Neil Young / Homegrown

Neil Young / Homegrown

Unreleased album from 1975 emerges

Neil Young‘s unreleased album Homegrown will be issued on CD and vinyl next month.

Originally scheduled for release in 1975, the album has remained in the vaults since that time. Young calls the warm, semi-acoustic records “the unheard bridge between Harvest and Comes a Time”.

Seven of the songs are previously unreleased on any album, while different versions of five songs would appear on later Neil Young albums (such as American Stars ‘n Bars, Decade and Hawks & Doves). You can listen to ‘Try’, below.

Neil plays guitar, piano and harmonica on the album, and is accompanied by musicians including Levon Helm, Ben Keith, Karl T Himmel, Tim Drummond, Emmylou Harris and Robbie Robertson.

The vinyl edition was originally going to be a Record Store Day release, but that version (which was still black vinyl but included a print of the album cover and a printed inner sleeve) is now available in June along with the standard vinyl, but only via participating RSD stores.

Homegrown is released on 19 June 2020.

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Neil Young

Homegrown - black vinyl LP without print unless indicated


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Neil Young

Homegrown - CD edition


  1. Separate Ways  3:33
  2. Try  2:49
  3. Mexico  1:40
  4. Love Is A Rose  2:16
  5. Homegrown  2:47
  6. Florida  2:58
  7. Kansas  2:13
  8. We Don’t Smoke It  4:50
  9. White Line  3:14
  10. Vacancy  3:59
  11. Little Wing  2:08
  12. Star Of Bethlehem  2:45

40 responses to Neil Young / Homegrown

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  2. mac man says:

    Homegrown finally sees the light of day after a mere 45 years wait , After Harvest of course NYs direction of travel was heading for the ditch few would have done that but then this is the sound of a genius at work , so who are we mere mortals to criticise . HG contains a few absolute gems , the very personal Mexico penned in the wake of his separation from Carrie Snodgrass , and my personal favourite Vacancy , absolute classic NY and could have lived quite comfortably on Harvest .Other highlights the delicate Little Wing , and Star of Bethlehem have already seen the light of day on other projects as does the title track , all in all a welcome addition to his huge canon of work .

  3. David Bly says:

    I already ordered a copy of the LP with the print from Rough Trade US, so I am looking forward to that, but also…

    I am on the mailing list and yesterday they sent an e-mail about this album, among other things. What I hadn’t seen listed before anywhere is a Japanese SHM-CD, which they have for €29.99 + shipping.

    I am debating whether to spend the extra money or not, or if I should just get a regular US CD. I know I bought a couple of SHM-CDs in the past, but I don’t remember how much better (or not) they are, as I might’ve not had a regular CD to compare them with.

    Can anyone out there tell if it is worth it, or not?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s ‘worth it’ for sound. I sometimes get them if the packaging is enhanced/different to the standard, but NY CDs normally come in quite nice card vinyl replica packaging anyway.

  4. Matt says:

    Really hope NY Archives 2 does emerge … I’ve managed t hold off buying the Songs For Judy and Roxy CDs figuring that I will get them soon in the box! I did crack and get Tuscaloosa, but at least I won’t have half the box set before starting like the last one. At least there I had the advantage that going to BluRay was a massive sonic upgrade …

  5. I think part of the reason some people are so disappointed with what Neil Young releases is that he tells us about (or we already know about) so many possible releases that he could never sate everyone’s appetites. I find that he releases more than enough old stuff to keep me interested–in fact, I can’t exactly keep up with them all–and I just pick them up over time. That being said, I DO pick up some right away (like this one, ordered through a local indie to get the vinyl and print), and some I wait awhile for. And there are a few (very few!) that I just pass on.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was blown away by the Hitchhiker album. Pure class and it really was like some lost classic.

  6. George Steven Cleere says:

    As with Paul McCarney; I hope that Neil and I are still both alive when all of the stuff I want to hear comes out…. ;->

  7. Jim says:

    I’m a big enough fan of Neil that I decided that it made more sense just to pay the membership fee for the archives, as most of the material there is 24/192.

    • Kevin Pascual says:

      My record player is unfortunately 3000 miles away. I’ll just opt for the NYA subscription. But this is gold.

  8. Charles says:

    I guess this is how he’s releasing’Archives’ 2 and 3…piecemeal over the years. All these ‘lost’ albums feel like a convenient way to release all the tracks that were supposed to fill out the remaining Archives sets but with higher profits.

    I don’t believe these were lost albums personally and really don’t care but it’s frustrating to have to buy albums with tracks I already have just to get the ones never heard instead of a nice box set of all unheard tunes. Why sell them all at once for $60 when you can string them out for an eventual $140. This is pure record label tactics with his full support I suspect.

    Archives 1 was essentially a greatest hits package with a few extras and nothing has been released related to this planned box set series that lives up to the hyped initial announcements from 20 years ago or so it feels like now. I’m done with these types of releases from him and will just catch the never released tracks via streaming. I love ya’ Neil but after 30 years of false promises and fast ones I’m out. Always down for his release of all new material though, he’s still on top of his game creatively, just horrible at legacy releases.

    • Kevin says:

      Neil never once said they were “lost”. They just were not released. And if you were to pay attention, you would know archive #2 is slated to be released in august.

    • noyoucmon says:

      “Archives 1 was essentially a greatest hits package with a few extras”–not even close to accurate.

      • Charles says:

        Sorry, when 75% of a box is previously released it’s not a rarities archive and I’ll believe the amAugust release when I see it. At the rate of their release schedule Archives 3 should be out sometime in the 2030’s.

        Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word ‘lost’ to describe the extra tracks, it was meant to apply to the proposed albums in the first place.

    • DProkopy says:

      “Homegrown” has been known about for years. “Star of Bethlehem” was first on “Decade,” and I believe he mentions the album there. So this definitely isn’t some attempt in 2020 to throw a bunch of random songs together and call it a “lost album.”

    • Rogerio says:

      I for one prefere this kind of release – the album as it was originally intended, with dedicated packaging and so on. Way better to listen than to put together the tracks from a box set on my computer to virtually reconstruct an unreleased album.

  9. Brian Burhans says:

    I’ve preordered the Japanese CD but NOT from Amazon, as the way they pack their CDs for shipment often results in damage. is where I always buy my Japanese CDs…they pack them properly and I have never received a damaged item, not so much as a dented corner of a super deluxe box set.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Every single shipment I have received from CDJapan – without exception – I had to pay import VAT and other associate charges on. Amazon Japan take that out of the equation with their import fees deposit which makes it a far more attractive proposition.

    • bruce kelso says:

      hi brian, cd japan is not shipping any orders out. japan post has stop shipping close to every where in the world, go to their site and see. if I were you I would cancel your order thill this virus is under control.

  10. Dirceu says:

    Wish NY do a 50th anniversary of CSNY’s Deja Vu….

  11. Paul says:

    What happened with the Ragged Glory Vinyl reissue supposedly with a bonus record of Unreleased tracks.

  12. Steve gilmour says:

    Seriously does anyone need to hear Greendale again…in any form???

  13. Steve gilmour says:

    So…no Archives 2…no Budokan….no chrome Dreams…..but I’ll take this

  14. Tom M says:

    Rough Trade UK LP with print sold out online already. Better hustle on this one.

    • Michel Kempes says:

      RT US has them… 15000…. What about limited? 1500 UK and 15000 US… What about The Netherlands ect…

    • CraigE says:

      Yeah the RSD version with print has sold out some places as this was announced last week, been up for order since then

  15. Davey Sussex says:

    Pre-ordered from Amazon UK as they price is 50% off at the moment. Surprised that the full price would be £20.00 though that seems mighty pricey for a CD.

  16. Alan Blevin says:

    This is the first of 5 Archives releases Neil has announced for this year.It’s confirmation gives me hope that the other 4 will happen as scheduled.The release schedule is
    31 July-Back To Greendale.Live album plus film of a 2003 Toronto concert of the Greendale album with .Crazy Horse complete with actors and stage settings.He has been previewing a song a week on the Archives site
    21 August-Archives Volume 2.The big one-10 cds plus a DVD covering the years 1973 to 1976.Includes the already released Tuscaloosa,Roxy and Songs For Judy..The only other confirmed disc is a live album from the Zuma tour taken from shows at the Hammersmith and Budokan which is also the basis of the DVD.The Homegrown tracks are likely to be included but mixed in with other recordings rather than as a stand alone album.
    16 October-Down In The Rust Bucket.Live album plus film of a Crazy Horse show at a small club called the Catalyst at the outset of the Ragged Glory tour.Again he has been showing a song a week on the web site.
    27 November-Young Shakespeare.Live album plus film of a solo show done within a few days of the Massey Hall concert that was in Volume 1.Yet again previews have been on site.There was some mention this would be part of an expanded After The Gold Rush but lately it is being referred to as a stand alone.
    Will be a great year to be a Neil fan if this happens.Another good reason to stay safe.

    • DAVID LAWSON says:

      If I interpret this correctly three albums we have already paid for plus the tracks form a fourth will be in this package. Do you think the option to buy some CDs separately as with Archives Vol 1 will available. Much as I love Neil buying the same thing twice does not appeal!

      • DaveM says:

        @David, agree, this is disappointing as a similar thing happened with Archives 1. I was really hoping that already released live stuff wouldn’t be mixed in with the unreleased. Also, I hope that already released core album remastered stuff isn’t included as well, as again this happened last time.

    • Donal Murphy says:

      While I did see the multiple 2020 release schedule, i can see some of these being pushed out, as it would mean too many releases between July & December.

      Having said that, its been an incredible release schedule in recent years, all top grade quality from different points in his unmatched career. I have been getting the Studio vinyl box sets, 3 released so far, so up to 1979.

      The next one will be interesting, as there are two Reprise albums, and then his next 5 albums were with Geffen

  17. Nuno Bento says:

    At long last! Instant pre order. I’m pshyched to finally get my hands on this

  18. Stephen says:

    Excited to finally hear this. Amazing cover art, too.

    • Alan Blevin says:

      This was the cover originally designed and submitted to the label for the album’s intended release in 1975.

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