Nick Kamen / 2CD deluxe


Cherry Red will reissue model-turned-pop-star Nick Kamen‘s self-titled debut album as a two-CD deluxe edition in September.

The album, issued originally in 1987, spawned two top 20 hits in the UK, including the Madonna and Stephen Bray penned Each Time You Break My Heart, to which Madge also contributed backing vocals.

This new deluxe features a wealth of remixes from that era’s A-listers, including Shep Pettibone, Jellybean and Arthur Baker and there are six versions of Each Time You Break My Heart for you to enjoy across both CDs.

The Nick Kamen double-disc deluxe is out on 11 September 2015.



Disc: 1
1. Win Your Love
2. Open The Door To Your Heart
3. Nobody Else
4. Into The Night
5. Come Softly To Me
6. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
7. Each Time You Break My Heart
8. The Man In Me
9. Any Day Now
10. Help Me Baby
11. Baby After Tonight
12. Miss You
13. Each Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix)
14. Nobody Else (Arthur Baker Dance Mix)

Disc: 2
1. Each Time You Break My Heart (Extended Version)
2. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Extended Dance mix)
3. Nobody Else (Special Arthur Baker Dub Mix)
4. Win Your Love (The Love Mix)
5. Come Softly to Me
6. Each Time You Break My Heart (Dub)
7. Nobody Else (Jellybean 12” Version)
8. Each Time You Break My Heart (Extended Instrumental)
9. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Instrumental)
10. Each Time You Break My Heart (US Radio Mix)
11. Nobody Else (Jellybean Dub)

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  2. Paul Sinclair says:

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. I don’t want things to get out of hand and I think everyone has made their points, so I’m going to close this now to further comments. Cheers, Paul

  3. Darren says:

    Where are all the comments from ladies I wonder? It seems only males are interested in this post…..

  4. Richard says:

    the originality of this topic is getting very slippery


  5. AnonyMousE says:

    How, how sad when people think there are only UK and US charts. How narrow-minded…

  6. Terence Delaney says:

    George Michael & Wham! needed badly SUPER DELUXE EDITIONs for all

  7. Mark N says:

    There is obviously a market for this, otherwise the label wouldn’t waste their time.

    We got O’Chi Brown and Boy Krazy deluxes, and neither of them ever had a UK top 40 hit. But they appealed to the SAW fans.

  8. Neil says:

    Well one person liked the original album on Amazon so i suppose that warrants this deluxe version. I’m not knocking people for liking what they want even though i think this is garbage that’s just my opinion but i just find it bizarre that an album that never sold that well in the first place is getting this treatment when there are tons of other acts who are being totally ignored.

    • Darren says:

      Neil, you’re just saying the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways. Only this time you try a feeble attempt at justifying your view with “Well one person liked the original album on Amazon so i suppose that warrants this deluxe version”. That isn’t what you really think. You’re being sarcastic in a passive-aggressive sulky immature manner.

      There is no correlation between whether the number of Amazon reviews for this warrants a deluxe edition or not. The original has been out of print for over 20 years, so normal people wouldn’t expect there to be any Amazon reviews.

      However, if you believe that there is a correlation between the reviews and whether the reissue should happen, then I would draw your attention to what the reviewer says; the person said they have it on cassette and when they are angry they play it and find it helps calm them down. So, based on that review and the fact that we could all do with some stress relief in life, that makes it the perfect candidate for a reissue.

      • Neil says:

        There are plenty of albums on Amazon that have been out of print for years yet people are still leaving reviews on them. Is it not just the case that people don’t want to admit owning this piece of dirge rather than embarrasing themselves.

        • Neil says:


          • Darren says:

            There is no embarrassment in buying anything you enjoy. I’m perfectly happy to admit that I have CDs by Steps, Bucks Fizz, Hear’Say, Sonia, Big Fun, Shakin’ Stevens… etc. The reason why I can admit it is because there is no shame in enjoying pop music and I’m not insecure.

            This is merely you projecting the embarrassment within yourself that would come from having CDs that other people wouldn’t approve of. It is your insecurity coming out. Nothing to do with anyone else.

  9. Richard says:

    Carlton, No, i’m not gonna take anything bad on you … thanks for taking time and effort to put your thoughts on the screen. Most important part is “we” are stil having fun in talking about and listening to our favorite music, if it’s Nick Kamen or Neil Young. My collections runs from from Alquin to Zappa and From Yes to the Byrds.

    100’s of albums with great musical material from the past have never seen the daylight again in digital format, but more and more the 1 hit wonders are getting a 2cd set with 10 different mixes of just 1 top 40 hit/song.

    As i already said i never wish to bash anyone or anything, than the music industries .. it’s more about the money nowadays .. many labels are affraid to touch on an older album, without a huge sales figure instead of taking care of their legacy … anyway let’s ALL enjoy our favorite music. have a nice weekend everyone.


  10. Neil says:

    For somebody who was a one hit wonder i still don’t see what warrants this release. This album never even reached the top 30 in the UK stalling at number 34 and his other four albums didn’t even chart at all. It’s obvious what’s going on here as well with all these comments which i don’t think is even about the music but some sort of lovefest from a certain community.

    • Darren says:

      This release appeals to people who like something uplifting and fun. It’s really that simple.

      The fact that he’s easy on the eye in this photo is a bonus, but it’s not really got anything to do with why I’m buying it. That was just a bit of fun. All I really care about is what comes out of the speakers. They’re just great pop records. They appeal to people who like 80’s pop dance. The music was put together by the same writers and producers that Madonna used at the time and Madonna is on backing vocals for some of these tracks. The 12″ mixes are done by the best mixers of the day; the likes of Shep Pettibone, Arthur Baker, and Jellybean who you could usually rely on to create a great club track out of whatever they got their hands on.

      If you always need to have deep meaning and seriousness in your music then you’ll never get the appeal of this type of music and will remain bemused.

    • Eric says:

      “i don’t think is even about the music but some sort of lovefest from a certain community”.

      Well for some that may the case (and spinning that around, how about Blondie/Kim Wilde/Altered Images etc for us straight boys), but it’s a generalisation. If we can go on about our admiration for the pop ladies, why can’t others express the same for Nick Kamen? Besides, bottom line for me is this album has enough going for it in terms of 80s pop iconoclassicm to warrant a reissue. Madonna, Jellybean, WEA records. That’s a huhe chunk of the decade right there.

      • Darren says:

        Hehe. I deliberately said that comment about the cover just to see what response I got. I liked the idea of a few homophobes squirming in their seats at the idea of gay guys perving over Nick Kamen. Such fun! :)

  11. Eric says:

    Yeah, it’s a nice suit.

  12. Darren says:

    I love the music, but even if I didn’t I’d buy it just for the cover

    • Carlton Fisher says:

      Yeah, not sure how well he’s aged, but in the Levi’s commercial and that picture, he was about 200% doable.

  13. Eric says:

    There’s only good and bad music, or more precisely music that we think is good and bad. An 80s album with input from some of the most seminal pop talents of the era (Madonna, Jellybean etc) is no more or less deserving of a SDE than a bunch of hairy old codgers’ demos in a barn circa 1969.

  14. Richard says:


    I even have been dancing on those songs when i was young,

    Forgive me for my narrow mind, but i think the trouble of making a Deluxe Edition CD should be more exclusive to more grown up serious music .. once again sorry for my narrow thinking ( in this matter )


    • Carlton Fisher says:

      Which is all well and good, but who gets to decide what is “serious” music and therefore deserving of the effort?

      Does the artist need to have written all the songs? If so, we just wiped out half the Beatles first five albums.

      Do the songs need to be about “important” things? Now we just wiped out ALL of the first five Beatles albums.

      Does it need to feature technically amazing musicianship? Now we just wiped out pretty much ever punk rock and grunge era CD ever recorded.

      There are many people that would argue that the only “serious” music was written by Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Vivaldi, etc. Sure–I’ll buy them as “serious, but I don’t want a long string of reissues again and again and again.

      The point I’m trying to make is that there is no objective rubric by which you can declare and album “good” or “serious” or “artful” or whatever other label you would want put on it. I’m going to risk getting the piss taken out of me here, but I hate Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. They all annoy me. I can’t stand listening to them, and they get some of the most intense re-issue treatments of any acts that have ever recorded. So you know what I do? I don’t buy their records. And I feel happy that there are other interests out there that are willing to re-issue Stock/Aitken/Waterman, Basia, Breathe, Lisa Stansfield, Kylie, The Beatles, Donna Summer, Eurythmics, and other bands that I do enjoy listening too. Am I always 100% satisfied with the reissues? No. Do I log on to complain that people need to stop paying so much damned attention to everything Bob Dylan ever set down on a piece of tape so they could realize they missed some key Eurythmics b-sides when they did the campaign? No.

      It seems there is a pervasive idea, and I don’t know if it is recent or if it has always been there and is just more visible on the internet, that “everyone should serve MY interests, and if they don’t, then they are wasting their time and stupid.” Individual tastes are wide ranging, and one person’s crap is another person’s gold. If I was the one who ran the world, Stephanie Meyer would be strung up from a tree with both her hands broken to make sure she never wrote another word again. There are millions of Twilight fans who would probably like to see the same done to me for even writing that. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it, but for Pete’s sake (and this is directed out there generally, not directly at you Richard), can we stop with all the whining and bitching about “This thing shouldn’t even exist because this other thing I want hasn’t come out.” As far as we know, the world is not ending in the next six months. There will be time. Put the effort you channel into complaining on here about “unworthy” music getting remastered and re-direct it into writing to labels asking for the music you want to be released. So many of these labels think there’s no audience for the acts you want to have new versions from. Maybe if we started letting them know about it rather than sitting in our little corners of the internet complaining that “Nick Kamen shouldn’t get released because there’s more Jimi Hendrix out there,” you’d be getting more of what you want. Why should oher people be denied what they prefer to serve your own desires?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Well said. I *hope* that one of the things people might enjoy about SDE is that there is a fairly broad range of music covered. I’m obviously not expecting everyone to be interested in everything and that’s why when posts go up they are little snippets with the option to ‘read more’. If you are interested you simply click to ‘read more’ otherwise you move on to the next thing :)

    • Darren says:

      It’s all good Richard. We’re all different and it’s a learning experience for us all.

  15. Richard says:

    what’s next … The Very Best of “Milli Vanilli”

    I dont wanna bash anyone’s taste or choices .. it’s just not my piece of cake


    • Darren says:

      I’d like a Milli Vanilli CD if it includes the 7″ version of “Baby Don’t Forget My Number”. It has surprisingly never been released commercially on CD despite reaching No. 1 in the U.S. singles chart. All previous CDs include either the album version or an edit of the album version.

      • Carlton Fisher says:

        Milli Vanilli get a bad rap because of the controversy around the lip syncing. Strip the music of the issue with the models who weren’t singing it, and it’s still the same songs people were wild about before the revelation. The actual band was pretty good (they also did a follow up album that came out only in Japan). It’s sad that they got derailed by a stupid record company that wanted something “visually marketable.”

        The same thing happened with Ya Kid K when Technotronic released “Pump Up the Jam.” She didn’t want to be part of the group, so they filmed the video with a model named Felly who didn’t even speak English and mad up a story about her learning the lyrics phonetically. Ya Kid K agreed to come back after “Pump up the Jam” was such a hit, and she was credited on the singles that followed, but even now, many of the releases that feature “Pump Up the Jam” still credit Felly.

        And then there’s poor Martha Wash, who got screwed by C&C Music Factory, Seduction, and Black Box. She sang huge hits for all three groups, and each time they hired some skinny model to lip sync her lyrics in the video and claimed the model was the one singing. She actually sued and that resulted in a new law in the early 90s that required labels to credit the ACTUAL singers in the liner notes, but even now, two decades later, most people don’t realize it was her voice behind those massive songs that are still classics.

        • Darren says:

          Carlton, it is also funny that the same people who rejected Milli Vanilli probably didn’t reject Boney M even though what they thought was Bobby Farrell’s voice was actually producer Frank Farian. Naughty Frank, pulling the wool over the public’s eyes with both acts….. or was it ‘Creative Frank’ who was clever enough to give people what they wanted to hear and see even if that involved 2 people instead of one? Personally I would much rather hear Martha Wash and look at Katrin Quinol. But Martha should have got credited on the records. I only care what comes out of the speakers. I don’t really care about the visuals matching the music. But I am happier to think outside the (black) box.

          • Mike the Fish says:

            Haha – I was shocked when I found out that deep gravelly voice was Farian!

          • Kiki says:

            Relly, i’d love to have Milli vanilli remasters ! Only if they’re complete beacause there are loads of 7″ versions and remixes…
            Yes , at the time we have been missled by the lips sinc of the “false singers” .. but time has passed by and it was not the first (neither than the last) that it happened ! You could think of Den Harrow, Alba, and many disco acts of the 80’s for example…

      • Terence Delaney says:

        Me too, i would like a hits cd with single versions/extended versions….looking for blame it on the rain mix that was shown on MTV in 89/90 doesn’t seem to be the same version on youtube…..

  16. Daran says:

    Scrub the GM SDE. There have to be limits, but I would not object to a Europop ‘Cheese’ SDE featuring Desiree’ Polarkreis 18, BWO and a few others. I can do a bit of cheese, so long as it’s good cheese. No Edam need apply.

  17. Neil says:

    I think i’m going to be sick.

    • Darren says:

      Stop looking in the mirror then

    • Daran says:

      What about a Glenn Maderios SDE! Whose up for that? Neil you have just turned a strange shade of purple… you alright chap :)

      • Griffin says:

        @Daran, Glenn Medeiros? Me, but I’ve got most of his stuff on CD already. I just hope they will include all the Spanish Version from the vinyl/cassette only album:

        Glenn Medeiros – Corazón De Metal
        530 591-1/630 591-1

        Side A
        1. Corazon De Metal (=I Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight-Spanish Version) 3:53
        2. Nada Cambiara Mi Amor Por Ti-Estilo 88 (=Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You-’88 Style) 3:46
        3. Tu Amor Me Cautivo (=Never Get Enough Of You-Spanish Version) 3:44
        4. Que Se Necesita (=What’s It Gonna Take?) 3:30
        5. Si Me Faltas (=You’re My Woman, You’re My Lady-2nd Spanish Version) 3:45
        6. Amor Perdurable-Una Vez En La Vida (=Long And Lasting Love-Once In A Lifetime) 3:40

        Side B
        1. Nada Cambiara Mi Amor Por Ti (=Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You-2nd Spanish Version) 4:10
        2. Corazon No Cambies Mi Forma De Pensar (=Heart Don’t Change Your Mind) 4:30
        3. No Quiero Perder Tu Amor (=I Don’t To Lose Your Love-Spanish Version) 4:08
        4. La Soledad No Me Deja Solo (=Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone) 4:24
        5. El Amor Siempre Encuentra Un Motivo (=Love Always Finds A Reason) With Elsa 4:20

        LP 29196
        Cassette 69196
        Year: 1989

  18. Gianluca says:

    Happy for this reissue. But why not 7″ edits on track listing? Come softly to me & Nobody else had their own 7″edit and some other bonus 12″mix is missing on track listing… :-(

    • Griffin says:

      @Gianluca, what is missing? Can you be more specific? And if Cherry Red/Pop reads it perhaps it’s still not too late to add it! I think they have learned their lesson with Martika. I believe most of us didn’t buy that. Even if the price was dropped down.

  19. Luigi says:

    Verry Happy. Thank Cherry Red.
    Deluxe 2 cd remastered 2015 extended / dub / Instrumental…fabulous tracks.
    I am happy. I buy ! YES.

    SUPER CHERRY RED….again….

  20. Griffin says:

    BTW will there be a DVD with all his promotional music videos as well? Anybody who is interested in? I am!
    And next deluxe expanded edition I like to see Debbie Gibson, Tiffamy, Climie Fisher, Scritti Politti, Boy George, …

    • Darren says:

      Good choices Griffin. It seems amazing to me that nobody has yet done Boy George “Sold”. The extended 12″ version has never been on CD and neither has the B-Side; “Everything I Own (Freddy Bastone Go Go Mix)”. Considering “Everything I Own” reached No. 1 in the UK singles chart and that Boy George is still a household name, it does seem odd. Maybe the publicity he gets from doing “The Voice” will prompt someone into action.

      With Scriiti Politti there is so much that hasn’t been put out on CD or is available only in edited form. Off the top of my head, some of the missing mixes are “Hypnotize (Long)” (from 12″ A-Side), “Absolute” (7″), “Boom! There She Was” (12″) (only an edit has been put on CD). I’ve only got the version of “Perfect Way” on the album. I think a remix was available on an American CD, but not sure the 12″ has appeared anywhere.

      For Debbie Gibson, I had to track down some import CDs from USA and Japan. There doesn’t seem to be much available for her at all.

      • Carlton Fisher says:

        I actually wrote to cherry Pop on their suggestions link not all that long ago and asked about Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. They replied that hey have tried multiple times to get the rights, but the record company won’t budge. Tiffany’s debut did get a decent remaster in Japan just a few years ago with one bonus track (extended version of Could’ve Been), but barely any of the b-sides are available on anything other than the insanely priced original CD singles (and some of them were never released even on CD then).

        Tiffany has a Ton of b-sides from the first two albums–probably close to a full-album’s worth. Debbie Gibson doesn’t have as much in the way of b-sides, but there are many remixes that are just not available unless you get into collecting vintage vinyl.

        Boy George reissues would be excellent, but I don’t know how likely we are to get them. Sold might be an easier one to do, but then you hit the Boyfriend/Tense Nervous Headache/High Hat era ans I think things start getting more complicated in terms of labels and ownership for licensing. Plus he seems to pretty much disavow those three albums completely. Still, I’d love to see deluxe version of those two eras as well as the Jesus Loves You/Martyr Mantras material, which seems to have about ten million different iterations out there. I don’t think the “original mixes” of most of those songs ever appeared on a proper album.

        Plus there’s the follow-up album that was supposedly recorded but never released other than the single for “Sweet Toxic Love.”

        • Griffin says:

          @Carlton Fisher, thanks for the inside informations about Debbie & Tiffany! Then I’ll stick with my collection till one day they get green lighted!

      • Griffin says:

        @Darren, thanks. I’ve got most of Debbie Gibson’s stuff on CD’s. But not everything was out on CD yet, from Shake your love, Out of the blue, Only in my dreams, Foolish beat, Staying together like the beats, house mix, instrumental, Megamix, etc Don’t remember them all exactly. I only know I haven’t got all the available/released mixes/versions yet.
        Perhaps Edsel/Demon can do Singles Boxset for the PWL stuff or Five Star!
        And for their own compilation CD’s (Music Club Deluxe) a 5ive Compilation /best of but then with a DVD with all the promotional music videos! There is still no 5ive Best Of/Greatest Hits DVD yet!

    • Terence Delaney says:

      There was a clime fisher already….1 disc, not much extras though…i bought it :)

      • Griffin says:

        @Terence Delaney, of course I knew about those 2! But barely Deluxe Edition just single disc with a few easily obtainable CD singles tracks/mixes :( 2 Disc Super Deluxe Edition with all mixes!

    • AnonyMousE says:

      Edsel reissued the 2 Climie Fisher albums on 2009

      • Griffin says:

        @AnonyMousE, yes, I bought those as well. But those were the times Edsel didn’t know how to do a expanded reissue with what pleases us, the fans: 12″ extended mixes etc etc, unreleased, first time on CD stuff. What I have, was much more than those 2 Edsel reissues had.

  21. Mike says:

    Its not just Madonna fans, there are many collectors of 80s remixes full stop, and individuals who collect the work of Jellybean, Arthur Baker and Shep Pettibone, so this ticks about 6 markets including Nick Kamen.

  22. Carlton Fisher says:

    I will ad my voice to the chorus of people excited for this. Granted, it’s predominately for my Madonna collection, but the songs I’ve heard hear and there were fine–nothing to gripe about. I bought one of his other CDs thinking it was this one when I found it in a used bin a few years back for 50 cents, but was disappointed it didn’t have the Madonna track. It was still a good album, though, and I’m glad someone is paying attention to it. It gives me hope that some of the more obscure albums that I loved from the 80s–the second Breathe album, Boys Club, Deon Estus, the second Soul II Soul album, etc.–might get some loving from one of the reissue labels at some point.

    And since I’m not afraid to let my geeky taste stand out loud and proud on my sleeve–why are there no New Kids on the Block deluxe editions? Surely there’s a market, and they were massive right at the time when remixes were becoming a big thing. We just keep getting the same greatest hits collections over and over again.

  23. Brian says:

    I remember when this came out at the time and thinking “oh. its the guy from the Levi’s advert” and haven’t thought of him since.

  24. Griffin says:

    I did some googling on Nick Kamen! I have his Loving You CD already. I checked the tracks’ durations with discogs. There are still space on both CD’s! And I found out that Each Time You Break My Heart (Instrumental) 4:30 is missing. This one is more the Album Version Instrumental. So it’s different than the Instrumental Extended Mix 5:14! And perhaps some non album tracks/singles B-sides for other fans who doesn’t own the Loving You CD:
    Don’t Hold Out 4:17 single in Italy & Lonely Boy 2:31 Shag OST. This is the one time only chance to do this right. Please add the missing tracks, Cherry Red/Pop. BTW does anyone knows whether the singles were remixed versions? Each Time … Shep Pettibone Radio Mix is included here. But was there a single remix of Nobody Else by Arthur Baker or Jellybean? If possible perhaps the single edits/versions/remixes as well. ;)

    1. WIN YOUR LOVE 3:59
    3. NOBODY ELSE 4:13
    4. INTO THE NIGHT 3:38
    5. COME SOFTLY TO ME 4:19
    8. THE MAN IN ME 3:56
    9. ANY DAY NOW 3:52
    10. HELP ME BABY 4:15
    12. MISS YOU (BONUS TRACK) * 4:20

    4. WIN YOUR LOVE – THE LOVE MIX * 5:43
    5. COME SOFTLY TO ME – 12″ VERSION * 4:06

    Nick Kamen – Nick Kamen
    Win Your Love 3:59
    Open The Door To Your Heart 4:15
    Nobody Else 4:13
    Into The Night 3:38
    Come Softly To Me 4:19
    Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever 3:46
    Each Time You Break My Heart 4:33
    The Man In Me 3:56
    Any Day Now 3:52
    Help Me Baby 4:15

    Nick Kamen – Loving You
    1 Oh What A Night 2:55
    2 Miss You 4:20
    3 Each Time You Break My Heart (Shep Pettibone Mix) 8:35
    4 Better Be Good Tonite 3:33
    5 Come Softly To Me (12″ Version) 4:06
    6 Win Your Love (The Love Mix) 5:43
    7 Don’t Hold Out 4:17 @
    8 Lonely Boy 2:31 @
    9 Bring Me Your Love (Extended Mix) 6:35
    10 (Baby) After Tonight 3:58
    11 Tell Me (Extended Mix) 6:03
    12 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Extended Dance Mix)

    A Each Time You Break My Heart 4:25
    B Each Time You Break My Heart (Instrumental) 4:30 @

    A Each Time You Break My Heart (Extended Version) 8:32
    B1 Each Time You Break My Heart (Dub) 8:49
    B2 Each Time You Break My Heart (Radio Mix) 3:55

    A Each Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix) 6:53
    B1 Each Time You Break My Heart 4:30
    B2 Each Time You Break My Heart (Instrumental Extended Mix) 5:14

    A Win Your Love (The Love Mix) 5:40
    B1 Any Day Now (7 Inch Version) 3:52
    B2 Win Your Love (7 Inch Version) 3:52

    A Nobody Else 3:45
    B Any Day Now 3:53

    A Nobody Else (Special Arthur Baker Dub Mix) 7:30
    B1 Nobody Else (Arthur Baker Dance Mix) 7:25
    B2 Any Day Now

    A1 Nobody Else (12″ Version) 6:16
    A2 Nobody Else (Dub) 5:50
    B1 Nobody Else (Extended Remix) 7:22
    B2 Nobody Else (Dub) 7:28
    B3 Any Day Now

    A Come Softly To Me 4:02
    B Miss You 4:15

    A Come Softly To Me
    B1 Miss You
    B2 The Man In Me

    A Don’t Hold Out 4:14
    B Miss You 4:16

    A Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever 3:45
    B Baby After Tonight 4:00

    A Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Extended Dance Mix) 6:15
    B1 Baby After Tonight 4:00
    B2 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Instrumental) 3:45

    • AnonyMousE says:

      Loving You !!! Years I’m looking for that cd !!!
      About the Don’t hold out single: maybe they’re saving it for the Us reissue cos it doesn’t seem to me there are a lot of tracks to include on the reissue of the 2nd album.

      • Griffin says:

        @AnonyMousE, about Loving You! I didn’t know about it when it came out. But I found it on ebay many years later (maybe more than 10 years ago)! Also bought the “bootleg” with extra tracks like Each Time You Break My Heart, Nobody Else & I Promised Myself 12″ mixes. But the Each Time You Break My Heart Instrumental 4:35 has to be included here. :P

    • Simon F says:

      I recall having a couple of Kamen white label 12″ ers back in the day which were interesting cut ‘n paste jobs, full of great samples, etc but very little of Mr. Kamen on them which is they way it should be. Wish I still had them, and they do not appear to have been included on this reissue. Try to track them down if you can…

  25. Saad says:

    Not exactly the most definitive record of the 1980s crying out for a re-issue but there must be some sort of demand to warrant one.

  26. Francis says:

    Not sure why people are slagging the Nick Kamen reissue as I for one will be buying it. I have some of his vinyl singles so this is a definite purchase for me. At least Cherry Red / Cherry Pop reissue such gems instead of the usual reissue and follow reissues of such artists as Simon & Garfunkel, Queen, Abba, all of whom were great but enough is enough. Please, let us have more 1980s music reissued as deluxe editions with 12inch versions included , such as Jimmy The Hoover, General Public, Kissing The Pink, Animal Nightlife, Savage Progress, Fiat Lux, plus more Amazulu, more Brother Beyond…and so many others, too many to mention!

    • Carlton Fisher says:

      OMG….even I have given up on ABBA reissues. It’s too the point where they are just throwing on whatever they can to get another release out there. I stopped even looking at them, and I’m a die hard collector when I like a band. I’ll shell out 50 bucks for the Japanese misprint that included the demo version instead of the album version if I like the band…

      Can we add The Time to that list of bands that need a reissue campaign? I know that probably falls under the “Prince controls this and therefore no one is allowed to even talk about it having ever existed” label, but if we’re going to wish, let’s wish big.

      • Billy Dojcak says:

        I was hoping for The Time reissues for a long time. Add Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6 to that as well. These are only for a start. More Paisley Park stuff in the future. Prince dragged his feet with the Purple Rain 30th anniversary issue. For now HD Tracks is the only way to get a good sounding version.

    • Eric says:

      Greeat post, Francis. Spot on.

      • Eric says:

        Oh, and well said also to Darren. This particular release has for some reason got a lot of people’s knickers in a twist. Funny thing is, I was actually beginning to get a bit bored of all the “heritage rock” stuff every week, and the obligatory “5.1 Steve Wilson Blu-Ray” comments……..amusing as they can be.

        There’s a whole world of music out there. But then I’ve never worried about what people think of me, or what it might say about me. Because it’s rarely correct!

  27. Psv1 says:

    I wonder why the “music snobs” feel the need to post negative comments here. I feel like posting a bunch of crap with each Led Zeppelin and Hendrix re-re-re-re-release but I don’t.
    BTW, nothing wrong with “I’d Rather Jack”, found the 12″ release on some various artists cd one day. Made my day.

    • Darren says:

      PSV1, you wonder why they feel the need to post negative comments… it’s because they are so inhibited that they are threatened by anything that doesn’t fit with their crowd mentality. They need for other people to approve of their music choices. It’s safe to like so-called “credible” artists. They wouldn’t be able to stand the embarrassment of disapproval from their sheep-like “mates” for stepping outside the safe boundaries. It’s far easier to tell people you like Coldplay, Pink Floyd, The Who etc. You’re far more likely to get nods of approval then. It would be impossible for them to admit to liking Bucks Fizz, Sinitta, and Steps because it would be a potential threat to their fragile ego. That fragile ego is the one that is bolstered by putting other people down and scoffing at artists like Nick Kamen. Also, fear of being seen a possibly gay plays a part quite often. It’s really rather pathetic, so all you can do is feel sorry for them that they live within such small boundaries.

  28. Michael says:

    Adding my name to the list of people excited by the prospect of this.

  29. Daniel says:

    A perfect “Deluxe Edition” !!!
    Everything is on the 2CD re-release what I want to hear.
    Great work !!!

  30. Griffin says:

    It has been so quiet on Cherry Red/Pop side. Continuously great news from Edsel/Demon side: Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle etc. Finally great news from Cherry Red/Pop. Some people might not like it or even hate it. But I love this. I have most of the remixes already. But there are many I haven’t got on CD yet. I just hope they are not vinyl rip, but from archive with great mastering. I also hope his other albums will follow ;)

  31. Shane says:

    Thank you Darren!

  32. Retrogroover says:

    Regardless of whether you are a fan of the artist, it’s a good sign when labels open their vaults to allow material to be reissued, especially with all the bonus mixes and B-sides.

    Any indication of the big labels allowing an expanded edition should be welcomed, especially given that some labels (mostly Universal, it seems), some albums and some artists are total no-go zones these days (as was detailed in a previous article on here prompted by the call for Alison Moyet’s initial albums).

    Or are the music snobs wanting yet another reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours? I doubt it.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Universal seem to be the best major label for reissues. (Is there only three or four now?) Not much competition in the big boys arena, but they’ve been putting out some decent box sets at affordable prices.

      As for this whole music snobbery thing, it’s a shame when accusations like that get fired out because someone doesn’t share the same taste in music. The whole naming calling thing is like going back to the rules of the playground. For example, pulling some criteria out of the air, and deciding that someone falls into that category doesn’t prove any “case” at all. On the other hand, saying that this place should have no place for news other than Hendrix, Jam, etc seems to misunderstand the point of the site. Sometimes “you’ve got to be kidding!” posts, and then the “I’ve been waiting for this for AGES” counter arguments are baffling and/or funny. This release isn’t to my taste, and isn’t on my wishlist, but I was definitely interested to read about it.

  33. Kiki says:

    That’s fantastic news ! Hope the 3 following albums will see the same kind of expansion ! Most of its 12″ mixes were never released on CD yet!

    Nick Kamen was that kind of typical 80’s Pop act that is still enjoyable to listen to after all these years, nevertheless what some people here moan about…

    My only concern is still about Cherry Red: Will they do a proper job like for the Basia reissues, or af*** work like they did with Eighth Wonder…

  34. Daran says:

    Surely Gary that would be an SDE of The Reynolds Girls ‘I’d Rather Jack’ single in all it’s remixed variations? (Runs for cover and waits for people to pop up and confirm that they would indeed buy that SDE too….)

  35. Gary Thompson says:

    Is this not one of the first signs of the impending apocalypse?

  36. Neil says:

    The half a dozen people who wanted Cherry Red to release this are certainly putting up an argument here against us so called music snobs.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Not sure how Cherry Red chose this. I’ve been bothering them for years for far more interesting albums that only six people would purchase. (I know some are rights issues)

  37. AnonyMousE says:

    Why being so judgemental over this release ? We’ve had Halo James reissue, we’ve had Eighth Wonder remix collection, we’ve had Haywoode (and I bought all of them !), we’ve even had La Toya (oh well, maybe she is in the Pink Floyd league…) reissues but I’ve never read so many harsh comments ! Why poor Nick Kamen ? What did he do to you ? Ok, never been big in UK or USA, but he had many hits across Europe, especially in Italy. It’s pop music. Pop Music ! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it !

    On a lighter note, Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Extended Dance Mix) is such a sought after remix ! It supposed to include additional vocals by background singer named Madonna… her fans are looking for this track for such a long time…

  38. omar says:

    I’ll give this a pass.

  39. Straker says:

    In case you’re wondering what the former pretty-boy looks like now:

    I’m a huge fan of pure-pop but there are far more deserving candidates for a place in the Cherry Pop reissue queue ahead of Nick Kamen.

  40. David C says:

    I could definitely go for this. To me, there’s nothing wrong with dance/pop music. My taste in music has grown and become more eclectic over the years. Back in the day, I was more top 40, and of course, reissues of that nature (like this one), I have an interest in obtaining. In fact, I was quite the Madonna fan in the 80s and 90s, owning a couple 12″ single of Nick. Now, I include in my repertoire Rush, The Rolling Stones as well as Mumford and Sons, Kensington, Scissor Sisters, Neon Trees, Ed Sheeran, among others.

    Back to Nick Kamen…

    Having been a hardcore Madonna fan brought me to Nick’s music. Living in the US, there was not much promotion for him. As a consequence, I was not that aware of this album in its entirety until more recently. I have been looking for this release on CD and even started watching eBay listings for the OOP versions, but never clicked “buy it now” (thankfully). Now I can get a 2-disc version with the various mixes for about $20. I also like the flow of the track listing for the 12″ mixes. Whenever bonus mixes are included a part of an album, I think it’s a nice touch to break up the monotony and not cluster the same song with all the mixes.

  41. Daran says:

    To appease both sides of the argument it’s worth mentioning that his brother Chester Kamen is featured on albums/ tours far more to the liking of music snobs.

  42. Darren says:

    I’ll buy this, I don’t care what the music snobs say. I imagine the hardcore Madonna fans [of which there are many!] will want this too.

  43. John Morton says:

    I had this album when it first came out and still occasionally pop it on when I want a little fun. I’m very happy that the remixes are finally getting released. Thank you to Paul Sinclair for including more than just Beatles, Hendrix, and The Jam re-issues.

  44. Henry says:

    Excellent news – I have the original CD and LP but I’m buying this for the mixes of “Each Time You Break My Heart”.

  45. Eric says:

    Well I’ve been waiting for this to get a CD reissue for a long while. Maybe that’s more to do with completism (I like having albums from the 80s, especially those originally on major labels like WEA), but I did enjoy the singles from this album at the time.

    80s and early 90s pop has been derided and ignored by the reissue market for too long. Glad the tide has finally started to change in the last 12 months or so.

  46. Nibs says:

    I can’t stand the PSB or Bananarama but you don’t see me bitching.

  47. Kauwgompie says:

    Another unneccessary release from Hendrix, Floyd, etc? Please, now THAT I call scraping the barrel. I’m glad with this Nick Kamen release. It’s been out of print for decades. Yes, not the greatest album but the value is of course in the many unreleased 12″ versions. Thanks for posting, will definitely buy this!!

  48. RICHARD says:

    PLEASE STOP pls use this site for S E R I O U S New or RE – releases of serious music .. YES HENDRIX FLOYD THE JAM … so many new stuff coming .. but nothing here …

    Paul get back from vacation .. !!!


    • Darren says:

      Richard, your seriousness makes me laugh. I’m glad I’m not like that.

    • Carlton Fisher says:

      But there are readers hear who appreciate these releases just as much or more than the ones you listed. It’s a news site. if it’s not a release you’re interested in, you don’t have to click for the full article. I imagine for every person who complains about a release like this, there are at least just as many thinking, “How the hell can they possibly milk another CD out of the Hendrix Estate?” Give it another ten years, and there will be Platinum Edition triple disc sets of Jimi’s post-taco bathroom flatulence because there are people who will buy it and proclaim his ability to fart in Fmajor “genius.”

  49. Neil says:

    Nick Kamen first came to the public’s attention as a model, and is probably best remembered for his role in the
    infamous Levi’s advert, where he walks into a launderette and takes off his jeans. However, it was music that was
    Nick’s first love and, after using modelling to kick start his career, Nick began a hugely successful recording career,
    charting in the UK, US and across Europe

    I must have missed his hugely successful recording career.

  50. Darren Briscoe says:

    Dear God!!!! WHY???????

  51. Martin says:

    I’d like the follow up if it has ‘I Promised Myself’ mixes on it.

    • AnonyMousE says:

      The follow up album, Us, does not include IPM, that is the first sigle off his 3rd album, Move Until We Fly.

  52. Neil says:

    The amount of quality stuff that still needs reissued and they bring out garbage like this seriously.

    • Darren says:

      I rest my case

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Couldn’t agree more!! Great release. If this site was only used to announce SDE’s of so called “quality albums”, I wouldn’t be checking it every day.

    • Daran says:

      I was going to say it could only get worse if they released a ‘Big Fun’ SDE Neil! But it seems they already have :) (shock horror…) The barrel can be scraped deeper than anybody thought possible.

      • Psv1 says:

        Unfortunately they only re-issued it as a single disc, shame to exclude all those excellent 12″ and instrumental versions.

    • Will says:

      Silent Running – Shades Of Liberty being a case in point, that album is more deserving of a deluxe issue than this, plus it was never released on CD and would sell a lot more :)

      I love Cherry Red but sometimes they baffle me

      • Carlton Fisher says:

        The griping about what album deserves to be reissued more than another sounds a lot like the “how can you be outraged about _______ when ________ is happening.” I can be outraged about both, and I can be excited about “throw-away pop” reissues just as much as I can “classics.” In many cases, these types of albums are actually more exciting, because they don’t have the wealth of fan-made and uploaded material to supplement the lack of an official reissue. And yes, I write this as someone who HAPPILY owns the Big Fun reissue. Music doesn’t all have to be serious and dire or “quality” (whatever that means). A balanced diet is not one that’s composed of 100% kale and soy beans–there ought to be some variety. There’s room on my shelves for Nick Kamen right along with the Theaudience and additional Tears for Fears reissues I’m waiting for.

  53. Darren says:

    Really pleased this is being released. Hopefully they will also give the deluxe treatment to the follow-up album too.

    The people who cannot understand why something like this is being released are the types of people who a) take things too seriously – this is good fun lightweight frothy pop; and b) are intimidated and care more about what other people will think of their music choices. They choose artists based on what is acceptable/trendy/cool etc. – I left that mentality behind when I left school, so I am free to enjoy this for what it is.

  54. Ralph says:

    He had potential, but the Attention span of some buyers is alarmingly low . “Nick … who?”

  55. Mark S says:

    Honestly seen it all now! Each to their own – I’ve got my fair share of ropey choices – but would really love to know the size of the market for this one. When I think of the albums that are out of print and then this rolls along.

    Disappointed there’s no Steven Wilson 5.1 mix of this though :-)

  56. Joe says:

    It took a while to come up on Amazon after it was announced weeks ago on Cherry Red. Amazon seems to be having problems with listing new releases, don’t know what’s going on.

    • Carlton Fisher says:

      I’ve noticed that as well, and not just reissues, but the major label, big-time releases as well. I’ve noticed the US site, at least, has been redesigning the new-releases interface quite a bit lately (hate it–very hard to navigate compared to the old one). I’m wondering if that process is slowing them down on getting the actual new releases listed.

      • alan says:

        Yes what is going on with these currently unavailable sets. I may end up going to the HMV site for the Georgie Fame boxset

  57. Sean Lawler says:

    I like the way no one has commented yet ! Speechless !