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That’s a lot of vinyl for one album, but this super deluxe edition of New Order‘s forthcoming Music Complete album is excellent value for what you get.

The box contains the new album on double clear vinyl and then extended versions of all 11 tracks across six further coloured vinyl records. The Peter Saville art directed set also comes with and HD audio download and is only £65 via the New Order online store.

The album is released on 25 September, although the boxes aren’t going to ship until early November.



Music Complete / 2LP black vinyl

Music Complete / CD

For clear vinyl and deluxe vinyl box set shop via the New Order store


01 “Restless”
02 “Singularity”
03 “Plastic”
04 “Tutti Frutti”
05 “People On The High Line”
06 “Stray Dog”
07 “Academic”
08 “Nothing But A Fool”
09 “Unlearn This Hatred”
10 “The Game”
11 “Superheated”

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  2. Piotr says:

    As I mentioned some time ago the official store wanted UKP50 for postage of the box set to Australia. On top of that, the VAT was not being removed at checkout so I gave up.
    Through Amazon UK, with VAT removed and super low postage it comes in at UKP66 which is nearly UKP50 less than it would be from the official store. I ordered mine.

  3. Jose says:

    I just received my box… ordered the sucker on the first day the store went up. No autographs or anything.

    I see the box, asu u guys say, as a very Saville-ly thing. Are there better designed boxes out there? Sure.

    (ahem, Pixies Minotaur anyone?)

    Still the extended mixes are simply superb, much better (mostly) than the original lp… and that is difficult since the album is superb.

    Im so glad they finally put out a great album worthy of their old days.

  4. Steven says:

    Amazon will sell the box from november, 27th.

    As for today the price is 10 Pounds more expensive than through the New Order website. But I think that will depend on the sales until then, altough the website states it out of stock.

    Here’s an unboxing video of the box, which is in my opinion poorly crafted, but the content is still worth the money!

  5. Don says:

    It appears there are three different versions of Restless called the “extended mix”: 1. Box set (9:30) 2. CD single (8:14) and 3. Japan bonus track (7:09).

    I have the first two but not the third. I wonder if it’s just a different edit? New Order is really flying all the flags with these remixes. Wow.

  6. negative1 says:

    i agree, the staples are a minor detail, that doesn’t detract from the overall set at all.


    • Jim Ingles says:

      Well, to say this limited set, when even the USA purchasers are getting the import pressing, is over-priced, isn’t entirely true. We spent the 80’s into the 90’s and beyond, before the Internet took over, hunting down pricey 12″ & cd singles and rare tracks. To have a limited box set containing basically the whole album on clear double vinyl, a set of colored vinyl 12″ singles, a couple of stickers, an MP3 download, a hi-res download, of both regular and extended versions… Add it up, the price is actually fantastic, as is this album. If this is the new new order, I’ll take more please! Money well spent compared to other “collector’s editions.”

  7. Jamie says:

    I’m based in the UK and just received my box set this morning. Sadly I didn’t receive one of the autographed ones, but my biggest disappointment is actually the box itself.

    It is a light shade of grey with “Music Complete” debossed into it – very understated – but Warner has ruined it with ugly visible silver staples. At this price point I would expect something better than folded and stapled cardboard!

    This could have been perfect but somebody at Warner decided to save a couple of pounds by making the box as cheaply as possible. I wonder if Peter Saville is aware of how his classy design has been ruined by a few staples?

    • trash says:

      Well you are pretty lucky in that at least you got what you had ordered…

      I actually received a boxed set of some French artist that I have never heard of! Total F**K up, not happy at all having waited for this for months.

      I hope that they get the item I ordered over to me asap!

    • Darren B says:

      The staples are in fact a very Peter Saville thing to do, it looks amazing.

  8. negative1 says:

    Got the deluxe boxset today. Many others in the US have it now also.

    The build quality is good, the box is heavy and held together with staples. The colored vinyl looks great, and all come in black sleeves. There is an oversized booklet, 2 stickers, and 1 sheet with the credits.

    The mixes are just that, extended versions ranging from the same length to up to 3 minutes added. Some are much better than others. You get a card with a download code for mp3 files and hd flac.

    Unfortunately, the files are all brickwalled. I have ripped the vinyl myself, and its slightly better. Beware.

    here are the times

    01. Restless – Extended Mix 09:30:00

    02. Singularity – Extended Mix 07:34:00

    03. Plastic – Extended Mix 09:07:00

    04. Tutti Frutti – Extended Mix 08:05:00

    05. People On The High Line – Extended Mix 07:52:00

    06. Stray Dog – Extended Mix 06:31:00

    07. Academic – Extended Mix 08:57:00

    08. Nothing But A Fool – Extended Mix 09:32:00

    09. Unlearn This Hatred – Extended Mix 05:26:00

    10. The Game – Extended Mix 07:25:00

    11. Superheated – Extended Mix 07:39:00

    Some copies are autographed, mine was not.

  9. Piotr says:

    Delivery cost to Australia UKP50. No thanks.

  10. Steve says:

    Was going to get this but…… They don’t take the tax off for delivering outside the EU and changing 50 pounds to ship to New Zealand!

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  12. Aaron says:

    I’ve been trying to purchase the limited box set for a month through the new Order online store however there’s been as issue with the Delivery Method/Shipping quotes with no pricing for delivery to Australia (It’s not gonna be cheap). I’ve contacted Warner Music a few times via the NO store website and have received a reply stating “the issue is known, trying to find a fix”. However I’m still waiting for a fix so I can proceed with my order.

  13. Michael says:

    Jan & Ed – 25 August – Regarding the extended remixes as digital files – see Comment from Chris (12 August) containing response from Customer Service.

    “We can confirm that if you’ve ordered the box set you’ll receive the standard digital album (as MP3 and HD files) on the 25th September, then when the box is dispatched in November it will contain a download code for you to access the extended versions (HD and MP3 versions).”

  14. Paul says:

    I just received the Japan “Music Complete” CD pressing and it, of course, contained a bonus track: “Restless” Extended Mix. This mix is superb and I can’t wait to hear the other album cuts in extended format. The HD tracks are also amazing and I’ve spent some time auditioning them on my new hi-res portable player (FiiO X5 2nd Gen). This release is shaping up to be in my top five for 2015.

  15. Jan says:

    Me too. Very dissapointed. Very upset. I hope that they will correct this.

  16. Ed says:

    Today I only received the downloads for the album, NOT the extended versions :-(

  17. Dominic says:

    Harrumph! Downloads not available yet today

    I’ve taken the opportunity to work from home today so I can listen to it a stupid amount of times. Yes, I am that sad

  18. Paul says:

    …yes I’m late. However, I must add to the fun. I’ve preordered the “Music Complete” CD that will also include the MP3 + HD downloads of the album. Additionally, I’ve purchased the “Restless” CD Single which will contain five versions of the track. Most interesting is the fact that the CD Single “Includes limited edition slipcase to hold all future CD singles from ‘Music Complete’”. If NO plans on releasing CD singles of all the songs then a deluxe 2 disc edition is out – perhaps a Super Deluxe 4 CD Edition maybe! Anyway, no need to order the vinyl box set as you can have it all on good old fashioned CD it seems!

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  20. Daniel says:

    As others have noted, the band does have a wonderful history with the 12″ single. I have moved so much in the past 20 years that vinyl is no longer an option for me (just too expensive because of the weight). But most of the intelligent music fans who regularly read this blog should know how these things work by now given the money-hungry corporate music business: the CD will be released without anything extra. Then in 6 months to a year the tracks that now feature on the vinyl will be added to a deluxe edition of the CD that will be release. Mastering will be poor so we will have to wait for some anniversary edition but that version will be missing some songs or album tracks will mysteriously be replaced by a live version. I think Elvis Costello is the paid consultant for every reissue given his history of the shenanigans I have described above.

  21. chris says:

    Ok, ok, ok! I just received a response back from customer service regarding the extended remixes as digital files:

    We can confirm that if you’ve ordered the box set you’ll receive the standard digital album (as MP3 and HD files) on the 25th September, then when the box is dispatched in November it will contain a download code for you to access the extended versions (HD and MP3 versions).

    Tada! Sweet! Color me very happy.

  22. 2wicky says:

    I really wonder – what’s this all about with those comments like
    ‘That’s a lot of money to ask for a product from a band that hasn’t had a good album since 1989.’
    I still think (and many of my friends also do) that the 2001 album ‘Get Ready’ definitely is one of the best New Order albums.
    It’s a bloody good Britpop album in New Order style, there’s not a single filler track on that album. I wished that they’d done more with Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan.. and also the 10mins remixes of Crystal are just great dancefloor smashes.
    I was disppointed of the following ‘Sirens call’ album but ‘Get Ready’ still is one of the most played cds of my New Order collection.
    If you take their debut ‘Movement’ for example, even the weaker Joy Division tracks have more punch and intensity. And basically my other favourite New Order ‘album’ is in fact their 12” collection ‘Substance’.. New Order was genius in their 12” versions.

    And to come back to the original topic – I would also be a buyer of a cd release of their remix versions of the new album, no interest in vinyl however. Just don’t have the space to stack up even more vinyl. And the cd does have a printed booklet which is lacking in a download, yet there are no pops and crackles :-)

  23. Adrian says:

    New Order have such a history with 12″ that I think its a nice idea, given that we don’t really have “singles” as such these days. Its reasonable price for the artefact if you want/ need it, and I’m pretty sure the remixes will appear on CD at some point, though wonder how crucial they will be.

  24. Jake says:

    I wasn’t going to bother with this, or the album at all actually, but then I heard the single, “Restless”. Have now ordered the box set on the strength of it alone!

  25. claudio says:

    …YES! a double cd with all the remixes included!!!

  26. Chris Squires says:

    Vinyl. I love it. It’s not always about the sound quality, although I am one of the fools who mostly thinks clean vinyl sounds better than digital. It is partly about nostalgia, the theatre of the operation. If I want a disco night with the Mrs. until 1.00am I will use Spotify to go from David Soul to The Specials but if I want to sit and actually LISTEN to a piece of music then Vinyl wins every single time. It’s why Classic Cars still exist and Steam Trains for that matter. Sometimes it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

  27. Mark Vick says:

    Anyone else think that Restless sounding very similar to my favourite New Order song “Dream Attack” off Technique? The rhythm guitar strumming, the drums eq’ed the same way, the tone and feel of the vocal?

  28. Stan Butler says:

    Well done Alan Hansen in saying what was the previously unspeakable.
    Gets on my thruppenies good and proper the media’s constant demonisation and gloating over the decline of CDs. I wouldn’t own a fraction of the music in my collection if I had had to buy it all on vinyl.

    I don’t hate vinyl, I do occasionally buy it. But it seems that the resurgence for it cannot be allowed to go hand in hand with continued support for a format which has been the bedrock of the “affordable” end of the remastered/reissue/ deluxe market over the last 20+ years.

    I collected all New Order’s vinyl back in the 80’s, but it was recorded immediately to cassette in order to prevent the dreaded pops and clicks that some would have you believe were so cherished. No they weren’t. They were bloody annoying.

    Yes, New Order haven’t made a decent album since Technique. A few good songs. Republic apart from Regret was tedious. First half of Sirens was good but I’ll never ever forgive the nadir that was Jetstream. I’m not too confident that a Hooky-less line up will redeem the situation.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      I have at least a ton of records in various locations around the house. I still buy in a few albums every month. What I don’t like about most of the reissues is it cannot be just the original album with slightly better sound. It has to be a multi disc version in a hand made felt lined, wooden box with led lights that blink in time to the music. (That last one isn’t a bad idea). I’ve purchased a few current ultimate reissues, but rarely play more than the original album. Most of the extras go untouched. The question is, do I need the NO box? Probably not. My daughter says yes cause she likes the rainbow of songs. I have the feeling it would get played once or twice and sit on a shelf forever.

  29. Don says:

    1. The statement on the web site clearly indicates that the extended versions will be available in HD and mp3 format, in November when the box ships. The only question is whether people who didn’t buy the vinyl set will be able to purchase them separately.

    2. Still hope for all the extended versions on CD at some point, but Rolling Stone is reporting that “Restless” WILL get the remix treatment on CD single:

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      well, apparently they are bringing out a companion release (on CD and D/L) 2 weeks after the main album, details TBA very shortly, I believe. Whether that will be brand new, slightly more club-culture remixes, or contain some or all of these ‘extended versions’ from the vinyl box set, remains to be seen…

  30. chris says:

    Well, I’ve sent off a question on the New Order web store site asking about the extended versions. My question was: will those who purchased the super deluxe vinyl box set receive a code for the MP3 / HD files of the extended remixes or are these separate from the super deluxe vinyl box set.

    I must admit their wording is a bit vague, but better to clarify it now than be let down when the release date hits.

  31. Frank C says:

    I like the idea that a great band is doing something creative and fun with a new release. The super deluxe box may seem like a money grab, but let’s face it. Most of the stuff on this site we’ve all purchased what, 5-6 times? I’m looking forward to the box set. I’m sure the sound quality will be superb. And what if the moon falls out of the sky and it’s signed? You never know.

  32. benoit says:

    They are also re-releasing singles in october and vynil from the last 3 albums.
    Singles is quite interesting

    New Order – Singles (Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 4LP Box Set)

    Category: Music, Vinyl LP, 180g Vinyl, Box Sets.
    SKU: LDN69620
    Availability: October 16, 2015

    Track Listing
    1. Ceremony
    2. Procession
    3. Everything’s Gone Green (7″ Version)
    4. Temptation (Original 7″ Version)
    5. Blue Monday
    6. Confusion (UK 7″ Promo Edit)
    7. Thieves Like Us (7″ Version)

    1. The Perfect Kiss (7″ Edit)
    2. Sub-Culture (7″ Version)
    3. Shellshock (7″ Version)
    4. State Of The Nation (7″ Version)
    5. Bizarre Love Triangle (7″ Remix Edit)
    6. True Faith (7″ Edit)
    7. Touched By The Hand Of God (7″ Version)
    8. Blue Monday ’88 (7″ Version)

    1. Fine Time (7″ Version)
    2. Round And Round (7″ Version)
    3. Run 2 (7″ Remix Edit)
    4. World In Motion (7″ Version)
    5. Regret (7″ Version)
    6. Ruined In A Day (7″ Edit)
    7. World (The Price Of Love) (7″ Version)
    8. Spooky (Radio Album Edit)

    1. Nineteen63 (Arthur Baker Radio Remix)
    2. Crystal (CD Single Mix)
    3. 60 Miles An Hour (CD Single Mix)
    4. Here To Stay (Radio Edit)
    5. Krafty (Single Edit)
    6. Jetstream (Radio Edit)
    7. Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (Rich Costey Radio Edit)
    8. Turn (Stephen Street Edit)
    9. I’ll Stay With You (Lost Sirens LP Version)

    • Neil says:

      I would rather they properly remastered their back catalogue albums as those 2008 so called remasters were horrible.

    • Aevion says:

      Interesting to see they’ve replaced a few songs with their shorter edits, and also placed 1963 where it should’ve been. I wish they’d replace the mixes of World and Spooky with the Perfecto and Fluke mixes respectively.

    • Aevion says:

      Also just noticed Run 2 is on there. Is that even possible considering the litigation issues?

      • Kiki says:

        I didn’t get the whole thing about the John Denver’s complain, but in my opinion, the lawsuit concerns every version of “Run”, not only the new version “Run2″…

      • Mike the Fish says:

        What are the issues with Run 2?

  33. Martin says:

    I just checked my email from them again and they definitely said 5 weeks ago that the Mixes are not included in the set. Maybe they have changed their mind… although I doubt it!!

  34. alan hansen says:

    @straker “why deinvent the wheel?” has GOT to be the title of a short story, essay, book, poem, or something… genius! thank you!

  35. thegreatelephant says:

    defo a republic fan- sound of the summer back then

  36. probablyrustin says:

    I would have hoped for a bit more value to the content. Sure, maybe the price is good for the physical material contained, but as for “extended mixes” that’s not doing much for me. An extra 40 quid for a few more minutes tacked onto the album and spread onto far too many sides… A collector’s item but not much more.

  37. Bridge says:

    What the hell is wrong with New Order’s UK site? I placed the order, then no email confirmation. I went through the Contact Us to ask if they can confirm my order – “Can’t complete your request, try again later”. Huh? “Please check our Help Center” – “We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found.” ?!?!?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It worked okay yesterday, because I ordered the box. Having said that my ‘immediate’ download of Restless didn’t materialise…

  38. Christian Fex says:

    Vinyl kills music!!!

    Sorry, just kidding – but please give CDs to those
    who like their music without crackle.

  39. martin farnworth says:

    good price for quantity. as for musical content I wouldn’t expect anything more than it being “quite good”. can but hope. the artwork looks like something saville could knock out in his sleep.

    • Metal Mickey says:

      Re. “something saville could knock out in his sleep”, the “True Faith” sleeve legendarily come about because he hit the deadline with no idea of what to do, and was sitting in his car about to go into the Factory offices to confess he had nothing, when a leaf landed on his windscreen… eureka! :-)

  40. Adam says:

    I think it looks great. Surely putting the mixes on vinyl only is a temporary measure – I’m sure they’ll surface somewhere eventually. I myself decided to save $40 or so and bought the 24/96 digital of First And Last And Always instead of the vinyl, but the possibility of the vinyl mixes being exclusive (at least for a time) and maybe getting a signed copy put me firmly in the vinyl column for this box.

  41. claudio says:

    …vinyl again… what for??????????????????????????????????????????

    • alan hansen says:

      vinyl again? why? to be hip, cool, and oh so fashionable! it’s amazing to me how many blu-ray watchers deride previous/inferior formats (and i DO mean this in the most clinical of senses, acknowledging that some discs are simply mastered and subsequently sound poorly), but will wax lyrical about vinyl. i OWN vinyl. i KNOW vinyl. i’ve bought, sold, traded, promoted, and had it as my primary source of income earlier in life. i’m now 50 and thank heavens for the recording and technological advances that brought us into the digital age that allow me the physical product known as the cd. with few exceptions, the digital format provides the consumer with the optimal listening experiencing. i still own over a thousands of pieces of vinyl (most have never been released on cd OR have impeccable artwork), but i don’t relish their pseudo-warm feel, pops, clicks, surface distortion, etc. and with the utmost respect to all of you, my fellow music lovers whose differing opinions i value, i will now adjourn to the kitchen for my morning cup of earl grey.

      • Straker says:

        I blame the Hippity-Hoppers…Once they started mastering surface noise onto CDs it messed with people’s minds and created this unthinking nostagia for something people hated at the time. I don’t care how good the pressing is or how bloody thick the vinyl is – At some point it’ll acquire a defect/surface noise.

        Why deinvent the wheel?

      • Wax Monster X says:

        Do I want this? Yes
        Will I buy it?. Probably not.
        What would tip the scale? A double CD including all the mixes in the box. That would make me part with 100.00 clams.

        Cheers to all the CD lovers. This supposed vinyl resurgence is just a way for the labels to grab more dough since they are dying. It’s a last gasp and really only the young’ins are falling for it. Vinyl in Hot Topic. Please. Even my 14 y.o. daughter won’t fall for this blatant ploy.

        Besides us old guys can’t be bothered anymore to get up and flip the disc over. At 52 I’ve flipped literally 1000’s of discs onto side 2. I’m done. LOL

  42. Saad says:

    Interesting comments about Republic as it is a much better album than New Order are given credit for. Sure they had a change in direction from Technique but was that a bad thing?

    Songs like Liar and Young Offender were different offerings agreed but also strong tracks in their own way. The singles were good tracks as choices and their diversity made them interesting choices.

  43. chris says:

    For those concerned about the remixes, this is what it says on the New Order store site:

    All orders receive Music Complete HD and MP3 digital files on the official release date 25th September. HD and MP3 digital files of the Extended Versions will be available when the box is dispatched.

    So, question is – does this mean the remixes will be available to those who bought the box set or will they be available separately?

  44. Darren says:

    For people who want extended mixes on CD there is once again nothing for us. So I won’t even be investigating this at all. There are plenty of other CDs catering to my needs anyway, so music has to fight for my time. Only the best need apply to be in my collection :)

  45. seikotsi says:

    Absolutely beautiful set. If you want to keep yourself from spending money on it, listen to the first single ‘restless’ first. That made me change my mind about pre-ordering.
    I may still buy this though, if I find out some other tracks are at least better than anything on ‘lost sirens’.

  46. Martin F says:

    Hi paul, I have contacted them re the Extended Version downloads and unfortunately they are NOT included in the set! Just the normal album! I have cancelled my order subsequently as I do not have a turntable. I hope they will release the extended versions one day on CD (preferred) or HD download.

  47. Glenn says:

    Mixes on CD please

  48. Tim says:

    That’s a lot of money to ask for a product from a band that hasn’t had a good album since 1989. The worst album by Electronic is better than the best NO album released post 1989, heck the lesser of the Monaco albums shames what NO has done since then. Sorry, they have to step up the quality of their output before they see any more of my money.

    • Straker says:

      I like Republic a lot but I take your point in general.

      They should stop playing silly buggers and put those mixes on CD. I mean, it’s not as if Saville has spent more than an afternoon putting those covers together!!

      • Tim says:

        Republic was a good ep with a bunch of bad b-sides added to it.
        It did, as you say, boast some of the best cover art across the lp and the singles for that time period. Coming off of the dreadful grunge years Very and Substance were refreshing to (literally) see.

    • Luis says:

      Who really cares what you think? This box is only for fans and fans are always supporting their favorite artists.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Please don’t leave comments if you are going to be rude. Tim is entitled to his opinion and you can be a fan but not like something. I will delete any future comments like this.

    • Sven says:

      They just did so.

    • Spacemoth says:

      The last good New Order album was actually Monaco’s Music For Pleasure. That was the proper missing link between Republic and Get Ready – and tellingly, it was released slap bang in the middle of the 8 year gap between those two NO albums.

  49. Soren says:

    Yes – the mixes on CD !

  50. Don says:

    I really hope the extended mixes will turn up on CD. Why not a 2CD deluxe like a-ha?

  51. Eric says:

    Does the download included include the extended mixes or are they truly vinyl-only?

  52. darren says:

    Tempting, very tempting…

  53. dominic says:

    I like the look of this a lot, it will certainly be a payday purchase.

    Hope Gillian’s been able to inject some synthy goodness back into proceedings ;-)

  54. This is where my refund from the cancelled Art of Noise box set went :-)

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