Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Distant Sky: Live in Copenhagen vinyl EP

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are issuing a Distant Sky: Live in Copenhagen, a special 12-inch vinyl EP featuring audio from their Copenhagen Royal Arena show from last year.

The show was filmed in October 2017 and shown as a ‘one-night-only’ event in cinemas around the world in April 2018.

The 12-inch vinyl features four songs, and includes a performance of Distant Sky (from 2016’s Skeleton Tree) where the band were joined by Danish soprano Else Torp.

This vinyl record comes in a satin-finished sleeve and a printed inner. It will be released on 28 September 2018.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Distant Sky (Live In Copenhagen) - 12" EP [VINYL]


1. Jubilee Street
2. Distant Sky
3. From Her To Eternity
4. The Mercy Seat

17 responses to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Distant Sky: Live in Copenhagen vinyl EP

  1. diggity says:

    When the hell is coming the Blu ray??

  2. Nemo says:

    blu-ray please. don’t care about a f***ing vinyl with 4 tracks only

  3. Harrysmith3rd says:

    Why no full concert, seems pointless just four tracks

  4. Matthew Hudson says:

    I love Nick Cave and saw him live during that tour but £15 is too pricey for 4 tracks

  5. Phil H. says:

    Is that the worst Photoshop job ever?

  6. ashleyplath says:

    I love Nick Cave but I have enough versions of Mercy Seat and From Her To Eternity, thanks.

    • Cody says:

      The live version of Jubilee Street is a revelation, giving the song an entirely new life. It’s not worth buying this just for that, though.

  7. Bobbyjean says:

    This definitely needs cd bvd blu ray release for the full show.I wonder why there waiting

  8. Daniel says:

    That cover photo is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he releases the show on bluray+CD.

  9. elliott buckingham says:

    I don’t have a man-bun I do have facial hair however only because im to lazy to shave and cant afford the razors due to the ridiculous price of a 12″ single

    • Matthew Langhorn says:

      That’s actually a very good point, I was in the loft over weekend and found my 12” of the Pet Shop Boys Being Boring.
      It was still stickered and cost me £2.99!
      (Also is CD becoming the new vinyl?)

  10. Poptones says:

    Paul didn’t mention it but there will be a digital release too. I guess that’s why there’s no cd release. Totally understandeable. I don’t think there’s a market for cd-singles nowadays. That’s why it’s only 12inch and digital.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      A cd single in some kind of deluxe packaging could still be much cheaper than a vinyl 12″ and appeal to CD fans who want to hold the music in their hands.

  11. Kevin Galliford says:

    CD version please!!!Us CD buyers need looking after too.

  12. Eric says:

    As I do not have a man-bun, nor ironic facial hair, I do not buy vinyl. I want this on CD, damnit!!!

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