Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket

Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket

New live album • 4LP • 2CD • Box set with DVD

Way Down in the Rust Bucket is a new Neil Young and Crazy Horse live album issued under Young’s long-running ‘Performance Series’ banner.

This album documents a 13 November 1990 show at The Catalyst, a small bar in Santa Cruz, California where Neil Young occasionally performed. The band played three sets, including tracks from the newly released Ragged Glory as well as the live debut of Zuma‘s ‘Dangerbird’.

The show is being released as a 4LP package, a two-CD edition and a box set which includes both of those formats and a DVD of the show, which was filmed and recorded by Shakey Picture’s LA Johnson. The DVD includes a bonus track, ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’. It’s believed there were technical issues with the original audio. The CD edition offers alternate cover art.

Way Down in The Rust Bucket is number 11.5 in Neil Young’s Performance Series (it sits between  Bluenote Cafe and Dreamin’ Man Live ’92). It will be released on 26 February 2021.

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Way Down in the Rust Bucket 4LP+2CD+DVD box


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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Way Down in the Rust Bucket 2CD edition


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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Way Down in the Rust Bucket - 4Lp vinyl


Way Down in the Rust Bucket 4LP vinyl and 2CD

1. Country Home – 9:13
2. Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze – 5:40
3. Love To Burn – 13:54
4. Days That Used To Be – 4:56
5. Bite The Bullet – 3:58
6. Cinnamon Girl – 4:04
7. Farmer John – 6:01
8. Over And Over – 10:20
9. Dangerbird – 10:26
10. Don’t Cry No Tears – 4:22
11. Sedan Delivery – 5:44
12. Roll Another Number (For The Road) – 4:45
13. Fuckin’ Up – 5:12
14. T-Bone – 6:44
15. Homegrown – 4:46
16. Mansion On The Hill – 5:58
17. Like A Hurricane – 12:56
18. Love And Only Love – 13:16
19. Cortez The Killer – 11:24

1. Country Home
2. Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze
3. Love to Burn
4. Days That Used to Be
5. Bite the Bullet
6. Cinnamon Girl
7. Farmer John
8. Cowgirl In The Sand (exclusive to the DVD ONLY)
9. Over and Over
10. Danger Bird
11. Don’t Cry No Tears
12. Sedan Delivery
13. Roll Another Number (For the Road)
14. Fuckin’ Up
15. T-Bone
16. Homegrown
17. Mansion on the Hill
18. Like a Hurricane
19. Love and Only Love
20. Cortez the Killer

82 responses to Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket

  1. Ronnie says:

    Way Down seperate DVD release now sold out on UK store. Still available on the US store

  2. KB says:

    The CDs arrived today, so will probably listen to the CDs over the weekend. Not going to wait for the HiRes download code to arrive from the Greedy Hand Store as I’ve still not received the HiRes download code for my order of After The Goldrush 50 purchased in December, despite many emails to the UK Greedy Hand Store customer services, a common issue I think.
    Just pleased I ordered my copy of Archives 2 from the US Store, timely delivery of everything.

    • KB says:

      The Way Down In The Rust Bucket Download download code now arrived, some faith restored for future purchase and will continue to try obtain the code for After The Goldrush 50.

      • aRidd says:

        Never did get my download code for Archives 2 so cancelled my pre order from the uk store back in January. Seems like they’ve still not improved!
        One correction to my post the other day. The Young Shakespeare dvd is shown now as a March release on the UK store, same as on the US store. Dont know if I misread it or they corrected their web page.

  3. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    I`m listening to the LPs now, great sound, I love Shakey from this period.

    I risked getting the SDE from Shakey`s Greedy Hand on-line shop, it was cheaper than the European Amazons.

    After the balls-up of Archives II the Greedy Hand UK store was responsible for this was a risk but I received shipping notice yesterday (Wednesday) and the Box Set arrived today, a day early. I`m very happy with this.

    A word about the vinyl LP quality. As usual with Neil Young LPs they were clean, flat and sound great, unlike 50% of new vinyl LP releases these days, which are often warped and sent back.

  4. Ronnie says:

    the dvd is available as a seperate release on NY’s website. BUT release date on the US store march 12, on the UK store june 23!

    • ARidd says:

      The same applies for the Young Shakespeare dvd – available March on the US store web page but June on the UK store page. What’s going on?

  5. simon stokes says:

    I am sure there is a logical explanation but it seems to me that the DVD referred to in Paul’s summary has a great may extra tracks than shows on Neil Young’s website.

    How does one get the DVD with all of the tacks shown in Paul’s summary?

  6. Edward says:

    This show has been available in one form or another for years as a bootleg. As someone who has a lot of shows with NY&CH – believe the hype about this one. It’s one of the best shows they ever did, far better than the official live album from that tour – “Weld” (as good as that album was). Looking forward to getting a copy of this direct from the master tapes. Neil has been using his time wisely in these times with his great website and lots of releases coming out both this year and the next.

  7. Carl Jacobs says:

    Well here we go again. I agree with Paul; all this cattiness, we’ll be getting feversome; hmmm someone should write a song about that…… it’s becoming beyond tiresome.
    An artist who has been around for so long, he has transcended his chosen field, is one of the most prolific in current years, is getting his affairs in order before he inevitably pops off this mortal coil. He is arranging what can legitimately be released as his name.
    He is sorting if not Thrashing the Wheat.
    We the public have a massive choice. If we like the product, we will chose to buy it. If we cannot reconcile the price v value sum, then we don’t part with out hard earned cash (or credit limit).
    Me, I’ll limit my spending to a few selected artistes that include NY in all his guises until my funds or enabling family refuses my request for birthdays and wedding presents, fathers days etc.
    I may not be in for the bootleg series but this I have jumped in fully clothed, including stand alone DVD format that is available.
    So come on guys, get off the high Horse and don’t Spook The Horse.
    Enjoy what’s left of the Old Man before he takes The Crickled Creek Ferry and Pushes It Over The End.
    Don’t Be Denied

  8. David Rubin says:

    How can he charge $99.99 for 4 lp’s, 2 cd’s, and 1 dvd for this but then charge us the same price for After The Gold Rush 50th with 1 lp, 1 45 single, and a print. Does he know this happened or is he behind this.

  9. Andreas says:

    The Deluxe Edition is sold out in the official store.
    Meanwhile it’s possible to order all versions on outside germany – e.g. in Austria

  10. Seth Hollander says:

    On another Website, a poster claims the following has been posted at the Neil Young Archives site:
    Big box sets sometimes include DVDs, These DVDs will now be available exclusively for you here at NYA separately. Purchase at our Greedy Hand Store in exclusive SHAKEY PICTURES NYA editions.

    Way Down in the Rust Bucket – all three sets and the encore will be included in the DVD. This is a CRAZY HORSE classic and will be available to you. Date of release wll be announced soon.
    Mixed by John Hanlon and Directed by LA Johnson, we are proud to be offering you this incredible piece of Crazy Horse history in DVD.

    ‘YOUNG SHAKESPEARE’ and ‘THE TIMES’ DVDs will also be offered exclusively here at NYA. Watch NYA for release dates on all the above Shakey Pictures Productions.”

  11. Michael Bushell says:

    2 CD is now £14.99 for UK Amazon.

  12. Hans Lindskog says:

    Hello, regarding purchase of the deluxe edition (lp, cd and dvd). As of now besides Greedy hand the only retailer that seems to deliver to Sweden are at Euro 109, does anyone expect a price reduction and more availability . I normally buy from, and as oftoday, this set is not available.
    Best regards Hans

  13. KB says:

    Surely needs a CD/DVD issue? Odd that it’s only part of the vinyl? If I buy a vinyl boxset I don’t really want a dvd or cd, just the vinyl…an odd pairing for sure…

  14. Keith says:

    CD for me I don’t need the vinyl so I’ll wait to see if the DVD ever gets a non box release if it does I’ll get it if it doesn’t then do be it Neil doesn’t need my money, but if he wants my money then he knows what to do.

  15. Al Rearick says:

    Haven’t seen this addressed so apologies if I missed it: how does this compare to Weld from the same tour?

    • ShakeyRelease says:

      I love Weld on CD but the vinyl is flimsy and doesn’t sound great. I’d be tempted by this on vinyl but it is pricey.

  16. Donal Murphy says:

    NY confirmed on his website on Jan 19th, that there will be a separate release of the Down In Tge Rust Bucket DVD exclusively on the NY store, and the same applies, for the upcoming “Young Shakespeare” live solo release- currently scheduled, for a March release

    Bluray is not being offered for either of these two, as he says there would be no benefit due to the quality of the source material.

    Neil also confirmed last year,(in letters section of NYA) that the “Return To Greendale”, Bluray, would also be available separately, allthough i don’t see a release date yet.

  17. seth hollander says:

    I have had boots/shared recordings of this show from 3 sources over the last 28-29 years.
    I have two reasons I always consider buying commercial versions of concerts that have I have already acquired. 1- to reward the commercial entities for choosing to make the product, and 2- to have a new listen without using more space on my crowded shelves. NEIL ALWAYS F***S ME ON 2! my hands-down favorite concert performer seems to always release less than other sources do from the same concerts. Each time this happens, another splash of water hits the ebbing flames of my desire to love (and buy) music.

    Remember the flawed version of “Heroes” used in the Bowie reissue program? Well, confining the imperfectly recorded BEST-EVER VERSION OF COWGIRL IN THE SAND to a DVD only purchaseable in a pricey (and arguably redundancy-bloated) box is like deciding to drop the flawed version of “Heroes” from the remastered Bowie album’s non-box set issue.
    If you agree with me, you can understand why people want cheaper access to the DVD.
    2CD is ordered, but it won’t be my go-to choice for listening… After waiting 30 years for it…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Although you could argue that putting a flawed version of Cowgirl in the Sand is exactly like putting a flawed version of Heroes on the Bowie reissue. And they are sensibly avoiding the hassle and ‘controversy’ that might arise.

  18. Jim Breeds says:

    Statement on the Neil Young Archives today (18th January 2021). I summarise because the NYA website won’t let me copy the text or grab a link. At present you can read it via the NYA website at To summarise … It will be possible to but the DVD as a standalone product via NYA Greedy Hand store. Release date TBA. It will not be available on bluray because “the resolution of the originals will not benefit from that format”.

  19. Timm Davison says:

    51 USD for 4 pieces of new vinyl is a very good deal. Since my Neil collection is spotty, think I’ll go ahead and buy this one, plus, people here are saying it’s from a legendary gig, so I can’t lose!

  20. Rog says:

    It’s very rare for Neil Young to release a full show as a live album. I *think* Massey Hall might be the only one, though you may have to fact check me on that! So this is quite a special release.

    The bulk of his live albums have been tour compilations (Time Fades Away, Live Rust, Weld, Year Of The Horse, Road Rock, Earth, Songs For Judy, A Treasure, Bluenote Cafe), compilations from a run at one venue (Fillmore, Roxy, Riverboat, Celler Door, Canterbury House) or edited shows (Unplugged, Dreamin Man, Tuscaloosa, Return To Greendale).

    With the original recording dropping out on Cowgirl, there are good quality bootlegs, but it won’t compare with the desk sound, so it makes sense not to include it on the album. Apparently it would have also necessitated a third cd / 5th LP too, so easy to see the logic.

    I think the standalone dvds will happen eventually, he has said they are planning to sell dvds (in general) on his web store later in the year – they don’t currently sell any and he has released quite a few.

    It’s great to have so much of this stuff coming out at the moment. I’m looking forward to this one!

    • J Douglas says:

      Excellent points, Rog. While I would prefer a 2CD/DVD option, I cannot object to the deluxe package because; a) it is consistent with the Return to Greendale deluxe and in the NYA realm that is a win, b) if offered later as a stand-alone (as was also promised with Return to Greendale) we require only patience, c) if DVD is not offered as a stand-alone I presume a work around of sorts will exist on the Neil Young Archives site where for the cost of a one year subscription we can stream video of this show and more.

      On that subject I tried exploring the Archives site last month during the free access period but found it very convoluted. Can anyone offer tips on how to navigate it, or at least a location to view the site’s audio and video contents? It did seem to me films were offered on a rotating basis in the Hearse Theater but wasn’t certain.

      To his credit, Neil Young has so far been close to keeping to the schedule of these releases he announced last year and I look forward to cherry picking CD versions of interest which are either not likely to appear in future Archive boxes or of eras for which I am not a fan and unlikely to go full Archive box. If that era interests me, I will wait for the box. Songs for Judy and Hitchhiker would have been a buy for me, but I wait for Volume III. Young Shakespeare is from 1971 and will be a buy for me. That era was covered by Archives I and won’t be in an era box (unless the plan is to revise with additional recordings and re-press Archive boxes someday).

      Finally, I was surprised by the anger of some posts over this release and went back to the Return to Greendale posts and noticed a couple complaints over the mixed media but not nearly so many as for this release. Is this residual frustration with Neil Young after the Archives II mess and After the Goldrush 50th, or has mixed media become the lightning rod of disappointed and frustrated fans?

      • Rog says:

        A cd/dvd set would actually be my first choice too. But you’re right, it’s promising that we’ll see some consistency with this year’s archive releases and scheduling. I would certainly expect it to appear in the Hearse Theatre at some point while we wait for the dvd.

        I like the concept of his site and do subscribe (it works out about £1.50 per month) but I don’t find it the easiest thing to navigate. The android app is quite slow, but it runs reasonably well on a pc. Video does live in the Hearse Theatre on a rotating basis, but he has said there will be some different membership levels offered soon, and it looks like some will have additional video access. Audio can be accessed via “albums” or “timeline”, though I think the free version just has the “album of the day” available. The “letters” section in the NY Times-Contrarian page is often worth a read.

        I think NY sometimes suffers from having high tech ambitions which he isn’t always able to deliver, but it’s nice to see the ambition. I view the Archives site as very much a work-in-progress. I wonder if we may also see more artists move towards curating their work this way. Levellers have just launched an app similar to NYA.

        Maybe a bit of both, in terms of frustration over the mess of those two releases, and complaints about mixed media boxes you see on these pages. I can certainly see it – I skipped ATGR50 and just went for the retail Archives 2 (on order) – but I’m too excited about the mass of music we’re getting to dwell on it really. Young Shakespeare will be great! Hitchhiker was very good.

  21. Donal Murphy says:

    Neil has been teasing about this release for at least a year, really delighted to see it finally released. It was a legendary gig apparently. The Horse at their best.

    And to follow in the next few months is “Young Shakespeare”, a live solo gig from early ‘71 from the Shakespeare Theatre, in Connecticut.

  22. John ob says:

    Neil Young……….1990…….isn’t it………..marvellous !!!!!

  23. Andreas says:

    I am from Austria and cannot order it from! I contacted costumer service. They will check it. No reply yet.

  24. MFG says:

    Setlist looks great. The CD version for $21 works for me. A standalone DVD would be nice, but not too bothered. Cowgirl in the Sand on CD would also be nice, but then again, I don’t think any version of that song could top the version on Live at the Fillmore East.

    Great to see the Rough Trade USA link on SDE. Think I’ll add a few more items to my cart from Rough Trade besides this CD set. I’m always looking for alternatives to Amazon these days.

  25. Dale Munday says:

    Another live Neil Young album ! Sounds fantastic.

  26. Richard den Besten says:

    Paul, for me its not the pricing for any kinda format but it s#@$ that one of the highlights in this show is only available on a dvd .. so for one song i need a dvd player .. and watch my words in 6 months another stand alone will be available incl. that one song

  27. Harald says:

    Just sad that it is not complete on 2 CD and extremly expensive when one wants to have it with the DVD. Same as with the Greendale show which sounds great by the way. The Catalyst shows are really sensational & legendary NY+CH gigs. Too bad that again one is forced to spend a lot of money to get the complete thing! He can release 50 albums a year I do not mind about that as long as they are good musically but at these prices…?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      C’mon, the live album is like £14 on CD (“these prices”?). No one is forcing anyone to buy the DVD, there’s a technical reason that one track isn’t on the vinyl or CD. As a side note, just because an pricey box exists does’t mean it invalidates the other options. I’m getting really bored of reading the same old comments. If you want the ‘better’ version, you have to spend more. Applies to virtually everything in life. If you aren’t willing to pay the amount being asked, then the product isn’t for you. That’s it.

      • Grum says:

        Sorry to be a pain but what would that ‘technical’ reason possibly be? I’ve just searched the web, found a boot of this performance and listened to Cowgirl. It sounds absolutely fine to my ears, even as an A+ boot, which they could have used if the ‘official’ track wasn’t quite up to standard. Are you sure this isn’t just a con? Despite now having the gig, I would have happily forked out for the official full CD version, but this smacks of rip-off I’m afraid.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’d read it was something to do with the original recording. I’d be extremely surprised if was in any way a deliberate omission.

          • Jim Breeds says:

            I read that the “technical” problem with CITS was a gap in the audio recording, that they patched the small gap with an audience member’s own recording, and that it isn’t considered good enough to stand up to scrutiny on an audio only format (the CD and vinyl versions).

      • Daniel says:

        That’s not it. 90 Euros for a live album on vinyl is not reasonable. Your comment implies that there shouldn’t be a discussion about the prices of Neil Young releases of the last time which is wrong. Of course these prices are worth a discussion compared to other releases. Reprise Records are still part of the same music market. That’s it.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It’s nearer to €60 in the USA which is more reasonable for a 4LP set. If it’s more in your country, then that’s annoying, but you have the option of buying the 2CD set which is around €17 which is reasonable. If you don’t want to do that because you don’t buy CDs then your only option is to skip this release. Not buying something is always an option, if you want to send a message to the label. That’s probably a stronger message than coming to SDE and saying ‘it’s not fair’ which is what more and more seem to be doing these days. People should save their criticism for the £100 After The Goldrush single LP and not complain about this release which is less than that – nearly HALF that price in some regions – for a 4LP package.

      • Arthur O'Brien says:

        Thank you, Paul! That was a long time coming.

      • Geoff Bailie says:

        Well said Paul Sinclair. It’s life. No one has to buy.

        “ C’mon, the live album is like £14 on CD (“these prices”?). No one is forcing anyone to buy the DVD, there’s a technical reason that one track isn’t on the vinyl or CD. As a side note, just because an pricey box exists does’t mean it invalidates the other options. I’m getting really bored of reading the same old comments. If you want the ‘better’ version, you have to spend more. Applies to virtually everything in life. If you aren’t willing to pay the amount being asked, then the product isn’t for you. That’s it.”

  28. Chris S says:

    $20 (USD) doesn’t sound too bad for a 2 CD unique live show from a small venue.
    I pretty much ignored Neil in the studio after Reactor, but I do like his live recordings.

  29. Paul Wren says:

    Wow -some angry people on here about pricing/format issues. I’m very happy to buy the vinyl version of this great recording made in the wake of Crazy Horse’s best album, Ragged Glory”. It’s a no brainer for me.

    • peter chrisp says:

      Just looking at the track listing alone, & the songs are very long too. As there are 3 formats all you have to is select the one you want, no complaints here. The price looks pretty decent to go for it.

  30. Michael1984 says:

    Robert’s first post on this release was perfect – I second that notion!!!!!

  31. Dan says:

    It is disappointing that some music fans feel the need to complain about this type of archival release. These should not necessarily be taken as crass money grabs from ‘ageing artists’. It is a basic fact that major record companies seek to maximise profit regardless of what they are putting out because that is how market forces work. But it is unfair to automatically tie the artist to the company. It is entirely possible that artists like Neil Young, Dylan and The Stones etc are seeking to enhance their artistic legacy while they are still alive by providing music lovers with good quality archival releases that complement what is already out there. Neil Young doesn’t need to make more money. He is essentially tying up loose ends with releases like this one which I for one am looking forward to purchasing on the 2 CD format. If it is anything like the previous ‘Arc/Weld’ release it will make a significant addition to the Neil Young catalogue.

    • Mad Earwig says:

      A bit of negative sentiment on here.

      The fact you can buy Fig & Ginger chutney proves there is a market for it. I may not want to buy it but for sure, other people are loving it.

      I have a lot of Neil Young, love some of it, wish I hadn’t bothered with ‘old ways’ , ‘living with war’ or ‘peace trail’ but ‘freedom’ ‘live rust’ and ‘psychedelic pill’
      ‘comes a time’ are among many more gems.
      I won’t buy this because despite liking this era of Neil, it’s not worth the high price to me.

      However, I wouldn’t knock them for releasing it or those who buy it.

      Pearl Jam & Dave Matthews have the live stuff well curated, and sorted: many gigs are released, well produced and can buy them or not buy them.

  32. -SG- says:

    This would be much better if there was a 2CD+DVD I don’t need this on vinyl. But being this is in Santa Cruz, I need to get this. I was actually going to see him play at the Catalyst once, when at the last minute he injured his hand and he cancelled the show…. The Catalyst is actally not really that small of a venue, more of a mid size club with 2 stages and an upstars and downstairs bar. A lot of big name bands would (still do occasionally) use it as a warm up show and play unannounced gigs there before playing in San Francisco, there would be the big bus outside in the back and a big line out front. Doing that now seems very contrary and non-commercial. It is still a good place to see a band with a much smaller audience, I saw Ride play there a couple of years ago, not a lot of people there but they put on a really good show.

  33. Caroline says:

    “Box bait” is the scourge of our times.
    (NB – I’m talking purely about being a customer of the music industry here – there are many greater scourges, of course)

  34. Musicmacca says:

    Another week , another Neil Young release ………

  35. Rupert says:

    Record companies of ageing rock stars and bands are realising their audience is dying off and need to rush out as many releases now before they are all dead. It’s like a last hurrah to coin in the cash before it will end.

    If there was a 2CD/DVD version at the £30 mark, I’d be interested but not £100 to include vinyl which I’ll never play.

    • Stephen says:

      Or, viewing it less cynically, Neil wants to curate his own legacy while he still can and is cherry-picking his favourite recordings for release. Fans can choose which ones to buy or ignore. So it’s win-win.

  36. JACQUES PAQUET says:

    No way to get the DVD without buying the whole bunch?

  37. Alan Blevin says:

    The complete Greedy Hand rip off of quarantining the DVD to the box set.An absolute disgrace that shows contempt for fans.
    Although in one of the press releases he said there will be a later separate DVD release he also said the same thing about the concert film for Return To Greendale and that has never happened so trust in what is said is in low supply.
    This show has long been considered quite possibly the best Neil and Crazy Horse concert of all time and all the clips put up on the site in the last year would support that in my opinion.

    • Ramblingman says:

      If it helps, the Return to Greendale concert movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free. Or available to buy on there in HD for £8.99

  38. Larry Davis says:

    I wonder how this will be, in comparison to “Arc/Weld”?? That live album was in support of “Ragged Glory” as well & it totally smokes!! As for the reissue of “After The Gold Rush”, just got the remastered CD…better value, that box was a serious ripoff…

    • Brennan says:

      So I’ve had the Catalyst shows for years on bootleg cd from back in the 90s. As a Neil Young collector and fanatic, it has always been my favorite unreleased show based on the song selection (“Surfer Joe”,”Danger Bird” ?!?!) and intuitive playing. It smokes and was an immediate purchase when announced. I’d pay $100 for the DVD alone. Legendary.

  39. Arcweld says:

    I’m fully in for this, I loved this period, perhaps as I got into NY at the Freedom album. Seeing this on NYA in the past on confirms a must have. The DVD option is because it was a “bootleg type” recording not originally intended for release so not the quality for such a release, which is ok as from the clip you can see it’s definitely not the highest of quality.

  40. Miguel Rocha says:

    Frank Sampedro’s (aka “the new guy”) track pants are so punk rock! What a fantastic re-birth this was in Neil’s career…after the wasteland geffen years.

  41. bluezimmy says:

    I’m with you, Pete. This will no doubt be included in Archives III. As I’ve recently come to my senses and have stopped buying everything twice (sometimes thrice!), I’ll have to pass. Fool me once, Neil.

  42. Lee Realgone says:

    Why must the DVD only be available in the massive box? Most people interested in a 2CD/DVD option have no interest in four pieces of vinyl. Am absolutely fed up with this format mixing malarkey.

    • Rich says:

      Agree. I haven’t owned a record player for years. The DVD is the only thing that interests me £20 for a CD/DVD pack would be sufficient.

  43. Marc Roberty says:

    Is it my ears or does that sample sound like an audience recording?

  44. Pete says:

    Another release which will probably be part of Archives III, due for release in 2027.

    • Rogério says:

      Archives III will likely cover the late seventies and early eighties, so no, this definitely won’t be included in the box.

  45. David Rubin says:

    Funny how this deluxe release is 4 lp’s 2 cd’s and a dvd for JUST $99.98. This is a really good deal if one considers that his After The Gold Rush is 1 lp, 1 single 45, and a litho(no one really wants) for the WOPPING amount of $99.00.
    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. The difference is nothing but money hungry industry men looking to gain as much as possible off one of Neils best lp’s, if not THE best lp before the streaming Archive service takes off.
    After 50+ years of purchasing every legit release on lp, cd, bluRay, 8-track, and Cassette, this will be the first that will not grace my collection.
    Sorry Neil but as I said earlier THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

    • Jan Spring in 't Veld says:

      i think his webshop is called “Greedy Hands” I think it is a pity that there is no dvd stand alone release. He is going for the Deluxe editions so not good.

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      What exactly is outrageous?

      After The Goldrush for $99? Which I agree is outfuckingrageous!

      Way Down In The Rustbucket for $99.98? Which I reckon isn’t a bad price for 4LPs, 2CDs & a DVD? Having LPs & CDs in the same box is OK with me, I collect both. However I understand others will disagree.

      Or both?

  46. Arjan says:

    Apologies it it was explained before but why 11.5?
    How do the catalogue numbers work for this live archive?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The numbers are chronological relating to the time of the gig. Since Bluenote Cafe (1988) is 11 and Dreamin’ Man (1992) is 12, this has to be 11.5

      • Philip Wilson says:

        Can’t wait for 11.25 and 11.75!

      • Arjan says:

        That does make sense!
        Thank you Paul for this response and giving us this great website!

      • Mark says:

        This goes up to eleven

        … point five.

      • Rashers says:

        Curious about the numbering – there are a bunch of really excellent soundboard recordings from the 1989 Freedom tour. Neil did a series of solo concerts – part of one was released as a live VHS concert tale. Sooner or later, one presumes, this material will get an official release: far superior to the Blue Note Cafe material.
        Pity that this comes with a – 20 years out of date DVD – rather than a Blu-Ray (although perhaps the DVD will have high resolution audio).

  47. Gisabun says:

    No Blu-ray? Sucks. [Although I’m suspecting the footage may not improve much if on a Blu-ray as the video is 30 years old.]

    • Arthur O'Brien says:

      It’s probably originally recorded on VHS. If anything, the limitations from that source would be even more apparent on Blu-ray than on DVD.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      Age doesn’t matter – the source does. Movies from 80 years ago have been remastered to HD standard, but Unless it was shot on film it will not benefit from blu-ray. The same with old tv shows – if shot on film they can be digitally remastered to HD standard but if on video you can clean them up a bit but not to HD standard so putting them out on blu ray would be like burning a dvd quality movie onto a 4K disc & expecting it to be 4K quality just because it’s on a 4K disc.

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