New Eric Clapton album ‘I Still Do’ available in two deluxe editions


Eric Clapton‘s forthcoming album I Still Do, will be available as two limited deluxe editions, including the ‘Vacuum-tube USB + CD Deluxe Denim Box’.

I Still Do is a 16-track recording, committed to two-inch tape, with legendary producer Glyn Johns (who also produced Clapton’s iconic Slowhand) at the helm. The analogue nature of the recording is reflected in the ‘vacuum-tube’ USB stick included in the box, designed to evoke the recording process reminiscent of the heyday of rock ‘n’ roll.

The box is wrapped  “to resemble Eric’s vintage jean jacket” and essentially contains three items:

  • • Ten behind-the-scenes polaroid-style photos from the making of I Still Do
  • • The album on CD
  • • A Custom Vacuum-tube USB

Vacuum-tube-USB-768x768 (1)The USB stick contains:

  • • Two bonus tracks unavailable on standard release: Lonesome and Freight Train
  • • 45-minute special featuring intimate interview footage of Eric Clapton, Glyn Johns and Paul Whitehouse, behind-the-scenes clips of recording session, live performances and more
  • • Hi-definition WAV files of full 12-track I Still Do album
  • • Can’t Let you Do It lyric video and Spiral music video
  • • Album artwork


If you’re not bothered about the ‘denim’ box with photos, CD etc, you can purchase the USB stick on its own, and it comes with all the contents listed above.

The album, with its Peter Blake designed cover, is also available on CD and vinyl as you might expect. It’s out on 20 May 2016.

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Eric Clapton

Limited USB Stick + CD in Denim Box

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Eric Clapton

Limited Custom Vacuum Tube USB Stick

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Eric Clapton

I Still Do vinyl LP


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Eric Clapton

I Still Do vinyl CD


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I Still Do Vacuum-tube USB + CD Deluxe Denim Box

UK/Rest of World fans:

USA/Canada fans:

Vacuum-tube-USB-768x768 (1)

I Still Do Vacuum-tube USB only.

UK/Rest of World fans:

USA/Canada fans:


  1. Alabama Woman Blues
  2. Can’t Let You Do It
  3. I Will Be There
  4. Spiral
  5. Catch The Blues
  6. Cypress Grove
  7. Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day
  8. Stones In My Passway
  9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
  10. I’ll Be Alright
  11. Somebody’s Knockin’
  12. I’ll Be Seeing You

49 responses to New Eric Clapton album ‘I Still Do’ available in two deluxe editions

  1. Julian H says:

    Why not a CD/DVD edition!!!

  2. Daniel H says:

    Well said, andrewR! I’m rather into the box itself than mainly into discussions in prices and bargains which – I’m sorry to say – sometimes seem to be endless. The “D” in SDE stands for DELUXE and seldom does deluxe mean something cheap (in price).

    I just bought the Clapton Deluxe Box and it really looks fine to me, especially with the vacuum-tube USB. Hardcore collectors: Watch out that you get your copy of the box with the printed white cardboardbox.

  3. Mike Sippie says:

    For anyone who just wants the CD with one of the bonus songs “(Freight Train)” on it, go for the Japense SH-M edition for about 28.00. No frills no box nothing but the CD with one of the extra songs. I don’t know why they did not put both bonus cuts, but it’s 50/50 you like them both. ordered mine from e Bay for 29.00 with shipping due in the next week. I like what I heard so far, hopeful Freight Train will be one of them…cheers, Mike

  4. Sean says:

    I cancelled the Canada order and went with the Spain…got it for $50 including Global shipping

  5. Alan Wilson says:


    The release date on the Denim box is the 20th June that’s why it hasn’t shipped yet.
    The Vacuum-tube release date is the 1st June.

  6. Alan Wilson says:

    Good reduction on the Deluxe set today from Amazon Spain, that’s around £35 delivered to the UK

  7. Kitty Stuart says:

    Can’t wait to hear this. Does anyone know if the Freight Train on it is to old Rocky Burnette song? Loved that one.

  8. Sean says:

    I preordered the Denim box from Amazon Canada and it never shipped and now says one to two month for delivery??? Anybody heard anything as to why?

  9. Gino says:

    Hi Paul, do you know if the deluxe sets will be available at the USA amazon site soon?

  10. Mark Phillips says:

    Sorry but the vacuum tube (valve) made me smile. I think it looks fab, even though it’s still a bit too expensive. In fact it’s one of the best-looking USB drives I’ve ever seen!

  11. Matt Charles says:

    Thanks for updates!

  12. Iain Hotchkies says:

    I am a sucker for this crap. My finger’s been hovering over the BUY button, and then I remember I can’t recall the last Clapton album I listened to more than a couple of times. Sigh.

    Resist. Must resist.

  13. andrewR says:

    It’s called SDE for a reason if you all want basic cd’s then just go to Amazon , this site is for lovers of luxe

    I want all the silly bits and pieces that’s why I come here. If I can save money into the bargain job done .

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Now I tend to prefer discs to play music from, but I love the valve USB. I wonder if it lights up.

      • Mike the Fish says:

        …mind you looking closer it does look half valve, half radiator part. Strange design.

      • RikTheHib says:

        I got my pack yesterday – I plugged in the Vacuum tube USB and waited…. (like you used to have to with Valves) – sadly it did not light up.
        I really wished it would have. Would have made it perfect.
        Still – cool extras on the USB and a great album from ‘God’.

  14. Daran says:

    Does the question of the future interest / viability of record co’s to continue with SDE’s come down to content vs trinkets? Removing the latter I have no problem with, but I am surprised people moan about some extra content such as photos, books and video/DVD’s. I mean what is a SDE without that stuff? I can understand the mirth toward the valve USB stick (it would look odd sticking out of your AV / Hi-Fi player) – a nice brushed steel USB stick with have sufficed. But come on, if you start taking away the other added content then don’t you just have a standard release? What is the essence of an SDE, and do we want to preserve that? If we don’t then it won’t take much pursuasion for the record co’s to stop doing them totally, and then all we will be left with is cheap digi-pak CD’s, downloads and our fading memories of the ‘good old days’. They may have got this SDE wrong, but I applaud them for doing something. It’s not as absurd as the MJ piece of chalk after all.

    • andrew R says:

      +1 Totally agree with you on all fronts .You said what i was trying to put across
      but more succinctly .Bravo!

    • peter says:

      I totally agree with you as far as a general overview of SDE goes.
      The problem here, in my opinion, is that apart from the trinkets, there is no content at all.
      I mean, the standard cd is 12 tracks, all you got as added bonus with the SDE is just 2 more songs, and much useless trinkets.
      We’re very close to U2 ‘No Line On The Horizon’ territory here.
      That one in my opinion is the ‘zero level’ parameter.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      I’ll take an £8.99 digipak over a £65 box set that’s only real value is TWO extra songs any day. I don’t own a single Eric Clapton release however, this site gives people a platform to give their opinion whether it be positive, passive or negative and looking for the merits of this release, I honestly can’t see any!

      • Daran says:

        Okay, but what if there are no extra songs left over? Some bands write only the exact number of songs needed for the album. That’s very common. Following your logic then these albums would never get SDE’s would they. Do you value some naff songs (maybe covers) or remixes that are quickly knocked up and recorded just so the song count clocks up enough to enable an SDE to be produced? Would that make things better, or the value prop more attractive? Can’t see it myself. The Clapton box set is a bit odd and expensive, but if it doesn’t sell it will reduce in price. It will find it’s price level based on desirability, and that comes down to a lot of factors. It’s better they put something out as opposed we all mope around SDE complaining that there are no new deluxe releases. That day may not be too far away.

        • RJSWinchester says:

          To me it’s all about the music. The packaging and gimmicky paraphernalia are very much secondary considerations when it comes to box sets. I’m not sure that a new album warrants such an expensive deluxe edition but if EC fans and collectors really want or need the extra junk on offer here, who am I to complain?!

        • Julian H says:

          I’d bet that there are many outtakes from every EC album, including this one.

    • Martin says:

      I agree with you, it’s great that they do something and I don’t thing they got it all wrong with this box…
      (The MJ chalk was really a funny thing)

  15. andrew R says:

    Why all the whining be lucky that people still want to put this much effort into
    an essentially dead medium. Ifind this more interesting than floyds marbles
    i didn’t see the same level of vitriol aimed at that. The sticking point might be the price.
    At £45 i daresay they would be flying out. As always no likey no buyee!

  16. Paul Wren says:

    Old school analogue vacuum tube that is a digital vehicle – just go and buy an old vacuum tube on Ebay or something like that if you want one and probably get it a lot cheaper. What will they think of next?

  17. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Apparently the cover painting is meant to depict Eric right after someone told him about the denim box and USB stick.

  18. BritinDetroit says:

    Early contender for lamest edition of the year.

  19. Rock Roll says:

    Too bad this isn’t being released on RSD. Nice collector’s item. This is how the to keep the hobby going. LOL Old dogs do have new tricks.

  20. peter says:

    Only 16 comments so far including mine, most of them negative, prove the very limited interest in a product like this, which is clearly a rip-off.

  21. Edu says:

    What are the 16 tracks? The standard version has 12 tracks and 2 more in the box. What are the two missing? Tks

  22. Wazza says:

    Oh dear god (no pun intended) who the f$&k comes up with this crap

  23. SimonP says:

    Strangest looking valve I’ve ever seen. They usually have pins on the bottom and plug into a socket, but that one seems to screw in using a spanner…

  24. Panda Ho says:

    Be aware that this is a CD-sized box set, not a LP-sized box set.

  25. RJSWinchester says:

    It’s all a bit naff and OTT for a new single disc album that’s only going to really appeal to old (60+) blokes that should know better.

  26. Paul E. says:

    Going with the Radio Tube USB – for sport only. Can’t wait to fire up my laptop in a client meeting with the presentation files running off that thing. Should help sort the REAL Clapton fan(s) in the room. Good times!!

  27. elliott buckingham says:

    £40 for a usb stick err no

  28. Eric says:

    “The box is wrapped “to resemble Eric’s vintage jean jacket”… ”

    We have officially jumped the shark. No wonder people thought the Wham! shuttlecocks were genuine!

  29. Boaz Halachmi says:

    The USA/Canada store ships worldwide and it’s $60 for the set and not £65.
    Best to get it from there to all countries.

  30. Richard says:

    A good example of how a simple 12 track album can get from an easy £10 purchase to a bloated £65 rip-off.

    If you have the CD you don’t really need the WAV and vice-versa – presumably both will be available separately. The videos are superfluous and usually end up online. Photos add little.

    • Gis A. Bun says:

      I don’t care for the trinkets either. I care for the music.
      Not spending 5 times the CD price to get two extra tracks [I would assume to be inferior to the 12] and a 45 minute video.
      Almost as bad as that Elton John/Leon Russell “Union” fiasco where the DVD on the CD/DVD edition was a wopping 7 minutes.

  31. RJSWinchester says:

    “USB stick included in the box, designed to evoke the recording process reminiscent of the heyday of rock ‘n’ roll”

    April’s Fool Part 2?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not really bothered why they did it, but I like how it looks, and especially the design of the smaller box.

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