of the articles.

    This is how it should be done. 10/10

  9. Aaron says:

    No Poncho Sampedro ?

  10. Ken Evans says:

    My two favorite sites I check every day are this one (thanks Paul) and

    I still buy CDs, and blu-ray audio where available, and even the odd SACD that still comes out (very few do now but man they sound great.)

    But the last Neil Young CD I bought was Paradox and I’ll probably never buy another one, and Neil’s fine with that. $20 per year to stream his entire cataolog in high-res 96/24 through my phone!! (OK – at home, using a Dragonfly DAC, it’s 96/24 — in my car using the white USB plug it’s not quite that but it still sounds as good or better than the same album on CD in my car.) It’s (almost) all there and sounds much better than any of the streaming services (none of which I use as I can never listen to 320kbps, ick.)

    If you’re even a little into Neil it’s totally worth it, and if you regularly buy every archival release and new creations of his then you’re paying less on the subscription.

    • SimonP says:

      Laugh. Out. Loud.

      Listening to “hi-res” music in a car is like buying an 8K TV and then going down the end of your garden and watching it through the window with Vaseline* smeared binoculars.

      *other petroleum jelly brands are available, I expect…

  11. Daryl says:

    The Rolling Stones: Please take note.

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