New SDE T-shirts for summer ’18

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve produced three new SDE-branded T-shirts all of which are available right now on the SDE shop.

Enjoy the summer this year, while underlining your credentials as a fan of physical music and an SDE reader, by securing one (or all) of these stylish garments. After two T-shirts without the SDE logo, we’ve relented and have three new variants!

The ‘Super Black’: black T-shirt with distressed logo on metallic silver > Shop Here.
The ‘Charcoal Deluxe’: dark grey T-shirt with the full colour SDE logo > Shop here.
The ‘Sporty Grey’:  light grey ‘marl’ T-shirt with an embroidered logo > Shop here.

The ‘Super Black’

Here is a video (with daughter Esme, helping behind the camera!) that shows off the three new designs. All these T-shirts, plus a lot more available via the SDE shop (for immediate despatch).

41 responses to New SDE T-shirts for summer ’18

  1. Pascal says:

    Pity the charcoal’s already sold out in size L.
    So ordered the super black instead.

  2. Stephen DC says:

    Ordered the charcoal one. I love the designs.

    • Stephen DC says:

      It arrived today and it is luurvely! Fits perfectly too. I feel super cool too [as in the dudey sense not the temperature sense]

      Now, let me look at the white option again….

  3. Pete Muscutt says:

    Mine came today (‘Super Black’) – very comfy, and it lasted a whole 90mins before I got milky sick on it from my week old son. I guess I was asking for that…!! Ah well, at least it’s been Christened!!

  4. Eric says:

    The charcoal deluxe is very nifty! I might be tempted….


  5. Reverb29 says:

    Ordered mine while stocks last , already going on eBay for £90 ;-)

  6. SimonP says:

    How do you hear your speakers properly when there is a dead 70s pop star standing in front of one of them?

  7. David S says:

    Still waiting for a ‘Deal Alert’ shirt, then I am Interested.

  8. Ken Murphy says:

    Any chance of a tour of the SDE “office” sometime?

  9. Christophe says:

    Ordered !! A real cool summer for SDE readers. A quick hello from Nice France Paul

  10. Simon says:

    Couldn’t help but notice the Wishbone Ash boxed set in the background.

    For anyone who is a fan of the band it is I think the best set I own. And I own a lot. Yes it is expensive but what you get is very generous. The book is by far the best of any of its type I have come across.

    • Chris Squires says:

      That Wishbone Ash set is on my wish (!) list.
      But like many here I have just plain run out of money and my wife has just plain run out of patience and my house has just plain run out of space.

      Make a 5XL Paul, then we’ll talk.

  11. Don Cooper says:

    As I live and breathe.Heavily.

    (couldn’t cobble together a tee of that long-haired geezer with the git behind you,could you Paul?) ;-)

  12. LeBaron says:

    Shut up and take my money !!! (2 t-shirts ordered before they sell out! )

  13. Aaron says:

    Love the raised pinky on the shot for the black one! Is that how you drink your Dog Of Two Head Status Quo beer??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure that pinky is ‘raised’ more like the two fingers in the middle are simply ‘depressed’ to keep the vinyl record stable, giving an impression of a ‘raised’ pinky…

      • Aaron says:

        Haha…you should never be ashamed of a raised pinky!!

        I’m back in Scotland next week and this is how I’ll be drinking my Tennants!!

    • Michael says:

      Aaron, please forgive me, but I find your comment about Paul’s photo offensive, implying and undeserving. Paul provides good information, discount pricing alerts and insight about music and recording artists we want to learn more about. Please know, other SDE bloggers appreciate and respect Paul and his family. If you feel otherwise, by all means have another pint of beer.

  14. Klaus says:

    Hi Paul, sorry to be the first to moan but: Why not in blue with black-in-white logo like the site has it?

  15. James K says:


    How much US$??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      T-shirts are £20. the shop tells you what the shipping is to USA. Around £5 I think.

  16. Auntie Sabrina says:

    I think I’ll order a pair for Harry and Meghan. I was going to send them a Recird Voucher…

  17. daveid76 says:

    You really should go into the underwear line. How about Super Deluxe Edition Y-fronts? In 3 sizes with the size printed as part of the design that can be read on the arse end that da yoof of today have exposed. For example the large size could say “12-INCH. SINGLE”. The SDE logo could be printed on the business end.

    Just an idea…

  18. David M says:

    “Hitchhiker vinyl model’s own”

  19. bigeyedfisher says:

    sorry, Gildan I caught it now.

  20. bigeyedfisher says:

    That black one is nice! great job Paul. Do we know what brand they are?

  21. Bob says:

    Great looking tees. Bless u though Paul, that pic with your leg on the sofa looking at a record brings to mind Damart catalogues…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s the look I was going for… :)

      • Willy says:

        Remember those 1970s catalogues where you’d have three guys in purple bri-nylon underpants, smiling together whilst fixing a motorbike.

        • Pete Muscutt says:

          Yeah come on, Paul – let’s be having the purple pants and motorbike shot! Maybe you could do a charity calendar with various box sets covering your modesty! No??? :-)

        • Auntie Sabrina says:

          Ugh, I need a lie dooooown….

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