Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Push The Sky Away super deluxe edition

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Push The Sky Away Super Deluxe Edition box set

Nick Cave’s new album with the Bad Seeds is due in February 2013 and will be called Push The Sky Away.

A made to order super deluxe edition box set is being released with the contents encased in linen bound lift-off lid box.

This box set will include a CD and 180g vinyl version of the new album, a DVD with specially created visuals by artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, two exclusive exclusive seven-inch vinyl records containing non album bonus tracks, and most intriguingly an exclusive 120-page replica of Nick Cave’s handwritten, hand stamped and hand glued notebooks.

The notebook is described as: “an anatomy of the album, song by song. The multitude of written notes are painstakingly reproduced, a detailed dissection of each song, an autopsy with a runaway scalpel; dozens of unused verses, alternate song titles, rants and screeds, embarrassing digressions, photographs, drawings and scribbles that in a sane world should never see the light of day. Here Nick gives the listener an unprecedented insight into the mania of the songwriting process”.

There will also be a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Nick Cave (original signature limited to first 300 orders) and exclusive liner notes.

Although the album comes out on 18 February 2013, the box set won’t be delivered until April 2013. Howevever, you do get a digital download of the track We No Who U R, when you order from Nick Cave’s website upon purchase. (the box set will only be available from Nick’s site as far as we know).


1 We No Who U R
2 Wide Lovely Eyes
3 Water’s Edge
4 Jubilee Street
5 Mermaids
6 We Real Cool
7 Finishing Jubilee Street
8 Higgs Boson Blues
9 Push The Sky Away


Side 1
1 We No Who U R
2 Wide Lovely Eyes
3 Water’s Edge
4 Jubilee Street
5 Mermaids

Side 2
1 We Real Cool
2 Finishing Jubilee Street
3 Higgs Boson Blues
4 Push The Sky Away

Needle Boy
Lightning Bolts

1 Needle Boy
2 Lightning Bolts

8 responses to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Push The Sky Away super deluxe edition

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  3. richard says:

    Claudio…I think the same thing when people release cd only.

  4. Larry says:

    Eric is correct – and $39.o0 for shipping?!?!

  5. claudio says:

    …oh, no! vinyl version again? what for???

  6. richard says:

    I would have one if I could be sure of getting a signed one…..and I bet they don’t reply to my enquiry in time to find out

  7. eric slangen says:

    I just ordered the super de luxe box but what a terrible way to order. Not customersfriendly at all.

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