New movie box set blog SuperDeluxeBluray launches today!

SuperDeluxeBluray / New blog

We love bringing you all the latest news and reviews on super deluxe music box sets, but like most of you, we also LOVE movies, particularly on high definition BLU-RAY!

So we are proud to announce that a new sister blog launches today called SuperDeluxeBluray

Just like this blog, SuperDeluxeBluray will concentrate on box sets, but of course these will be movie box sets. All Blu-ray releases – no DVDs, unless they are included in so-called ‘combo’ boxes where you get Blu-ray, DVD and sometimes digital copies.

The new blog will focus on high end deluxe sets – boxes with special packaging, limited edition releases, exclusive releases that might only be available in specific countries, and career-spanning sets from the world’s best directors.

I hope you will take a look. There are quite a few posts up already, and a competition is up and running for someone to win a Blade Runner 20th Anniversary Box Set.

You can also join in the fun on the SuperDeluxeBluray facebook page and follow the blog on twitter.

Thank you!

3 responses to New movie box set blog SuperDeluxeBluray launches today!

  1. Jens Iwarson says:

    Great addition for my great addiction !!

  2. Rami says:

    Pretty cool! Will this blog also include concerts and CD+BR releases?

  3. AlanDistro says:

    Awesome idea. While I don’t geek out as much over bluray releases (unless the bonus features are different, I’m fine with the standard release) as I do music releases, it will be an easy way to keep up on new titles. Just so long as there’s no slow down over here on the music side. =)

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